Once you go black you never go back

Stop it; I know what some of you were thinking and this post has nothing whatsoever to do about ‘romance‘. Shame on you for thinking that…….what, what did you say; I’m the only one thinking that? That’s just wrong……..:).

Raise your hand if you like coffee

My hand is up; I have been drinking coffee for a loooong time. My dad used to let me drink it when I was in elementary school; and no, I already had an attention deficit disorder so I’m sure coffee was not the culprit. How long ago was that? Let’s just say I’m closer to 40 than I am 20 and since I’m on the top side of 40, I will let you figure that one out.

You might think I would be a connoisseur at this point, but just like my friends and my food, I’m really not that picky. I do stop by Starbucks 3-4 times a week for a Venti redeye (large coffee with a shot of espresso), so if this gives me Juan Valdez status, I will run with it.

Needless to say, I have been drinking coffee the same way for a very, very long time; enough cream to turn it tan and two scoops of sugar. Yes, I’m still old school and never acquired a taste for artificial sweeteners.

This is the year of change

Well, we all know about my gym membership change, the new look of my site, etc; so why not change my coffee too, huh?

Going forward over the next 30 days, I am going to try and wean myself off the sugar. I will slowly decrease the amounts to see if I still like it as much with no sugar and can appreciate the coffee ‘au naturel’.

Why? Just because I suppose. I don’t consume a lot of sugar anyway, as the only thing I drink (alcohol excluded) during the day and with my meals is agua; nectar of the gods.

Dorman, that is just shocking

What’s next; you’ll give up the cream as well? Easy big fella, one step at a time; I don’t know if I’m ready to go there yet. I can save that change for next year.

Maybe my next post will talk about my bathroom habits; how about that?

I need your help

No, I didn’t say I needed help, at least not in the way you are probably thinking at this point; but in a social kind of way.

I have two issues going on that just makes me say ‘huh’?

  • Number one – every single one of you who wants me to ‘like’ your Facebook page I have done so. However, it never seems to stick. If I have to ‘like’ it every single time I drop by, then it is starting to sound like work and I think I’m kind of busy right now. Why does it do that?
  • Number two – I thought I’d be cute and use my ‘Santa’ gravatar for Christmas. After Christmas I went to Livefyre, Disqus, Gravatar & WordPress and changed it back to the incredibly handsome one I had been using before. HOWEVER, that sumbich is still showing up in places. I have even gone in and changed my e-mail address, re-changed the pictures again, etc. Nothing seems to work; please help me. No mo santa…….

What did we learn today? 

Apparently Dorman is a slow learner and if all he has to talk about is his coffee, then his life is probably as exciting as watching grass grow.

Oh yeah, I have a Guest Post popping at Betsy Cross’s Remember site today.  It’s about genealogy and family history so if you really want to ‘know‘ about me, drop by. After all this searching, I still haven’t found a Dorman with any money.

I hope everybody has enjoyed their week so far. That.is.all.


81 thoughts on “Once you go black you never go back

  1. Great image, Bill.

    I gave up sugar 12 years ago and felt so much better after suffering through major withdrawal symptoms that I’ve never been tempted to go back to the stuff. People seem amazed by how I can resist sweet treats, but they just aren’t tempting for me any more. I do confess to using artificial sweeteners, though.

    I have no idea why your “Likes” disappear, Bill. As far as I know, you still Like my Wonder of Tech page. My guess is that if you are looking at the widget in someone’s sidebar and it shows you haven’t Liked a page yet, it may be a problem with the widget, not with your Facebook account.

    As for your Gravatar question, here is the answer from the website: http://en.gravatar.com/site/faq/#answer-1-2. Yes, it looks like your old photo has been cached. It may be a while before the kind folks at Gravatar refresh your image. The good news is that you’re not doing anything wrong. The bad news is that you have to wait.

    • I’ve been told it will eventually go away; but it hasn’t yet. I guess I will exercise a little more patience for now.

      It’s certainly not like I’m going in and ‘unliking’ something, but I would say 8 out of 10 of my regular sites looks like I haven’t liked them.

      Thanks for the info; I’m glad to know it wasn’t me this time. Good to see you and thanks so much for the visit.

