Sucking sand; when the well runs dry

What to do when you have so many things you can write about but not a single one inspires you enough to do so? Yes, coming up with some kind of list could have been an option; but then my friend @TheJackB is likely to call me out for the ‘slacker’ I can be at times.

Like most of us bloggers, there are plenty of thoughts and ideas running around in this half-empty head of mine; but when it came time to pull the trigger this weekend, it felt like the safety was still on. Can’t think brain dumb, inspiration won’t come.

One of the challenges is feeling ‘worthy’ after seeing the talent of others who ‘wow’ me or make me smile; I become envious. How can I follow that, right? I can’t, but what I can do is share in a non-list kind of way; that should work.

John Magnet Bell

John is one of my Triberr mates; I knew he was talented and creative, but had no idea how deep it ran until I saw his guest post at Creative Flux where Terre Britton featured his photos and posted a mini-interview; . What he expresses visually is what is going on in my mind at times; obviously he does a much better job getting it on paper however.

It will be well worth the time to read his ‘story’; it was certainly a ‘wow’ moment for me.

The Bloggess

Ok, I semi-stalk Jenny but apparently so do many, many others. She too has a sense of humor and talent that resonates with me. When I saw her Juanita Weasel post I just shook my head but could not get enough of it.

Her follow-up twitter post topped it off; knowing the effort and creativity it took to produce this was impressive. It had me laughing and a little concerned, because I ‘get it’. Check her Pinterest photo post of Juanita: Classic indeed…..

No shameless plugs here

Yes, I linked this up pretty good but certainly not to ‘lure’ them to my place. It was to express appreciation only and share some of their ‘awesomeness’, because it seemed like a good thing to do.

And this certainly does not take away from the creativity and talent I experience every day from my community. It’s just a good way to step out of our ‘silo’ every once in awhile to see what others are doing.

How about you?

Do you have one or two people that are hidden gems we need to know about? Other than me of course, who ‘wow’s’ you time after time (hey, it’s my post….:)? Please share, because you can’t keep them all to yourself.

What did we learn today?

Other than Dorman probably needs serious help, he is surrounded by some very talented, dedicated and creative people. Sounds like a good place to be don’t you think?

I hope everybody kicks some bootee this week and has some fun.


71 thoughts on “Sucking sand; when the well runs dry

  1. Yayyy I think I am first here and now I think my email will be bombarded with follow up comments…. πŸ˜‰

    Hidden gems you say; besides me you mean? Or should I stop being a little bit narcissistic? It has be Jack for me. Have you seen how much that guy writes! I see a new post everyday! And everything better than the previous one. I wouldn’t be surprised if I am standing in line for his autograph some day! πŸ™‚

    Jack makes it obvious that it isn’t for comment, for traffic or for the other number game. He is doing it his way and yes, he is freakin’ awesome!

    Other hidden gems…I gave you a list of 11 recently. I love them all! πŸ™‚

    Also, Janine Ripper; that lady is a lovely photographer and an even better writer and it just gets better with every post! πŸ™‚

    • Jack is pretty awesome and if you are standing in line for his autograph, please find out what his real name is…….:).

      And no, you aren’t being narcissistic; you are truly a gem in your own right and a real pleasure to know.

      Thanks for sharing your people as well; maybe I can do a post of the people by community recommends ‘outside’ our regular people we know.

      I think you were the first and unfortunately got caught up in spam and I was out of the office all day. I did win a 31.5″ flat screen TV today at a golf tournament……’s my 3rd TV I’ve won; crazy stuff, huh?

      Thanks for stopping by and I apologize for the snafu, hopefully you will get plenty of love next time. Always good to see my Hajra gem….:)

      • It took me about five attempts.,.. so that is why I might have so many comments… see, I am persistent!

