Thoughts to ponder and it’s not SOPA

It was an interesting week indeed, especially to see how quickly Washington backed away from SOPA. I guess social can have some Klout after all, huh? I think I went dark……

No SOPA post here; but can we agree governmental censorship would be bad; very, very, bad?

Instead, I will give you some thoughts to ponder a la David Letterman style, because the weather has been too nice for me to be stuck inside this weekend. That just means I will have to work on my power blogger status later.

Thoughts to Ponder

  • Life is sexually transmitted. Well, how else did you get here?
  • Good health is merely the slowest possible rate at which one can die.
  • Men have two emotions: Hungry & Horny. If you see your man not aroused, make him a sandwich.
  • Give a person a fish and you feed him for a day. Teach a person to use the internet and they won’t bother you for weeks, months, maybe even years.
  • Health nuts are going to feel stupid someday; lying in hospitals, dying of nothing.
  • All of us could take a lesson from the weather. It pays no attention to criticism.
  • And the number 1 thought – Life is like a jar of Jalapeno peppers – what you do today, might burn your ass tomorrow.

Short and sweet today, nothing too serious. I will leave you with one final thought however: Don’t worry about old age – it doesn’t last that long.

Are you still excited about 2012?

Ok, we are three weeks into the year; are you still on track? So far, so good for me.

This is my 70th post; however, it’s not a milestone because I’ve had a handful of guest posts so I will need to subtract them, right? I was planning something epic, but instead went to the beach and had lunch on the water at the Star Fish Company. Sauteed shrimp over cheese grits covered with fresh tomatoes; it’s the south, we eat like that you know.

What did we learn today?

Not much, but what did you expect; look where you are. Have a great week friends.

Soon to be released books you might want to read

As an aside, I am pimping….er, uh mentioning two books; this is totally my own doing, no royalties or recognition will be received. However, I have been able to get to know them from the outside looking in and think the books will be pretty cool.

The first is from Jenny Lawson aka The Bloggess; the book is titled ‘Let’s Pretend This Never Happened‘. I like her style, she is very entertaining, and she actually ‘followed’ me…..:)

The other is a collaborative effort from everybody’s sweetheart Gini Dietrich & her friend Geoff Livingston; this book is ‘Marketing in the Round‘ and think it will be an excellent read as well.

I wish them the best.


65 thoughts on “Thoughts to ponder and it’s not SOPA

  1. Ok, seems like I am the first one here too! If I am then I am the official parents gave me a computer in high school and they haven’t heard from me since!

    The thing about men is getting kind of scary; especially for single girls like me; that might just be the secret we needed to know 😉

    And talk about old age not lasting long… My mom’s aunt told my mom she felt that she would die soon (this is when my mom passes high school) ; my mom now has a grandchild aged 5 and that aunt is alive and kicking… no health pills, no diet restrictions, no nothing.

    And my, Bill you are getting wise after all! 🙂 I am so proud of you!

    • First one indeed; and the scary thing about the men comment, it is really not far from the truth…….:).

      My grandmother was old when I was little; she lived to be 102 and I don’t think she ever changed the whole time I knew her.

      Thanks for stopping by; after the insurance post I thought I would post an ‘easy’ read. Good so see you, hope all is well.

  2. Excellent thoughts to ponder Bill and each and every one of them a reminder that we really should try not to take life, and ourselves too seriously.

    As you know from my recent post I think we need to remember that we occupy only a tiny part of of the Universe in a brief moment of time and keep some perspective.

    Oh dear!! I’m sounding like I’m taking it too seriously!! I’m off for a nice healthy fish sandwich – that should sort me out by the sound of your wisdom 🙂

    • Not only a tiny part, in the big scheme of things almost invisible; undetectable.

      Fish sandwich sounds good; the first place we went to I was going to get Grouper bites, but it was too crowded so we ended up at Plan B with shrimp.

      Thanks for stopping by Tony; always a pleasure to see you.

  3. OK, so I LOVE this: “Give a person a fish and you feed him for a day. Teach a person to use the internet and they won’t bother you for weeks, months, maybe even years.” I was LMAO! Too true:)

    Still excited, jazzed and on target for 2012. Getting ready to tweak my site, have an interview this week on Mentoring for a Canadian magazine, LOTS of writing in the hopper. All good.

    And about that pimping… uh sucking up…OK teacher’s pet:) Seriously, thanks for the book recommendations. I love to read, so look forward to both.

