Great hair alone won’t make you awesome in social

Actually it can, and I’m happy to say I still have some pretty great hair goin’ on; not Patrick Jane type hair but if I was Hollywood I’m sure I could get there too.

There were 6 boys in my dad’s family; the 4 oldest had some serious old-school wavy hair working for them. For some reason, my father and his younger brother had straighter hair, but it was still thick and full. That’s my dad’s family above, he’s the tallest one.

I’m somewhere in between (that’s me in the white shirt) ; I have a thick head of hair and if I let it grow a little longer like my wife likes it, the waves and curls become more pronounced. However, back in the day I used to fight it; I really wanted straight hair and would do some silly things trying to keep it straight. Now, because the chicks dig it, I’m all in…..:). I might have been born on a Wednesday, but it wasn’t last Wednesday and Billy can be smart on things like that…….

What are you fighting?

Before I chase you off with another post all about me I wanted to touch on some observations gleaned from being online.

There is a fair share of people online trying to become entrepreneurial and actually make money because they either hate their job or lost it. Trust me, I know it can be difficult taking that leap into the unknown especially when you have financial obligations and others dependent upon you for support. But at what point do you quit fighting it and decide to make a leap and start working to your strengths and let your talent shine through? If you make the leap, what happens if you still aren’t making any money; when does selling your blood become your business model?

Do you know your strengths?

We all have things we ‘like’ to do and maybe pretty good at it. However, in most cases the things we ‘like’ do not always equate to food on the table.

If you work for someone else, how effective would your boss/manager be if he was able to put you in a position that maximizes your strengths and likes and minimize your shortcomings? Not only finding you a seat on the bus, but the ‘right’ seat.

What kind of culture do you think it promotes when management is very rigid and there is a one size fits all mentality? If you are your own boss, are you treating yourself this way?

My hair really doesn’t make me awesome

I can be that just by showing up……….:). That sounds like someone who is pretty conceited, huh? I’m really not, but I won’t lie, I’m happy in my own skin and that is really all that matters, right? I know where my sweet spots are and what I do well; and I’m also very aware of the things that don’t fit for me.

Social I can do, and probably the primary reason I have even had a modicum of success in here. I am not tech-oriented by any stretch of the imagination, but smart enough to figure out what will get me by. For that reason alone I know there are serious holes in my ‘social’ game but most of it is below the surface so I still tend to gravitate toward my strengths and that is just showing up and being social.

How many of you are still beating yourself up trying to get the square peg in that round hole? How long do you keep trying before you finally decide to try plan B?

I am only as good as the people around me

I have a great team where I work. If you ask anyone on my team what their number one responsibility is, they will reply ‘to make Billy look good’. I say that facetiously but it is so true. If they can make me look good, which can certainly be a challenge at times, then everybody is looking good and we are doing what we said we would do.

I also have a great on and offline support group and community; they do a fantastic job of making me look good too. For that I am very appreciative and hope they feel I bring value to the relationship as well.

Am I perfect? Ha, not even close, but I am compassionate and I do care and feel that covers up a lot of the holes along the way.

What do you think?

I know, I have a tendency to make my posts too much about me but hope in some way it helps you relate to things going on in your world as well. Feel free to tell me when enough is enough or just turn down the volume.


41 thoughts on “Great hair alone won’t make you awesome in social

  1. Hi Bill,
    I never thought about hair that much! 🙂
    I think it takes a while, and I mean a LONG while, to know what you’re about here in social. You can study people and blogs all you like, but until you get in the game and play with your voice, your style, your goals and see what fits for you, you’re not going to evolve.
    You’ve got to have staying-power, though, and a love of the game to survive here! Like everything else in life, it changes and you’ve got to flow with it.
    All that being said, I’m still working on my style, voice and defining my goals. I’m striving to be “me” here even if that means I don’t do things in the most financially-savvy ways. Doesn’t matter, it’s my story and I’m writing it my way. :p
    Fun eh?

    • I don’t really think about hair that much either, but when I hear someone comment about what to say for someone they don’t know that well, I usually jokingly say ‘well, they have great hair’.

