80 and 1 but oh so close to being done…

What an interesting week; Monday morning I premanurely posted about reaching my one-year milestone in social and by the afternoon Billy was a social no show. I’m not a person who gets sick so I must have saved it up for this week. And the crazy thing is, it was my best week by far for new business. It would have been nice to enjoy it a little bit more, but I’m not complaining……….much……….:)

I say premanure (my play on words for manure and premature; I’m the witty one, right?) because officially my milestone date is March 4th. This will also mark the 80th post that has been published from the house of Billy. I have had some guest posts in that 80 so they weren’t all mine, but I’ve guest posted too so 80 is probably a good number.

Truthfully, I had no energy or appetite so social took a back seat; in fact, I will say it was put in the trunk……sorry social, I tried to keep the bindings loose and not hit too many pot holes while you were back there…….

Fortunately, I think both of us survived (social and me) and it allowed me to reflect not only on my journey but social in general.

Ok oh wise one, what did you learn?

  • Social has about a 90-day honeymoon period, you age fast in here
  • There is no right way or wrong way
  • There are many depths of being ‘in’ social
  • Social is just a reflection of real life….fickle but on steroids
  • Common sense and common courtesy should still apply
  • There is real talent to be found in here
  • Real relationships can be made in here
  • You can still be social in here even if this is your business
  • Social is a commitment
  • Social is diverse and ageless

Wow, that was incredible

I know, no new revelations but is there really anything new in social? Isn’t everything just our variation or ‘spin’ on it; how it affects us?

From the outside looking in, is social still considered to be dominated by the techie/geeky/introvert crowd or is it becoming more ‘mainstream’? Has the economy driven more ‘mainstream’ in as people look for jobs or alternative revenue sources?

Personally, I might fit the ‘dork’ category but no one would ever accuse me of being techie, geeky, or introverty…:).

I say that, because the majority of people I know in real life are not ‘in’ social like I am and just wonder if they will ever be curious enough or have a reason to do so. Is there still a huge untapped wave of ‘mainstream’ still to arrive?

In spite of, it was a good week indeed

As I mentioned, it was a very successful ‘business’ week. I also had many reach out with well wishes and the extension of a ‘hall pass’ so I wouldn’t feel guilty about not being around.

That makes social very real to me and it makes me feel good about my efforts and the great community I have.

Group hug anyone? I promise, I won’t get you sick…..no lip kissing……..


37 thoughts on “80 and 1 but oh so close to being done…

  1. Hey Bill, Glad to see you back here in the saddle. If you didn’t post this morning I was going to check in/dial 911.

    I hope you’re feeling much better. Being that sick for so long, you were probably knocked down quite a bit. Be sure not to overdo this week, okay?

    Thanks for the tribute to us techie/geeky/introverts. We are the friends who will check in on you from around the world.

    Big hugs!

    • It was a crazy, busy week for business so I didn’t have the luxury to missing any days. However, at night all I did was vegge out so I felt like I got plenty of rest. In fact, Monday I was in bed from 8:30 to 8:30.

      If you ever want to know if I’m really sick or not, see if I’m eating. If fat boy ain’t eating, it’s not a good day………:).

      I had pressure too; my wife said if I didn’t feel better by today she was going to make me go to the doctor. I countered with, it just has to run it’s course, I don’t think the doc will have a cure just something to give me relief. Fortunately, today I felt good enough to go to the gym so I think I’m back.

      Thanks for being there for me as I certainly appreciate your support.

  2. Group hug (((HUG))) SO glad you are feeling better Bill….I have been hearing from many people (including my son) who have said that they haven’t been sick in years and then suddenly this “bug” came a-calling and really walloped them putting them temporarily out of commission. In a convoluted way, being forced to take some time off can sometimes be “healthy”…
    Stay well…don’t overdo…

    • I agree, it did cause me to just slow down and do next to nothing. Unfortunately I did not have the luxury of taking time off from work but as I told Carolyn, when I was home all I did was get horizontal in my recliner; no computer, no thinking, no working, etc.

      It’s good to be back; I still haven’t cleaned out my reader of 370+ posts, but it will happen today.

      So good to see you; hope you have a great week.