    Sauteed shrimp over cheese grits? Cheers! Kaarina

    • Actually, the lunch was quite fabulous but it probably helps if you are a grits aficionado like me. It definitely is a southern thing……..:).

      If you have so much writing in the hopper can I borrow about 3 to use for my guest post requests? I think I suck at writing GP’s; I better pick up the pace, huh?

      Will we be able to see interview online?

      Trust me, no sucking up; certain people don’t come by here anyway so I’m certainly not trying to bait them at this point. I truly think both books will be good reads and I’m looking forward to when the are published.

      Good to see you today; I just left your place, hope you had a good day.

      • You know I’m just kidding you on the “sucking up”. I have to get my digs in when I can, because you’re usually the one with the quick and snappy wit:)

        Whaddya mean you suck at writing GPs? You’re all over the place, my friend. I don’t know how you do it!

        I thought the interview was for an online publication, but it might actually be for a print magazine as well. I’ll find out on Thursday.

        Every day’s a good day in my little corner of the world. Cheers! Snowshoes

    • That Dorman with the hidden message thing going on, huh? I wish I were that smart………..:).

      I’m glad you like the vibe, just another day in paradise. I hope you had a great day and have a fantastic week. Good to see you.

    • Sense of humor I do have and sometimes too much, but I prefer that to the opposite.

      I appreciate your kind words and taking the time to stop by; I hope you have been well sir.

    • I’m glad you enjoyed it; and yes the shrimp were plump and it was a deeelicious dish indeed.

      I heard that internet thing was a black hole; do you think there is any truth to that rumor?

      So good to see you Erica; I hope you had a great weekend.

  4. On track for 2012? I’m still trying to get on track for 2008. Just be patient with me…

    I’m with Kaarina, I love all of these but my favorite is the Give a person a fish quote.

    Sauteed shrimp and cheese grits? I’ll be right over. 🙂

  5. Hi Bill,
    Thanks for the early week funnies. (remember when we called the comics the “funny paper”?) I particularly find truth and humor in the fourth point.
    Why is that so true!
    This year is on track so far! Takes a while to settle in to a “new” year doesn’t it which is strange because we settle into new months easily!

    • Uh, yes I do remember that………

      # 4 seems to be the most popular and it did make me laugh out loud because it is so true.

      Let’s just keep moving forward and we will get it done, and have fun doing it.

      Good to see you, I do appreciate you stopping by. It is always a pleasure to see you. I was by your place earlier.

  6. Love the thoughts to ponder Bill, hilarious… lol…

    Okay, I’m from the south and I don’t eat like that. Oh but that’s right, you’re in Florida! You’re just weird but I’m sure you get that a lot. Sauteed shrimp over cheese grits, never had it although I love both of those. Huh!!! As far as the tomatoes, yuck! Have never been able to acquire a taste for those.

    I’m right on track as we have officially slid into this year. Oh yeah, I’m still excited.

    • Oh yeah, you should have picked up on my weirdness a long time ago…..:). Your south is probably Tex Mex, huh?

      It’s not a common dish of mine but when I saw it on the menu I definitely had to try it and I was not disappointed.

      I LOVE tomatoes; we visited my uncle in S Carolina when I was about 7 or 8 and he had a garden w/ vine ripe tomatoes. I was eating them off the vine; I definitely fell in love with them, the were SO good.

      Here’s to staying on track and good things still to come; thanks for stopping by, always a pleasure ma’am.

  7. “And the number 1 thought – Life is like a jar of Jalapeno peppers – what you do today, might burn your ass tomorrow.”
    –My favorite.

    Even though I live in Seattle I’m a fan of grits and southern cooking in general. Sauteed shrimp over cheese grits sounds pretty damn incredible. I am from Maryland you know. 😉

    You are right, I learned nothing. Well I did learn that health nuts are stupid and that line was so very Carlinesque.

    I’ll certainly be checking out “Marketing in the Round” as I’m a Gini toady just like you. 😉 We can’t help it, can we?

    • Glad you enjoyed; I might have ‘borrowed’ and embellished somewhat. Hopefully it gave you a smile and a laugh.

      Thanks for stopping by; hope your day went well. I’ll see you soon….

  8. I know, you gave up crab cakes for granola; what’s up with that? I hope you are healthy now………..:)

    So true with the number 1 thought, huh?

    Thanks for stopping by, always good to see you sir; I hope you have a great week.

  9. Lesson Learned.

    Feel the evil Lizard winning today? Go visit that guy, you know, Bill Dorman.

