What is up with Triberr these days?

I will preface this post by saying Dino Dogan provided me the opportunity to join Triberr in the very beginning with one caveat; your blog can’t suck. I was already hanging out with some heavy hitters, but so new to the game there was no way I was dragging this thing out for broadcast; my moniker ‘invisible’ blogger was there for a reason.

Subsequently, by not taking a pro-active approach I was never on the ‘must have’ list and had to wait until someone eventually asked me to join; and because of this, my results and experience have been mixed at best.

Fortunately, the Triberr platform has not taken a beat down like Klout has, and it’s impressive what Dino and Dan Cristo have done. If you know Dino at all, he is not one to mince words so his reply to a comment on Four Reasons Why I Finally Like Tribber at Mark Schaefer’s place is pretty succinct: ‘ What many critics forget is that Triberr is growing up naked and in public. We stumble but we’re growing and evolving every day. More news on that soon :-)’

What is Triberr?

Triberr is an invite only website for bloggers interested in increasing their reach. Pretty simple, huh? Obviously it’s not for everyone for various reasons, and if you read Mark’s post you can see some of the arguments for and against.

So, what is your point?

I am in 3 tribes with 29 tribe mates and a reach of 138,000. Out of my 29 tribe mates some are duplicates so the real number is probably closer to 23 or 24. However, only one-third are active members at best.

My numbers are modest for sure, but that is what happens when you just show up; you have to take what you can get, right?

My main question is ‘why are two-thirds of my ‘mates’ not using it’? I did take the time to ‘ask’ but only found the echo chamber everyone is talking about. Hence, the gist of my post.

All I know is somebody better be picking up the pace if I’m going to make my New Year’s resolution of being ridiculously famous in 2012. I’m.serious.

Who is using it effectively?

There was a big to-do when it was fully automated; so as part of the evolution, Triberr now has a manual release only option. After this ‘fix’, two-thirds of my peeps either got really lazy or my posts were so bad nobody wanted to promote it. Don’t answer……….

I try to promote ALL my tribe mates and will even personalize the re-tweet. I might not bring much to the table, but that I can do.

I will also add, the one-third that is active do a good job and it is much appreciated.

Is Triberr still the next ‘big’ thing?

I hope so, because I want to be able to tell people I knew Dino ‘when’ before he becomes ridiculously famous (and wealthy).  He needs to know it will be a race however if my tribe mates finally decide to step up and get me there first. And I will be ‘ok’ with him saying the same thing about me……….just sayin’……….

It has my vote

We all know how fickle and snarky social can be. I try to stay away from all that noise, it will just make you do silly things. As a sharing mechanism and a way to promote my friends, I think it’s the greatest thing since sliced bread. It’s already setting the table for you; all you have to do is ‘show up’ and we all know that is how I roll.

So answer me this

I’ve seen the reasons why some came and went; some are in, but dormant; and some never joined, but really? The whole point was to provide a platform for bloggers still in the minors to get their voice heard on a larger scale.

This is called helping, sharing, giving back to your community; and Dino has made it about as easy as it can be. I really don’t see a downside.

It’s my turn

I know if I have less than enthusiastic tribe mates it is up to me to make things happen. I can always move on and find more active tribes, or just hang around and be happy with what I get. The good news is, it is easy to do both.

We are already half way through January and nobody is knocking down my door yet, so this is your wake-up call; get your ass in gear. Don’t make me hunt you down……….and yes, I have spots open if you want to help me to the top.



117 thoughts on “What is up with Triberr these days?

  1. As you know, Bill, I get confounded by triberr every time there are changes, and I’m regularly unsure if I’m “doing it right”. You provided me with some great instruction and direction (thanks for that), as did Ken Mueller, when I asked about frequency of checking in and “approving”.

    I read posts before tweeting/approving, so sometimes I’m in the midst of reading and commenting, and simply don’t get back to triberr quickly. It’s a great opportunity, a great tool but at the end of the day, there are only so many hours in the day. Often times I find that I’m tweeting out immediately on a person’s site after reading. What I always have to remember is to go back to triberr to approve for an additional tip of the hat to follow.

    I do have my a$& in gear: do you hear that knock on your door? Cheers! Kaarina

    • I hear ya knockin’……….

      Because most of my tribe mates are people I know, if I can get a tidbit of what the post is about I will incorporate it into my remark when I re-tweet it. Because of the time, some I read and some I come back to. I’m really not that concerned someone is going to drop a turd on me and my reputation will be totally ruined from one re-tweet…….too late, huh?

      I try to make it one of the first things I do every morning; it might take me 5-10 minutes tops. Which works great for me because if it gets too complicated I will probably avoid it.

      Good to see you snowshoes; how’s that phone work on those things?

    • @Kaarina Our mission at Triberr is to solve big problems for little bloggers. And what you bring up is a current minus for the system. I know this. I’m aware of it, and we will be rolling out some game-changing features in the 1st quarter, one of which will address exactly the situation you describe.

      There will be more on that in the January newsletter.

      Thank you for being a part of our community.

  2. I’m with you on this. I love the concept and try to be active. I’m not nearly as creative as you are, and you are the one person I have truly appreciated for how diligent you have been on not only sending out tweets, but as you said, customizing them.

    Thank you for that.

    • You are probably the most active and consistent with it in our tribe. I’ve seen some good comments and if my posts are a distraction to your audience then I could see where you might not want to re-tweet everyone. I’m just curious how many posts are getting read from re-tweets out of Triberr.

      I prefer the diversity and not having everybody in my Tribe speaking about the same thing. It really opens up the breadth of your network.

      Thank you for stopping by, it is always a pleasure to see you sir.

  3. I was more in love with Triberr before they had to stop the automation. ;-( Now I check in several times a day to see if there is anything to share. Over half my tribe mates aren’t doing this. I think it’s a shame because I love to share their stuff and it intersperses well among my own tweets, giving valuable content and not just mine 😉
    I’ve got to take some time and find out who really wants to be there and switch some new bloggers into the non-active slots so I can pick up the pace again. When I get a round to it.
    Does anybody have a round-to-it for me?

    • Trust me, I REALLY loved the automated ones because I didn’t even have to show up for that; I just had to be in a tribe……:). And the tribes I am in, I know everybody so I was never concerned about what was going out under my name. Maybe that was naive, but I have a pretty good feeling none of it would have been viral and attributed to me.

      Maybe it is time to clean house and hook up with the people who are actively using it. To me, it sure makes it simple, and simple I can do.

      Looks like your Sat post actually did well; I thought that was pretty cool. Of course all you snowbirds can’t go out of the house so you had nothing else to do, huh?…………..:).

