Yes, one year later and it’s still all about me

The finish line is in sight as I push myself forward; I’m pounding the pavement hard in fierce determination. The sweat is streaming from my tired and weary body but the crowd is encouraging me, cheering me on. I am oh so close to the tape, there is nothing to hold me back now…..

As March 4th approaches I will be finishing my first socialΒ marathon; a one year blogger. If you would like to read my incredible first post that had me Β nervous as a long-tailed cat in a room full of mouse traps, well, ‘This is it‘. When I hit publish for the very first time it felt like I was walking outside without any pants on; and the wind was blowing…….cold……

There are a couple of takeaways from the first post:

  • On the surface it might appear I haven’t grown very much from day one, even though I feel like a long in tooth grizzled veteran. However, it also appears I’ve been true to my word as I haven’t really deviated from my original purpose. I’m not sure if that is a good thing or bad thing though.
  • Even then, some of my observations about sustainability still ring true today; so maybe I really am a guru and prophetic. Or maybe I was just a poet and didn’t know it, huh?

Where did everybody go?

I had a couple of friends and we were thick as thieves, they were my brothers from a different mother; Frank from A Spark Starts and JK Allen. I thought for sure they would be the ones crossing the tape with me, but alas, we hit that fork in the road and chose different paths. Even though I haven’t kept up with them, I still consider them friends and hope their personal journey has been fulfilling.

As I look back through the comments of previous posts and see who used to be regulars, I notice about half of them are still active; just not at my place. It makes me wonder if I wasn’t compelling enough; they wanted to hang more with people in their niche; or, they weren’t getting enough ‘points’ for being here?

I also wonder why I’m such a toad at times too, but I’m not willing to do much about that either.

Social is fickle, but so is real life and most of this really isn’t worth worrying about anyway; so I don’t.

Would you do anything differently?

Probably not; social I can do just by showing up and that is exactly what I did. There was a day I had about double the traffic but it was built entirely on me going to other places and engaging. People who knew me then will agree that it seemed I was everywhere.

Because I just showed up, I did not take the time to learn ‘the system’, how to drive traffic; that wasn’t my model. In hindsight I could have been more purposeful with the plan just to make some of this easier, but it really did sound like work to me. The flip side is, by not doing the ‘admin’ part has created a lot of ‘work’ as well.

We all know there are only so many hours in the day, so my method of ‘commenting only’ to drive traffic certainly is not sustainable on a large-scale unless you are willing to give up sleep. And not only does fat boy gotta eat, fat boy’s gotta sleep too.

This method did allow me to meet quite a few exceptional people; and that alone made it worthwhile for me. For anybody trying to establish a community, I would recommend it; just take the time to learn the ‘nuts & bolts’ too.

So, what did we learn today?

  • Billy still likes to talk about himself, doesn’t he? I’ll bet he’s fun to have a conversation with
  • Social is still fickle and fluid; don’t get too comfortable
  • You can grow a deep community but not a large community on comments alone unless you don’t need sleep or exercise
  • It is ok to have fun as your motivator
  • There really is no wrong way or right way in social; only your way

This is the end of month two in the new year; everybody still ‘rock-n-roll’ or is it ‘lock and load’?


48 thoughts on “Yes, one year later and it’s still all about me

  1. Yayyy for you for crossing the 1 year line! I am so glad I got to “know” you; I still can’t remember how!

    Yes, social is fickle but then aren’t we here to control of social and not let it be the other way round!

    I love that you see fun as a motivator; I still cringe when people ask me “why did you start blogging” and “have you thought about entrepreneurship through blogging”…naah, nothing of that happening soon!

    I love it that it is all about you… a little narcissism didn’t hurt any body. And you are modest about it…. so win – win!

    Here’s to one year celebrations, being all about me and bold enough to accept it! πŸ™‚

    • Hey you, got thrown for a loop yesterday and got sick. I crashed and burned for awhile but trying to ‘function’ today.

      It has been an interesting year indeed and still laugh at some of the things I used to think were ‘big’ issue things; like who’s showing up (or not), not making a list, etc. Once I quit chasing and just concentrated on my own stuff, it was less stressful and much more manageable.

      I don’t recall how we ‘met’ each other; I’m guessing at Marcus’ or somebody like that.

      Thanks for dropping by, hope your week is going well so far.

  2. Hey Bill,

    Congrats on making a year out of it! No surprises there.