        TV….nice! And three of them; have a contest and have people pay for entry and give one of them off. Or, if someone buys a lot of your insurance policies, they enter a draw to win a TV… I mean, what else are you gonna do with three TV’s! πŸ˜‰

  2. Hey Bill,

    Nice idea to share the good work of others. Took a quick look at John’s photos – nice job.

    The blogess – what a legend. She is too funny! The Weasel – LOL.

    Aside from Jk, who is pretty well known in the blogosphere, Stephen Guise from Deep Existence ( is pretty cool. Actually just got off his blog. He’s doesn’t blog that often but when he does it’s always a detailed, interesting and insightful post that looks at things from a different angle.

    Have an awesome week sir.

    • Oh damn I nearly forgot to mention Ryan Critchett from Well worth checking out. Does mostly video-based posts and podcasts. Fast-moving and opinionated. Awesome

    • Thanks for sharing your choices. I’m trying something different today and that is replying from my phone as I am out of the office all day. Therefore, much shorter response but I do appreciate you stopping by; it is always a pleasure.

      I hope your day is going well.

    • Ok, I’ll try this again. I tried to reply fr my phone and it went somewhere but I don’t see it here.

      Thanks for sharing your choices and thanks for stopping by.

      Sorry for brief reply, but it’s all thumbs…:)

  3. Hey Bill,

    It’s hard to understand that you are envious of anyone, because you come up with so many interesting thoughts all the time. And it seems that very few others have the experience you have when it comes to business, and social. That’s part of the reason why I’m over at your place every single day. And of course, your humor πŸ™‚

    There are so many talented people, and one of them I’d like to mention today, is someone that isn’t new to you. But, I’ll mention her just because she posted a video today that was just so awesome and I had no idea that she could create videos like that. I almost forgot to put her name in her, Ruth Zive that’s her name. Have you been to her new blog? You should definitively watch her video.

    • I was just kidding; I’m not envious because I am the ‘man’ right? Doh…..

      Seriously, there is some incredible talent in here; like that chess prodigy from Norway, huh?

      Ruth is the real deal; I know her well.

      Thanks for sharing & dropping by. I am on my phone and all thumbs hence the brief response. Good to see ya…

  4. Hey Bill, If you want inspiration, blog about tech. Something new every day!

    I completely agree with you about John’s post. I was familiar with his talents in writing, but had no idea about his photographic artistry. I had the exact same reaction as you: WOW!

    I would like to give a shoutout to a new blogger who writes like a vet. She started her blog in November and has some incredible posts. Her blog, Let’s Get Deals Today!, is all about how to find amazing deals online and in bricks and mortar stores. I know my way around the internet but I always learn something from her posts. She wrote an amazing post on WTSO, Wines Til Sold Out, about a website that sells quality wines at deep discounts.

    Keep blogging, Bill. What seems like sucking sand to you is like mining for gold to your readers.

    • Thanks for the kind words; it was a struggle this weekend, at least I got something out there…..

      I think I have seen Let’s Get Deals before; maybe I better pay more attention, I like wine……..:).

      I’ve been out all day at a golf tournament; won a 31.5″ flat screen TV today, it was a good day indeed.

      Thanks for coming by; always a pleasure to see you, hope your day went well.

  5. Hi Bill! First, I love getting inside your head and seeing what’s going on in there! Sometimes I think you’re the consciousness of the blogosphere- expressing what many are feeling and wrangling with!
    There are two bloggers I’d like to mention whose blogs I’ve been enjoying lately: The first is Lisa finds great stuff to share and I love going over to see what she’s got going! And – Brynne’s blog is pure poetry!
    Thanks for asking!
    Have a good one!

    • Good choices and they are new to me; I could probably do a post on my friend’s friends, huh?

      Sorry I didn’t catch your post before I left the office this am; busy morning and then golf tournament in the afternoon (and I won a TV..:).

      Don’t get too deep in my head, it might scare you; I just appear calm and normal on the surface.

      So good to see you; hope you had a good vacation day today?