  2. You’re hilarious!
    I don’t drink coffee much (it makes me crazy and you do NOT want to see me when I’m crazy). Sugar I’ve had absolutely no problem giving up, though I do still use Splenda for my tea and sometimes for cooking. I’m learning to cook more with natural sugars, maple syrup, honey, etc. Great stuff, eh?
    Re: your questions: I don’t think I’m guilty of #1 (am I?). #2 – no clue. Seems I’m not really much help today at all.
    Now I’m going to go read about your family history. There better be a pirate in there somewhere.

    • I’m already crazy, coffee just jacks me up. I’m so thankful I don’t have high blood pressure and the doc telling me to give it up. Actually, I like coffee and alcohol………a lot. No, I’m not an alky and I don’t drink everyday or to excess, but I do like it. If the doc said either one was a lifestyle change I needed to make, I could flip the switch just like that however.

      I think Carolyn had some good information for me and it looks like I need to just sit tight.

      Good to see you m’ lady; I hope your day is going well.

      • Yes, Jack, EXACTLY like Tasmanian Devil crazy…! Bouncing off the walls. Literally. Even when we were in Jamaica, I had to be careful about how much coffee I drank, else I would have driven my husband batshit.

        It is going well, Bill – thank you!

  3. I like the pic too.

    Caching sucks. Theoretically, it saves on the bandwidth and, yeah, the money that pays for bandwidth.

    I used to drink expresso in college. Seven shooters. Then I got an ulcer. So I added milk or cream and sugar ever since.

    I’ve tried black expresso once at a fancy coffee ship where they roast their own beans and blah blah blah. It was perfect. It didn’t need anything.

    Well, I’m not going to buy those beans. And I don’t have a coffee bean roaster. But I support you, Bill.

    • Maybe when I give up the sugar I will be more of a connoisseur at that point and I will ‘select’ my beans and ‘roast’ them. Probably be better off working with that other cash crop out of Columbia, huh?…..:).

      I guess my dad didn’t hear the spiel don’t let your kids drink coffee; it will do something bad……stunt your growth, grow hair on your palms……oh wait, that’s associated with the other thing you aren’t supposed to do………..as far as I know I don’t have any health related problems because of it.

      Ybor City in Tampa, Fl has a huge Cuban community; lots of good coffee there.

      Good to see you Stan, you always add something to the mix.

  4. I might be the weakest here. I come from a family of diabetics and I still love my deserts. As for coffee, I like it, but somehow the Indian in me makes me like tea better. And yes, I take it with sugar; I still don’t get how calorie free sweeteners taste. And I probably never will.

    As for change, I actually fainted in the gym today and they had to carry me out and put me on drip; don’t worry not a sad story, just a case of low sugar levels. That should teach my gym trainer, her judgmental looks and the diabetic genes in me a lesson or two. Yayy for Hajra and her low sugar levels. I get to eat my cake.

    As for Gravatr, I haven’t seen the jumpy Santa in a long time, so the handsome guy should be taking over. And Carolyn here just did her techie trick and solved the mystery. So, you might just have to wait for that change.

    Lesson learnt?

    Hajra doesn’t always have the most intelligent things to say. She tries hard but it just sounds like blabber. But really, I don’t have anything all brainy to say today 😦 Maybe the low sugar levels have affected my humor somehow…. sugar, the source of my power… what have I done?

    I did check your GP there… and shared my family drama… please feel free to come bully me after reading it…

    • You really are a self-promoting blabber, but we love you anyway…..:). Nah, you are good people and you have a free reign to do just about anything you would like around here.

      I have to ask, you say you use a female trainer, does your culture allow you to work out with men (if you so choose) or are you ‘westernized’ beyond that now? Curious minds want to know……

      Hopefully the trainer is not trying to do too much to soon with you; they need you to keep coming back. I’m glad it wasn’t anything bad and you are still good to go……..

      Good luck w/ the training, the blogging, the awesomeness, etc; talk with you soon.

      • I think people have made it more of a personal choice. Though religion does talk about the importance of working out with the same gender. Here in the country we have separate gym for ladies and for men.

  5. In college I drank about 20 cups a day. Nope, not an exaggeration. All those hours at the school newspaper required some stimulation outside of girls and work.