      Thanks for stopping by.

    • I think Bill is exactly correct. When we switched off automation we basically changed the culture of tribes. It was kinda like turning off gravity and now everyone has to learn how to float 🙂

      We deployed Optimization tab to help figure out which tribesmates are worth keeping around and which arent.

      Folks who cane in after the switch have a completely different culture. They are more engaged and share more that others.

      A year from now, it wont be an issue. But we are deploying Atomic Tribes which will bring back a lot of the automation.

  4. I was in Triberr from early on and got into quite a few tribes. Ultimately I was tweeting out a lot of different posts from a lot of people, and many were doing the same for mine. When Triberr went manual-mode a lot of the sharing stopped as people had had a “set it and forget it” mentality.

    A few months ago (or a month ago, can’t remember) I left Triberr as much of the content wasn’t a fit for my community and I was expected to share everyone’s post. That doesn’t work, at least not for me.

    I was recently lured back in by the siren song of choice and reconnection with a lot of great people, and am back on the Triberr horse, so to speak.

    Triberr can be fantastic when done correctly. In my definition “correctly” means having the freedom to choose what you tweet so that you further connect with your community.

    The trick is knowing what to share. Not always easy.

    Good luck getting super famous in 2012 Bill!

    • I concur, it can be fantastic when done correctly and maybe second time around for you (now that you know what it looks like) being more purposeful can maximize the effectiveness for you.

      I am not as picky about sharing as you, but you have a definitive business model with your site and could see where you might exercise a little more caution.

      The attraction for me is the simplicity and I can control what goes out under my name if I want. To me, part of social is sharing and helping others and this is one of the few things I can do for my community.

      I was just curious, because most in my tribes don’t use it at all and I was wondering why it lost it’s allure for them.

      Good to see you Robert, hope all is well on your side of the world; thanks for your comments.

  5. I think the original value offered by Triberr was automation – and that was both alluring and downright icky for some. I have a Triberr account but haven’t really spent the time in understanding how to best use it to my advantage thus far.

    I’ve had much better success in boosting traffic and visibility through more organic means and my content sharing/content curation efforts are simply better served by Buffer.

    • If you have a system that works for you, then probably no need to reinvent the wheel, huh? My deal was, not only am I a late adapter, I got into this part of social clueless and was afraid to ask how to do anything. When I finally got in a tribe, it was the one automated thing I could live with.

      Now that I can control it, I like it better. Going forward, I will be more pro-active in who I’m hangin’ with and start congregating the people who are actually using it.

      Good to see you Jason, thanks so much for taking the time to stop by; much appreciated sir.

    • @Jason Buffer is a great app. Leo and Joel are friends and they app addresses a particular need to send content to your destination channels.

      Triberr is the polar opposite of this model. It’s not about sending your content to your destinations, it’s about having your content sent to other people’s destinations.

      Triberr is different and unique in this way from all other social sharing apps. Hence the complex human element inherent in such a system.

      I hope you give us a chance and build your tribes. It truly is a great way to drive targeted traffic and build a community.

  6. Hi Bill, a very good Monday to you!

    I am not in any tribe on Triberr (hint hint) but I am a member of a group with about the same numbers of active people vs, inactive members.

    My guess is that be it online or in real life you will always have this ratio of real communicators who “help, share, give back to your community”, I would not waste too much time on the hop alongs.

    Beautiful sunshine outside, off to communicate in real life. Take care, see you soon!

    • And that’s is probably what I don’t understand, because the sharing part of this is SO easy why wouldn’t you do it? If my content doesn’t align with your site then that is certainly one thing, but other than that I really don’t see a downside.

      Like I said, social is quirky and fickle and some people have their reasons which are totally valid to them. Personally, I think people have a tendency to over-think some of this stuff at times. It’s social; no more, no less. None of it is going to take you ‘down’; just like it doesn’t in real life.

      I know I can be naive at times with social, but I also don’t want to give it any more credence than it deserves. It is what it is and we just need to keep it simple.

      I sent you an invite BTW if you are interested; thanks for helping climb the mountain……….:)

  7. Bill,

    Great post, inclusive of changes to the moment.

    I’ve been in Triberr since June, and come a long way since then…just as Triberr itself. I wasn’t a newbie blogger…but pretty “young.”

    The evolution is like “growing pains.” Like anything else there will be change, like anything else, we’ll have a few adjustments. But mainly, it’s all good.

    Would not trade Triberr in. Would you?

    Right now, I’m in 9 tribes, I believe. I’m the chief of two – One just developing, the other, a smaller yet groovy group! My connections are 109 tribemates, and my amplified reach is 2.2 million.

    Sometimes it is overwhelming, but it does help spread awareness for your brand.

    Would love to know you better and compare notes. Blog on!


    • 2.2 million; sweet……..just have every tribe mate send you a dollar and you will be good to go, right?

      I’m guessing you took a more pro-active approach than I did. I might be singing a different tune if I had that many connections. However, I love Triberr because it really helps me with the sharing part. Unfortunately, I kind of suck at Twitter because I spend so much time in the blogs and Triberr is one of the few things I actually tweet on a consistent basis.

      I do appreciate you taking the time to stop by and would love to get to know you better as well. I will definitely check you out.

      Hope all is well and do appreciate the comments.

  8. I’m with the others Bill. I actually dropped out of all the tribes (except the one I created) after the switch prevented automation. The last thing I ever wanted (or needed( was to have at another place to log into and share from. I can do that from at least a dozen different places.

    What has filled that Triberr gap for me is buffer. Now, if only I could convince that team that they should have a new setting where I could share something through buffer once and set it to tweet out 3 or 4 times a day at randomly spaced out intervals. THAT would be magical. 🙂

    • That would be magical. I was using Timely.is and now Socialyzer because it optimizes my tweet scheduling for me. Easy peasy. All social media science aside, it’s making the tweet enticing that gets the clicks.

    • And that’s because you know what you are doing in here. Almost everything I have learned has been because I eventually see enough people talking about it I better figure it out. Your buffer is my Triberr; I wanted to share but doing it manually with no platform was just too time consuming. Triberr made it very easy for me, and I like easy.

      I appreciate your thoughts and it certainly makes sense why some of the more ‘active’ people in here have gone away from it; thanks for sharing.

      Good to see you and hope all is well. If you have to go outside, watch out for Gini cross country skiing, she might run you down.

