Life through the tint of blogger goggles

Remember life before blogging? It was simple; you could just sit in front of the TV and spend countless hours turning your brain to mush. The hardest choices were whether to watch Jane’s great hair on The Mentalist or Miami CSI; tough choices indeed. Now, ‘social’ is the culprit turning our brains to mush, huh?

Once you decide ‘blogging’ is for you, your mindset becomes one of ‘awareness‘; every life event you have experienced or will experience is potential fodder for a post. Your life has become a stage.

Blogging has become your appointment with the shrink

From what I have seen and read, it appears blogging has become the platform to ‘tell all’, like you would on the shrink’s couch. Some are very comfortable sharing every single detail of their lives; the good, bad and the ugly. I suppose if it makes you feel better, then more power to you; after all, it is your blog, right?

Maybe it’s the semi-anonymity feel of the internet that allows a certain ‘layer’ of bravado and protection. Just remember, your words in social will be around long after you are gone, they will be your legacy. To be safe, maybe you better check the mirror one more time before leaving the house…..I think your shirt is on backwards.

I’m pretty much an open book and if you come here often you will get a sense of what I am about, what makes Billy tick; however, even I will draw the line somewhere. Personally, I don’t think it’s a bad idea to have a certain amount of intrigue surrounding you, even if you are as predictable and boring as I am.

Bloggers view the world differently

Do you ever catch yourself watching a TV show or reading the paper and think about how the story line is being developed? Think about what the writers went through to come up with the finished product? Wonder how much pressure they feel to make sure it is quality, epic every time it hits the street?

The same thing as you are watching the news, sitting in a meeting, attending a social event; now you think of your blog first; how can I make this work for me?

I am blogger, watch me blog

Whether you are Mr ‘A-lister’ Joe Muckity Muck or Elmer Fudd like me, either you are a blogger or you aren’t. Regardless of your platform, the quality of your work, your readership, etc, if you are taking the time to write and publish, you are a blogger; period. You are going through the same mechanics as the ‘big boys’, so never sell yourself short.

Entry into this fraternity/clan is relatively easy regardless of your perceived stature; staying here is the challenge, and only other bloggers know what that feels like.

Blogging will keep you in shape

Not; how does pasty and soft sound? Social and blogging are time sucks. You can easily spend most of your free time in front of the computer instead of doing something healthy. It is much easier being ‘epic’ and lazy, instead of worrying about your health.

If nothing else, make sure you always schedule some healthy ‘me’ time because if you don’t have your health you really have nothing; I don’t care how Mr A-list you are.

There is only one way to blog

Yes, it’s true and that way is your way. You can emulate, you can spend all your time butt sniffing being seen at the ‘right’ places, you can be micro-niched or you can be a generalist. However, at the end of the day you have to find what works for you, what keeps this sustainable at whatever schedule you have deemed appropriate for yourself.

It certainly isn’t rocket science but it is a commitment if you plan on having any staying power. Don’t get too hung up on finding your voice until you find your sustainability level. The main thing is to just get out there and ‘do it’.

I thought blogging was ‘social’, I don’t have any friends

Or, when you get past that, the lament is ‘I don’t have the ‘right‘ friends’. Boo hoo; put on your big-boy pants and take the time to engage and develop a community first, and then let all of your awesomeness shine through.

Just like any endeavor it will take time and effort; use common sense and don’t be a douche-bag; ever. If you ‘make it’, who knows, you might become famous enough to dump relocate all your followers because now you are ‘social god‘ with no stink on your doodie. Yeah, let’s see how un-social we can be in social….that’s the ticket.

That’s all I have

What does blogging look like to you?


63 thoughts on “Life through the tint of blogger goggles

  1. Hey Bill,
    I’ve been questioning my sustainability recently! Life has a way of needing me. And I don’t like feeling like mush either! I’m so grateful social media has been here for me when I needed it the most, but that time has passed and even if I miss it, I have to regroup and do what I can. I used to think that I blog just for me. What a lie! If no one read or commented, all the passion in the world couldn’t keep me going. But I want more. I don’t want to just write and be read. However that’s what blogs are for. That’s what I’ve learned. They create a platform from which to relate to other people…not all of them like-minded either! And I love that.
    Will I stick around? I have to change things up a bit to keep things interesting. If I can do that then I think there’s more life in me and my blog. (My supply of post material is endless considering I write about my ancestors and I’m up to 780 to draw stories from…but it’s still boring from time to time!)
    Thanks Bill!