    After abusing the hell out of my body with that junk I went cold turkey for about ten or twelve years. Since then I have slowly worked my way back into regular consumption.

    Now it is the odd day where I don’t drink two or three cups.

    • I was pretty consistent when I was in the Army but I really don’t recall if I was that consistent while I was in college. I know we didn’t have a coffee pot, so I might have been cold turkey then. I think because I’m in an ‘office’ setting and it’s available, I’m more apt to indulge.

      I’ll bet those girls in college were concerned because you were so wired on the coffee they knew you would never tire out……..:).

      Coffee is pretty damn good; it’s one of those things the ‘aroma’ are generally associated w/ pleasantness.

      Good to see you almost perfect dad.

  6. No sugar in anything here, but I grow Herbs and found Stevia..Wow one leaf crushed is super sweet, now the actually make it in a powder etc. but pop it in your garden seeing you live where it will grow all year round!

    Stevia is a South American herb used as a natural sweetener for centuries. The leaves of the Stevia rebaudiana plant have a refreshing taste, zero glycemic index, zero calories and zero carbs. It is 25-30 times sweeter than sugar, and far more healthy!

    ps..I hate coffee..lol..I love the smell but can’t drink the stuff. I stick to really healthy drinks like diet Pepsi…a 2 liter bottle does me just fine for the day!

    • I’ll bet you grow some herbs; we’ve heard about that little cash crop thing you have going……:). Interesting, I might have to check out Mr Stevia. Is it pretty hearty; low maintenance?

      Thanks for sharing this tidbit of info and thanks for stopping by; much appreciated.

  7. Don’t drink coffe, just homemade cocoa, very little sweetener. Like to look at and make sweets, but just like my dad, don’t like them much anymore. However, I care less and less the older I get! I used to be such a fanatic when i danced. As long as I get moving I don’t crave things that are bad for me.
    I think I missed the Santa Gravatar. Me? I say keep it. It’ll keep people talking.
    Hey, thanks for your post today! I copied and pasted it so many times I have no idea if it’s still in the right order!! HAHA! Some days I should just sleep! You’re a good sport, Bill!

    • I remember the first time someone GP’d at my place; I was just hoping I got it on the page correctly.

      Idle hands usually allow for the bad things to start creeping in; if I am occupied with something constructive I don’t really think about the other.

      I’m a second helping guy instead of dessert; I really don’t have a sweet tooth but this no-sugar in coffee might be a challenge.

      Thanks for weighing in, so good to see you.

  8. I never used sugar, so that wasn’t one I had to give up. But I did used to like cream – however, dairy products no longer “like” me back. So now I use oat milk when I’m at home. Out of the house, yes, I do drink it black!

    Regarding stuff showing up online that you don’t like, I learned recently there is a way to clear cache on Facebook. So maybe you will find the answer in some post on caching – unless whatever Carolyn gave you already cleared up the mystery.

    • The FB thing is weird; I will like it and then come back a few days later and it gives me the option to like it again; like I’ve never been there. I’m wondering if it is the cache thing going on.

      Adam is telling me Santa is only showing up on CommentLuv so maybe that is the culprit.

      My wife said it’s the cream I should give up, not the sugar. That might be harder, because I do like a ‘tan’ coffee.

      Thanks for coming by Leora, much appreciated.

    • Healthy coffee, huh? What’s unhealthy about mine……..what are you saying?…..:).

      I don’t know if the coffee thing is because I crave it, or if it’s just habit; probably a little of both I suppose.

      Thanks for coming by, hope you had a good ‘chat’ yesterday. I didn’t get back into my office until about 2 pm. I probably should have tried to see if I could join in from my phone, huh?

  9. In Canada, we have something called Tim Horton’s (or as I like to call it, Canadian crack). I’m beyond addicted. I’d like to wake up and have the stuff available next to my bed by IV drip. But…I will tell you that I take it with no sugar, just milk. I don’t think I could go black, but I ditched the sweet, and if the nice lady at the drive through inadvertently adds sugar, I actually can’t drink it. It makes me sick.

    I look forward to hearing about your transformation.

    • You know what they say about going black…………..:). I’ve tried the black and giving up cream will be harder than sugar for me. I do think once you wean yourself from it, it tastes incredibly sweet when you do try it again. I’ve heard people say the same thing switching from regular Coke to Diet Coke and then going back.