    Like you said man, this game is fickle. No worrying about who’s here and who’s not. People make their own decisions. As we’ve discussed and concluded in the last few months, there is no right or wrong way, just your way. If people don’t accept you for that, that’s up to them.

    I think that our blogging community is a far better place with you here, you bring something different to the table and make us laugh along the way! I also want to take this opportunity to say thanks for always showing up at my place, week after week, post after post. It means alot.

    I hope you’re gonna continue on your journey Bill. You’ve got your own little system sorted, no matter how crazy it might be! πŸ˜‰ Glad you’ve found your groove brother. You’ve built a great community here.

    With me, it’s definitely more ‘lock and load’, but blogging is more of a hobby at the moment. As we’ve also discussed, I think it’s hard to build a customer base off the blog commenting system, because many of the guys who comment are in the same boat. However, as you’ve proved here, it’s a great way to get to know others and build a community.

    • Thanks for the kind words, always a pleasure to hear nice things.

      I view the blog as more of an informational platform and allows you to get to know me and let you make the decision as to whether you think I’m credible or not.

      It amazes me I have been able to stick with it for a year and essentially the same platform I started with. It’s probably obvious I like the engagement; and that is what keeps it sustainable for me.

      It will be interesting to see what I have to say one year from now as there certainly has been plenty of changes this first year.

      Good to see you; hope all is well.

  3. Just found you recently Bill. It seems that you have a good thing going. I think if its social to you then that’s totally cool. What am I saying? Not a lot other than I like your style. Straight up and honest is something that’s of huge vale in the social spaces; virtual or face to face.

    Thanks for the humour.

  4. Congrats, Bill! You did it. You ran with the bulls and I don’t see any scars. Maybe, a nicked elbow and knee – but you’re looking better for the wear.

    You have been a wonderful gift to me, my friend. And I look forward to your gift for many, many years to come.

    Honestly, I regret that I have not done more for you and others who showed up in the last year and some change. I hope you will find it in your heart to forgive me, Bill. There’s always more that we can do for each other.

    As for true reach (distribution), that costs money or something most of the time. That’s sweating the small stuff. As I once wrote, I believe epic (of the heart) begins in the footprints you leave on ten hearts at a time. And if I’m right, it looks like you came out of the gate, epic.

    Savor the compliment, print it out, and share it with the wife. Because I am proud of you, Bill. And she should know that there’s people out here in the intertubes that think you rock. In fact, you are much admired, my friend.

    • No forgiveness necessary, you are a huge supporter. I appreciate you and your friendship and that’s enough for me. I also appreciate your kind words and encouragement.

      Yes, a few nicks indeed but not mortal wounds thank goodness. It has definitely been an interesting journey.

      I know you have some difficulties going on in your life right now, but also hope you are seeing some light at the end of the tunnel.

      So good to see you and hope your week has gone well so far.

  5. Hey Bill – congratulations on the anniversary! Here in the B, just arriving at the anniversary intact is a good sign! Maybe it’s like crossing that finish line in the marathon, I don’t know.
    I’ve noticed my community has changed since my earliest days. It really hit me last week when I mentioned that one of our earliest supporters had died but then realized that few of the present visitors would remember her 😦
    I think staying power is currency here. So few do. So you’re still here and I’m still here – let’s drink on that!

    • Let’s raise our glass in a toast; yes, it is quite the accomplishment to still be one of the ones left standing.

      When I look back at the posts and see who had stopped by, some were dear friends indeed. However, some are still around but just not here but that’s ok too. Sometimes it is just tough to keep up with everybody.

      I’m back in the office but still feeling pretty puny; I haven’t had anything to eat since lunch yesterday. Lovely………

      Thanks for stopping by; I’ll try to get to your place today.

  6. Are you walking around without your pants on again Bill?

    We’ve had numerous discussions about the “fickle and fluid” way of social, and lamented the “chopped liver” aspect of why-do-they-show-up-at-others’-but-not-mine dilemma (won’t mention names, although I’d surely love to:)

    Suffice to say, we’ve both been at this for a year now, and although our goals and reasons are different, our spirit and feelings are very similar. It’s what we do with those feelings that will make all the difference.

    You know we LOVE you, and we’ll take whatever you give us, in whatever frequency. I always get a chuckle from your writing, and I like it best when we’re bantering and ribbing each other, injecting humour (yes, I put a “u” in that:) and creating that environment that allows people to join in the jokes.

