Gone fishin’….

I wish; what I’m doing is sucking some serious wind right now. I caught a ‘bug’ and my wife said it is the sickest she has ever seen me, and we’ve known each other over 30 years.

Well, how sick are you?

Fortunately, I think I’m on the back end of it but it hasn’t been pretty. I’ve had zero energy and zero appetite and for me, that’s a pretty big deal.

I guess back end wasn’t a good analogy to use and I probably should go ahead and schedule a colonoscopy, because my system is totally clean now. I know, TMI and not necessarily a good mental image either, but try living it….

And guess what, this has probably been my busiest week offline this whole year. I’m really trying not to be typhoid Mary, but there were some things I just had to do.

I’ll be back

For those who are wondering where ‘Mr Wonderful’ has been, he has been trying to get out of the ditch. Only fitting to be congratulated on my one-year accomplishment and then fall off the face of the earth.

No stress here

I miss you guys, but I’m probably just going to take the online week off. You know I love ya, and will be back. See ya soon.


42 thoughts on “Gone fishin’….

  1. It’s okay. You have your reasons and there is no doubt we miss you loads!

    Lost appetite… hmmm, very serious! Take the week off, if you want even more! We will be waiting right here when you’re back!

    Take Care and get well soon! No hurries!

  2. Take care of yourself and remember if you get hungry enough you can call Adam and ask him to go shoot a gator for the two of you to split.

    Tastes just like chicken.

  3. Don’t worry about us, Bill. We will just try to muddle through without you. I’m not saying it will be easy. But we will try very hard to behave ourselves till you’re well.

    Heal well, Bill. Take your time recovering. We miss you.

    • I’m getting there; thanks for the well wishes. My wife was going to ‘make’ me go to the doctor last night, so I had to make sure and wake up ‘all well’ this morning………I think it worked………:)

  4. Feel better, Bill. Homemade chicken soup with lots and lots of vegetables – does your wife know how to make that?

    Take care of yourself, however you need to do so.

    • I did have some soup; when that doesn’t even taste good you know it’s not going to be a good one………

      Thanks for the well wishes, I think I’m just about back.

  5. We thought you moved to golf paradise and left us behind. I wouldn’t blame you.

    Get well. I bet when you come back you will be more rested than you ever have been also.

    We will be here til you get back and more.


    • Uh, I live in golf paradise already……………:). Now if I win the lottery however………….

      I think I’m about back. I looked in my reader for the first time and saw 300 unread posts; I’m not even going to try and go back as I will just start clean on Monday.

      Thanks for the well wishes and visit; hope your weekend is well.

  6. We love you too Bill…even when you think you are better, continue to take it easy so that you won’t relapse…force yourself to be good to yourself….

    • It was a little up and down for awhile; I think I was trying to ‘will’ myself better when in reality it hadn’t quite run it’s course. However, I am feeling much more human and I do have my appetite back so that should be a good sign.

      Good to see you.

  7. Sending you tons of love from Switzerland, take care and get that appetite back again! The party is not the same without you but I am sure you will come back with a big bang!
    And now off to bed, you should not be posting!

    • And that’s the kind of love I need……..I’m feeling better; I won’t quite say ‘much’ better yet, but I’m eating and that is always a good sign for me.

      The crazy thing is, I don’t get sick. I guess I was just saving up, huh?

    • And had my other Home Run Inn cheese pizza I won with a Klout perk. It was actually pretty good; packed with cheese.

      I think I’m ready to make a run at it and see if I can get back in the swing.

      The crazy thing about last week? As bad as I felt, it was probably my most successful week of the year for new business written in my day job, go figure, huh?

      See you soon…..

    • He’s alive……….today is the first day I feel totally human again. I even got up and went to the gym and I’m eating breakfast at my desk so those are good indicators for me I just might make it.

      My wife said she would like to be able to make some money; I didn’t know poisoning me and collecting on my life insurance was going to be her model………….:).

      Thanks for the well wishes.

  8. I wasn’t expecting to hear from you the rest of last week Bill since I knew you were really under the weather.

    I fell down on my job last week as well having received some very bad news on Wednesday. Put me over the edge so Adrienne wasn’t wearing a smile for about 5 days. I’m doing my best to hang in there so I know how it is when life slaps you upside the head and literally starts beating the crap out of you.

    Just hope you’re on the mend. 🙂

    • I hate to hear about your bad news; hopefully you have been able to get back into a good place.

      Sometimes life jumps up and gives us a kick in the shins and everything else doesn’t seem to be important.

      Thanks for taking the time to drop by however; always a pleasure.

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