    • Ah yes, life does have a tendency to get in the way at times. I will let you in on a little secret; I run hot and cold with it. Part of me wants to crank it up a notch and be much more purposeful and the other part could just walk away; and this mood can change from day to day. That is how tenuous it feels at time. If I wasn’t having fun with it, I know it would be much easier to take the latter choice.

      I have a tendency to read other people’s posts and see how driven they are and how they have found their purpose and it makes me feel like maybe I have been left behind. This is when I just need to take a deep breath and chill…….

      My wife thinks I should write a book about her gr-gr-gr-grandfather who was ‘shipped’ over here in a pine box w/ his brother fr England and only holes drilled in the box. The brother didn’t make it. There are a ton of family history stories…….

      Good to see you; I certainly hope you find a way to stick around. We all know how fickle it can be in here……..

  2. You told me that we were here to have fun. And that’s just about it! 😉

    Just the other day my best friend from school drops by and says she sees me more online than in real life. We live on the same block and it was over two months since we met each other. Yes, time suck it is. More than I could have ever thought. But yes, how “open” I want to be; I am still not sure. There are certain things which I will keep to myself because that’s the way I would like it to be. Otherwise when I am out with my friends, there is really nothing to say!

    My friends read my blog and say it is “me” but not everything me, so that is one area I feel I have worked well on. As for life after blogging; everything seems to be revolving around it. My family hides behind the barbecue stands and the soda cans when I arrive… if you know what I mean! 🙂

    We need a Analytics for real life too… ranking drops and increase in popularity; number of real life friends, interaction with them – all pre and post blogging… I am sure the numbers might just reveal the picture.

    • Yes, ultimately I better be having fun if you want me to stay around; but I have fun in my job too. However, it always makes me wonder how much ‘value’ I bring to my readers especially when I see them come and go. If they used to be ‘regulars’ but are now gone yet I still see them everywhere else, it makes me wonder if it was content, niche, popularity or something else that didn’t make my site sticky enough for them. But I don’t worry about it, I just know that is how it is in here.

      Of course when you mentioned real life analytics, I know there is a post in there somewhere. It would be interesting if you judged your IRL ROI, huh? And would you measure it the same way?

      Only my wife and my niece know the extent of my blogging; nobody is ducking me yet……..:).

      Question, since I don’t know your ‘world’ I’m curious; do you live in a neighborhood or do you live in the city? When someone lives down the block from you, are you in houses with yards or a city street w/ lots of buildings. Do you have a camel for a pet?…………:).

      So good to see you; thanks for taking the time to stop by.

      • In a city! In tall buildings! I live on the 18th floor! We have villas here (like a house!) but apartments in buildings are much more affordable! Just google Abu Dhabi!

        As for camels, they are much more expensive than an apartment! 😉

  3. Hi Bill
    First, I don’t see you as the Elmer Fudd of blogging at all (you were joking, right?) I see you as the voice of consciousness in this community of bloggers. You’re thinking about the craft, dissecting it, sharing your woes and yays of it and getting people to think.

    When you’ve been here for a while you see a lot of people coming and going – many going through things you talk about. You raise the issues, put the on the table where we can gather to talk about them and figure them out.

    Blogging has changed for me since I got here in Nov ’10. I’ve gone through all the phases, and now find myself in an interesting place! I still love it.

    I think the best statement you made was that being a blogger makes us more aware of our life! That’s a VERY good thing!


    • It sounded funny so I had to run w/ it; you know I’m really suave and debonair like James Bond, right? I ain’t no Fudd?

      I appreciate your kind words; if I do bring anything of value it’s the fact I feel I can call it like I see it and cut through some of the monkey dust you see in here at times. I feel like if I’m feeling it or experiencing it, others might be as well. It’s funny to think I feel like the wizened one at this point w/ sage advice; letting people know what’s a big deal and what isn’t (and most of it isn’t).

      Aware is good and so many people talk about being and living in the moment, maybe if we hear it enough it will inspire us to do so, huh? How can that be bad?

      So good to see you; I know you are still waiting on something from me. I will try to come up with something and run it by you to see if it fits. Hope you had a good weekend.

