The big do-over, wiping the social slate clean

Call it Amnesty Day if you will, but this is me being the magnanimous guy that I am, wiping the slate clean for all the douchebags who have perpetrated any social slight of me publicly during my online journey. I know, I know, it is pretty damn big of me but just shows what a stand-up guy I really am and can rise above ‘petty’.

What? It was all in my mind? You mean to say none of that douchebaggery was directed specifically at me? Can’t I at least be a little bit offended when a friend comes out with a list of 199 bloggers you really must follow and I didn’t even make ‘honorable mention’. Sheesh……what can I whine about then, certainly not my hair?

Going forward

I know people; I don’t get mad, I get even. If you have seen any of the posts about how your online presence lives on when you are gone; well, you can forget about that too because I will make sure you are less than zero; invisible would be a step up.

Naaaahhhh, I love all of ya; you should know by now I’m a lover, not a fighter. Everybody is welcome here, even if you did take a dump on my lawn which I promptly stepped in while doing yard work. I gladly scraped that reeking mess off my shoe even after taking an ass whippin’ for tracking it all through the house. Turn the other cheek, right?

But what about….

Yeah, I know somebody ‘intentionally’ un-followed me which was unsettling because I thought we were friends; I even wrote a post about it. But you know what, we would still have a drink together and have a few laughs. I’m sure his reasoning was sound in his mind and had very little to do with me personally. See, I’m still a glass half-full kind of guy. Maybe naive at times, but everybody loves Billy, right?

Much ado about nothing

Oh, I could bitch and moan about this or that but what would it accomplish? Maybe a few more post ideas, but then people would start to think of me as ‘that guy’, huh? Whatever you do, don’t make eye contact or ask him how he is doing…..

I’ll make a deal with you however; I’ll worry about my stuff and what I can control, and I will let you do the same. How does that sound? In my humble opinion, life’s too short to do otherwise. I mean really, how important is most of this?

Yes, I will be the next ‘big’ thing

At least in my own mind; if I wasn’t such a sloth-like, lazy ass and if I had somebody doing all this crap for me, I really think I could blow it up…..seriously…..I could be somebody.

What if I told you I’m already big enough? What if I told you I have no specific goals for this blog? I know, no big surprise, huh? For a guy whose extent of my ‘A’ game is ‘just showing up’ I think I’m actually doing alright in here. Now if I could just get someone to at least give me beer money for the ‘showing up’ part, that would be totally awesome. Because as the ‘just show up’ guy, of course I didn’t bring any beer with me…..imagine that…..

#SoSlam 2012

It’s here but I won’t be ‘showing up’ at this event; and that’s a shame. Because it’s an event I could ‘just show up’ and see a lot of my peeps and even be social. Being social is something I am very comfortable doing; maybe somebody can pay me for that too? That doesn’t sound like a bad business model…….oh wait, I’m already doing it in my day job.

For those who are attending, I hope you have a great time. Maybe one of these days I can get a hall pass and attend one. Then you can see for yourself that I am really much cooler and better looking in real life….or not.

Next week, we’ll talk about….

What is the optimal twitter follow to follower ratio and why you shouldn’t have an ‘egg’ head. Until then, have a lovely week.


55 thoughts on “The big do-over, wiping the social slate clean

    • No, you are much too nice with all the compliments. Thanks for taking the time to stop by as it is always a pleasure to see you.

      I hope you had a great weekend.

  1. Hi Bill,

    So you’re a lover not a fighter? I wouldn’t have guessed that, of course I would, it’s all because of the hair 🙂

    I haven’t been to a social event in a long time, and I didn’t even get to go when Gini was in Oslo… so I better find one soon.

    Thanks a lot for all your support. As I was reading your post, I received a notification from Twitter about your RT. That’s awesome.

    • Can’t mess up the hair…..or the face……just sayin’…..:).

      The Oslo one would have been fun if it wasn’t so pricey. I would really liked to have been able to go to SoSlam. It might be easier to talk the wife into it if it is a beach city or some other destination she would enjoy.

      For those who are not ‘all in’ with social it’s hard to be as enthusiastic about the SoSlam events like we are, huh?

      Us authors have to stick together, right? Oh wait, I actually have to write a book first. Why don’t you run yours through Google translator and let me read it……..:).

      Glad I found you comment so you didn’t have to rinse and repeat.

  2. Yes, everybody loves Billy. Those who don’t aren’t worth listening to anyway.

    I know you’ve received your slings and arrows on the ‘Net. It’s a tough world here but we can revel in the praise or cower at the criticism. I’ve been very fortunate. When I’ve been criticized, it’s been from readers who generally had a valid point. When they didn’t, they were respectful when I corrected their misconception.