      Yes, Billy Boy the transformer………

  10. Dude, there really is something wrong with you. 🙂 I mean that in the best possible way.

    One of my best friends takes her coffee black. I could never do it. I ran out of sugar once and almost went insane.

    This must mean Davis is as sad as Dorman in these respects. I just wish I was as funny as you bro.

    I think this may go down as “best headline ever” the only way to improve on it would be to add bacon in some way 🙂

    • You know me too well by now; that dude just ain’t right, huh?

      Speaking of bacon, I did have an egg, bacon and cheese biscuit this morning with my reduced sugar coffee. This lack of sugar thing might be harder than I thought.

      Good to see you; hope things are moving forward for you. Thanks for stopping by.

  11. Hey Bill!

    I drink my coffee like you–two sugars and cream. But I learned it from my Grandma. She drank more coffee than anyone I knew. I remember when I was really little (maybe 5 or 6) I was always bugging her for some coffee. She told me it was something only grownups drink. I guess I bugged her enough because she finally poured a splash into my little plastic kid cup. I totally didn’t like it. I drink it now on occasion. That was probably waaay more than you cared to know about my coffee drinking habits, but that’s all I got today! By the way, looove your title on this one:)

    • Back in the day, I probably thought coffee was a ‘treat’ and of course the only way I could drink it was with a lot of sugar. I guess if you get anything sweet enough you can drink it, huh? Of course, I’m old enough to remember having to put sugar on your cereal too.

      My dad was the cook in the house and he would always make us breakfast; that’s another habit I’ve continued, I NEVER miss breakfast.

      Since you were giving TMI, thought I’d give you some back……:)

  12. Yes extra dark iced coffee with milk no sugar is where it is at. And it is Bromance not Romance. And sadly my fiancee hates the smell of coffee. But the good news is I hate the smell of eggs. So I now drink tea and stick to cocaine and LSD for my morning pick me ups. Though I do sneak in some java here and there and I am not talking software amigo.

    • Bromance is right sir. I had to laugh out loud to your response; of course, it’s what I expect from Howie. I like to alternate the LSD and coke and then mix them up on the weekends. I get that whole Dennis Hopper thing going on………:).

      Iced coffee I have not been able to do because it reminds me of my cup getting cold on my desk and taking a sip; almost the same reaction as drinking a beer somebody dumped their cigarette butt in.

      Good to see you buddy; I hope the Green Mountain Man is doing well.

  13. I made the mistake of looking up the nutrition information for my normal Starbucks order (grande Caramel machiatto) on the Sbux website last week. About a gazillion calories and grams of sugar, so I’m experimenting with some new options.

    PS. You are still rockin’ the Santa suit at my place. Have you noticed if its just CommentLuv sites that haven’t changed?

    • I think you might have hit on it w/ Santa; CommentLuv must be the culprit.

      I’m not a calorie counter and even though I can eat like it’s my last meal, for the most part I don’t eat a lot of ‘bad’ foods. Hamburger is not ‘bad’ food BTW………:).

      We might get a little rain on Sat, but the chance went from 70% to 30% last time I looked at the weather; maybe it will be 0% by Sat.

  14. I say that you should go to the artificial sweetners Bill instead of going cold turkey. I mean some of them are good for you and still give you the taste so don’t hurt yourself just because you KNOW you should be watching the sugar intake for health reasons.

    I’m lost about the likes on the Fan Pages too. I’ve never heard of that before, that’s odd. But then again, maybe they’re just picking on you.

    Your gravatar has changed here finally so maybe CommentLuv just takes a little while longer to catch up. I hate those caching issues too. Dang it.

    Hang in there Bill, all will work itself out. Keep the faith right! 🙂

    • Arrgghhhh, I think I’m too old school to try sweeteners; I’m still a Crest and Old Spice guy…………:).

      Obviously a big part of my shortcoming online is the fact I truly do ‘just show up’. If there is a lot of other stuff involved I tend to ignore it. Therefore, the issue w/ the FB page snafu, I just got to the point of ignoring it. If it was an easy fix, maybe; if not, see ya….