    • Still the class clown, huh?

      When I saw the photo I thought of the pic of your dog in the window; I thought you might enjoy it.

      I hope you have been well and life is good; talk at ya soon.

  4. Hey Bill,

    I agree what you said about having a mystique around you. I think alot of people do feel comfortable revealing some of their deepest secrets to the world via their blog, maybe it’s a kind of therapy for some. Personally, like you, I draw a line.

    Like you said, the only way is your way. It’a all about building meaningful relationships. There is definitely too much ‘butt-sniffing’ in the blogging community. In fact…I’ve been meaning to write a post on that for a while 😉

    • Social is so fickle it’s hard to tell if it’s really butt-sniffing or these people think the content and engagement is so compelling at these places, there is no where else to be. I will vouch there are some people pretty high on the totem pole that are as genuine and sincere as they can be and I see why people like to hang at their place. I try not to be judgmental; we can all make our own judgments based on what we see and read; I’ll just leave it at that.

      Personally, I think I’ve already told too much about myself; I want some mystique/coolness associated with me. If you know me too well, you know I’m really just a goof ball….but don’t tell anybody……:).

      Good to see you Robert, thanks for dropping by; I hope you had a great weekend.

    • I’ll bet you do young lady; we have had these conversations before. I still chuckle at the Kool-Aid drinkers; bless their little hearts……..:).

      There is certainly a lot of enthusiasm and frivolity when you first jump in and then reality smacks you upside the head. I certainly took my lumps and had to come to grips w/ what I wanted to be when I grew up in here………..which I still don’t know BTW……..but at least I found a level sustainable for me; I can live with that for now.

      So good to see you runnin’ girl; hope it’s about time to put up the Nike Airsnowshoe up for the season.

      Catch up w/ you soon.

      • Had a really great run today. I needed it to clear the cobwebs. I’ve started a blog post now several times on the disenchantment of it all, but sometimes it’s better to err on the side of silence. I’m still pondering whether it will hit light of day.

        I’m thinking words like disillusioned, disenchanted, discouraged and dispirited would be included. Don’t get me wrong: I’m jazzed about the direction I’ll be taking, just not that jazzed with some of the things I’ve seen and learned online…kool-aid included. Ah well…live and learn.

    • Driving in your car on your way back from your run? Get your butt out there and run to your run……..:). I will have to check out your song, I don’t know if I’m familiar with it but if it’s old school I’ll bet I recognize it when I hear it.

      Disenchanted, check; disillusioned, check; discouraged, check; and dispirited, check; been there done that with all of them. It seems like you are doing all the right things just so you can be part of the party but then the ‘selection’ process seems to be so arbitrary at times.

      I had a lot more WTH’s before I figured out the place that was sustainable for me. I too scratched my head on some of the people who seemed to get all the attention and their content was no different than mine. And I supported these people like nobody’s business only to get no love in return unless you had to ask for it and even then it wasn’t always forthcoming. It took me awhile to wise-up, to know that wasn’t for me. Once I got away from chasing and befriending people who were only climbing and it was obvious I didn’t mean much to them; I got to a place where I could just do my own thing and turn down the noise to where I could talk again without screaming.

      It is fickle my dear but my eyes are now wide open; it allows me to act accordingly.

  5. 🙂 Hugs,Bill. You know how to put that finger in the eye and rotate it! For me, blogging is fun, engagement and making friends. I was guilty of feeling slightly pressurized some time ago – but I quickly got over that because I am lucky to have a couple of real lives. 🙂 I enjoy being mommy, real life friend, real life relative, and I also have a real life job. Our family has dinner together every day 😀 and we actually share our day, including laughing over f*rts and whatnots. That’s about it. My priority will always be real life – although I’d be responsible about what I do online.

    Keeping up with the Joneses is a bad idea in any case. 😀 A real hug and the sound of laughter are far, far better than the virtual thing.

    🙂 How’s yer son doing? I didn’t realize I’d look forward to your posts so much! You’re dude.

    • Both sons are doing quite well and the one with the new job is still enjoying it very much; if he could just get a ‘sale’ under his belt I think he would really kick it into gear.

      Once I found my sustainability level, real life became much easier again. When I first jumped in it seemed I was chasing everything, everywhere and it was totally consuming me. I knew I would crash and burn at that pace……..and almost did.