      I guess I’m blessed not to be follicly challenged; if I was, I would probably go with the shaved head. I actually used to wear my hair pretty short, no muss no fuss, but my wife hated it; I finally relented and let it grow out some. When mama’s happy, everybody is happy…

      Because social is so fickle and fast, whatever was working last week might totally change in the blink of an eye. I think all of us who find a way to hang around will always be evolving; it’s just the nature of the beast.

      The more I’m in here however, the more I realize some of these people we think we want to emulate really don’t have anything on us. They don’t have any magic potion or are infinitely smarter than us; more times than not it’s just because they stuck with it and happened to be a survivor. I will also say there are a handful of people who really impress me and then there is a larger group I’m not impressed at all. But that’s what choices are all about, right?

      All we can be is ‘me’, right? And you are doing a great job at it. So good to see you and thanks for dropping by.

  2. Hey Bill,
    I think “go with your strengths and manage your weaknesses” is an excellent strategy for living life. That being said I think this philosophy creates pitfalls to be avoided. One may feel a little guilty or perhaps lazy because life seems easier for you than a lot of others around you that seem to be struggling. I am not a big fan of utilizing hard work and nothing else to achieve success (whatever the hell that is). There are many other factors (awareness, creativity, networking skills etc) required. Coal miners work hard but it isn’t something I aspire to do.

    • I like the analogy you made; I remember coaching little league baseball and some kids were obviously more talented than others but never put forth any effort. In the back of your mind you would always think ‘if they really tried they could do anything they want’. Well you know what? They were probably already doing what they wanted….

      Trust me, I don’t mind hard work whatsoever; in fact sometimes embrace it. But I’m not a big fan of doing hard work just for the sake of it being hard and think it means accomplishment.

      There are many levels of ‘success’ and most come from what you think success is. The more inward thinking you can be and appreciate what you do have, the more I think you will find success for yourself. If you are always chasing and wanting, then I don’t think you will ever be truly satisfied.

      That’s my philosophy for the day; thanks for stopping by sir.

  3. I SO get the entire hair thing Bill. My hair is naturally wavy and with living in Houston it is some kind of humid here. Not a good combination I’m afraid. I’ve fought my hair my entire life.

    As for the men in my immediate family, lack of hair is their problem. I think we women hogged it ALL. Oh yeah, I’ve got way too much of it. Very very thick.

    So moving past the “hair talk” I agree with you. I can sympathize though with people who are still trying to find their place either online or offline. My entire life I didn’t really know what I wanted to do with my life and I’ve just stumbled through it this whole time.

    I think though after these past five years I’ve finally found my home and I couldn’t be happier. Like you, I don’t look at it as being conceited when you’re just darn good at what you do. The truth is the truth and so many people aspire to have just that one little thing they are exceptionally good at.

    For those still searching, I hope they find their way. Trust me, you’ll be so much happier when it all just seems to fit!

    Great post Bill and I enjoy hearing you talk about yourself. Yeah I know, I’m just weird that way.

    Enjoy your day and the weekend that is almost upon us. Chat with you again soon my friend.


    • I had the opportunity to meet up w/ a couple of my social friends last night. Inevitably, the topic turned to some of the shared friends we have online. The most desirable friendships were the ones where the people we knew had achieved some success, but you would never know it because they were still givers and treating people like they would want to be treated. Obviously, they knew they were good at what they do but they don’t need to announce it.

      You probably need to always have a certain level of searching, curiosity; but you should not be afraid to appreciate what you have, you have created or earned, right?

      You are definitely on a mission and just the growth and direction I’ve seen you take is admirable. You have a lot to teach and share from this experience alone and you do a great job of doing just that.

      Good to see you fellow big hair; hope the rest of your week goes well.

  4. Hey Bill.
    So I have been following along for awhile now and have to say that one thing is clear, you have to like yourself before someone else can. You seem to have it down. Nice hair.
    You struck a chord. A great team to me is the sum of its parts and the parts need to work together and support each other. I spend a ton of time going on about that because I believe it. Social is like that but is social media like that? I think it is. If you’re new you spend a bit of time getting to know everyone and you basically get out what you put in.