      • Dino – thanks for the tip. Just checked it out. Close, but not really what I’m looking for. Maybe I’m just a picky bastard…. My issue with Twaitter is the same I have with Triberr today – I’m really not looking for another place I need to log into in order to do something. I’m not looking to replace my SoMe platform of choice or supplement it with another place to have to log in and tweet from.

        That’s the one thing I love so dearly about buffer – the incredibly lightweight nature of the tool. I use the Firebox plug in and buffer from a little icon at the bottom of any page right from within my browser. If the Buffer gents could add that additional layer of functionality, I would be in heaven. Set a global # of RTs and the rough spacing between each tweet and then have buffer vary if just a bit and I would be ecstatic!

        I realize I can set a lot of those settings manually in the twitter platform of choice, but I’m really looking for an automated solution.

        Looking forward to seeing the details on the upcoming changes. 🙂

  9. Hi Bill! You really hit some pertinent points here regarding Triberr. I am only in one tribe and was honored to be asked to join this tribe. Relevant to my career, it is a healthcare focused tribe. There are a few members of my tribe that are absolutely awesome with a capital “A”. The rest just sort of sit there. Like Kaarina, I am never really sure what my responsibilities are within my team. Since the automation was removed, I take the time everyday to stop by Triberr, read ALL of the posts that my tribe has posted and comment on almost all of them so that when I retweet them, I can make a relevant comment about the post I am tweeting. It is time consuming but it is what I would like others to do for me….and, other than those few awesome tribe members, they don’t . Maybe I’m wrong but, wouldn’t it behoove the tribe leader to “clean house” every once in awhile (monthly) OR get on the backs of the non-supporting members and get their behinds in gear? I think that might keep the philosophy of Triberr more accurate and the results more profound. ALSO, because I have been nervous about asking people to join a tribe that I made, perhaps people here would be interested. I named the tribe Passionate Word of Mouth Purveyors and am interested in getting it up and running (it has sat as a named but unmanned tribe for quite a while) SO…anyone interested in becoming part of the Passionate Word of Mouth Purveyors tribe, let me know and we can figure this out together!

    • What if it is your tribe leader who has disappeared? In two of my tribes that is exactly what has happened. That is why I mentioned I could always just drop out and be more pro-active starting something else. However, it’s not hurting me just sitting there either so I’m not that concerned about it.

      It used to be you couldn’t ask someone who is already in a tribe to join yours unless you did inbreeding and I’m not sure exactly how that works but shouldn’t be too hard to figure out. Also, I think Triberr has taken down some of those barriers so it might not be an issue.

      If you can get me in I would be interested in being part of your tribe of passionate people playfully pleasing Popsicles plentifully. Try to send me an invite and see what happens……

      Hope all is well and you are staying warm; thanks for stopping by.

      • Hi Bill, I was honored to join a Tribe a few weeks ago. And so far, so good. Everyone is engaged and sharing each others posts.

        I believe the way in-breeding works is through the payment of bones. I automatically got a certain # of bones when I joined but you can purchase additional ones.

        So far my Tribe is fairly small so if anyone is interested in a member who blogs about PR, communications and SM, I’d welcome another invite.

  10. Hey Bill,
    First of all, you are in no danger of not becoming ridiculously famous in 2012. This is because I will become ridiculously famous in 2012, and you can just ride my coat tails. You’re welcome.

    I’m in Triberr and I have to say, I loved it a lot more when it was automated. I don’t get the arguments they used (or that Twitter) used to shut that feature down. They named SPAM as a major problem. But… you can choose who to be in tribes with, and you could choose whose tweets to automate, and whose to check. Why would anyone choose to be in a tribe with a spammer or to automate those tweets? For me, the huge benefit was that once you found people who you were going to retweet each time anyway, people you genuinely like and whose work you read religiously, you could automatically retweet their stuff. It sounds like a few lazy spammers ruined it for the rest of us. Poo.

    I still go in and check almost daily, but I haven’t seen much benefit from Triberr since they shut automation off. One of the tribes I’m in has died completely. The other one is Lori’s and she’s awesome.

    Anywho, that’s my novel for the day. 🙂


    • And I will be more than happy to ride your coattails and we can both say we knew each other ‘when’ and become incredibly beautiful people on Inside Hollywood and live happily ever after, right?

      I think some of the bigger/popular people got in these mega-tribes and did not know everyone so the level of trust was not there on the automation. I do know everyone in my tribes and had no problem whatsoever letting it go out under my name sight unseen.

      Now that people know how it works maybe they can be more purposeful it putting the tribes together. If you look at some of the comments, it appears some are using other platforms that seem to work better for them.

      When they shut the automation off; the participation in my tribes practically fell off the table. Not that I need the numbers, but it is kind of nice to see where you pull people in from at times.

      I do appreciate your easy to read novel for today and hope you had a great weekend. Thanks for sharing; have a great day ma’am.

    • @Melody I believed like you, that people would self organize into units that made sense, rather than go for big figures no matter what. Unfortunately people started inviting whoever as long as they had a large following, and turned us into a spam machine.

      We are bringing automation back to some degree in the form of Atomic Tribes. More in the upcoming newsletter 🙂

      • Wow, thanks for the reply Dino (Bill, you just went up a notch on my cool meter. You may now capitalize your Hawtness). I look forward to seeing what you guys came up with. Triberr is such a great idea, and it’s sad to hear that a few greedy, greedy bastards had to go and spoil it a bit. Not to worry though. Everything always works out in the end.



  11. Bill,

    Great post. So right!! I have 29 tribemates, about 10 are active. Where did all the rest go? The actually stopped blogging.

    What does this tell me?

    For those of you out there that get an invite, do your research. Get to know the bloggers, especially the “ruler” of the tribe. Be sure to check out his or her blog for history and community. I thought I did.

    The first tribe I jumped in without looking. Bad choice, most of them blogged about subject totally different than mine. BUT I can say they are awesome people that know the meaning of supporting your fellow bloggers.

    My second tribe I did the research and they are all in my niche. BUT about 1/2 stopped blogging! Or have been MIA for 2 month!! Argh!

    I actually joined Triberr, not for tweets, but to form relationships with other people in my niche. I have with a few.

    I think Triberr is awesome, it’s the people that give up.

    BTW, yes I am using Bill’s comment section to sell, sorry Bill, I am still looking for women/mom bloggers to join my tribe. Yes, I seem prejudice to men, sorry men, but I want a specialized tribe. Check out my blog and see if you “fit in.” If you are interested, email me.

    Sorry, Bill, for the shameless and tasteless plug. I would have taken you in my tribe, wait, didn’t I offer? But I was too late, you already joined BIG tribes and didn’t need mine. LOL.