      At times I feel pressure to do or be certain things, but then I just take a deep breath and calm down again. I’m in a good place right now.

      Thanks for the compliment; it makes me smile that you enjoy my posts. Priceless………..:).

      I hope your day has gone well.

  6. I do my best never to write about anything that I can’t talk about in person with the caveat that just because I can doesn’t mean that I will.

    The eyes on that dog are something else. 😉

    Keep on keeping on until you don’t enjoy it any longer.

    • You have always been an advocate of only revealing so much and it certainly hasn’t been a bad thing. I think a little mystique is a good thing and think these reality shoes, like w/ Ozzie Osborne really did not do him any favors.

      One foot in front of the other my friend, just make sure you lift your head to take in all that is around you.

      Good to see you; thanks for coming by.

  7. Hey Bill,
    Lot of truth in your blog.It takes a while to sort it out and determine blogging style, how often to post, which blogs to read etc. I’ve gotten beyond the petulant stage and really enjoy the internet and blogging. I suspect we all start out with overly optimistic expectations as to how easy it will be and that everybody will love us because we are just clever beyond belief.

  8. Love the photo Bill, priceless.

    Elmer Fudd, you? Yeah, right! You are not boring my friend, no way.

    I’m pretty much an open book although there is a lot about me I’ve never shared. I mean who wants to talk about their past right! I’ve shared enough as it is I suppose but I think that just helps people relate and connect with me on certain levels. That’s what I want for sure to have people visit my place, leave their comments and then come back again some time.

    I love blogging and I love the social world. Since I work at home and online it’s so much easier to stay in contact with people through this avenue so I pray it never goes away anytime soon.

    Thanks for sharing your thoughts with us Bill and have a great week!


    • It’s funny you mention talking about your past. I went to a funeral last week and it was a friend of mine’s brother who passed away. I say friend, she was an old girlfriend and I had only seen her once in the last 30 years. However, as I was talking to her I was recalling stories from ‘back in the day’ that I hadn’t even thought about in those 30 years.

      Later that afternoon, I attended a Chamber ribbon cutting and the manager of the store was someone I knew from 20 years ago and we went down memory lane there too.

      We have all these stories in us that usually take some trigger to be able to even recall them; maybe some of them we don’t want in print, huh?

      I love the social more than the blogging; I do like the fact I have enough of a community that keeps the blogging fun for me. I really do try to stay compelling enough people feel there is some value for stopping by. I do like to write however, so hopefully I can continue to grow in that area.

      So good to see you; thanks bunches for stopping by. I hope you had a great weekend, sorry to hear the bad news about your best friend’s husband.

  9. Hey Bill!

    Sorry I’ve been MIA! The hubby and I were planning–and taking– a much needed mini vaca. We went to Boston for a long weekend. We had a great time and laughed at all the locals when they said they had to “Paaaak the caaa.” Just kidding. We didn’t laugh at them but we did have a great time.

    I’m into this blogging thing over a year and I still haven’t found a rhythm. Some months I am so on it. I comment on other blogs and post on my own regularly. Other months I feel that there’s so much going on that I just can’t find the time.

    I will get there eventually with some consistency. I know that’s what you need to create an audience and have staying power. Hope you are having a good Monday:)

    • Hey you, I was just thinking about you; glad you were able to drop by. I went to a 2-mo insurance school in Hartford, CT back in the day and we spent quite a bit of time in the Boston area. I think that is paaahhhk the caahhhh; of course, they were laughing at my y’all and fixin to….:).

      Later we did a family vacation in the Boston area and the kids loved it; lot of old American history there.

      I think I’ve found a rhythm, but there are days I wonder what keeps driving me forward. I would say the engagement more than anything; I enjoy the people and their comments.

      My Monday has been very well; it’s more of a planning day for me and have a busy week ahead. March has already been a good month so far for business so I have no complaints.

      So good to see you; thanks for letting me know what you have been up to and for stopping by.

  10. You underestimate yourself, Mr. Bond. Reading your post about blogging makes it even more exciting to venture into this “social media”. I’m certainly a “newbie” and therefore it’s much appreciated to read and post in your shadow………

    • I like to write but never thought I would be a ‘blogger’. However, once I found out I could be social AND write, it was right up my alley. I think my wife would like me to be more purposeful (make some money) if I’m going to put this kind of time and effort into it, but for now I’m just enjoying the ride.