    But back to you (what was I thinking, digressing like that?)…you are kind and generous to forgive. You can either take this stuff personally or move on. Sounds as if you’re moving on, which is a very good thing.

    Yes, you have been magnificently successful just by being you. How cool is that?

    Hope you have a great week, Bill!

    • In looking back, I do have to laugh at some of the ‘perceived’ slights; it’s like ‘really,’ you let something like that get under your skin? And most of it really didn’t get under my skin; it was just enough of a blip to make a post about it.

      I have been fortunate too and have not had to deal with really any nastiness; people have treated me pretty good in here, probably much better than I deserved.

      Successful by default; I like that…………..:).

      Good to see you ma’am.

    • No way, Jose. Why would anybody in their right mind pro-actively un-follow; that has been about the lamest thing I have seen in social. That’s why you have lists; a knucklehead like me even knows that…..

      However, not for me to judge but you certainly know my sentiment….

  3. It looks like I picked the perfect time to start commenting on your blog again – yaaay amnesty! You’ve definitely got the “showing up” thing down pat Bill!
    I took a much-needed blogging/social media break and I was able to gain some perspective on what heck i was doing online anyway. As a result, I stripped away the business aspect of it and focused on having fun and writing about my life as it is and not how i wanted it to be. Now I read/follow people I find interesting and NOT who I think I should be following because they’re popular. After coming back here and seeing that you’re still doing your thing, in your own way, you definitely made the cut! 🙂
    After a year of reading all the hype and sales pitches, it’s so nice and refreshing to see you still just hanging out and having a conversation.

    • ‘Now I read/follow people I find interesting and NOT who I think I should be following because they’re popular.’ So what are you saying, you came back because I wasn’t popular? Don’t make me write a post about this………:). Good to see you and thanks so much for taking the time to stop by and leave your thoughts.

      I too hit a point where I had to find ‘my’ purpose and sustainability if I wanted to be a survivor.

      I don’t think there is necessarily a ‘right’ way or ‘wrong’ way in here; it just has to be ‘your’ way and hopefully helping you succeed in what you are trying to accomplish.

      Talking I can do…………I’m in sales…………..:).

      Hope to see you around; have a good one.

    • See my reply above; so, what are you saying, I’m not cool because I don’t get slammed? Don’t make me write a post about this……….:).

      An egghead per se is not bad; but laziness in not putting a pic up is still a social faux pas…………just sayin’………..

  4. Bill. Go get slammed. Oh, right! The impenetrable wall of boss…..I have the same problemo.

    Being a lover and not a fighter is maybe a good thing. Dunno, just seems better and easier for that matter. Haters beware! We will IGNORE you if you keep it up.

    Can I mail beer?

    • I never wanted to get my face messed up or spitting out chiclets; I didn’t want to earn my way into the ruggedly handsome category, I got used to being called ‘cute’ a long time ago so I will just run with it….:). Plus, I’m not big on pain either……

      Hey, I’ve been ignored before; it just makes me talk much louder…..

      Good to see you.

    • Start all over, huh? I guess I would be if I ever decided to go self-hosted I suppose. For what I’m doing, this still serves a purpose; I’m ok w/ not paying anything, but I’m cheap like that……….:).

      Nope, still me and still here so I guess you are stuck with me for awhile.

      • Self-hosting is not that bad. Funny, though, you wrote about this yesterday and last evening my coach and I decided to do a blog make-over during the summer (shhh!) to launch around the time of my second anniversary! I guess that means you’re stuck with me too Bill!

    • I guess I am if you are making that commitment. I probably need to be self-hosted and even though it is relatively cheap; it might be a tough sell in the Dorman house. Maybe one of these days………..

      This is working for me; I enjoy it quite a bit. I’m going to stick it out too.

  5. I keep trying to unfollow you, but you must have hacked into my account or something. 🙂 You will be missed at SoSlam. I’m definitely looking forward to some new IRL connections.

    Don’t worry… I’m sure there will be pictures — think anyone there will have a digital phone? Probably just pen and paper, right?


    • I’m guessing there won’t be many electrical gadgets; all old school scribe stuff…..

      I would love to be going, I know it will be a large time had by all. Hopefully you will be able to spend some real time with the people we know and meet some new ones as well.

      Have fun and get pics.

  6. Bill, Bill, Bill!!! All the best ones get slammed, it’s part of becoming popular. Didn’t you know that? Well, ya sure do now so welcome to the party.

    Oh and don’t worry my friend. The rest of us aren’t attending the big convention either. So does that mean we’re nobodies too! Dang it, and here I was thinking we were moving up in the social world. Okay, well maybe some day for us all.