  3. Hey Bill,

    I almost forgot all about you during the week, just kidding. I hope you noticed that I sent you some get well thoughts, and some written words.

    I’ve had my share of being offline, while I’ve been on the long camping trips, but business has never been any good while I’ve been “gone” πŸ™‚

    What did you do about business, and how was this your best week in business? I’d love to get some details. I’m thinking that it was from the work you’ve been doing earlier…

    • Yes, it was from the groundwork laid earlier that allowed it to be a ‘big’ week. Fortunately/unfortunately March 1st was the ‘trigger’ date so I didn’t have the luxury of just getting to it when I wanted to. Therefore, I did not have the luxury of just laying in bed.

      I did get plenty of rest, but literally had no energy and no ‘want to’ either. It’s interesting when you feel that bad that you get to a point you really don’t care about much. You know it’s bad if I don’t even care about eating. I’ll bet I only ate 2 meals Mon-Wed………now that’s bad!

      I saw your well wishes and they were much appreciated. I’m pretty sure I’m back and ready to go sir; thanks for dropping by.

    • I was definitely in my recliner watching something……..of course, it was on my new 31.5″ flat screen TV I just won………:). For this illness, I totally shut it down other than coming to work. I got plenty of rest at night.

      I’m glad it’s done, hopefully that will hold me for the next 10 yrs or so.

  4. Glad to hear you’re on the mend, and that your sense of humour (yes, I put the “u” in that;) and quick wit have remained intact. I was LOL at Jens’ first sentence…like we could forget you…not!

    There must be something in the air, especially now that I read Claudia’s comment. I got food poisoning over a week ago and am still reeling: sickest I’ve ever been. Hate being sick.

    LOVE the “premanure”. Can I borrow (cough, steal) that? It will make a great word for the Alphabet series when I get to letter “P” next week.

    Letter M post is still brewing, and should see light of day either today or tomorrow.

    Group hug. Cheers! Kaarina

    • I felt like I had food poisoning; I literally did not eat for 3 days and there were a couple of times I know my temperature probably spiked pretty good.

      Anyway, I ‘think’ I’m ready to plop back down into my routine….it was kind of nice not ‘chasing’ for a few days, but I did miss everybody. I just need to re-introduce my self to everybody now……..:).

      So good to see you; I still haven’t responded to ‘our’ e-mail, I will try to do that today.

  5. I’d have to say that your 10 things learned are spot on Bill.

    It’s funny, social media provides an ‘outlet’ so to speak for techy types and introverts. They have a platform to open up on – finally!

    For naturally social people, social works well because we pretty much do the same exact things when meeting people online or offline.

    If you enjoy networking with super smart capable people and connecting with like-minded folks all over the world, social will work well for you.

    It’s amazing to meet people from other cultures and countries you’ve never been to before. At the end of the day, were not all that different and good people cover the globe.

    It’s a small world after all : )

    • Social is very culturally diverse and that was one of the things I still think is so cool. It gets me out of my own little world and opens my eyes to what life it like in other parts of the world.

      For me, social online is just an extension of my offline world. For others who would not necessarily be socially inclined, it allows them a ‘voice’ should they so choose. That is another diversification that is cool as well.

      The world is flat, right; there are no barriers in here.

      Good to see you sir; I’m starting with a new slate this week and hope to catch up to you soon.

  6. Lovely to see you back, you know (So what if we only just met). Sometimes it feels oh-so-good from the word go. And of course I fell in love with the look of your blog. And then read the words, Ah, love again at second sight!

    Group hug, definitely yes. And since I have a cold too….we can always check out whose cold is stronger. yay for the kiss too!

    • I don’t know if my immune system is stronger or weaker now…..a cold would seem like child’s play to me………:). Here is Central Florida we have had an extremely mild winter and everything is in bloom right now; so on top of my ‘illness’ I’m dealing with allergies. Not too bad, but have a tendency to give me a sinus headache at times.

      I know, quit your damn whining and man-up, right? I think I’m good to go; I did make it to the gym this am and they didn’t have to cart me out in a body bag so it must be a good day, huh?

      I do appreciate you stopping by and I will catch up with you. Hopefully by starting the week with a clean slate it will allow me to do so.

      I hope you have a great week.