    • Damn smartphones! If anyone reads my comments they will be nodding at my frustration. I keep hitting the wrong keys. Blah, blah, blah.
      I hit post comment by mistake and what I was going to add is that I agree that finding your voice takes time and the people around you who support you will tell you if it’s working or not. Forcing it is like the guy at the dance who is dying to meet the girl. It’s written all over his face.

      • Same thing in sales; the customer/prospect can smell desperation a mile away……and it doesn’t smell too good….

        I would like to think I have grown somewhat as a blogger just because I’ve stuck with it for a year. However, when I write I just write what comes to mind; I’m not trying to manipulate for force keywords or sound like somebody different. It’s seems to work to some degree for me, maybe I need to take the Dale Carnegie course on blogging, huh? We can always get better……..:).

        Good to see you sir, thanks for dropping by.

    • Ok, I cleaned you up a little bit, but I can do that because I have the edit button.

      I’m comfortable with myself; I know at this point I have become pretty much who I’m going to be and genetically whatever is good or bad, just is. But that’s ok, my parents gave me a chance and I’m grateful for that.

      Some in social think it’s easy and certain parts of it are. But just like anything worth doing, the more you put in the better your results will be.

      Ok, I’m going to cut this reply off and go to your continuation; I’ll see if that needs cleaning up too.

  5. I came by to make Billy look good. Funny thing, just this morning, I was wondering when you’d post again.

    Myself, I took the week off from blogging. I’m grinding away at my science fiction novel. Second rewrite of chapters one through three are in progress. Each chapter runs 60 or more pages long – so its a sumbich (a word I learned from you) as much as this is something that needs to happen.

    Writing a novel is something I haven’t done before, so I’m learning along the way. Doing something new like this reminds me much of the endeavor of many people we know in social.

    Just because I can make a sentence (sometimes) doesn’t mean that I can to write a decent novel chapter. Just because I have put together a non-fiction collection of essays and edited it, doesn’t mean that I can write novels. Just because I have had commentary published in scholarly and popular newspapers and journals doesn’t mean I’m going to write a novel that knocks it out of the park.

    But I can try.

    I have no illusions that writing a novel is going to pay the bills or put food on the table. The necessity is not about making a buck but keeping a promise to a younger me – a promise which had been much delayed. I am even willing to live a lesser lifestyle to get her done. I only hope it doesn’t come to that.

    • Stan the freakin’ man; how the heck are you sumbich? It might not go any further than me telling you about it in this reply, but I’ve had a couple of people suggest about doing a book/novel. I know you don’t just roll out of bed and start cranking them out, but I have given some thought on the commitment and effort something like that would take. However, unlike you, if I take the time and effort I’m fully expecting it to be my winning lottery ticket and you get to see me on Letterman….:)

      You do make me look good my friend and I know that has taken some heavy lifting on your part; but it is much appreciated.

      I have a feeling that not only you will make the novel happen, it will be a damn good one as well. But you are smart like that…..

      I hope some of those bumps in the road you have been dealing with didn’t turn into mountains and you are getting along ok.

      Thanks for stopping by; it is always a pleasure to have you at my house.

  6. Bill – That makes two of us. Happy in our own skins. And the …um…obsession with Jane. You mentioned him in your last post, also. LOVE The Mentalist and fell in love with him all over again in The Devil Wears Prada. Yikes. Oh yes, I have a major hair fetish 😀 Nothing like a full head of hair to um…er…. 😀

    This post makes a lot of sense to me. Probably because I am 48 and under the illusion I am wise 🙂 and realistic to go with it.

    It pains me too, to see desperation to make it. And yes, no point selling blood as a business model. What a superb expression. When I had a job, I was lucky to work with teams that were totally cohesive, even if I was the only woman on the team. The sync was awesome. And when I retired at 33 yes, I did) I was at peace. Continued to be at peace until I got a part-time job earning less than peanuts three years later – quit after 4 years – and am still at peace now that I work out of home since 2004 :D. I am a happy person.