  6. Oh, do you really want to open this?? I’m a total sap, so anything that makes me think, plucks the heartstrings or motivates the hell out of me is game! My ALL TIME favorite blogger across the board is Mark Stevens of MSCO – THAT man can write and stirs up a ton of stuff – emotion and otherwise! πŸ˜‰ Ah, but my disclaimer is I might be bias because he’s a man on a mission and has incredible passion for America and small business America – not everyone will dig his views (too bad for them). However, if you want fine, passionate writing, he’s the one to check out!

    I think you don’t have a thing to worry about my friend. Ha, I envy you big time!! You make me laugh though for a lot of reasons … all very endearing to say the least!

    Happy Monday my friend!


    • Whoa, easy now; I thought I was your ALL TIME favorite. That’s ok, it just means I have to pick up my game to keep my seat at your table…:).

      Thanks for sharing Mark, I will have to check him out; especially if he has your seal of approval.

      Did I tell you I won my third big flat screen TV today at a golf tournament; crazy stuff. You can’t script this stuff……….:).

      I hope your day went well; obviously mine brought a smile to my face. Thanks so much for stopping by; always appreciated.

      • Ehemm … my friend, you’re a given along side of Mark! πŸ˜‰ I have special spots at that table!! Your seat will be always be kept, warm and ready … never fear! πŸ˜‰

        You SERIOUSLY won a TV today?! Well rub my palm or at least the damn computer screen when you read this!! Geez! How wicked cool!! YAY! πŸ™‚

    • Ok, I’m rubbing some good mojo on your screen. The funny thing about the TV is that I won a 42″ flat screen at the same tournament 3 years ago. I’m still smiling about it………..:)

    • Nobody knows Jack, or whatever name you are going by this week..:).

      When I had the chance to really look at John’s photos, I was very impressed with the multiple layers they had; and the depth.

      Good to see you and will definitely check your link.

  7. It took me three attempts to leave a comment here and I am tired 😦

    What’s wrong with the network today…

    As for my favorite, I did give you a list of eleven recently. And other hidden gems… definitely Jack. I get email notifications of his new post every day! No one is awesome at writing as he is!

    Janine Ripper is a lovely girl too! Her writing is easy to relate to and her photography are even more awesome.

    And there’s this guy called Bill… I’d rather not say πŸ˜‰

    • I have heard of Janine but haven’t spent time there; I will definitely have to go back.

      For some reason, and maybe because I answered Robert’s comment from my phone, it made my site catching some of the replies in spam. I’m home now and set them free………….so here you are………and thanks so much for enduring. You still da best…….

      Thanks for the kind words, you are always too kind to me…..but I like it……:). I hope your day went well.

  8. Your blog hates me today! I left three comments and none of them show 😦

    My hidden gem has to Jack…though he is already pretty famous. I get email notification of a new post every day! He defines writing. And I can’t stick to a schedule.

    Janine Ripper is another of my favorite… you should get to her blog some day!

    And then I have given you a list of 11 bloggers recently. Plus, there is this guy named Dorman…but I’d rather not go there!

    • I will definitely check your choices out; your sense of humor mirrors mine at times………and that’s scary………:).

      Played golf w/ a guy from Maryland today; we talked about Orioles and crab cakes………oh yeah, and I won a 31.5″ flat screen TV too….good day indeed.

      Thanks for enduring; good to see you.

  9. Oh, man! I thought I’d have a great new discovery to share with you…but Elena beat me to it! LOL, that’s ok, cause that is how I found Mark Stevens as well, through the lovely Elena Patrice. I was blown sure you check him out if you don’t already know him, Bill, he really is great!

    I found and snorted coffee all over my poor abused MAC and promptly started reading ALL of the Bloggess about 6 months ago. She. Is. A. Riot.

    Wow…ummm…well, shoot, I’ll have to get back to you for someone you don’t already know! I love my personal “blog roll” but you don’t want THAT here….do you?!

    • We take all comers, blog rollin’ or not……….:).

