Being extremely average and everyone knows your name

Sorry Brian, even though I am not in active pursuit of your moniker anymore, it does fit me like a glove….and Brian is anything but average BTW.

Take this small quiz:

  • Who solved world hunger?
  • Who is responsible for establishing world peace?
  • Other than Al Gore, who can take credit for the internet?
  • Other than Edward Cullen, who’s figured out anti-aging?

What was your score?

You silly boy, those weren’t questions you could answer.  But what if we inserted ‘your’ name as one of the answers? Average No Mo, huh?

Are you the type that sits around wondering how you are going to let the world know you have all this greatness inside and why it can’t seem to find it’s way out? Do you have to be more creative; more passionate; or just plain luckier?

What if I had the answer?

Would you pay me $10 to discover the key? I still have my Hey Pal account and would be more than happy to share this with you for the nominal sum of $10.

Have you heard the expression ‘you can’t see the forest for the trees‘? Do you think it’s possible in your quest for greatness, you might be missing the obvious choices?

Fret no more; I will unlock your secret to greatness.

I trust you

This will be so earth shattering but obvious, I will go out on a limb and be generous enough to share this knowledge knowing you will be so impressed you will be more than willing to pay me after the fact.  And maybe feel compelled to even pay me more.

4 step process to be better than average

  1. Be on time.
  2. Do what you say you will do.
  3. Do it when you said you would, if not sooner.
  4. Say please and thank you.

Brilliant! You think I’m joking but I’m really not. Sounds pretty simple, but how many times have you been let down by someone not coming through and doing what they said they would do? More than once I’ll bet.

Do you just chalk it up to human nature; forgivable, right? How much better would it be if you didn’t say you would do something if you weren’t going to commit to it? How much do you think your extremely average self would stand out if you could be counted on to do what you said you would do; time after time?

I’m not perfect

Knowing how it feels when someone lets you down vs how good you feel when someone actually comes through for you should be your driver, right? I’ve been ‘that guy’ before, but I’m trying much harder not to be anymore.

How about you; do you think you would be way more than average if you could just stick to those 4 principles?

That’s all I got; enjoy.


51 thoughts on “Being extremely average and everyone knows your name

  1. What? You’re like me? NOT perfect. Hmmmm……

    Yep, those 4 things are pretty much all anyone needs to stand out in a crowd. It’s kinda sad when just being a decent person is enough to shine. Know what I mean?

    How easy are they too? Just don’t spread yourself too thin and basta, done. Guess that’s the key. If you take on just enough to ensure you can meet the first three then you are golden. Please and thanks, well, that’s just good manners.

    No bulls**t process followed by a no bull**t policy will certainly get you there for sure.

    Cheers FLA.

    • Actually, I am perfect and the measuring stick everybody uses to see where they stack up………but that’s our secret, ok?

      It is sad, but if you truly take care of the little things you will stand out. Everybody wants ‘wow’, but sometimes it comes in unexpected packages.

      Manners and common decency never go out of vogue.FLA is doing ok and sorry about the snafu this am; you know I love you bro……

    • But you probably have ‘your’ rules ’cause it makes you who you are. My main rule is to treat others like I would want to be treated; that seems to work for me……..

      Good to see you sir.

  2. Interesting 4 step process project! I master # 4, but I need to work on the others. I seem to faintly remember being brought up on these principles, we called it manners at that time and showing respect for others.

    I am not concerned about being above or under average, who sets the standard anyway? Every person is unique and has something to contribute.

    • Didn’t you know, I set the standard; everybody measures off me…..:).

      Manners are what it boils down to and treating others like you would want to be treated; that should work, right?

      I’m just happy to be me wherever that puts me on the spectrum; ’cause if fat boy is happy, it’s a good day in the neighborhood. And that’s a fact!

      Good to see you.

  3. Hey Bill, Great advice! I’m particularly a fan of a version of number 3, deliver more than what you promised. That impresses folks every time. The successes I’ve had were usually related to going that extra mile without being asked.

    I’m very surprised, though Bill, that you know anything at all about being average. I’m just not seeing it. Spectacular seems more your size. Thanks for reminding us that, even though you make it look easy, spectacular takes some work.

    Hope you have a great week, Bill!

    • Stop it……………ok, say it again; just one more time…………:).

      As I told Barbara, me I can be; not sure where it falls on the spectrum but I can live with it.

      In sales we have a tendency to ‘over’ promise so it typically works much better when we close the yap, under promise and over perform. Big difference indeed……

      Busy Monday, but a good week so far. Thanks for stopping by….

  4. I’m not sure whether to be proud of being ‘above average’ or disgusted at the pathetically low standard of ‘average’.

    But I agree with you – I am always amazed at how many clients marvel that my deliverables are on time!

    I aspire to more. I want to be better than better than average. What’s the formula for that?

    Oh, I’d add one more thing to your list – smile! Too few people do that.

    • I like the smile part and it does work; more times than not if you smile genuinely at someone you will get them to smile back; I’m the master at it, they don’t call me Mr Happy for nothing……..:).

      As a whole, service leaves a lot to be desired. Unfortunately, just doing the bare minimum but doing it well will get you noticed. It really doesn’t take that much of an effort……

      You have the formula, you are certainly better than better than average; I know.

      Hope your day was well; thanks for stopping by.

  5. I solved most of the problems you listed, world peace, hunger etc. The only problem is that no one liked my solutions. Jealous bastards are busy trying to keep me down, I tell you.

    Numbers 2 and 4 are most important to me.

    • And you still had time to work out today? What’s on the plate of awesomeness for tomorrow; finding Jimmy Hoffa?

      Yep, take care of the little things and do it well and you will certainly be noticed.