  7. Bill,

    Given that you weren’t feeling well, you seem to be bouncing back in high fashion! Glad you had a great business week even when you weren’t feeling well. Hope the body recovers 100% – you seem to be socializing a bit with your posting here. Social media shan’t disappear while you rest.

    Take care,


    • Two things you can use as a guide to tell if Billy is sick; social and food. When neither seems worth the effort because you feel so bad, you know it’s not going to be a good day. Actually, I was functional because I didn’t miss any work; but when I don’t eat Mon-Wed, that’s a big ‘yikes’ for me………..:).

      I’m here but getting ready to head out the door for awhile; but so good to see you and good to get started on being back.

      I hope your day has been well so far, you have certainly made mine.

  8. So pleased you are feeling better. It stinks to be sick!

    I think that most people (and businesses) are puzzled by ‘social’. It reminds me a bit of the first time I went to a party as a kid (and I’m not talking ‘Bozo the clown’…I’m talking a party that involved co-ed dancing and french kissing, and perhaps illicit substances…not that I took part in any of that).

    You have that awkward, ‘what do I do now’ sort of feeling. Everybody else seems to be having fun…but how do you fit in? How do you make friends? How do you leave the right impression? How do you not make a fool of yourself? How do you take advantage of this opportunity?

    It will be interesting to see how social evolves. But in the meantime, I’m glad I’m at the party with you Bill!

    • Or making that lonely trek across the dance floor to the 3 girls standing together and you ask one to dance and she says ‘NO’. Do you turn tail and slink back to your place against the wall; do you turn to her friend and ask her so you can get shut down again? Awkward indeed……:). BTW, yes I have been ‘that’ guy and I chose option A………

      Your description did put the image in my head, the first party I went to where I ‘french-kissed’ a girl. Whoa, that was big stuff and so fun too. Of course, it was a friend of mine’s sister and he thought it was gross when I told him about it.

      The next big thing was ‘crashing’ the slumber parties………

      Jr high and high school can be socially awkward indeed; I was very shy at that time in my life. 3 years in the Army helped me get over a lot of that……….thank goodness………

      This part of social is still relatively new, it will be interesting to see how much changes in the next year.

      Thanks so much for stopping by; I’ll catch up with you soon.

    • There was a time is was fun to be naive and the ‘new’ guy. Even though I wasn’t young in ‘years’ it made me feel like a kid almost. Then you get your knees skinned a few times and you wonder what the heck happened.

      Just like the playground in real life, huh?

      It’s good to be back; I have some housekeeping to do out of the office today but I do plan on catching up with everybody. Thanks so much for your support and patience; I’ll see you around.

  9. Hmm…guess my grand plan to take over your blog will have to wait for another day or at least until I distract you with a good buffet. πŸ˜‰

    Glad to hear you are feeling better.

    • I would have let you have it last week; I had zero ‘want to’ for all things social or food and you know that is highly unusual for me, so I must have felt bad, huh?

      Yes, I’m feeling much better; I actually feel like doing something and even made it to the gym this morning. That is usually a good indicator for me.

      Hope you have been well and I will catch back up with you this week; thanks for hanging in there with me.

  10. So lovely to have you back… group hug yes! And yes, you might get the bug from me too! So lets think about it!

    80 you say.. I have been here longer and I haven’t posted that much! See, I am probably the best example of social being fickle! And Jack here might have done 80 in week one! πŸ˜‰

    90 day honeymoon could be well debated if you must know; both for the duration and the phase! πŸ™‚ But yes, there are no rights and wrongs and that is what makes it so special

    Glad to have you back!

    • I think I had 80 of Jack’s posts waiting in my reader when I got back….:). So I’ve been sick and now you are going to argue with me? I’m the guru here; if I say 90 days, then it’s 90 days….take it to the bank. Sheeesh…….

      My appetite it back for the most part, still not 100% but close enough for government work.

      It was good to get back in my routine somewhat today because I really shut it down last week.

      Thanks for stopping by; hope your day went well.

    • I’ll try to be taller this time………and better looking than last time. My hair has been pretty good; maybe it will be a good hair day………:).

      Yes, I think I’m making it back. I did go to the gym this morning so that was a start. When I can’t eat, you know I must be sick, but I’m back at the trough now so life is good, right?