      Hope you are doing well, it is always a pleasure to see you and read your insights. Sounds like Mark Stevens is someone I need to definitely check out.

      So good to see you and very much appreciated; mucho gracias….

  10. Bill, you don’t give yourself enough credit my friend. Your posts are always so entertaining and I LOVE your sense of humor. I know, I’m weird in that way.

    I’m not familiar with these other two bloggers, guess I haven’t stopped by their place before. I do enjoy a good read though, adding photos or humor, I do enjoy that.

    Do I have anyone special to add to the mix? No one you don’t already know and I see a few of them here in your comments so I guess I’m good. I need to get out more, ya think!

    Enjoy your week my wonderful and witty friend! Oh yeah, you’re still the man.

    • Thanks for the kind words and support; much appreciated, especially when I feel the well was running dry. It seemed like everything I was thinking about was truly just a rehash… didn’t inspire me.

      I think you might enjoy the two I mentioned; somewhat different but very talented and creative.

      I was out all day but trying to catch up tonight; thanks so much for taking the time to stop by. Always a pleasure to see you ma’am.

  11. I will have to check out John Bell; of course, am familiar with the Bloggess (along with the rest of the world).

    Trying to think of someone that might not be as known to the community here, I would add Christopher S. Penn (no, not the guy from Footloose). Really sharp guy who blogs here:

    And I’m with you, no shortage of topics, just a shortage of that other thing sometimes… πŸ™‚

    • Maybe if I smoke herb or something then I can write like a fiend, huh? I will definitely have to check out Mr Penn; if you say he’s sharp then it must be so.

      As far as the writing goes, I really need to schedule time for it or I can expect spells like this I suppose.

      Good to see you, I’ve been out all day so trying to catch up; hope your day went well. I’ll catch up with you soon.

  12. Bill, many thanks for the kind mention and all your support of Creative Flux. I really appreciate it. *smiles* And I’m even happier that you joined in heralding John’s talents on your fine blog.

    Cheers to all~

    • John’s work was quite impressive; it’s always nice to have someone ‘wow’ you at times, huh?

      Hopefully the mention will get some eyeballs on your place too.

      Thanks so much for stopping by; it was very much appreciated. I hope your day has gone well.

  13. I love when you write ‘What did we learn today’ it sounds so much like South Park at the end of each show. And how you call yourself a simple humble blogger vs the bastion of international insurance and finance that you are. And that how it seems when playing golf with uber celebrities and basketball hall of famers you blew your putt on the 17th because you couldn’t figure out your next blog post.

    I am on to you Dorman,. Invisible you are not anymore.

  14. Hi Bill,

    I could share some fantastic blogs that would blow your mind (being of a spiritual nature) but then we’d hate to see your mind splattered about the place, and all that clean up…plus put it back together again or else we’d miss your next post.

    Next time you have bits and pieces, but nothing cohesive, try writing a few partial posts and come back a week later and cut and paste them into one…you’d be amazed what insights you gain that way through simply editing them. It’s like you’ve invited your muse to piece them together for you. My most popular posts were done that way.

    • I think my mind was splattered a long time ago………now it’s merely functional………:).

      Interesting idea about the partial posts, might have to give it a try. It would probably help if I was more purposeful and actually carved out some ‘writing’ times……….oh well, we’ll see I suppose……..

      Hope you are well, thanks for coming by; always appreciated.

    • Sometimes the talent I brush up against in here really amazes me; if nothing else, social provides a platform for it to be shared.

      I might not be good, but I hang around good people so I’m happy for guilt by association……:).

      Good to see you sir, hope you have been well. This is another crazy week for me and will get crazier, but all in a good way. I’ll catch up to you soon.

  15. Thank you for the highlight, Bill.

    Two blogs that are consistently great:

    1. The BPS Research Digest, which today brings you
    “The particular pleasure of scratching an itch on the ankle”
    – And other delightful tidbits on psychology.