    Great post!


    • Whoa, hey you; I thought you had ditched me because of your new and improved direction.

      Truth be known, some people did ask me early but Dino’s mantra of ‘your blog can’t suck’ was constantly ringing in my ears. I wasn’t even blogging a month AND had a free site and thought I would be totally exposed. I didn’t want to be known as the guy that ‘sucks’.

      I wasn’t pro-actively trying to get an invitation so it took awhile for somebody to ask me after that. Subsequently, I got in a tribe that I believe everybody is gone except for one member and he’ll stop by here fairly often. Even in the early days we didn’t do a good job of supporting each other.

      However, for those left standing I do try to promote them. I might not read all of them but still more than happy to promote. Going forward and by being more purposeful with my efforts maybe I can get better results.

      Feel free to pimp yourself here and hopefully you can pick up some like-minded bloggers to join your tribe. I’m just glad to see you around.

      You must be practically giddy after the San Fran win; that was quite the finish, huh?

      Take care and I’ll talk you soon.

  12. Hi Bill,

    I have been in Triberr since around last March or April. It is the reason that I know every single commenter on this post. Not one, or two of you, but every single one of the people here is someone I met because of Triberr.

    I felt like sort of the odd man out in my initial tribe. My content didn’t always line with the others in my tribe, not to mention that I updated more frequently than most.

    But Triberr helped my blog grow and I learned from the experience.

    Since the “change” I have seen a lot of people give up or stop taking it seriously. It is disappointing because they are happy to let others carry the load for them. They will let the rest of us promote their posts but not do the same.

    But that doesn’t irk me so much because that is how life is. A lot of people are happy to let others carry the load for them. What throws me a bit is that they haven’t figured out that there is still a benefit and opportunity here.

    Success comes from being willing to take one more step.

    • Because it is so easy, I don’t understand why everybody doesn’t embrace it. From the comments above; others are using a different platform and maybe once you set the others up they are easy as well, but this is perfect for me.

      Part of the problem is the early adopters/popular people REALLY loaded up and they lost control so it scared them. They essentially cornered the market and now a good many of those same people are the ones not using it.

      I’m all for trying to help my community and this is one of the easiest ways I can do so. For now I am re-tweeting everybody because once I start having the dreaded ‘expectations’ of anything in return; that is when the silly noise starts.

      My vote is for it; and I might work on putting some better tribes together.

      Good to see you; hope you had a great weekend.

      • Hi Dino,

        It is mutual and I don’t stay anywhere unless I want to. I think that most of the active people in Anubis are diehards who appreciate the others.

        There are serious benefits to hanging out with people whose content is different from our own. It helps to tone down some of the echo chamber issues that exist elsewhere.

  13. Hey Bill, I’m a bit confused. I thought you became ridiculously famous in 2011. Can you do that twice? I thought once was enough, but I have no first-hand knowledge of such.

    I am a big Triberr fan. I am in five tribes with 99 trbemates and 2,7 million reach. Sure beats not being in Triberr! The jump in my blog traffic after I joined was a big factor in my getting the Inquirer job. I’ll be the last one out of Triberr, turning off the lights.

    I have found those who aren’t active in Triberr generally aren’t actively blogging either. As you have wisely pointed out, people come and go in this blogging world (though I believe you and I made a blood oath to stick with this till our dying days), so it makes sense that they wouldn’t be present in Triberr if they’re paying no mind to their own blog.

    I try to be very active on Triberr, checking in at least once a day, usually more. I try to visit the blogs of my tribemates and support them with comments, etc.

    How about staring your own tribe? You can cherry-pick active tribemates and focus on the active folks (hands raised here to volunteer). You could be very inclusive, anyone who agrees to be active can join. Oh yeah, and they could pay you a dollar too.

    • One more thing…make sure you Stumble your posts, Bill, so that other tribemates can help you drive traffic through StumbleUpon.

      The loss of automatic tweeting on Triberr was replaced by our ability to spread the word about tribemates’ posts on other social media such as Facebook and StumbleUpon. I definitely share on Facebook but I only Stumble posts that the author has written his own review for. It’s too long to write a review myself and I may not get the tags right.

      Just a thought…

      • Oh, I can stumble alright………..Adrienne tried to tell me what I need to do; I’m not quite sure how yet but will work on it. I have tried to get in there to write a review but haven’t been able to change or add to my profile yet. Hmmmmm

    • I thought I did too, but apparently there is another level. I think ridiculously is a notch above just regular famous……

      I knew as soon as I drug out my measly 138k people would be trumping me with millions. Ok, I suck at Triberr……at least I finally got in…….:).

      It’s a little bit of both in my tribes. Yes, some have totally disappeared but some are pretty active; just not with Triberr……or me…….:(.

      I am not good on self-promotion so I passively tried to get some members together for a tribe. The challenge was, most of the people I knew were already in one. The other challenge was, a couple chose a ‘more popular’ invite over mine. But that’s just life in the big city, huh?

      It’s all good; I really like it and just want to maximize my use instead of doing all the heavy lifting. Yours is definitely a success story and I would think more people would see the opportunity far outweighs any downside.

      So good to see you today; thanks for sharing your story and thoughts.

  14. There’s so much to keep up with Bill, especially if you’re running a business!

    I need to get caught up with Triberr – unfortunately, I never really put the time in to fully understand the benefits, which with new changes is imperative to do at this point if I’m going to leverage the network to grow my presence on the social web.

    There’s still much to learn with the big networks like Twitter, Facebook, and Linkedin – now video is becoming an essential tool of the trade for delivering content effectively…

    So much to learn, so little time!

    • Yes, my friend it is still like drinking from a fire hose. I have to pick and choose where I’m going to be and what I’m going to do. That is why I like Triberr because it allows me to share w/ very little effort. My twitter presence has really fallen off the table and sometimes you will only see me through what I’m sharing.

      Fortunately, I know what works for me and since this is not my business I don’t have to worry about when and where I show up; I’ll just have to get there when I can. It also allows me to stand back and see what is working for some and not for others. I might not be the most intuitive guy, but I feel I’m pretty perceptive being able to predict who will make and who will not.

      To me, Triberr was ideal since I’m just the ‘show up’ guy anyway. I really don’t see a downside to it if you are purposeful with your tribes. Some people tried to get TOO big and it blew up on them; they had no control.

      Good to see you Mr Mark; can’t wait until you start rolling out the vids.

  15. Dude. Boy, am I late! 46 responses?!

    I was no where near good enough for the Mighty and Powerful Dino to invite meee…but! He did make sure somebody found and invited me!! Yipee I love Triberr!

