Are you crying there’s no crying in social…

At least you wouldn’t think so, right? Aren’t we all adults? At least in age I suppose….but if we didn’t have anything to bitch and moan about, where would we find our inspiration?

Obviously I don’t have a problem whining, but try to make light of it because it is usually much ado about nothing. For those people who have their panties in a wad, and just walking out the door seems to be a personal affront waiting to happen, get over it. Life’s short, live large; don’t get stuck down in the weeds……….that’s where the ants and fleas are anyway.

Remember when? 

I received a comment on a post recently and this person wanted to thank me for following them back; they explained they were a ‘newbie.’ It reminded me when I first ‘arrived’ and how much fun it was and being clueless was acceptable. If you don’t think I was clueless, remember my first Avatar…..whooeeee, I’m lucky I didn’t get my ‘social card’ revoked.

Receiving this comment made me smile, because I remember how I struggled with twitter early trying to get my arms around it. Just by sheer luck or fate, Ms Gini herself followed me when I RT’d a tweet she was linked on. Of course, the rest is history, but that simple act has made all the difference in my online experience.

She refers to me as a green booger however, but I’m sure she means it in an endearing way.

Are your actions self-serving or do you bring value to others? 

That’s why I think the pro-active ‘unfollowers‘ and whoever else drank that kool-aid missed the boat somewhere. I’m fully aware follow/unfollow in twitter really is insignificant in the big scheme of things, but every action online certainly has a reaction. You never know what kind of ripple effect you will have and who it will impact or how.

I will not criticize someone else’s model; sometimes you have to be willing to go out on a limb and sometimes that limb snaps. Live and learn is all part of the game and we all know there is really no ‘perfect’ way.

It just appeared to me somebody got the brilliant idea to take the social out of social. People aren’t my audience, right?

Book club, fight club, write club

Stan the freakin’ man; what can I say? The multi-talented, multi-faceted, international man of intrigue. For some reason he thinks there is talent hidden in this ‘aw shucks’ southern boy and has been way too kind giving me props and kudos. I don’t seek out attention, but certainly don’t shy from it either so I can tell you it is very much appreciated.

Sometimes when it seems social or life is just dragging you down, somebody reaches out and touches you and makes it all seem worthwhile.

He is scheming up something bigger than the internet and will be corralling the likes of @TheJackB; @Billy_Delaney; the chick magnet JMBell at @StartYourNovel; Stan the man himself (@Faryna); and yours truly for a write club if you will. It has the makings of something unique and inclusive as a way to be creative and support others as well. Stay tuned……it should be interesting because I think at least two of the participants are with the witness protection program and one had to leave the country so that only leaves BD squared so I’ll let you figure it out. There should be a story or two to be had,  don’t you think?

Reach out and touch someone

In a non-offensive, appropriate way of course. I  highlighted Stan because he has been over the top with his support of me lately. However, there are a handful of my community who are equally generous in their praise. That too is very much appreciated and noticed. Thank you

We all know of online friends who are struggling to find meaning in all of this (if there really is any), reach out this week and let them know how much you appreciate them. Pay it forward…


47 thoughts on “Are you crying there’s no crying in social…

  1. I heard John Magnet Bell (@startyournovel) could have been a porn star, but that would have taken the camera out of his hands. Perhaps, the pen too. And that would have been a tragedy. Tragedy was avoided and that’s a good thing. Bell is smart like that – like a non-dimensional, cheddary, transplutonian planet-computer…

    Is that what you meant by reaching out and touching someone?

    You honor me, Gentleman Bill. You lift up my heart. Thank you.

  2. Hi Bill, Yes, Stan is a generous, brilliant, talented man who does what he can to help others in their blogging journey. I am excited at the idea of you gentlemen collaborating on fiction, or whatever other endeavors you may pursue. Certainly the genius will be compounded when you gather these powerhouses together. I’m looking forward to the fruits of your labors.

    Yes, I will definitely help others who reach out. Paying it forward = good thing. Thanks for the delightful reminder.

    Have a wonderful week!

  3. Are you living in my head? Not only did we both pick baseball photos for our posts today, but there are threads of distinct similarity in our thoughts. Am I a person dreaming I’m a butterfly, or a butterfly dreaming I’m a person? Were we in a parallel dream universe last night?, and although I don’t get to his place often enough, when we do connect, it’s always sincere, meaningful and gratifying. He has a special way of making others feel special.