      Good to see you and thanks for the msg; I’ll catch up with you soon.

  15. I’m just not willing to give up my coffee. Really…is one or two cups a day going to kill me??? Ok, moving right along…

    What did we learn here today? Bill is crazy already with or without caffeine and I don’t like being told what to do (not news to me, maybe news to you!) 😉

    • I might have one or two more than one or two; just depends on how much I’m in the office I guess. As long as my blood pressure is normal I guess I shouldn’t worry too much, huh? I don’t drink Cokes or tea, so other than alcohol (and no I’m not a lush…) it will only be water that I drink.

      Yes, Billy boy is crazy indeed; you probably need to keep an eye on him. Thanks for stopping by.

  16. I’m not sure what to say, since I haven’t even tasted coffee and I’m soon to be 40 years old 🙂

    I do drink a lot of tea, and I never add any sugar. I usually order my tea from China, and it tastes… almost as good as Coca-Cola Zero 🙂

    I guess it’s time to read your guest post and learn more details about how you are. I’m looking forward to it, and I’m sure you’re going to reveal something shocking 🙂

    • I would say if you never have, no need to start now. I don’t think my two sons drink much coffee either. I guess I can thank my dad for my coffee ‘addiction’.

      I used to drink tea (not in the place of coffee), but decided to drink only water with my meals or on the golf or tennis court. That should be a good thing, right?

      Nothing shocking in the GP, I didn’t want to scare Betsy. However, I do have some scandalous stories I did not include…..:).

      Good to see you my friend.

    • I’m thinking something along the lines of your novel for a GP; a serial killer who is able to suppress his demons inside but uses his knowledge to help police solve other serial murders…….

  17. First of all Bill, it’s so cute that you call it “romance”. We all know that those of us who were thinking what you think we were thinking are having dirty, dirty, thoughts. 😀

    I used to be addicted to coffee. I mean, ADDICTED. Unlike you, however, I had standards. I made it into a whole ritual. I bought my coffee at a little specialty roaster. I have a kick ass espresso machine that grinds the beans before every cup. I refused to drink crap coffee. And then… I made the decision to go RAW at the beginning of last year. After 3 days of major headaches (coffee withdrawal), I never wanted another cup of coffee. I mean, it was like someone flipped a switch. I hadn’t even really wanted to give up coffee (but I did want to give up milk, and I didn’t like coffee without a bit of milk). I still like the smell and it doesn’t gross me out or anything, but I just have no desire to drink it. I do drink tea, with a bit of almond milk (if it’s black) and some agave syrup. And I’m becoming just as snobby about that as I did the coffee. I wonder if I’ll ever go back. If I want a cup of java, I’ll have one. No restrictions.

    Ok, those are my two cents. Keep up the dirty, dirty headlines. They will keep people like me coming back. He, he.


    • Ah, so you see right through me, huh? Someone of color retweeted me yesterday with the comment ‘true dat….oh wait, he was just talking about coffee’ which I thought was pretty cute.

      I enjoy coffee and at this point probably addicted, but I could flip the switch and walk away from it with no problem if I had too. Just like alcohol, which I enjoy as well; if I’m not abusing it and it’s not a health issue, then there is really no reason to shut it down.

      Even my little sugar experiment is ‘just because’ as I really don’t consume a lot of sugar so it’s not a health issue, other than I look like the cat you had on your website……..:). Not really, I’m still body perfect………ok, not really on that either, but how about I’m comfortable in my own skin?

      Good to see you; thanks for dropping by.

  18. I just have to say first and foremost, I loooove this image!! WOWEEE! Shnappy! You make me want to resume my love affair with coffee all over again. I always drank my coffee black and sugar is for wusses – that’s what I think! I got off tea for the sake of my child and all who surround me – I’m a maniac by nature and coffee was sort of like heroin to me (and just as hard to get off!). So … now I’m a wacked out tea drinker and feel like a girl, well … I am a girl, so … you’re a funny, funny guy and honestly, “you had me at the title”. 😉

    Missed you lately.

    • Did I just let you get away with calling me a wuss? Kind of like the drink at the bar w/ an umbrella, huh?