    Actually, Bill, I love the “idea” of it. But, you nailed it, man. I have (supposedly,) like over 80,000 people’s reach…. but you sure couldn’t tell it by me! LOL

    Maybe I’m just so “different” than others, people don’t know what to do with me…maybe I’m not improving as much as I believe I am… I dunno.

    I LIKE having to approve and share manually… we all know this has to be done, so why are so many people, NOT doing it? Well, I know my reason, when I’m not sharing or responding, is I am unable to get online, or if I do, pages wont load for me…

    I realize, at the same time, that maybe I just pissed some humans off! (by not sharing! or responding!)

    It certainly wasn’t easy to learn, especially with ALL the stuff TO learn, last year! But, I feel stronger for all I have absorbed and I’ll be a better Tribe-mate this year, for sure.

    p.s. PICK ME!!

    • I’ll pick you…..:).

      You would think if you have a reach of 80k and everyone one of your tribe mates re-tweeted and every one of their follower re-tweeted it would be huge, huh? Unfortunately, we can barely get our mates to re-tweet once, much less have their network do the same.

      It must be frustrating at times with the spotty internet, much less trying to keep up with everything.

      I just find it so easy because my friends are all right there and I like to promote them. I might work on cleaning up my tribes with like minded friends who are in to sharing and helping others.

      Glad you could make it by; thanks for taking the time to leave a comment. Hope all has been well.

  16. Well I’m still on the Triberr praise as well Bill. I’m very fortunate to be on 7 tribes with a total of 102 members with a reach of over two million. The majority of those are active members but not all of them tweet my posts. I don’t necessarily want to leave any of the tribes I’m in just because maybe a few people don’t share my content. The majority of them do.

    I admit being very green when Brankica invited me to join her tribe and I have a few members in my own tribe that are slacking off now. So figuring out a way to invite those who are active and eager to get their content shared is my next goal. I just hate not sharing people’s content because the majority of what shows up in my stream is just darn good stuff whether they like mine or not.

    My hat is still off to Dino and Dan for doing such a great job with Triberr and I’m excited for what they have in store for us next.

    Great post Bill!

    • They did do a great job and I could kick myself for waiting so long. Brankica did ask me early but I just didn’t think I was in her league nor ready to broadcast my posts. I really didn’t know if I would survive as a blogger either.

      I would like to work on putting some ‘better’ tribes together with some like minded people. Other than that I really don’t have a reason to bail on the ones I’m in unless it prevents me from putting something together on my own.

      It will be interesting to see how it continues to evolve and if it pulls people back in who previously gave up on it. I think it certainly has a use.

      Good to see you; thanks for taking the time to leave your thoughts. Hope you had a great day.

  17. Hey Bill,

    You talking to me? 😉 I love the idea of Triberr, but honestly never dedicated enough time to actually learning it. Right now, Buffer is my weapon of choice, but I feel like I never gave Triberr a chance.

    The problem is there are only so many hours in the day, I’m blogging, commenting and running a business. Certain things have to go. I do want to give Triberr more attention, but I need to really dive in to understand all the benefits of the platform.

    Hey … aren’t you already Super Famous? 🙂

    • All I know if I can figure it out, it has to be easy. My deal was, I didn’t use any other platforms. If it weren’t for Triberr, I probably still wouldn’t be using a sharing platform. From what I’ve seen in the comments, there are people who like the platforms they are using and once automation was gone w/ Triberr they just stuck with what they had.

      You are definitely right about only so many hours in the day. For being ‘all in’ social, I really do a crappy job w/ twitter and facebook. Most of my time is blogging and commenting, but that’s the part I like. The other, I just catch it when I can.

      Sounds like Dino has some big plans still for it and will be interesting to see what the new & improved version will look like.

      Yes, I am famous enough to ride around town with my Burger King crown on with confidence these days.

      Hope all is well; talk at you soon.

  18. Hey Bill!
    Life has become incredibly complicated these days. I had to laugh when I got a message from Amber-Lee this morning asking, “Where ARE you?”

    The thought came to me that I’ve become like a doctor in a hospital making her rounds. I have my responsibilities to see to each patient and can only do so much with the time given.

    Having said that I believe this all comes down to finding out who you are and if you like the way you’re showing up to support people. It’s true that my life is taking twists and turns, but I still have a need for and a responsibility to the friendships and relationships I’ve developed online.

    One more note. I did a big no-no and joined two large tribes BEFORE getting to know the people and frequenting their blogs. I felt behind and pressured every day. There was no way to catch up or to feel like I wasn’t just pumping out tweets because they were there. Triberr, for me, takes time to use well.

    So, sorry for not being around a lot. These days I’m doing the mindless Facebook chatter. I’ll settle back down soon. Maybe. Thanks for being here!

    • Uh oh, that doesn’t sound good. We don’t want too complicated, do we?

      Not only time, but which platform are you going to spend your time on. Some can bounce from twitter to FB to Google + with ease. With me, I have to take them one at a time.

      You and Stan were above and beyond on Triberr; I’m doing good just making sure I’m sending everybody’s stuff out.

      I would say just do what you can, people understand life gets in the way at times and you certainly know where to find us.

      I hope things do settle down for you and certainly appreciate your thoughts and comments.

  19. Triberr remains relevant. I also have faith that Dino and Dan will tune it to a higher relevance. There will be ups and downs along the way, but that’s like anything worthwhile.

    Even a Porsche comes with headaches – not to mention that a Porsche is all about performance and not comfort. It’s amazing that Porsches have power windows and the salesmen will look you in the eye and say just that! [grin]

    Taking out the automagical mechanism was not merely a test for triberrites or their commitment to sharing and curating people. It created a challenge for Dino and Dan – a challenge they must overcome.

    Social Media, generally speaking, is a lot of work and time for poor results. If a business doesn’t have much (or any) money for advertising and marketing (online or off), social media is more relevant than less. Triberr’s automagical feature solved a problem in this regard, it significantly reduced the work and time to get the message out.

    Triberr’s automagical feature made all of our lives just a little easier.

    Taking out the automagical feature sucked for everyone. Dino and Dan must have freaked out when they had to make and execute that decision. I feel for them. It prolly came like a kick in the balls. A drop kick – no less.

    But I have to say that even those who do their daily check-in and approve the tweets are still a long way from the community mind-set that is needed to advance themselves and their tribemates the next ten yards. I’ve been sick for 40 days, myself. It may or may not be a excuse.