    Thanks man.

    I’m gonna have to print these out, ya know.
    I just want to HUG you!

    • Hugs are cool; maybe my picture will make it to your refrigerator some day………:).

      Good to see you, hope you are well. Thanks for dropping by; it is always a pleasure to see you ma’am.

  10. Hmm…. I am still waiting for my sandwich, it seems that house has no bread left. I have to get all the ingredients and bread from the shop. If there is so much to do for sandwich , I could make it myself ;).

    I don’t eat Jalapenos here a lot but a spicy curry can cause same effect. It often does to people who come from other countries who visit India 🙂

    I learned about at least ten new facts. So reading was not entirely wasted 🙂

    • Ah yes, spicy curry indeed….same effect…….:).

      Some of the thoughts made me laugh and I embellished some a little bit to put my touch on it.

      Good to see you sir, thanks for taking the time to stop by. I hope you have been well.

  11. Bill my man,

    Those thoughts made me laugh out loud!

    How about this one: “Give a man a match and he’ll burn for a minute. Set him on fire and he’ll burn for the rest of his life!”

    Too much? I hope not!

    • I like that one Robert; don’t we all want to be set on fire in some way, to have passion about something?

      Good to see you, hope you have been well. Thanks for dropping by.

  12. I see everyone talking about grits above, but I’m not sure anyone but Erica knows how to pronounce it. You might have to test everyone. 🙂

    “Good health is merely the slowest possible rate at which one can die.” That’s funny because I was just re-reading portions of a book called Younger Next Year a couple of days ago. Great book — makes the point that good health has as much to do with the quality of life before you go and not just how long it takes you to play the final game. Oh wait… I just got serious, what am I thinking?

    • Two syllables, right?

      My thoughts indeed; I might die at 60, but if I do, I want to be as healthy as I can and living the best lifestyle I can up to that point. I don’t want poor lifestyle choices to limit my enjoyment of life to the fullest.

      There are no guarantees on longevity, but I want to be rock and roll when I’m here.

      Now that was pretty serious too, huh?

      Live life like this was your last day and with no regrets; Mach V with your hair on fire, right?

      Good to see you Adam; thanks for dropping by.

  13. What else did they add to the sauteed shrimps with cheese grits and tomato? Bill, you have a good life, generous of you to share it with us.

    Men want the same thing from their underwear that they want from women: a little bit of support, and a little bit of freedom. (Jerry Seinfeld)

    Still excited about 2012, still always a little bit late to the party and trying to catch up on so many things.

    Have a great week!

    • I’m guessing there was some butter in there too……pieces of bacon would have rocked………:). It went very well with a nice glass of white wine I might add; and the water setting was very enjoyable.

      I like the Seinfeld quote………

      You have an open invite to come any time you want; it is always a pleasure to see you. I hope your day has been well.

  14. Oh to swim in that head of yours for just a day – that would be one wild and fun ride!

    I’ve had more laughs visiting your blog and reading your comments than going to a Vegas comedy club.

    To top it off, there is always something to glean from it; you just have go beneath the surface to get the golden nuggets.

    You’re too much Bill!

    • Kind words indeed, sir; I do appreciate you stopping by as well.

      I really can be serious when I need to; but I also try to find humor in life as well. It can beat you down if you let it, and I’m just not going to let that happen; not on my watch.

      I have had a busy two days and playing some catch-up, but doing what I can. Hope to get to your place shortly.

  15. Thanks Bill! Your thoughts to ponder made me laugh out loud.

    I adore the Bloggess! I’m impressed that she followed you. Great job. One of the funniest women alive today, in my opinion. Can’t wait for her book.

    Thanks for the laugh (which is worth a lot!!! Never underestimate the power of a good laugh!!)


    • Wha? Who wouldn’t follow me…………wait, you don’t have to answer that…………:).

      I think her book will rock; I’m glad I found her, I do enjoy her ‘stuff’.

      So good to see you; thanks for taking the time to stop by as it is always a pleasure. I’ll come see your new vid soon.

    • Hello ma’am; thanks for stopping by. I can’t wait ’til your book comes out as I know it will kick it.

      I have enjoyed hanging in your neighborhood, always enjoy your work and following your exploits.

      Keep up the good work; best of luck to you in ’12.