    I mentioned in my reply to you over at my place that I’m taking an “Ernest Hemingway retreat” for a week soon. I’m hunkering away in a cottage by myself, simply to write. To write and write and write and write…and of course drink coffee, take photos of the outdoors, and write some more. I’m intrigued by what you’re cooking up, so if you can let this girl in on it, I’d love to know. That is all…just sayin’…Cheers! Kaarina

    • Stan is multi-dimensional and very talented; he has been a pleasure getting to know.

      An Ernest Hemingway would be cool but you have to do it in Key West. Thoughts about what you will be writing about?

      I appreciate you too ma’am; we gotsta stick together, right?

      Good to see you.

  4. Stan goes deep into the reservoirs of his heart and let’s his pen rip.

    I find myself shaking my head left to right with insights and inspirations he shares – and boppin’ up and down in my seat with the beats he shares too : )

    This sounds like an awesome project Bill, I’m excited to support and share in the journey : )


    • When Stan decides to go deep, you better start paying attention because there will be something good in there.

      I’m not sure where the project will go, but hopefully we can pull it together, gain some traction and pull others along with us.

      Thanks for stopping by; hope you had a great weekend.

  5. I agree, Bill. Sometimes it’s the random kindness of relative strangers that makes my day. You are very lucky to have such a strong network of supportive people…and you built that community with your gentle albeit very gregarious nature. Good luck with your new adventures!

    • My community never ceases to amaze me and I have a lot of fun being connected to them. It has been a good journey indeed.

      I appreciate your kind words and thanks for taking the time to stop by. I hope you are still enjoying your journey; I saw where you were dropping Triberr………….

      • Sorry about that, Bill. I hope the note to the tribe came through. Just a few problems with stuff. Decided to start fresh with a new account on Twitter. I wish it could have stayed the way it was, but such is life. Gotta roll with the punches.
        Triberr is awesome. As are all of the people, too. No complaints!!

    • Hopefully those ‘problems’ are resolving themselves. Also hope to still see you around. Rolling w/ punches is a good thing; don’t let any of them catch you square on the jaw…….:)

  6. Every time I pay it forward I find myself the recipient of something bigger and better. I would be lying if I said that sometimes I do it solely because of the reward.

    It is a good message and worth passing along.

    • We both know the more you can give w/out any expectation of anything in return the more you are usually rewarded. I try to maintain that line of thought and not get hung up on keeping score.

      Good to see you sir.

    • Nobody is entirely altruistic Stan. Ain’t nothing wrong with a wee bit of selfish motivation, especially out here in the blogosphere. As long as you’re providing value (which you are), it’s a brilliant dynamic.

      • Bottom line, there will always be a ‘what’s in if for me’ factor. and there are certainly socially acceptable ways to be selfish; it’s the ones that think ‘It’s all about me’ are the ones who need more balance………in my humble opinion.

        Providing value is very key; if you can do that then you are good to go.

        Good to see you busy lady.

  7. This is the way we should all hope to be. Some of us are better at it than others and thats simply life.

    Every time I do something nice for someone else, it does come back even if it takes a while before that happens.

    You, my friend are the King of Networking. I am a mere peasant. 🙂

    Since some events happened in my life I have been forced to “protect” my Twitter account which means i may not reach my goal of 1,000 followers any time soon. What it does mean is when I have the time to be online I need to make the most of it.

    No crying allowed.

    I love that movie BTW 🙂

    • I was coaching my kids little league team about the time that came out; of course, the kids were saying it all the time when someone got hurt…

      Hey, at least you are still on twitter. I know you have some challenges right now, but you will be back.

      Thanks for the compliment; networking I can do, it’s very easy for me.

      So good to see you; thanks for taking the time to comment.

  8. I also agree Bill, Stan definitely has a way with words and is so very generous. But you are as well so no wonder you guys have created a bond here.

    Can’t wait to also reap those rewards and I have no doubt they will be well worth that wait.

    Appreciating others, something I do on a daily basis Bill. You are so right, just reach out to others and let them know how much you care. A little kindness goes a very long way.

    Enjoy your Monday my friend and no crying is allowed.. I loved that movie.


    • Stan and I are in the mutual admiration society…….:). I do like Stan and he is not only talented but has been very supportive as well. A good friend indeed…….

      Appreciate others and daily is a good frame of mind. You too are very generous with your support and helping others; that can’t be a bad thing, right?

      I think we both are enjoying our journey; I see you will be approaching 400 posts here pretty quickly. That’s impressive ma’am………

      Good to see you; thanks for dropping by.