      I already have too many ‘have to’s’ in real life; I’m ok with having fun as a motivator.

      Good to see you boss man; thanks for stopping by.

  11. What does blogging look like? Hmmn… a dog with funny glasses maybe.

    I think you’ve hit on the blessing/curse of all writers, including bloggers; every day experiences are viewed through that lens of “I wonder if I could make a post out of this”. Writing about CS, I’m pretty much on alert for a story or more likely a lesson in every encounter with a company.

    Now, when will you change your gravatar to a pic in overalls and an Elmer Fudd hat?

    • I was reluctant to break out my high school photo, but that would have been the one w/ the overalls and Elmer Fudd hat……..

      Some people like to be taught and there is a niche for ‘informational’ business type blogs. I’m more in tune w/ real life experiences regardless of the setting/circumstances and sharing it on a level others can relate to. I think having a perspective of ‘don’t be so serious’ allows me to cut through some of the BS and just call it like I see it; like a ‘real’ person would. Whether that will sustain an audience forever, who knows, but who knows anything anyway, huh?

      Good to see you and looking forward to tomorrow. I don’t know if the fact it is spring break this week will be good or bad for I-drive traffic; probably doesn’t matter as it’s bad most of the time regardless….we’ll figure it out.

  12. Hey, Mr. Fudd,

    I think there is some mystique around you, and wonder what we might all discover when you finally drop the bomb.

    I’m hoping it’s a wig, but I’m guessing you just have perfect, weatherman hair. 🙂

    You’re right that just about every little event is potential material for a post or two, … blogging will help you become soft, and might even make your brain kinda mushy, depending on what you consume. You still reading that whacky Bloggess?

    Speaking of that, lately I’ve been consuming a weird mix of tech bloggers and those who went to the Joan River’s school of bad manners 🙂 But they are funny like that, so I stay and enjoy F-bombs galore.

    I want to write just enough about my past, so maybe I can find one or two people who have similar experiences, then I can cry on someone’s shoulder. Seriously, I’ve found a rhythm, but it’s still fun and that’s the most important thing. We rock on, Mr. Dorman.

    Hope you’re enjoying FLA weather, Mr. Sunshine. This week it’s going to be 45 and raining every day. Seattle weather IS consistent. 😉

    Later on.

    • Blogging/social has done nothing to elevate my body beautiful status; I am playing singles tennis once a week and going to the gym 3-4 times a week, but I’m certainly not killing myself with these workouts.

      My hair is thick enough and w/ enough body it’s tough for the wind to mess it up too much. I would prefer to wear it a little shorter, but the wife likes the wave/curl when it gets longer so as long as the chicks dig it, I will run with it.

      I didn’t realize the tech bloggers were a nasty sort; I think Carolyn shared the same sentiments in her comment below. Maybe if you get too techie you lose your social skills, huh?

      I thing you can share who you are and parts of your past that maybe explain your motivations and what shaped you. But, there are some that REALLY share and it certainly strips away all the layers off the onion. However, people do like to relate and identify, so some sharing required.

      Ah yes, Mr Florida sunshine; currently 73 degrees and I think I see two clouds in the sky. At least it’s consistent……….:)

  13. Hey Bill,

    I love The Mentalist, that’s one of my favorite shows. I haven’t watched it in a while, but that’s a really good show.

    I’m not sure if bloggers are so different than the rest, but we’re at least more focused and we want to share what we do with the rest of the world. We’re not afraid. Even I’m not that scared anymore, I try my best to speak English, and that’s not something I would have done a few years ago 🙂

    • It’s funny you mention no longer being afraid; when I first got in social I was very cautious and tentative about my ‘online’ presence. I barely existed because I didn’t want it to appear everything I did was all about ‘me’. I was very hesitant to hit publish for the first time. Now that I’m a grizzled veteran there is ‘no fear’ and the confidence has even transcended into real life as well. So, if nothing else, that is one thing social has done for me………

      Trust me, I try my best to speak English too but for some reason Siri is having a difficult time understanding Florida Cracker.

      Good to see you my friend; hope all is well.