    • Happy is good, period! Regardless of your financial standing or place in society, if you can be happy with yourself and comfortable in your own skin, then you really can’t ask for much more, huh?

      I think if I worked at it I could get my hair to do like Jane’s…..:). He parts his, I brush mine straight back.

      There really is some wisdom to be gained with age; you become more aware of what is really important and what really doesn’t matter in the big scheme of things.

      Here’s to all things important and just forget the rest, ok? Thanks for stopping by, it is always a pleasure to see you.

  7. Well you have super great hair and men envy you I’m sure! 😉 But … if I really think about it and reflect on some others, it must be a blogging thing or something because some others have really great hair too! Hmmm… I think there’s a study waiting to happen. 😉 Me, I just keep noticing the grey showing up in mine … blah!

    OK – social for me is a bit different. I think I started out for one reason and it ended up being for a whole different one. I’m still in the midst of learning how to best containing this and I struggle daily. Stepping away for awhile and regrouping has been the best for my brain and sanity. I still have my pulse on things, but am standing back a bit to figure it out. I just aim for the business I have to get out there and it’s not easy, but … I’m very hopeful and things are freeing up that I can focus more on harnessing how social can actually benefit increasing business. I’m watching carefully. I think I’m of Lori’s school of thought – I’m just me and I’ve learned that’s good enough (at least for me ;)). I’ve always done things in my own odd, quirky, against-the-stream kinda way and that won’t change. 😉

    I dig you and your hair Bill … don’t change! 🙂

    Peace & goodness my friend,


    • Chicks dig me and men want to be like me…………..ha………..:). Thanks so much for the kind words, always appreciated.

      Writing I can do; trying to make money from my blog/online presence seems to be much harder and I don’t know if I’m ready to go there. My day job keeps me plenty busy but you would think if I could find a way to blend the two and grow my income exponentially it would be a no-brainer, right? Well, nobody ever accused me of being the sharpest tack in the box either………..

      Maybe I should have more of a sense of urgency, but I really don’t and I’m totally ok with it.

      I know you are ‘under construction’ and trying to find something not only sustainable but worthwhile too. I’m pulling for you and certainly wish you much success.

      Thanks so much for stopping by; it always brings a smile to my face with all the nice things you have to say.

      I hope your week has been well; take care.

  8. Hey Bill!

    I was really feelin’ this post today! You know my story and why I started online. Being out of work with an unborn mouth to feed very soon will really light a fire under your ass!

    I think I made it work because I didn’t give myself any other choices. It HAD to work. Failure was definitely not an option. I wanted it badly enough. Was it easy? Hell no! Has it been worth it? Hell yes!

    We have to be confident in our abilities if we want to make a true go at making money online. We are all really good at something. What are your strengths? What are you passionate about? Take that and run with it!

    You mentioned in your post that the things we “like” to do don’t always put food on the table. I’m going to disagree a bit when it comes to making money by doing that thing online. Every day I find inspirations of men and women out there in the blogosphere who did just that. They took what they “liked”–no, “loved” to do and found a way to make a living out of it.

    It takes that extra bit of believing in yourself and never quitting. You’re going to make mistakes. You’re going to have failures. That’s part of the game. Keep at it.

    You also mentioned the importance of a team and community. That is sooo important–even if you’re a solopreneur. You need the support of your family and friends. Having a mentor and a great, supportive online community or network is a must as well. None of us can really do it alone.

    Geez, I think I just wrote a blog post in your blog post! Can you tell I might feel strongly about the topic just a bit? Lol! Hope you have a great day, Bill:)

    • Hey, great post w/in a post…..very insightful. It is amazing what you can do when your back is against the wall and you have to make it happen.

      Confidence and belief is so important in just about any endeavor. With that, you need a sense of curiosity and willingness to not only learn but be willing to skin your knees along the way. Sometimes your greatest success comes after what seems crushing failure.

      I not only like my job, I love it. It’s not always perfect but it’s a good fit for me. I enjoy waking up to see what the new day will bring; what new adventure.

      No man is an island and it really helps to have a good team around you. We are greater than the sum of our parts, right.

      So good to see you, hope you are well; thanks for stopping by.