      Hola sir, thanks for stopping by.

    • It was 3, but I added be on time………..:).

      Actually, I was going to take it deeper but once I set it up it seemed to be enough.

      Good to see you; hope you had a great weekend.

    • I had a couple of ‘creative’ ideas over the last few days but never got in front of a computer until Sunday night; by then it had all leaked back out.

      So good to see you ma’am; thanks for stopping by and sharing your thoughts, hope all is well.

  6. 4 simple points and powerful.
    Another simple point that can “release the greatness inside” is being more interested in life and others and projects and less interested in your own “greatness”
    Seems like people who have accomplished great things have been focused on what they were doing than how they looked doing it…what do you think?

    • I’m glad you added that; I was going to include volunteerism or giving more of yourself with no expectations of a payback. As I ‘mature’ I seem to do a much better job of this and it is fulfilling to me.

      Maybe too many people are worried about how the look to others and are afraid to take the step to greatness for fear of being ridiculed. Sometimes you just have to put your head down and get it done, right?

      So good to see you; thanks for taking the time to stop by.

  7. Well, I knew I was never normal so better than average is not too shabby.

    I love what Dr. Phil said about people who are never on time. They are rude and don’t respect your time. I never forgot that because it really gets on my nerves when people are late. Like you didn’t know what time you were suppose to be at a certain place.

    The rest is easy for me because I’m so annoyingly organized. Plus I just love to help people and give them information that will benefit them above and beyond what they asked for.

    The last one I was taught at a very young age because my Dad worked out of the house. We were the ones answering the phone so I learned to say thank you, yes mam and yes sir and still do to this day no matter who you are.

    And I agree with Ruth, add a smile to that and you have a winning combination. How can you lose! 🙂

    • I’m a natural born smiler thank goodness; some wonder what I’m up to…..:). It’s easy when you are as simple minded as I am.

      Trust me, I’m far from normal too; but I thinks it’s above average far from normal so that should work, right?

      They talk about southern hospitality but I’m sure it’s not just for the south; however, manners were definitely a way of life.

      So good to see you; I really enjoyed Annie’s vid at your place.

  8. Hey Bill,

    These are simple things to do that few actually do. It is really surprising to me how few people do what they say they will do.

    I am always on time. In fact, I am early. If I am on time, to me I am late. 🙂

    I do also try to follow up, but these days that has been really tough. I am hoping soon this gets a bit easier.

    I also think some of what you are talking about here is basic stuff they teach us when we first start working in sales and customer service. 🙂

    Nice post my friend and good to see you.

    • No, so good to see you; hope some things are looking up for you and you have it going in the right direction.

      It’s sad you pretty much know who the ones you can’t count on, regardless of what they say. And what really bites is when they bail on you the last minute on something really important……….

      Yep, it really is basic stuff but it will make you stand out because too many don’t think it’s important. Take care of the little things first I say.

      Thanks for taking the time to stop by; you made me smile.

  9. Hi Bill,

    Such a nice little formula, but few actually follow through will this stuff.

    Now there’s the opposite end of the spectrum too. The guy who arrives 30 minutes early 🙂 What do you do with him?

    I don’t mind if people are a bit late if they call or email and let me know. Things do happen, but no communication and then late, forgetaboutit.

    I always try to deliver under the agreed upon time-frame and under budget. Things don’t always go perfectly, but I try.

    So many do forget to say please and thank you, don’t they? That’s one I always hit.

    Later on, FLA

    • I am usually the first to arrive; if I’m too early I might drive around the block or sit in the car for awhile.

      FLA say it’s just manners and common decency; that shouldn’t be too hard, right? And just taking care of the basics will put you ahead of the pack.

      Good to see you PacMan.

  10. Bill,

    This was a great post. I’m very good with 1,2, and 4, but sometimes I fall short on 3. It always bothers me, but alas, there are still times I just don’t get it done.

    On occasion one needs a little reminder, and I thank you for that. My biggest 3 issue of late has been a promise to myself to get my next book edited. It is going slowly.

    For me, the key to being Extremely Average is to pick the right group of people to know. If one is careful, one can do quite well.



    • I like picking the ‘right’ people concept; I’m just afraid my friends are picking me for the same reason………….:).

      Nobody can do all 4 all the time; but if it’s more likely you will adhere to the 4 than not, it will be noticed.

      Good luck on the editing; that must mean it’s done and now you are just cleaning it up, right? That sounds super; good luck with it.

      Thanks for taking the time to stop by even if I lured you here w/ false hope…………….good to see you.

  11. Hi Bill,

    This reminds me of my business meeting earlier today. I got a glass of water (yes, really… not coca-cola zero) and after the meeting, all the other people just left the room, and their cups of coffee and their glasses of water were left at the table. I asked the woman that was in charge where I should put my glass, because I wanted to help her. I still remember the smile on her face when I tried to help her out. To me, this is average… but I guess it’s really not 🙂

  12. Four excellent tenets to live by Bill…they are the common courtesy rules that most of us were taught as children but, for some reason, they became fuzzier as we got older. Maybe we get cocky. Maybe we get overly assertive/aggressive…whatever the reason, your post reminds us that those four very simple tenets are priceless and could easily become a mantra for our personal lives as well as our business lives. Thanks for a thoughtful post today Bill.
    Hope you are doing well!. You are definitely one of the good guys!!

    • Thanks for the kind words; always appreciated. It is so easy to say you will do something but then blow it off because there are really no consequences; some just chalk it up to ‘normal’ behavior. That is why it is so easy to stand out just by taking care of the little things…….

      Sorry I missed the Google chat today; my appt was 2 hrs away from my office. Hope you had a fun time.

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