  9. Wow. A write club, I can’t wait to read what you guys are writing. I am sure it will be amazing, and even though it’s going to be close to impossible. I hope I’m going to be one of the first readers 🙂

    Like Jack said, when ever I am giving, I always seems to be receiving something bigger and better. And I am still thinking about the awesome gift from Carolyn and Ruth.

    • Oh, if we can get it up and running like Stan envisions you will be along for the ride too. We have room for the serial killer in Norwegian niche still……….:).

      Servant leadership or an attitude of giving and thinking of others makes life much more worthwhile…… my humble opinion.

      Good to see you sir; glad to hear the hippos didn’t get you at the zoo.

  10. Who is this Stan guy? And why don’t I know him? Stan, you sound like a nice guy.

    Bill, thank you for the thank you for thanking you. That’s enough of that shyte.

    For me, paying it forward is a great way to make friends and it’s the right thing to do. I don’t know about you but there don’t seem to be enough hours in the day for it all. I try to do what I can and really have a ton of blogs that I love to read (this one included). Reaching out is a huge deal to me because I want people know that I support them but alas we can’t always get to eveyone.

    Am I whining?

    Naaaaa, anyway, have a blast with your write club. Seems like a good and tight crew.

    • No, thank you for thanking me thanking you thanking me……..and Stan.

      Stan the man, if you don’t know him you need to pay him a visit. He’s eccentric and I think he has Dracula for a neighbor, but that is where he get’s some of his best posts.

      Like you, I support as much as I can. I’m sincere in my praise and it makes me smile when I see my friends succeed.

      We all whine, just don’t let it be debilitating and take it for what it is. I’m more in tune looking for the humor in every day events.

      We’ll see what happens with the ‘club;’ it’s still in discussion phase for now. Remember, I’m the ‘just show up’ guy; I’m not driving this train.

      Good to see you sir.

      • and you good sir. Eccentic yes but I live in Canada. Too cold for Vampiros (maybe just some Shakspearos)…..sorry listening to The Stranglers as I type……

    • I used too; I’m doing a much better job of just clearing it when I can’t get back to everyone. If I have a little time, I might RT before I clear.

      Glad you had a good time at SoSlam; maybe next year with a little work I can pull it off. Sounds like a pretty cool event to attend.

      Good to see you, welcome back.

  11. I love how half the world does not know how the other three-fourths lives. 🙂 Cheers to all the good men. Would you believe me if I said I enjoyed this post even though I don’t know the people you referred to, except JackB? 😀 A warm high-five to you!

    • They are all worth checking out; very good peeps indeed. And you are right, just when we think it’s all about us, we really are so very insignificant in the big scheme of things; especially the universe.

      Thanks for dropping by; it is always a pleasure to see you.

  12. Lovely post, reach out and touch somebody, I would love to do some more reaching out but “so much to do – so little time”, and if I look at my would-like-to-read-list (see Adam).

    Wonderful how we all seem to gravitate towards writing, I am going to a food writing and photography workshop in England in May, hope you will notice my posh accent next time.


    • I like touching people; sometimes I get slapped but the good outweighs the bad………..:).

      So many people just want to know they matter and it can be such a struggle in here. Sometimes it is the simplest gesture of reaching out to someone who gives them all the fuel they need to keep moving.

      We are all writers, right? Let’s see where it can take us……

      • Great to see you and sorry, too, new aspects to your personality! And my apologies for leaving the French way but I did not want to interrupt the discussion. This is me, tiptoeing around the porcelaine shop.

  13. So, I tried commenting earlier but I totally screwed it up. If this is a repeat-o-comment, I’m truly sorry.
    What I had tried to say was:
    I’ll see your giggle, sir, and raise you a stunned jaw drop. I had NO idea that a “thank you” message would garner such a warm response. This was a total palm-to-forehead moment for me: finding the “social” in “social media.” And it came at the perfect time, even though I am still green boogery and new and completely flipping clueless, I am encouraged by the sense of community and kindness and I can’t wait to see what happens next.
    You did that.

    • Hey, I’ll take all the comments I can get………even repeats……..It is frustrating to put the time and thought into a comment and have it go away; I know………

      When I look back and some of the stuff I did, I was really GREEN but it has been a fun journey and I’ve met some really great people along the way. I’ve tried to focus on the positives and there have been plenty.

      Sometimes it’s the little things that make the biggest difference and your ‘thanks’ certainly had an impact.

      Good to see you back and good luck on your journey; I hope to see you around more.

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