      I enjoy coffee and probably drink more than average just because I’m in an ‘office’ setting and it’s available. If I’m out and about or on the road my consumption goes way down. I am definitely a creature of habit, so change can be a big thing to me.

      I have missed you too; hopefully you are finding that focus and happiness and ready to keep plugging away.

      Take care and have a great weekend.

      • You’re a good, good man Bill! No, you’re not a “wuss” far, far from it! 😉 But … I did date a guy once and we were at a martini bar and I ordered a filthy dirty, no vermouth, extra cold martini with Ketle One vodka. He ordered some pink, fruity designer martini with rail vodka. Needless to say, I lost all respect for him and I had to hand hold him because he started giggling like a girl after 2 of the fruity specialties! I think I drank about another two and was pissed because I was stone cold sober looking at a girlie-man giggling over being “tipsy”! I should have been born a man I swear! 😉

        Wishing you an excellent weekend my friend!

    • I have a friend who makes an excellent dirty martini, now you have me craving one. My vodka of choice is Goose…….w/ no umbrellas.

      I think that was a ‘sign’ once he started giggling………:)

  19. FORTY TWO comments by the time I get here???How in the world can I ever expect to get to be your favorite comment-er if I don’t get here until #42!!! Can I be your favorite comment-er if I send you one of my photographs? (…oh…wait…) Okay….here goes.
    Change is slow…if it happens too fast, it usually doesn’t stick….so, I am all over supporting you on just eliminating the sugar….baby steps. Before you know it, you will be ordering my drink….Grande Refresh….try it before you knock it.
    Facebook Pages: that should not happen…you should “like” once and you should be good to go. I would suggest that if you have experienced it with any of your best friends here (your community) you should probably tell us/them so that we can figure it out from our end. Cuz, you are right…if you have to keep likin’, the likin’ become harder
    Avatar: it sounds as if you have done the right things (going to each account and changing your avatar back) I guess I am stymied with this one…if you really do need help, I love a good mystery so, if you could share the accounts where you still turn up as Santa, maybe I could offer a few suggestions…
    Okay, I need to get plenty of rest because, apparently, I have to wake up REALLY REALLY early to get here before comment # 42
    *campaigning relentlessly to be Bill Dorman’s FAVORITE comment-er*

    • You are doing quite well ma’am; and the pictures of you……..er, uh I mean your pictures certainly do help……..:). Actually, that’s huge and you don’t know how much I appreciate it…..big time!

      Adam tells me Santa is only showing up at the sites w/ CommentLuv, but everyone seems to thing to just give it time. I guess time is all I have so we shall see, huh?

      As far as the likes go, there are probably only 2-3 sites that it is still showing up as a ‘like’. More have gone away than not, so it might be me. Hmmmm…….

      Thanks for stopping by; hope your week has gone well. Take care…

  20. If Claudia is disappointed at being number 42 imagine how I feel with the counter now showing at 50! I must get here sooner, must be all that sugar in my coffee slowing me down. (I made that up, I don’t have sugar in coffee, it just seemed to be an appropriate comment to make)

    Can’t help with the tech stuff but will pop over to your guest post to find out some more about you and see if any of it sheds any light on why you turned out the way you did.

    Good stuff as ever Bill, have a good weekend 🙂

    • I think sugar jacks you up temporarily and then you crash……..:). Fortunately, I really do not consume a lot of sugar. HOWEVER, if you want to get technical, there are many foods (fruits) that get metabolized the same way once you digest it.

      Good to see you Tony, I hope you have been well; catch up with you soon.

  21. Hi Bill,

    I’d rather be the last commenter because you will remember me whereas for the first, do you still know, Bill?

    I like my coffee strong and black with a little bit of sugar, I used to drink it with either cream or milk, no more thanks to a lactose intolerance.

    Coffee is an acquired taste in my case, I did not like it at first but it belonged to a family ritual where adults were offered a cup of coffee after dinner and arghhh I had to do likewise when I was 16.

    Old habits die hard, I am kicking some right now and I am going through hell, being not very nice company …

    • Our friend Carolyn was first, but she is usually an early visitor anyway. But you are certainly welcome anytime of the day.

      I hear ya about old habits; some of my stuff is so ingrained it will take a crowbar to pry me out of them…..:). Good luck shedding yours.