    On the other hand, in my sick leave, I was saddened that no one picked up the ball with what I had been trying to do in my tribes. Maybe, no one wanted to presume. Maybe, they were busy.

    Actually, I don’t find the fault with anyone. Perhaps, I failed to teach my tribes members that each of us is called to step up and move the tribe forward as the opportunity and vision presents itself to each individual. The tribe is and was never about me, the chief. It is and was always about us.

    In the Rockstars tribe, we have imperfectly tried to expand the value and scope of the tribe through a tribe blog, tribe twitter account, a tribe twilah page, and a tribe paper.li. When I say we, I mean Betsy Cross. And Betsy teasingly likes to remind me that she is not getting paid to be the tribe secretary. Betsy should get paid and it could be a part time job for sure.

    I help Betsy when I can. But my two hours per week of tribe promotions doesn’t compare to Betsy’s time.

    Betsy’s blog is here: http://silentleaves.wordpress.com/

    So here we go down the rabbit’s hole.

    Are you REALLY ready to take your tribe to the next ten yards?

    How often do you give links (to blog posts, twitter, and facebook) and love to your tribemates in your own blog posts?

    Bill Dorman, I believe, does it quite a lot.

    Recently on my blog:
    Do you describe yourself as a social media [fill in the blank]? Really?!

    • Ok, guilty as charged; I’m the daily guy who checks in and re-tweets with a comment to personalize it, but not much more. However, that is way more than the 2/3rds who do absolutely nothing. Some of the comments above explain the reasoning; all I know is Triberr has been very easy for me to do and I like it for that.

      Out of the 3 tribes I’m in; you are the only active chief I have. One chief totally dropped off the grid and the other is a ‘name’ and is everywhere, just not on Triberr.

      I’m definitely along for the ride at this point, so I’m excited to see what Dino and Dan have in store next. I’m also going to be pro-active about building a couple of more tribes I can control.

      Stan the social media man; you are doing a great job, sick or not. I do appreciate your support and friendship; thanks for stopping by.

      • I agree, Bill. Stan, I believe that the reason no one has stepped up to help during your illness is because 1) your insanely great leadership allowed us to hum along well in your absence and 2) your insanely great leadership is a tough act to follow for us mere mortals. 🙂

  20. Great, great post, Bill. I find everyone likes to dis Triberr, but look at what they’ve done. They are so responsive and flexible; it’s a crowdsourced community; these guys really listen and change with all of us.

    No way could I have the reach without them, and no way could I hit all these posts from one platform as I do.

    It makes me more efficient. I’ve been planning to address Triberr for awhile; will absolutely share this soon.

    • Without Triberr, I would have no reach at all and would be very hit or miss in promoting my community. Triberr makes it SO easy for me to do this; and Billy likes easy.

      Like Dino said, they are running naked with it and have certainly taken their share of shots; but they have been very responsive and stand-up guys about it. That’s another reason I support them.

      It will be interesting to watch it grow and I plan on being around this time.

      Thanks for stopping by and offering your thoughtful words as well; it is always a pleasure to see you. I hope you are having a great day.

  21. Geez, you started quite the discussion here Bill! It’s been said a few times, but I think taking off the automation really changed it a lot. For me, it is yet another platform to remember to go to. I do it — but not in a disciplined fashion. There is no doubt that some of my tribe mates have given up on it (that, or my content has been really sucking lately!).

    I hang in there still because I have seen positive benefits, particularly as Jack said, meeting new people. Also, I think Dino and Dan will evolve the product. I am curious to see how. Looking at it as a business, it seems they removed their biggest source of differentiation in the marketplace — automation. And I wonder what replaces that?

    • Hey Adam,

      Im glad you asked. Our mandate has always been to solve big problems for little bloggers. And in early February we will be announcing the grand re-design of the blogosphere.

      We will be rolling out features that are more revolutionary than automation ever was.

      Removing auto was an interesting experience with A TON of unexpected results. All of them positive. Our signups increased. Our traffic doubled overnight. Folks who were abusing the platform left. It was a blessing in disguise for sure.

      We just added a 3rd member to the team and the stuff we have planned will blow your mind. I promise.

      Keep an eye on the newsletter for details.

    • Maybe my next post will be about Klout; we’ll see who jumps on that, huh? If you read Dino’s response to you, you see traffic actually doubled. Being the lazy guy that I am, when it was fully automated I was in hog heaven. However, once it became manual it actually allowed me to personalize my re-tweets which I like much better.

      It appears that people who were on other platforms, once they lost the automated function they just resorted back to what they were using. For me, there was no other platform so this became my only sharing source.

      Even though I have non-existent chiefs in two of my tribes, there is really no upside yet for me to drop out. I can hang around, wait for the new evolution, and see who wants to play from there.

      To me, it’s all about sharing and engaging and this allows me to do it in a relatively easy and controlled fashion; I’m all in.

      Thanks for coming by, hope your day is going well.

  22. I really like the Triberr concept, even when it got quite a bit of backlash a while back. I like the changes that they have made too.

    All that said, I think there are a couple of reasons people may not use it that much. One, they may not be “good” tribe members, as some other commenters have said. As in, they’re happy to let others share their posts, but are lazy/don’t care about the others.

    When I don’t tweet posts from Triberr, it’s because a) I’m offline (and I only check Triberr once a day), b) I don’t find the posts “share-worthy”, or c) too much time has passed since the post was published (usually due to “a” above), so I don’t feel like there’s much point in doing so. But I always click through and read all the posts, and when I do share, I usually customize the tweets, sometimes with a comment, sometimes with a hashtag (and I see you do this very often).

    I also make it a point to see if the post was written by a guest author, and include their Twitter handle if I’m sharing it – I see a LOT of Triberr users *not* doing this, which I think is a shame.

    But to get back to your question, perhaps it is also SM sharing overload. There are so many apps to share nowadays; maybe people have found another app they prefer over Triberr.

    • And on another note, puh-leeze could you switch your commenting system to something like Livefyre? It drives me nuts that I have to subscribe to comments every time I want to stay updated… since what *I* want is so important, after all… :p

      • I sorry…….I guess you get what you pay for. Because I have not converted to self-hosted yet I do not have any options on commenting systems. I know it’s a pain and it’s a wonder I get anybody to stop by at all, huh?

        But since you asked and you are the Queen of all things important, I just might have to reconsider…..

        BTW – Barbara Nixon has asked if I wanted to be a guest speaker in her social media class at the university. Probably on why you want a self-hosted site if you are going to be a blogger………:)

      • I was seriously considering self-hosted, especially when I was on the hamster wheel thinking I had to get everything just right. And I still am, but it’s not front burner. For what I’m doing and since I’m not using this a business platform, I’m not sure if self-hosted changes the landscape much for me.