  14. Interesting thoughts as ever Bill. I’m a bit of a lapsed blogger at the moment due to the cursed hackers but I’m still here and looking forward and not back. The strange thing is that having the blog hacked took the soul out of it and as a consequence I found that the social side was less appealing too, I suppose the negatives just soured the whole social media thing for me.

    Anyway, as I said, I’m still here, socialising again and planning a new post so it’s onwards and upwards from here.

    I like your new Avatar by the way, that hang dog look suits you 🙂 When are we going to see it on Twitter ?



    • Hackers should have their wee-wee’s whacked; what a freakin’ nuisance. I can very well see where it would drain the soul; hopefully you can get away from it. I have certainly had some ‘negative’ events occur that have soured me but I’m doing much better at having a short memory and thicker skin these days which makes it much more sustainable for me. The main thing I did was quit chasing and just started concentrating on what I could control.

      Cool Avatar, huh? I’m glad you like my glasses………

      Good to see you Tony; thanks for stopping by, glad to hear you are still hanging with us. Take care……

  15. Hey Bill, I think of you more as Bugs than Elmer, but maybe that’s just me.

    When I got into blogging it was in spite of social. If you’ve ever read other tech blogs, the comments are acidic. Harsh would be far too gentle a word. The commenters skewer the writer and then each other. My brother actually tried to discourage me from writing a tech blog because of the comments tech blogs get.

    Imagine my surprise and delight discovering the blogging community and the deep well of support I dip into regularly. Instead of comments being cringe-worthy, they have been a source of inspiration. I have been able to find friends I never would have met but for my blog. It’s like digging for a fence post in your back yard and striking gold, oil and diamonds.

    Thanks for being one of my surprise treasures, Bill!

    • Well, thanks for the nice words and I knew you would be one of the ones sticking up for me………:).

      I didn’t realize the tech blogs could get nasty; Craig even commented on it as well. That alone would chase me off. Whereas I feel like a wizened veteran at this point w/ a shorter memory and thicker skin, I do have a limit on my tolerance level.

      Since I have the power to edit other people’s comments, it would be funny to go in an turn a nasty comment into a love-fest one; it would be interesting to see the reaction.

      I have found some great friends through blogging and given enough time it is pretty easy to tell which ones have a little more depth than others.

      Glad you are back, hope you were doing something fun while you were off the grid.

  16. Hey Bill,
    I find myself doing exactly what you’re suggesting. Everything is a potential topic but I kind of fall into the micro-niche. I like the bit about putting on your big boy pants. That’s fantastic. It is so easy to fall into the woe-is-me-no-one-is-reading-my-stuff trap. Believe me, I was there for months and months. I took your advice (before you actually said it) and started reading and learning.

    It’s certainly great when you get some real interaction and positive results. I have to agree with Carolyn that there is some nasty discourse out there for sure and you have to wonder why so many people are so damn angry. It’s perplexing.

    Anyway, I can’t tell if you are really between Elmer Fudd, Mr. Muckity Muck or whatever but keeping some of it back does sound like the right way to go. A little mystery goes a long way……it seems.

    • I don’t know where I fall between; I guess it depends on who you ask. I know some locals who think I must be a social guru……if they only knew, huh?

      When I first jumped in I was chasing hard, wondering who was scratching who’s back, who was getting mentioned, who was on a list. Guess what? Most of the time it wasn’t me and whereas initially it did cause some angst, I finally came to the realization it’s not about me and that is not a sustainable model anyway. Once I quit chasing is when it became fun again……..and sustainable.

      I did the reading and learning first however and it’s what helped my get a small community up and running once I did start to blog. It helped to seek out others who liked to engage.

      So good to see you; hope you are still enjoying the journey as I know how your feelings can change almost daily. Take care….