    • Soft Window Targas fit this blog perfectly. Stylish, sotcispihated, and a bit contrarian at the same. Takes a bit of an aficionado to appreciate. My 87 Venetian Blue Targa is my prized possession and has been a family member for 24 years. Not a soft window but with 3.2 flat 6 power and the G50 transmission it is a perfect driver.

  16. Hi there Bill,

    So your weather is nice, that’s good to hear, while I’m stuck here in the snow. I’ve been out skiing with my kids, and it has been sunny lately, but cold as well, and it’s getting colder. But usually, the colder it gets, the better the weather is… that’s how I look at it.

    The books you mention looks interesting, I’ll have to take a closer look at them. I’m just waiting for mr Jack B to write one about blogging, that would have been something. Or what about you and Jack together, that would have been a bestseller. Food for thought…

    Talk to you soon. Have fun in the sun 🙂

    • Weather has been great this year; little overcast today but temp is still about 70 degrees.

      I guess the good thing about where you live is you don’t need a refrigerator, huh? Just stick your stuff outside……..:).

      I think the books will be good just because who is writing them; only time will tell but I don’t think you can go wrong.

      I’m pretty sure Jack is already tired of dragging me around so the last thing he wants to do is let me take credit for all of his creative talents. Maybe he will let me do the ‘forward’ on the book, huh?

      Good to see you Jens, I have been a busy man this week.

    • Respected sir, your guidance will be very hlpeful for ias appariants. this will guide helpless & poor student also to turn their dream in real success.thanks .

  17. Heh, where do you come up with these quippy quips?! Hilarious. Tried my own little attempts a couple posts back. Both books are on my radar, planning to read more this year as yes, 2012 is getting more in focus. And dude, can you deliver shrimp and cheese grits? 😉

    • No kidding on the shrimp and cheese grits, huh? Talk about DElicious; now that’s some good eats, I don’t care where you are from…..

      I won’t lie, I have let social consume me at times and I’m trying to avoid that going further. It’s just hard to do at times when you see all your friends outside playing. One of the things I do want to do more of in 2012, is get back to reading something other than blogs.

      It’s just a matter of priorities I suppose, right?

      Good to see you Davina; always a pleasure.

    • That’s a good thing, right? I’m glad you found some pleasure in it; if I can make someone smile and their day just a little bit brighter then that’s a good day for me.

      Thanks for stopping by.

  18. “Marketing in the Round shows how to create a marketing hub with integrated spokes including PR, advertising, direct marketing, web, social media, search, and content. Through this flexible marketing hub, every business function can speak cohesively with each customer through the tools and platforms that deliver the best results with the least expense.”

    That’s from the book description on Amazon.

    I think Gini better get you to describe this book, Bill. Because Amazon’s description scared me – me being a guy who didn’t flinch when reading Thomas Aquinas’ Summa Theologica. Or the complete works of Sigmund Freud. Carl Jung. Shakespeare. Blah blah blah.

    I’m a lot more finicky about my sandwiches. But a Famous Deli-size (a la NYC) Reuben sandwich served to me in the nude by my GF would rock my world. [laughing]

    French fries and gravy (southern style) on the side would be fantastic.

    Without a second thought, I’d fall down on my knees and worship.

    What is Jenny Lawson’s book about?

    • I hear you on the Reuben and even served by a Reubenesque model with be perfectly ok with me………:).

      Gini’s is certainly more ‘business’ focused and I am just going out on a limb pimping it based on her reputation. I don’t think she would sign off on anything that was half-assed. I try to support my friends when I can.

      Kind of the same w/ Jenny and I don’t know her on the same level as I know Gini w/ a G. However, Jenny with the J actually followed me back after I ‘discovered’ her. I do know Jenny with a J is big time and she finds a distorted sense of humor in her everyday life, which is something I think you can appreciate. She also shows her vulnerability at times and makes her more human in my book.

      I think Jenny’s book will be more about the absurdities she has encountered and only seen through her eyes. Personally, I can’t wait until it’s published. So, if I need to read it first before I give you the A-OK, I will be happy to do so.

      Good to see you Stan, hope all is well. This has been a very busy week for Billy boy and has kept me off-line pretty much most of the week; but I can see it has survived without me…….:)

    • One man circus, right? Kind of like your whistling, right? My dad was a great whistler; I can make a sound but I paled in comparison to his talents. Maybe I should start practicing again….

      Good to see you; thanks for dropping in m’ lady.

  19. Loved it! I showed the list to my wife, and told her she didn’t need to make a samich….I love my couch, I really do. 🙂 Great way to break up my day.

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