        Other than the fact it can be a pain for my friends, that might be enough for me to make the switch.

        I haven’t heard back from Barbara yet so I’m not sure when she wants me to speak, but I’m excited; it will be fun.

        • There’s no reason to switch to a self-hosted platform if this one’s working for you. The only thing I’d say (LOL), is that from an experimentation and learning point of view, self-hosted is great. So even though you’re not using this for business (at the moment, at least), a self-hosted platform will give you the opportunity to play with plugins, comment systems (cough, Livefyre, cough) and so on. I’ve learned SO much because I started out right with a self-hosted platform. So, if you ever DO decide to use it for business, you’ll have worked out a lot of the kinks.

    • Ok, I am going on the assumption when you don’t share my stuff it’s (a) or (c) w/ very little (b) being the reason……….:).

      I think you might be right about the other sharing platforms. Triberr has been my one and only so it’s the only one I know. When it was totally automated, I was in hog heaven. All I had to do was post; I didn’t even have to show up for this one. In reality because it was pretty easy to tell the fully automated ones w/ no personal touch, those didn’t get a lot of looks anyway.

      When you are ‘in’ you do a great job and I always appreciate when you share mine. I do try to personalize the re-tweets because I think they are more apt to get noticed.

      There certainly are a lot of places to be and things to do, so sometimes it is an overload.

      It’s always a pleasure birthday girl; hope you are doing well today. Thanks so much for coming by.

      • I am doing great, thank you for asking! And when I don’t share your posts, it’s usually because of a) or c) indeed. :p

        How cool about Barbara asking you to speak – awesome! And weren’t you planning to switch over to a self-hosted WordPress blog? That’s why I was nudging you…

  23. Hey Bill,

    I have been part of Triberr for a while, and I liked it when it was all automated, but the new version is so much better. I log in once a day and fin the posts that I believe I should approve, either because I know that the people who wrote them always write high quality posts, or I visit the posts to see what they’re all about. Triberr is a system that’s very easy to understand, so I don’t get it why not close to 100% of members are not active.

    But, I have a few tribes, where I’m the chief or what it’s called… and I am really terrible at being the head of a tribe. I haven’t been asking my fellow members any questions as all, and I haven’t tried to get them engage.. but if people ask, I’ll answer. I’m not sure if that’s any help though.

    You’re welcome to join one of my tribes Bill, maybe we can get this thing going together (I believe that I tried to invite you a few months ago) 🙂

    • The only reason I would think you wouldn’t be sharing is you are already using another sharing platform, or you just aren’t blogging anymore. That is the only two reasons I can see why you wouldn’t UNLESS who is doing the re-tweeting doesn’t feel like you match up well with their community.

      I’m not sure if I can get in one of your tribes unless you are doing inbreeding. I will certainly join if you can and you think I fit in with the people you have in there. Why you don’t try to send an invite and we can see it it will work.

      What have you been up to; writing the book? I haven’t seen you as much, but I have been MIA some too.

      Thanks for stopping by, hope you are having a good week sir.

      • I’ll try to send you an invite, and I can even do inbreeding as well… haven’t done much of that, but I’ll see if I can figure out how.

        I have been focused on writing my book lately, and I have also been doing some presentations for some local clients for the new business, and I have been feeling kind of ill. I’ve been having a cold/flu kind of thing, still coughing all day. I have been very focused on trying to get my business up and running (the name, domain, strategy, and some clients).

        Still have does butterflies 🙂

  24. Hey Bill,

    I am in a tribe and haven’t used Triberr to my full advantage. But I love the concept of triberr. You know, something amazing happened just yesterday. I was at this burger joint and there was a huge line and the girl in front of me and I got talking and we got talking about social media and she said this “You should triberr me”… kind of like Facebook me; just that invite her in the same tribe!

    So yes, Triberr will be big and you knew Dino before he got rich, famous and very rich! 😉

    • LMAO…wow, thats an amazing story 🙂 thank you for sharing that.

      I hope Triberr does get big, because that means small will get big. Creatives will be able to rely on each other for distribution of their work, and not some soul sucking publishing house.

      The fact that I might get rich in the process is also nice lol

    • I can see Dino liked this story; and this is in Dubai, right? Social does have an incredible reach. I do think it has only scratched the surface and I do like the reach it provides us lower level peeps; it means you don’t have to be chasin’ all of the time.

      Good to see you Hajra, thanks for stopping by.

      • Hi Natasha,Glad you decided to try Triberr out! I’m new there msylef after reading about it on Twitter and I’m excited about the opportunity to connect with more like-minded people. It certainly seems like a great,and ethical, way to expand our blog audiences glad to be in the FTT tribe with you!

    • I knew that; I was just seeing if you were paying attention………doh…. Hey, at least I spelled your name right…….:). Nobody has ever accused me of being the sharpest tack in the box, huh?

    • Hi Leora,

      We opened Triberr for signups about a week ago. So you can sign up at any time. The drawback is that you start out with no tribe and have to build one from scratch.

      The benefit of doing so is control, the drawback is lack of reach initially.

      Or you can have someone send you an invite code into their tribe. Keep in mind only one code will be valid. In other words, if you get 5 codes, you can only choose one. You would then join additional tribes via Inbreeding (yes, we even have our own terminology 🙂

    • It’s a pretty neat sharing platform; if you think it would be of any benefit I can certainly send you an invite or, as Dino said it is open to just join and make your own tribes.

      For me to send an invite you will have to follow me on twitter and then I can follow you back. No, this wasn’t a shameless plug to get follower….:). Just let me know, thanks for stopping by.

  25. Bill it is a testament to your efforts that not only do you have your readers offering opinions you have Dino here responding. Also a testament to Dino btw. I always respect people when they come to a place that doesn’t glow with backslapping praise to present their case. I might bash Klout but they come to play in many places too.

    You did something so Alien I might have to send you a button making you an honorary member of our Strike Force. Do this 4 more times….that makes 5 total ok? (sorry just making sure you are following me)…you get promoted to Invasion Force and from there you can soon trick out your suits with hundreds of new buttons and you achieve Alien greatness.

    Oh…you want to know what you did? Observed something. Pondered it. And then wondered why. Specifically why 2/3’s of the Tribe mates weren’t using Triberr.

    This is how I garner all my insights. When I say Check Ins are dead. Or read something on Mashable then ask and observe people. Reality is pretty powerful stuff.