  17. Hi Bill….sorry for being late. What does blogging look like to me? Sometimes it looks like a release…a place to share things that rattle around inside of this rather empty head. Sometimes it looks like a chore that needs to be completed even when I’m really not into it. Sometimes if looks like a burden that, if I don’t pay attention to it and nurture it, I will be forgotten, and really, let’s face it, no one wants to be forgotten. And sometimes it feels magical when it seems that you might have made an impact. For me, while I’d like to think that blogging for my businesses will help to grow said businesses, at the end of the day, I am just really grateful for the support and encouragement of my little communities that trot around to my sites and cheer for me. I know that I will never ever be an A-lister but that is not why I do this anyway so that makes no difference to me. The bigger joy for me is to know that if I go down to Florida, I have a friend that I can visit. If I go to Canada I have a couple of dear friends to visit. If I go to California I have a friend that I can hang with. And if I go to Switzerland, I know who I am going to call on. THAT is my A-list and I couldn’t be happier. Meanwhile, I will keep blogging for my businesses and, if I get new patients or customers, it’s a bonus. BUT, if Ii make new friends, that is even better!!
    Have a great rest of the week Bill. This is an unbelievably busy, intense and exciting week for me because, if all goes well, my new office opens on Monday so, life is good!

    • Whoa, busy week indeed; sounds like how my March started. Good luck and can’t wait to hear about the grand opening.

      You are right about being in certain parts of the world and feel like you can look these people up. Adam Toperek and I will be meeting Shonali in Orlando this week so that is kind of cool.

      I think being an A-lister is somewhat of a choice. This truly isn’t rocket science and I think if that was really your goal you could get someplace close to it. As the ‘just show up’ guy, I don’t think I will ever fall into the accidental A-lister list. I do think about it at times, but then again I think about a lot of things. I’ve seen some people who think this is the path they want to take and I truly think they have sold their soul trying to get there. I’m not going to be judgmental, it’s just they became a lot less appealing to me in their quest. But that is life, choice are to be made.

      So good to see you; I know you are very busy. Talk to you soon…..

  18. Woah, Bill, you had me at the big dog with people eyes in glasses. I couldn’t help but read your post after that.

    But really, I enjoy reading your blog because you’re so darn entertaining and witty while still making me occasionally squirm in my seat and question myself. How do you do that?

    “It is much easier being ‘epic’ and lazy” – Loved it! 😀

    I too, look around at life happenings and wonder if there’s a blog post inside if I peel back the layers. Also being an article writer, everything I read has me constructing my own articles in my head. This is how I would cover this topic, etc. I am forever changed because of being online.


    • Would that picture be considered link bait then………..:)?

      Thanks so much for the kind words and taking the time to stop by and comment.

      It is funny to me how much my mindset has changed. I’m old school and still cut my own grass; I probably have more ‘inspirational’ moments doing that than anything else. By the time I’m done and get it to paper it’s not always as epic as I thought it would be, but you never know when the thought will strike you, huh?

      Oh yes, online has changed my world indeed………..:). I’m having fun however, and that’s good enough of a motivator for me right now.

      I hope your journey has been a good one for you.

  19. Bill
    you lured me with the photo of the dog wearing those glasses, i stayed for what you wrote. It seems like a common thread but bloggers all seem to go through the same growth stages. i’m just at the one year mark and i’ve gone through all that social media stuff, sharing my story, fretting over seo, commenting , reading, connecting, honeing my writing skills. Ultimately it’s all been very fun and interesting. I think that’s why so many people quit blogging after 3 or 6 months. They don’t like that porcess.

    I can say that after a year i have come to the conclusion that all those things are necessary and i’m finally finding my voice which makes it all the more enjoyable. Honestly though, it’s the connections that mean the most to me.

    Enjoying the journey hope to connect with you too..

    • I jumped in at a pretty high level; some of the big dogs befriended me early and I felt I had to run at their pace to show them I could do it too. Everybody was focused and had big plans so it wasn’t long before I felt I was falling behind, maybe I had disappointed ‘them’ because I didn’t have the same vision or direction. Because I am really not tech oriented I was doing everything manually and by trial and error; it took a lot of time and effort just trying to keep up with what I thought the proper way to play the game.

      Fortunately I did find some focus and for now it was not to make this a ‘business’ blog; it was more my ticket into the show and giving me the opportunity to engage with others and learn along the way. Social I can do very well; tech and organization, no so much……

      Even now my interest level can be different from week to week; I might have a great idea this week and want to do all this ‘stuff’ and then by next week, life takes over and that previous thought wasn’t so important any more.

      Fun is a good motivator for me and as long as I can maintain that you will see me around for awhile. I think we all have to find what our sustainability level is and it might take some skinned knees along the way.