    I like Lori’s comment…”you’re still here and I’m still here – let’s drink on that!” I’m with you on that, so Cheers! Kaarina

    • I’m all for drinking………….:). Regardless of the occasion……….

      Yes, there is a certain amount of fickleness that goes along with this and as soon as I realized certain things were going to be no matter how much you supported someone else; then I figured out how to just move on.

      Spirit and feelings are very similar indeed; let’s just keep moving forward, ok?

      Thanks for stopping by; your support and encouragement are always appreciated ma’am.

  7. Happy Blogiversary, Bill! I hope this isn’t the finish line for you! I hope this is just the first mile in your marathon. It’s interesting to see who is still here, who has dropped out and who just doesn’t stop by anymore.

    You post is almost like the counterpoint to Adrienne’s post today on how to drive engagement. Or maybe it’s the same point. Comment on others’ blogs to get traffic to yours. Don’t and live with the consequences?

    I’m glad you’re still around, Bill. I remember how scared I was when I hit “publish” on my first post, more like a long-tailed cat in a room full of Dobermans. It’s still a bit scary but we muddle along somehow, don’t we?

    Here’s to many more years for you, Bill!

    • Maybe I will be famous by just outlasting everybody………..:).

      It was somewhat of a surprise to me to make it for a year. I had no doubt I could do it; I was just hoping it would remain fulfilling. When I was going hot and heavy and everywhere, it definitely created more traffic. When I changed my model to keep it sustainable and traffic dropped somewhat it did cause some anxiety, but I knew I couldn’t keep the pace I had been maintaining.

      Sorry for the delay in getting back here, but I had some serious kind of bug get in me yesterday and totally knocked me out….yuck….I’m still puny today, but surviving.

      So good to see you; thanks for dropping by, always appreciated.

  8. You know, Bill, I keep at it and keep finding the same thing. I’m a small group type of person. I can enjoy a lot of people, but I can’t serve them all. I’ve tried joining more tribes and consistently regret it. I just want to be there for “you” and it drives me nuts when I can’t show up!
    So here I am. My goal? I want to have a party where you all show up! Wouldn’t that be fun? In the meantime I’ll keep checking in. Thanks for being here!

    • Thanks for the kind words Betsy; if I had to do it over then one thing I might have done initially was keep it to a manageable group which allows for deeper engagement.

      It is very fluid in here and time commitments alone can make you change directions. I am trying to keep it sustainable and even now I’ve had offline commitments keeping me away from social. Fortunately, I know where to find my ‘community’.

      A party sounds good to me ma’am; thanks so much for stopping by.

  9. One year? It feels like you’ve been here forever and I mean that in a good way πŸ™‚

    It’s interesting what we can learn from looking at the past. I have met so many interesting people that are no longer social (with me), but I keep meeting new ones, so I don’t think much about it. And we probably understand what we should be focusing on, and what we should stop thinking about. I am starting to learn keyword research, something I should have done a long long time ago.. that’s March madness for me πŸ™‚

    • It’s no different than my old golfing buddies; we were running hot and heavy for awhile and then it just kind of broke up. I’m still friends with them, we just don’t get together as much.

      Considering my journey so far, it does feel like I’ve been around for awhile. You mention keyword research and those are some of the things I haven’t done a very good job with.

      Always good to see you my friend, hope you have been well; thanks for dropping by.

  10. Social IS fickle!

    But that doesn’t take away the accomplishment of one full year, so happy ONEiversary Bill πŸ™‚

    And so what if it’s all about you…I like that about you. Truth is it’s the same for most people; they’re just not as willing to be straight up about it!

    • At the end of the day we are all driven by ‘what’s in it for me’, I’m just glad I try to be outward thinking and trying to help others instead of being some selfish bore.

      It’s interesting to reflect to see what one year meant and who came and went; but I also want to be forward thinking as well and just see where it takes me from here.

      Thanks so much for taking the time to stop by; always a pleasure and great to see you.

  11. Happy Anniversary Bill! I wasn’t there at the beginning of your journey (heck, I didn’t really know what a blog was!) but I intend to be there at the 2-year mark. Congrats!

    • I hope you are there at year 2; it will be interesting to see who’s left standing at that point and who the new players are.

      I thought you had to have a blog to comment; I had no idea it would be this much fun and people actually read it. Cool beans, huh?