  9. I still say that you have a complete handle on this game. As long as you like it all is good. The fact that you like yourself is a serious bonus and something that is just awesome.

    But one of the key things that you touched upon is understanding your strengths and focusing upon them. Too many people fail to recognize that and spin their wheels doing things that they might have otherwise avoided.

    • Some think they need to get better at the things they don’t like, the things they aren’t good at. I’m more of the school of wanting to get really, really good at what I do well and try to delegate or find a way to minimize what I don’t do well.

      Some jump in here thinking there is only one way because some guru touted it, but most of the pieces are things they don’t like to do. Therefore they spend a lot of time toiling dealing with this and usually become frustrated.

      And yes, you better find a way to like yourself first so everything else becomes much easier to deal with.

      Thanks for your thoughts and for dropping by; hope you are having a good week.

  10. Hi Bill,

    “the waves and curls become more pronounced” …

    Man … you trying to rub it in or what? 😉 Lord, man!

    I’ll take my hair wavy or straight, I don’t care. 😉

    I’m not ready to totally take the leap into social. Or, maybe I already did, not quite sure … I’ll call it a soft transition period, but I’m my own boss and get to run a business in addition to being on social. Fun, huh? It’s a ton of work, but the further I get into this the more comfortable I get … and I’m kinda, sorta figuring out how to bring it all together. I had no direction at first, but have been learning from the best of them along the way.

    Social is cool like that.

    My strengths? Like Lori said, it really is a fleshing out process. The more you interact, the more you write, etc., you discover a bit more about yourself and what unique qualities might help you … and help others!

    You, Sir, certainly DO know what you are doing, plus you enjoy your own company and you’re having fun. How about that? Keep on keeping on.

    I think about hair all the time.

    • Oh, we are definitely all in social; but not in to the point we are ready to take that leap of faith and make it our only source of income, huh? The ideal situation is probably finding a way to make it an additional revenue stream that is worthwhile as well.

      We want to attack the things that make us happy; we have fun at when we wake up in the morning. We have a tendency to put off the unpleasant or the things we aren’t good at. If you can be really, really good at what you are strong at; that is certainly a good place to be indeed.

      If nothing else, I’m still curious enough to try and figure some of this out and I am having fun on this journey. That should be worth something, right?

      Good to see you sir; you had a great post today. Talk at ya soon….

  11. Hey Bill, When I was growing up I lived next to two sisters, one with curly hair and the other with straight hair. You guessed it, the curly haired sister wanted straight hair and the straight haired sister got perms. Go figure.

    I agree with you, there are plenty of passions to pursue that won’t make you money. The question is, do you have the luxury to pursue your passion if it won’t make you money?

    When I was a young lawyer, toiling away at my law firm day and night, I realized that wasn’t a lifestyle I wanted for the rest of my working days. I got a book, “Do What You Love, the Money Will Follow” to explore my career options.

    My roommate walked into the room one night, saw what I was reading and nearly fell over from her burst of giggles. When I asked her what was so funny, she replied that she thought the book title was hilarious. I asked her why and she replied, “If that were true, I’d be a hooker!”

    • Great story and the money will follow indeed in that profession, huh? There is certainly some truth however, because if you are lucky enough to find something you truly love it won’t seem like work anyway. I’m in a good place with my job and most days I do love it; therefore, it gives me some latitude w/ social doing something I love without the pressures of trying to figure it all out. I can go with the flow and enjoy the journey.

      Life is short; we need to have fun. We certainly don’t need to fill our plate with things we don’t like; find a way to delegate that or just avoid it when possible.

      Hope your day went well; thanks so much for stopping by, always a pleasure to see you.