      Thanks for the reprieve, I’m glad you decided to stop back by; it is very much appreciated. Talk to you soon…

  20. Your photo is hilarious. And yes, one way to blog as being your way – true, yes, but some of us (most of us!) are multi-talented and can put on a variety of shows. True?

    • I had a couple to choose from, but dogs and babies are always cute so I thought I would run with the dog w/ glasses.

      Ah yes, but some of us fall into the ‘no talent I just know how to show up but somehow seem to find success along the way’ category. I’m probably closer to Forrest Gump instead of Elmer Fudd. My biggest asset (in my opinion) is knowing people and finding a way to fit in any crowd I’m in. I know bullshit when I see it and I’m not afraid to call it out; in a tactful way of course……….:). And guess what, there is certainly a fair amount of BS here in social so there is always plenty of fodder for posts.

      Good to see you Leora, thanks for stopping by as it is always very much appreciated.

  21. Hey Bill,

    I have found that blogging is really difficult when it hardly gives the results we need to see. It is very easy to setup a blog and then start working on it but we can see it through only with patience. Sometimes, it becomes a drag . I just drop it for the time being and do something else. I am thus able to come back to it with a vengeance.
    Social is about engaging with the audience as you rightly said. No one is going to comment on your blog, if you do not proactively work to engage with people .
    Thanks for all the tips 🙂

    • Some (very few) have figured out how to actually make some real money directly from their blog, but most use it only as one of the ‘tools’ in their bag of tricks. To some, it’s all about traffic and subscriptions, not necessarily comments. In fact, comments slow them down so they will take traffic over comments any time. That model doesn’t always have the best content, but it has to be good enough for people to come back. However, that can sometimes be one sided engagement and that is what I didn’t like about twitter in the early days when I only followed celebrities and athletes.

      I like the ‘social’ part about social because that is the one thing I can do best, and do it by just showing up. I don’t have to practice, I don’t have to bring anything; just tell me where to be and I can do it. Sounds like the lazy man’s way to success, huh? Sounds good to me…..:).

      It can get frustrating in here for a variety of reasons but it’s usually best to just wait it out and jump back in when you start feeling it again. The main thing is finding what is sustainable for you, whatever that looks like.

      Good to see you sir; hope you have a good weekend planned.

  22. Hi Bill,

    I’ve seen you commenting on quite a few blogs I visit so thought it time I got over here and what do i find when I land?……

    A fantastic image to put a smile on my face instantly 😀

    When we first start blogging it does seem that we’ve chosen a lonely road but when we start getting in the mix and getting to know people we soon become absorbed and want to do more and more.

    I wrote a guest post some time ago and it was about building the all important relationships with like minded people and how once I had started doing so I really started to progress online.

    I am quite personal on my blog but only reveal the parts of myself that i need to. Who needs to know all my history, it’s only some of it that is relevant to the online world and those are the areas that i’ll share.

    I also believe in being social and feel that if someone is good enough to read my content and then leave me a comment the very least i can do is reply to that comment, answer any question or clarify any points.

    One thing that gets right up my nose is seeing people only reply to their “pals” and leap frog other people that have left comments. I think it is really rude and when it happens I stop leaving comments altogether.

    In fact i wrote a post a while back about building relationships with other bloggers and in it I told people to read the content of the blogs they visit and then check the comments to see what the blog owner is like. If they’re sociable they comment away but if they chose who to reply to then don’t waste your time trying to get in the mix with them.

    Great post Bill and i really do like the image of the dog 🙂


    • Hey Barry, thanks for taking the time to stop by and leave your thoughts; very much appreciated.

      I was doing a lot more commenting before I started blogging, so when I did finally start it helped my attract some visitors early. However, there are times you can feel like you are the life of the party and then turn around and wonder where everybody went. I did learn early social can be very fickle and it’s best to just let most of it go on by and not give it a second thought.

      My thoughts are pretty much personal or ‘me’ oriented and I don’t intentionally do that, but it seems to resonate with some as they can relate to a ‘been there, done that’ moment. I do have a ‘line’ but I’m pretty much an open book; sometimes I wish I had more intrigue or exciting stories to share, but pretty much what you see is what you get with me.

      I’ll make it a point to go check your place out; I’ve been playing a little catch up this week, but that seem to happen frequently in social, huh?
      I hope you have a great weekend sir.

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