    • I did link Dino & Dan in case they wanted to offer their opinion and I’m glad Dino took the time to answer some of the questions that were presented.

      Yes, a SM friend of mine and I make the joke of our ‘friends’ who have drank the ‘kool-aid’ and the shameless linking and backslapping that occurs when they post. I too was that person at one time but I had to jump off the hamster wheel as I could tell it was a road that would not be sustainable. Just another social media phenomena to justify your existence, huh?

      I got you pulled out of spam so your comments could see the light of day. I’m glad you worked out the math for me on how many buttons I need and where I currently stand; that can get confusing for me. I do want to achieve Alien Greatness.

  26. hmmm I had commented and it ain’t here.

    oh well. On to what I wanted to add.

    1] I think it would be important for Tribes to be topic oriented vs ‘I like you can you be in my Tribe’

    2] I don’t like spam. If you are an active tweeter (say more than 10 per day) you will spam me if I see links that add another 10 or 20 to my feed. Especially my special list of 150+ folks that Bill Dorman is in to separate from my following of 1200+ that sends me 6000 tweets per day.

    3] The success of Triberr is based on chance. What is the chance that your Tribe tweet is seen by me when most of us only see 1-3% of our feeds each day. Add to that the ‘Is that an interesting subject title’ for me to click on.

    The problem is overload. I bring this up a lot. I have blogged snap shots of my past Gmail account. Where I started with a fresh slate and slowly signed up for contact from brands, businesses, news, causes to where I mass delete 99 out of 100 emails I get without opening. Emails I signed up for! Just like following someone on Twitter I sign up for their contact posts.

    With a finite amount of time and the whole web available everything gets ranked in importance. How many things do you want to read or do then the end of the day comes and you say ‘oh well’

    All of these things affect the success of Triberr. And I can’t see that changing. If I like a Blogger’s writing, content etc I will go there directly without signing up for email or waiting for a tweet. I bet most people do the same (RSS or whateva)

    • I concur; so much of this gets lost in the stream, I’m guessing it’s a very small number of people who don’t know me actually take the time to read it just because it was floating by. Even when Gini was active and sending out my posts under her name, I really did not notice any special attention from her crowd; so I do think in a way it had limited reach.

      Everything piles up so quickly, at some point you just have to walk away and start all over again the next day. You can only do so much, right?

      Even with the limited effectiveness, I don’t see a downside so even if I’m only really reaching a few, I can live with that.

      Let’s see how it evolves and if the depth of the reach increases.

      Thanks for stopping by, hope you have a great weekend.

  27. Hey There. I found your blog using msn. This is an extremely well written article. I’ll make sure to bookmark it and return to read more of your useful information. Thanks for the post. I’ll definitely return.

  28. Thanks for this update on Triberr! Although I have a nice community of fellow bloggers, I haven’t received an invite to Triberr so I’ve been on the sidelines from the beginning.

    As someone who loves blogging community & promoting other bloggers, the auto-tweeting was definitely bordering on spamming- at least on my Twitter feed. Bloggers I followed because their blogs are awesome were auto-tweeting content that I didn’t feel was at the same level and so I became wary of clicking on Triberr links in my feed. It was actually quite a relief when the auto-tweeting was turned off and I I was seeing quality links again!

    I am interested in building and expanding communities online. I was able to recently create a Triberr account, and garnered an invite to one tribe but as of now that tribe has only one other tribemate. Right now I’m trying to learn all I can about using Triberr effectively, and patiently waiting to be invited to more tribes.

    Perhaps I’ll start my own tribe once I get a better handle on things, though I’ve read comments from some of my favorite bloggers that they are already in too many tribes and do not want to be invited to any more.

    Or perhaps I’ve simply missed the boat on Triberr. One way or another, I plan to make 2012 a great year for my blog!

    Have a grateful day!


    • Hi Chrysta,

      You definitely didnt miss the boat. There are over 2 million blogs. Online population will double within 2 years. That means even MORE bloggers. Dont allow yourself to fall under the spell of perception bias.

      Triberr is actually pretty good at helping you discover other bloggers…Bonfires are full of them, and you can also use Discover feature in your Triberr Home to find people based on topic. Of course, when you get invited into a tribe you automatically discover other active bloggers.

      Hope that helps 🙂

    • I agree with Dino, you definitely haven’t missed the boat. If you wanted to follow me on twitter I could send you an invite; I have a tribe with a couple of spots open. It’s fairly active; could be better but since I’m the chief it’s up to me to whip them into shape…….:).

      I do appreciate you taking the time to stop by and offer you comments. And as you can see, one of the men behind Triberr, Dino Dogan has graciously taken the time to answer your question as well. Dino and Dan are great guys and very accessible.

      Hope you are well and continue to enjoy your blogging journey. Take care…..

    • Sorry for the delay in responding; having a little trouble w/ my commenting system, but I guess you get what you pay for when you have a free site, huh?

      Thanks for stopping by though, it is appreciated.

  29. Thanks for sharing these ideas because new people in Triberr like me are anxious for finding interesting content.

    Triberr is really a good idea, and I hope everyone in the tribes will try to promote their mates as you do.

    Congratulations for the post!

    • Hey Abel, sorry for the delay in responding; I am usually johnny on the spot but for some reason I didn’t see when the last few comments came in.

      I’m in a few tribes and some are much more active than others; but it has been a good for me and would recommend others to try it, especially if you are new to blogging.

      Hope your journey has been a good one; thanks for your comments; they are appreciated sir.

  30. I quite enjoy your writing style. Very humorous. Today I joined triberr. I was under the impression it was an invitation only system, but it seems you are able to join and the invitations reside within the individual tribes. Or is this something new? Anyhow it is only my first hour of membership so I will learn the system and hopefully members are a little more active than implied in this post. Thanks. Nice post.

    • I think it has been opened up for anyone to join w/out an invite. It has been good; it’s just not all my tribes are as active as some. Just like anything else, you only get out of it what you are willing to put in.

      You can’t break it, so get in there and just explore; you should find it fulfilling and you will probably find some great blogs too.

      Thanks so much for your kind words and comments; enjoy your journey.

  31. They have removed invitation only thing. Problem with people is that everyone want automated solution. Click and watch kinda thing. No one wants to put manual effort. Maybe thats the reason most of your tribe mates are not active.

    • Yes, once the manual feature came into play a lot of people abandoned Triberr (or at least went silent). If you see the responses, some use buffer and were using it before Triberr so this is how they RT the people the ‘associate’ with.

      I am very ‘basic’ in my existence, and Triberr made sharing much easier for me.

      Thanks for your comments.

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