  12. Hey Bill,

    I’m not sure if I would say that I have great hair, but it depends on how I use the word great. My hair is huge, that’s for sure, right now, it’s more or less like an afro 🙂

    Your post is very relevant to where I’m at in life right now. I quit my job in order to pursue a dream. I quit for several reasons, and if I was 100% content in my old job, I wouldn’t have quit. But, that was not the reason alone. I really want to help other people/businesses and have freedom to do what I like when I like to do it. The problem is to figure out exactly what I’m good at, and try to make it my business. Right now, I have several new clients, but I haven’t had the time to figure out what I should be focusing on, right now it’s all about money and survival… and that’s not a good thing 🙂

    • Ah yes, you have a thick head of hair like me so we can always make it great should we so desire. After shampooing and drying, I have to put a conditioner called VO5 on it or it will puff out like a cotton ball. I’ve been using that since my late teens and thank goodness it is one product that has not changed at all.

      Money and survival; can be stressful but hopefully helps you be more focused at times too. If you see my reply to Carolyn, I have the luxury of being patient in trying to figure out who I want to be when I grow up in here. I don’t want to waste a lot of time, but I also don’t want to go down a road that wasn’t of my choosing. In your case however, you feel the pressure to pick up the pace and make things happen now I’m sure. I think you will do fine; hopefully through all this it is still giving you ‘book’ time as well.

      Thanks for coming by; no pizza tonight for me. We are celebrating my father-in-law’s birthday and we will be eating catfish. I don’t know if you have heard of catfish, but it’s big in the south. It’s a bottom dwelling fish so some don’t like it. If you have ever read about American history and the civil war, the south was at a tremendous economic disadvantage during that war. Therefore, they got very creative with the meals they had to prepare and some of those ‘traditional’ dishes survive to this day.

      I’ll bump into you soon….

      • Very cool, Bill. I didn’t know anyone used VO 5 any more. Great stuff.

        Speaking of great stuff, catfish is awesome.

        I really admire you and Jens for pursuing your passions and living the dream. Well done to you both.

        On my bucket list, I would love to see a picture of you and Jens, side by side, afros in full bloom. 🙂

  13. There is so much here and boy do I love to talk! But what stood out to me about being social online is something I discovered offline IRL. I might think I show up to have fun and to make friends and to meet my needs, but if I don’t think about how everybody else has those same needs and wants and make an effort to meet their needs, I’ll always feel uncomfortable. For me it’s like walking into a party. The younger me would feel so conspicuous and awkward wondering what to say and how to find someone to talk to. But then I realized everyone else ) or at least a lot of people there) might feel the same way and if I could just be me and be the one to break the ice the party would be more fun. (You have to remember that I don’t drink so this is a really fun challenge!)
    As far as making money online goes I’d resort to bribery and threats, maybe even begging and pleading.Just kidding. I can sell anything to anyone, but if I get to know you forget it. It’s yours for free. I can’t help myself!. I’ve gotten better with that one.

    • I make a game of it and when I go to a social event and see people standing around obviously a little hesitant to jump in the fray; I’ll make sure I make eye contact, introduce myself and then spend some time talking with them. I think most appreciate it as they were probably not going to initiate it and the fact they are even in the room means they would probably like to interact w/ someone, right? I do drink so it is very easy to start yacking away………:).

      In my world, when we bring on a customer the average shelf life is 7-10 years; this means the customer is paying me for 7-10 years. That is what sustainable income looks like to me. If I’m selling a one time product or service I know whatever it looks like it has to be repeatable and/or sustainable to get enough traction to make any real money at it. That’s the biggest challenge I see with the ‘online’ businesses.

      I too have to be careful how much I give away; fortunately at work that could never happen because there are many others in the food chain that have to be fed and they won’t let me give away anything.

      Good to see you, hope you have a great weekend; thanks for your comments.

  14. Hi Bill,

    What a fun post for Friday. 🙂 And cheers to having a nice full head of hair! lol

    I like that your posts are about you. This blog is your namesake, so I think that it’s well and appropriate for it to be FULL of you.

    I like your perspective on becoming a social success. Things have changed a great deal in the world over the years. The internet has given us new ways to express ourselves, new ways to demonstrate our value to others, and also new ways to achieve “our ends.”

    I personally see a lot of people who are struggling or working their way out of a struggle due to the nature of my website and what I participate in as a model of business. It’s interesting to see how the dynamics play out for folks, but there is usually a few common threads between people. It’s those “common thread” issues to which I speak most and work with.