      So good to see you; hope you have been well. Not only am I getting over a bug that knocked me out, my day job has me really busy right now. I’ve been playing catch-up and not too well. Hopefully I will get the hall pass for this week………:)

  12. Happy Blogiversary Bill. It really is a fickle world here in the blogosphere.

    When I look at old posts I see names of people who commented daily and did so for what seemed like forever and then they just disappeared.

    Don’t know if they were offended or hurt by something. Might have just grown bored, who knows.

    I am a fan of those who hang around for the long haul. Anyone can do this for a short while, but the people that stick around usually interest me more.

    That is because they find their voice and develop a rhythm that allows them to continue and to dig for things that you don’t always encounter.

    • Who knows; what I used to struggle with is seeing them everywhere else but my place. Fortunately, I am way beyond that as a grizzled veteran and just concentrate on taking care of my own stuff.

      It does take a commitment to make it a year, and I’m glad I was able to hang on at least that long. It has been fun and rewarding and I have met some really great people.

      I think I have found some kind of voice; I still struggle with direction at times, but I’ll figure it out.

      Always good to see you my friend; thanks so much for dropping by. Your support and friendship is greatly appreciated.

  13. Congrats Bill. You hung in there and got through basic training. Now that you are a seasoned veteran you will have even more success in blogging (and other areas of your life that are important to you). Wish you the best pardner.

    • Yes, I have made it through basic and now it’s time to really blow up, huh? It’s been fun, interesting and sometimes confounding, but I’m glad I was a survivor.

      Thanks for taking the time to stop by, hope all is well in your world.

  14. Hey Bill,

    Congratulations. I’ve been at this for about five months now and recently went through the comments on my first few posts. Interesting to see how often the crowd has changed. In five short months (well almost six), I’m also amazed at how quickly some people simply drop off the radar.

    I imagine one year does feel like a marathon. I’ve often read that once you make it past six months you’re well on your way, and now that I understand social a bit more, I realized what a HUGE accomplishment one year in blogworld really is.

    You’ve made it this far and I’m sure you’ll be around for quite a while. I’ve always thought you would be in this for the long-haul, and at one year you are now a grizzled veteran.

    Cheers to you, Sir!

    • Wow, I didn’t realize you are close to the 6 month point. You followed my model somewhat, except I think you did a better job of establishing your platform before jumping out there. It’s tough to commit to a blog and all that entails.

      Jack says if you make it past 6 months you are ‘in’ and I believe Jack because he’s smart like that…….:).

      I do plan on finding a way to keep it sustainable and maybe one of these days I will find my niche and bring even more value to my community.

      Always good to see you; thanks for dropping by. Hope all is well in the great NW.

  15. Congrats Bill! That one year milestone is a big one. I had plans to wax poetic about all of the wisdom I had accrued when I hit mine on the 14th, and then I realized that I’m really not that wise.

    So… social and blogging is fickle you say… I don’t believe it!

    I agree with Jack, the ones that last do hold the most interest for me as well. I think you’ve really hit your stride the last few months and am looking forward to seeing what happens in year two! You know I’ll be there for the ride.

    Congrats buddy!

    • Sorry for the late reply; I got some bug and it totally wiped me out, like Gini’s food poisoning. It hasn’t been fun………

      Ok, so maybe social isn’t too fickle………..not…………

      The last man standing, you should get some medal for that fact alone, right? Now that our core group has achieved ‘veteran’ status it will be interesting to see what it looks like in a year.

      Thanks for coming by and sorry for the lackluster reply but I’m still pretty puny right now.

  16. Ah Bill, he’s made it a whole year! Wow, happy anniversary my friend and I’m so thrilled you’re still around. Not everyone is you know!

    I wasn’t with you from the very beginning either. Actually I was very intimidated by you. Oh yeah, that’s the darn truth. Like you said, you were everywhere and you had some big hitters gracing your place and saying so many awesome things about you. Heck, I thought you were royalty or something. No one that high up on that pedestal would want to hear from little old me.

    I finally broke out of my shell though and stopped by for a visit. I’m so glad I did and I enjoy that you write about you. I love your whit, your sense of humor and there’s never a dull moment. I know, I’m weird that way too. Guess that’s why I enjoy coming back by every week.

    I know what you mean though, people who were there with you in the beginning have decided to find their home some place else. One thing I have learned, no matter how many times people will say that they are here to help others and it’s not about the money, they’re really in this for themselves. As soon as they learn that you really can’t help them in their business, they’ve moved on down the road.