    2. Myths Retold

    Improving old stories for the reading enjoyment and edification of the contemporary reader. Word of warning – do not read if you have a heart condition.

    • If you are recommending them, then I can only imagine; I will definitely check them out.

      Obviously I was impressed by your work and I’m not just saying that; I almost did a whole post on you but then everybody would think I had a man crush on you or something and then it might get icky and we just don’t want people to feel uncomfortable, right?

      Thanks for sharing and stopping by; I hope your week is going well.

  16. I asked the Blogess if I could take Juanita to my next PTA meeting. Wouldn’t that be the BEST!? She can tell those b*tches off! (Can I say that here? I mean, half the time you are naked, what’s wrong with typing b*tches? OH! This contest with Hajra and Abhi is sucking my brain, I think a weasel is funny!)

    I can take Juanita to my son’s football games.

    Or even more fun…to sell Girl Scout cookies at a booth!

    I forget how awesome the Blogess is.

    I also read Scary Mommy here and there.

    And always for a good laugh…People of Walmart!! Hee hee!

    I really need to get out more…

    • I think it’s classic she dressed Juanita up and then worked the different ‘saying’s’ to accompany each pic. You have to really get your mind out there and then just let it roll once it starts flowing. I love it; she’s my kind of people.

      People of Walmart; somebody just sent me pics and it’s incredible what people will wear. One was a fat lady with stretch pants and she pulled them up over her boobs; that was all she had on. Classic….

      I can’t wait until Jenny’s book comes out, it will be great.

      Good to see you; I can imagine the blog contest is a mind suck, good luck with it.

      • She is good. I wish I had her imagination. Life would be way more fun! For now I think I will keep reading her blog. Thanks for the reminder that she is around, most of the stuff I read is so bland, that includes my own stuff sometimes. Not you though, you are one that I come for a break from bland.

  17. Hi Bill,

    My first time reading your blog. I have seen you “pop up” a good deal in the commentluv section of blogs belonging to some of my faves. πŸ˜‰

    I giggled a little about your sentence: Can’t think brain dumb, inspiration won’t come.

    I have been there!

    I’m a relatively newish blogger on the scene, but I’ve certainly hit the wall like this before…even when I had some “ideas” of things to blog on. Sometimes ya just can’t get the wheels turning for some reason. Maybe it’s my ADHD…not sure…

    One of my gems is not so hidden, but she’s the first to come to mind. Adrienne Smith is a constant source of inspiration and wisdom and “get up and go” for me. πŸ˜‰

    Hope you’ve adequately kicked some bootay this week, Bill. I’ll be poking my head ’round in here some more.

    Cat Alexandra

    • Thanks so much for taking the time to stop by AND comment; blogger like that you know…………..:). Ms Adrienne is a very, very good buddy of mine. We have this mutual admiration society thing going on. I couldn’t be more proud of here how she has grown her community; it is solid as a rock.

      Hopefully you are finding plenty of blogs to check out who are doing it write to keep you with ideas of what looks good and what doesn’t. I’ve been playing catch-up for a week and a half now but would love to come check your place out too.

      I post between 1 to 2 times a week. It’s amazing how fast that seems to come around at times, huh?

      Good to see you and I hope your week has been well.

      • Hi Bill, I’m so sorry I didn’t see this message from you til now. This is one of my secondary blogs. My primary home on the web is located at

        I have see you on Adrienne’s page! She’s got quite a social mixer going on over there! πŸ˜€ I’ve been learning a lot by being a lil fly on her wall.

        I hope we can stay connected. I will be by to check out your blog again before the day’s up!

        Best regards,
        Cat Alexandra

  18. I fly long haul regularly so use earplugs often. My most effective ones were custom moulded from a kit, they’re far more effective than foam ear plugs and don’t seem to wear out. It’s far less expensive than having your earplugs custom fitted by an audiologist; I would suggest them to anybody who uses them often.

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