    Until then, keep up the entertainment here. We still love ya! You know, those of us that “really” matter! 🙂

    • I know who ‘really’ matters around here, and I have quite the supportive community.

      I’m not totally Teflon, but the gist of this post is that all the silly stuff I thought was post worthy really isn’t unless you are poking fun at it.

      One thing I do know is though, don’t ‘assume’ anything. The written word is certainly not the same as the spoken word and some people take offense even when you were just joking.

      It’s all good however; we are survivors indeed.

      Good to see you.

  7. When I read this I thought you were going to start this whole thing over from the ground up.

    I guess you’re just gonna have to deal with all the problems that come with being internet famous, but please don’t drop all your Twitter followers at once and then reboot 😉

    There are a couple of people on Twitter who follow me, then unfollow, over and over. Kind of like a little game. Interesting for sure.

    • We both know those who have ‘unfollowed’ en masse because ‘certain’ gurus started the trend; personally, I thought ‘what’s the point; why would you do that?’ Isn’t that what lists are for? It’s certainly not for me to judge however; I just know it would be very hard for me to support someone who ‘unfollowed’ me regardless of who they were.

      Everybody has their own journey; I guess sometimes being the douchebag can work for you, huh?

      It’s the hair that makes me famous; as long as you don’t mess up my hair, life is good……………:).

  8. ooops i just unfriended a bunch of people last week. I went from following 300 to 200. I wonder if i hurt their feelings. On the bright side my follower to followee ratio is tipped in my favor..

    if it makes you feel any better i can’t get a hall pass either. But i still feel cool.

    • Yes, we are still cool as a cucumber………:). SoSlam would be fun and eventually I will make it to a big event like that. I envision if like a Chamber social on steroids; my kind of event.

      I have appx 1,600 followers; out of that number I have probably actively followed about 100, the rest just kind of showed up. I’m ok with that though and just because I don’t have a ‘relationship’ with most, I would never see any reason to intentionally unfollow. Silliness if you ask me.

      I just wanted to have more followers than I followed so people wouldn’t think I’m a stalker………

      Good to see you……

      • good to see you too. i didn’t unfollow you, you silly rabbit. Only the ones who i didn’t want to follow.. I don’t follow people just because they follow me. Maye that is why my numbers are so low? I think i take a different stance on how to follow. I want to know the ones i follow as much as possible or i find their info so invaluable and i need to follow them. or i like them and they are my friend.. You are the latter.

    • Did you say I was a ladder?……….:).

      The only way I would know you weren’t following me is if I tried to send you a DM and I couldn’t. Otherwise, I don’t even check.

      If you don’t know my humor yet, I was being facetious about the follow/unfollow thing. I do most of my engaging through the blogs anyway and twitter is just my vehicle to get there.

      About the only checking I do when somebody follows me is to make sure they are real and not trying to sell me something……dang salesmen…………:).

      • Can i sell you a ladder? You need one to get on and off your high horse don’t you? 🙂

        that’s me and my humour..

  9. Riddle me this: What if long long ago in a place far far away you became a famous blogging kid? You were followed by the thousands (hundreds? millions?). Had to have been on myspace? All of a sudden you grew up and you weren’t a child blogger er any longer. As a kid you were a money magnet. No longer. How would you feel unfollowed by millions?

  10. First off: Thank you for following a total newbie.
    Second: I adore your use of the word “douchebaggery” and the fact that you have made a choice to hit the proverbial “reset” button. I think the world would be a better place if more of us did that.
    Finally: Look forward to reading more of your insights. Thank you.

    • Ah a newbie, hopefully it is exciting for you; I really had a lot of fun when I first jumped in. Some of the stuff I had to learn by trial and error, but that was the fun part about it. Growing from a social ‘baby,’ I had a lot of support that was very patient with me.

      There were some ‘slights’ early I took note of, but now most of that ‘stuff’ doesn’t even make my radar. I found what was sustainable for me and just keep my head down and take care of what I can control.

      I appreciate your kind words and thanks for taking the time to stop by. I hope you enjoy your journey and feel free to stop by anytime.

  11. Rather late to the party, is there any cheese left?

    You made my heart rate race skywards with your title, oh no, he is not going to disappear, unfollow me and leave us all alone at home – thank you for staying, kicking some ass (this said sotto voce) and being all about you.


    • Never too late ma’am; always room for more.

      I was just giving everyone a hall pass going forward. It’s funny, some of the people I hung w/ early but never really supported me, I just dropped them off the radar. I’m not sure how they are doing because I never see them. I could tell early they were only interested in people who could help them climb the ladder, if you wanted to hang around that was ok, but never expect anything in return from them if you weren’t a ‘name’.

      That’s fine however, I love my community. They are all people I would happily break bread with.

      Hope you are well; so good to see you.

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