      Take care and thanks for dropping by; see you soon.

  11. Congrats on post number 80.

    Agree with all your points. No revelations, as you said. But I do think some expect an easier trip and for that reason drop out.

    I think it’s becoming more mainstream, but it is good to have a platform where the non gregarious types can flourish.

    Al did once call you Dorkman πŸ˜‰ Where is Al?

    My offline friends are finally starting to discover me online. Funny, that. Not sure I like it. How ironic you can kind of hide in social, as there are many insular communities within, don’t you think?

    Glad your back in and up-to-speed in our odd little blogosphere.

    • I think Al is dealing with life right now; I expect him to be back at some point.

      I do think in the honeymoon period it is fun and carefree and then you wake up and say ‘crap, I need some direction here’. Most probably don’t realize how much of a commitment is really is.

      Like life, it takes all types and I certainly think there is room for all of us. Let’s make the most of it and have some fun, ok?

      Good to see you; thanks for dropping by.

  12. You can celebrate your business deals now you’re better!

    Interesting point about the wave of people. I think it depends on ages and needs. The younger you are, the more likely you are to get involved in social. Funnily enough I was talking to a family friend (who is a landlord) about this. He has zero online presence mainly because he doesn’t need to. Plus, let’s be honest, the fact that he’s around 60 definitely influences his online presence. To be honest Bill, I’m 23 and I can’t really remember the world without the web! From a business perspective, the longer you have left, the greater the need for you to get on the social bandwagon. We’re definitely in the midst of an industrial revolution of sorts. Glad you’re feeling better sir.

    • Well, I’m certainly closer to your friends age than I am yours, but I got in because I was curious. Once Facebook became more mainstream and my kids didn’t think it was too creepy for me to have a FB account too, I jumped in. However, I think there is still a stigma for us older types that it’s primarily a young person’s arena.

      I like the connectivity and diversity of social; it’s just another platform that what you put in is probably what you will get out of it. That is why there are many levels of being ‘in’ social.

      Yes, feeling better and eating; that’s usually a good sign for me.

      Hope your weekend went well and will catch up with you soon; thanks for stopping by.

  13. (((Hugs))) to you Bill and hope you’re feeling it! I HATE to be sick, just hate it. I’m not as bad as men are but I hate feeling horrible. You get tired of laying down then you feel worse when you sit up, your head is always swimming. Geez, who invented that anyway!

    Just glad you’re on the mend and now you get to play catch up, or not. Hey, we all have those moments so I just say do what you can and we’ll all understand.

    Hope you have a good week Bill.

    • This week is much better than last; when I don’t want to eat for 3 days you know something is wrong……….no energy, no appetite, big yuck.

      I kind of wiped the slate clean and just jumped in on Monday, I felt if I started going backwards it would just overwhelm me. That was my official one-week off.

      So far, so good on the week; don’t know what happened with you last week, but hopefully you are in a better place now.

  14. OK, how the heck did you get that advertisement up there? You soliciting paid advertisers now? I can’t believe it; you sold out — you’re desperate for cash so you’re popping banner ads up in prime real estate.

    Hope you feel better.

    • Huh? What ad; this is public radio here, there better not be any ads on my site unless I’m getting free food out of it……..:).

      Now speaking of desperate for cash; I have found if I sell my blood once a week I can usually squeeze at least two meals out of it.

      Yes, feeling much better thanks. And of course I get sick on my busiest week of the year. I survived however and I guess I can say I’m stronger for it; although I was feeling pretty puny for awhile.

      Good to see you, hope all is well; thanks for dropping in, always a pleasure.

  15. You still blog? aren’t you Mind Melding like the rest of us yet? You are so 2011 Bill. Grats on 80 you do good work. Though not sure you are as witty as you think. I will decide once the Mets tear up the NL East.

    • I’m a Chris Angel disciple; I also do levitation in my spare time. In my minds-eye, I’m witty at least 9 out of 10 times. Ask my wife, and she’ll tell you it’s more like 1 out of 10………

      Rays – Mets 2012 World Series; go ahead and see what the odds are and put a grand on it; you will be able to retire………:).

      Hope all is well my friend.

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