      Probably the only way I would drink coffee as a kid was with it all sugared up. I have never been able to convert to sweetener, so let’s see if I can drop it all together. I’m having mixed thoughts about it, but I will push forward for now.

      Good to see you; if you were the last I guess I can go ahead and turn out the lights, huh? I’ll catch up w/ you later ma’am.

  22. Bill,

    I don’t care what anyone says, I will never give up sugar. It is my one vice and I NEED my rocky road ice cream. The end. End of discussion on the sugar subject. I won’t even think about it anymore. I wish you good luck. My Goober sandwich is calling me…

    And, mmm, coffee rocks!!

    As for that damn Gravatar. Did you contact them? I like Santa Bill but it is February. Have you left your Christmas tree up also?

    And I am lost when it comes to FB. I just follow everyone else, so I don’t know why you would have to re-like people. Maybe there is something wrong with your computer. Maybe it is not sending or saving stuff and reverts back.

    HUmm? Happy Monday! I’m going to go stalk you now on your GP.


    • We leave the tree up all year; it’s much easier that way……:).

      The sugar thing has been kind of iffy, and I’m only talking about sugar in coffee; I’m not giving up anything else……..coffee does rock.

      I’m guessing this contest has you all over the place, huh? Good luck with that; what will you do with all the fame and fortune?

      Happy Monday ma’am.

  23. I switched to black coffee at age twelve. Now and then, I’ll have the cream and sugar (or just cream), but the coffee’s got to be really excellent and strong to stand up to the added flavors, or really AWFUL to need covered up by them. It seems more like dessert or comfort food, with cream and sugar. Black coffee is my constant friend, and it’s great to see its health benefits being touted – it feels vindicated, these days.

    BUT… having said that, I did find that my joined-at-the-mug-handle friendship with coffee had a lot to do with being chronically dehydrated. If you’re doing it all right – drinking that 64 oz. of water (or more) daily – you may find coffee somewhat less alluring. In fact, when I was eating, drinking, and exercising as I should be, I accidentally cut out coffee! Didn’t miss it, either. The fact that I am, once again, never seen without a mug in my hand ought to be a clue – to me – that it’s time for a lifestyle change.

    I’ve also been having some of the same issues with Gravatar that you describe. They DO, eventually, seem to catch up – but my “STOP SOPA/PIPA” gravatar hung in there even after Congress largely gave up on those bills!

    By the way… Hajra sent me. Nice to meet you, Bill! (Don’t let that woman near the knives – you see she’s over there talking about chopping our fingers off!?)

  24. Hajra is the best; she is a blogging/commenting machine she is.

    I do exercise regularly, eat well and drink enough water. Coffee is probably more of a habit than an addiction for me, but I do like it. The sugar thing is going ok so far, I’m down to half the normal amount. You are probably right about the quality of the coffee might dictate whether it needs a ‘mask’ or not.

    I think Santa is gradually fading away; it just took longer than I thought. I’m glad it wasn’t too silly of a photo….

    I certainly appreciate you taking the time to stop by; I hope we have the opportunity to bump into each other again. Take care…..

    • So do I, Bill – you know, Hajra’s over there practically promising it!

      I once wrote an ode to coffee… in response to someone’s poem waxing lovingly on about tea. No idea where that is, now.

      My best laid plans to cut out sugar are often derailed by holidays and coworker-supplied goodies on the communal grazing table. (Written as I sit here licking pink icing off my donut-glazed fingers.)

  25. Coffee….my favorite topic, as most of the commenters here can vouch for am sure.

    I have been into drinking coffee my while life, back when i was born in India, it was the awesome filter coffee that we get at every street corner, hot, lather upto the brim, yummm!!!!

    Thank heavens I have never had to worry about my sugar level but I still like to keep it low, so as to enjoy the taste of coffee rather than the sweetness.

    After coming to the US, i started using creamer instead of milk, i still would prefer having half & half over powdered cream, it just spoils the whole taste for me somehow.

    • That coffee sounds great, and yes, I prefer half and half over all of the other creamers; hands down.

      So far my ‘experiment’ is going right along; I might just get to a point where I cut it in half but not all the way gone. We’ll see……..

      Good to see you sir; hope your week went well. Take care.

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