    Hey that’s okay really, we all need to eat. Blog commenting is very very very time consuming and we only wish we had the time to read every single post we wanted. Unfortunately, your wife might divorce you and Kayla will start biting me. Not good on the home front I’m afraid.

    Glad you’ve hung in there Bill and we’ve thoroughly enjoyed your posts. So, can we expect you to hang around for another year? πŸ™‚

    • Yes, food is good except this week………I caught some bug that was going around our office and it has not been a pretty last few days. The day fat boy doesn’t want to eat is a cold day indeed……..

      I did jump right in with some big dogs; some still stop by but some have decided to move on. At one time I wondered why, but no more; life is about choices and we are all free to make our own, right?

      I’m glad you stopped by too; it’s humorous to think I might have been intimidating but I remember those who I put on a pedestal as well.

      I am going to try and get by your place this week, but not only has the bug wiped me out this has been an extremely busy week. Lovely, huh?

      Thanks for stopping by, it is always a pleasure to see you.

  17. Hey Bill,
    Congratulations for blog’s birthday. It is an awesome feeling isn’t it?

    I have seen quite a number of bloggers going down as you have mentioned. It is indeed a very hard work and sometimes it gets overwhelming. I also agree that commenting alone will not get traffic even though it gets us a lot of friends.

    The best part is that there are still so many people around willing to listen to you. That itself is a great reason to celebrate πŸ™‚

    • Blogging is definitely a commitment and since mine is not tied to my business I didn’t know if it would be sustainable. However, maybe that is why it was……….because of the commitment, some lose interest and just fade away.

      I certainly can’t get my wife and kids to listen to me so the fact I have a community that does it pretty cool……….:).

      It’s been fun (except this week I caught a nasty bug) and I’m looking forward to the next year.

  18. Congratulations Bill on your blog’s one year anniversary! Just like with all relationships, the relationship that we create with our blog and with our blog’s community is a commitment. I’ve been hanging around here for about six months now and, I have to say that your loyalty and commitment to, not only posting, but nurturing your community is something to be proud of. As in life, people come and go, but through it all, if you remain steadfast and true, there will be more “stayers” than “goers”.
    So glad to “know” you, Bill and here’s to many more years of fun and fabulous blogging for you!

    • Hello ma’am, sorry for the late response but I have been sucking some serious wind this week. There was a bug going around the office and I caught it too; it has not been pretty the last couple of days and on top of that it has been an extremely busy work week. Lovely…….

      Thanks for the kind words, I do try to be consistent and don’t take my relationships lightly but yes, they do take time and effort (but it’s certainly worth it).

      Many more years, huh; let’s go………..good to see you, thanks for stopping by.

  19. Bill,

    Wow! i wish i knew you back then. But then when you hit 2 years, I can say I knew you now.

    Congrats!! You are now part of the elite!! You made it past a year.

    As you know, I credit you for helping me break out of my shell. You came to my blog and made me stop being so serious. And you reintroduced me to the Blogess. I am not going anywhere, who knows what else you have in store for us.


    • It would be interesting to see stats on out of all the people who decide to blog, what percentage is still standing a year later. You are in it knee deep, so you know what type of commitment it takes.

      I’ve tried to keep it fun and that has been the key to my sustainability. If it became a grind it would be very easy to walk away.

      So how does your husband like the ‘new you’ now that you have broken out of your shell? You probably even have The Rock calling you know too, huh?

      Thanks for stopping by and your support; it is always a pleasure to see you around here. I hope your day is going well.

  20. Good God Bill, has it really been a year? It certainly doesn’t feel like it – I can still remember saying “hi” to you for the first time. How time flies.

    Still, you have made it past the 12-month barrier and you deserve a huge round of applause for doing so! Here it is *applause*

    Hope you enjoyed that. I hope you continue to stick around Bill, because blogging isn’t quite the same without you in it. It really isn’t.

    Take care πŸ™‚

    • In the court of the Crimson King, huh? I made it a year but wondered if there would be another after this past week, but I think I’m back. I had a bug and left me w/ no energy or appetite…….highly unusual for me, I can usually eat my way through anything………:).

      Thanks for stopping by; hope all is well in your world these days. It was nice of Sam to give me well wishes, they made me smile.

      I hope your weekend is going well, I plan on being low-key here.

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