    You made an astute point about finding success by way of the support of community. I believe that there’s tremendous power in community. For many people with whom I work, it is the support of community has been the variable responsible for changing failures into successes. 🙂

    Great thoughts, Bill! Hope you have a fantastic weekend!

    Cat Alexandra

    • Hey you, welcome back; I see you dropped back in on the ‘sucking sand’ post……..:).

      Community is everything in my opinion as no man is an island. I feel some people get so singularly focused on the business part of it, they lose sight of the value of taking the time to develop a relationship. However, some people are not good at that so they don’t spend the time; like most of us, they tend to stay away from the things that make them uncomfortable.

      Social is fickle, dynamic, fluid, unpredictable, etc; just like life, huh?

      Fun and sustainability; that is what I had to find and I think I’m there.

      I really don’t try to talk just about myself but I don’t want to feel like I’m preaching either. Hopefully people can relate to my stories and humor enough it will keep them coming back.

      So good to see you; thanks for taking the time to comment. I hope you have a great weekend.

  15. The sad part of coming here late – everyone’s said all there is to and I feel like I am just going to repeat the whole thing… but I still will!

    Hair first, I have long, absolute dark black hair; somehow at this age it is becoming brown (coffee color)! My grandma’s genes maybe; she had light brown hair and grey eyes; pity no one took her grey eyes or her almost 6′ frame!

    My mom teases me that because of the amount of coffee I take in maybe?

    Anyway; from a little brown hair that I dislike to social media that isn’t making sense. I understand the fact about it being cool and interesting and beneficial; but big enough for me to just open a business online. Not at the moment; it will be a long long time before I am convinced about that. I ain’t the technical guru or the big shot who knows her way around social media loopholes; so I’m just having fun at the moment; if it brings me money, good; if it doesn’t I am not losing sweat over it! 🙂

    Here’s to good hair! Always! 🙂

    • Hair, long beautiful hair………:). Maybe if you are having a good day it will give you confidence and then you can become a guru….and then hire someone to do your tech……..and then make money….

      We are having fun and hopefully learning along the way, right?

      So good to see you, I’ve been out all weekend so hopefully I can catch up soon. Hope you had a great weekend.

  16. First of all, we are here to make you look good, and I’m glad you finally just came out and said it. 🙂

    I’m going to quote you: “… If you are your own boss, are you treating yourself this way?” That’s a great point — people can box themselves in and the box is mental. I think part of this game is having some flexibility and allowing yourself some. To do that, you have to have that comfort level you describe.

  17. Hey glad you finally made it in; good to see you. You’ve seen me in action, I need all the help I can get; I will hang w/ anyone who makes me look good.

    Sometimes just because the ‘guru’s’ say you have to do it a certain way don’t necessarily mean it’s so, right. Sometimes you just have to find your own style and what works for you and run with it.

    Hope your weekend went well; I’ve been out most of it, but will catch up during the week. Talk to you soon……

  18. I don’t read your blog every day. This is, perhaps, my greatest personal flaw. It shows a serious error in judgment on my part and reflects poorly on how my parents raised me.

    My parents are great, despite my father giving me his horrible hair, and I should really step up and make sure I’m not disrespecting them though my bad decisions.

    This was a great post. We all have holes in our game, well, not Ms. Dietrich or Mr. Brown, but everyone else. Yesterday, I turned 45, and decided that working on my blog/writing/publishing/social media/bacon skills were really important.

    I know what you are thinking, “He already has mad bacon skills”, and yes it is true, but one should never stop trying to improve. As for the others, I need to spend less time watching TV and more time learning and growing.

    Thanks for reminding me of that. I’ll be back tomorrow, bad hair and all.

  19. You are off the hook; I don’t publish every day so I’ll give you a hall pass. Plus you are out being a famous author and knower of all things bacon….

    I concur about Ms Gini and Mr Brown having airtight games; the rest of us can only admire in awe.

    TV has started creeping back into my nightly routine; if I’m really going to be a guru I guess I better show a little more social commitment, huh?

    Good to see you sir; hope all of your book(s) are coming right along. I need some free golf when you do the Florida swing.

    Take care.

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