Dead man walking wins free TV

Whoa, not only did I change my gym membership I changed my theme as well. See, I can embrace change; I even rearranged the money in my wallet again too. Now that’s just crazy…..

The funniest thing happened on my way to the bank last week. My last post was about breaking ranks for the first time and not showing up on my usual day; wondering if I was missed. To tie into that post, I included a story of a man working in an office setting who died and wasΒ dead 5 days before being noticed.

I’m not sure if it was the title, the absurdity of the story, or my incredible popularity once it was noticed I was missing but then found, but it was the highest traffic by far at this previously invisible site. I normally don’t pay attention to the number of visits but could easily tell it was the heaviest traffic for two days running.

On my stats graph, it looked like the twin towers compared to the rest of the week. I had 17 visits on one day and 15 on the second; incredible.

It made me laugh out loud; or in social lingo LOL.

What did we learn

Link bait really can work. However, you probably don’t want to be too cute with it. It was interesting to see the views to comments were about 10:1. This might be about normal I suppose, but I wonder if people felt ‘tricked’ after they arrived and therefore didn’t comment?

The other thing we learned is Dorman actually knows what link bait is. Who says tool doesn’t have two meanings?

We also learned there are plenty of people with real life struggles and whether I post on Monday, Tuesday or Wednesday is really pretty insignificant in the big scheme of things. Comparatively speaking, I’m doing PDG and certainly no need to worry about me.

Recap 2011

As we wind up this year, who feels they made progress? Who still feels like they are running up hill?

I feel my social ‘vision’ changes almost weekly at times; what is working for me and what isn’t. Β The core however, is keeping it sustainable and fun and continuing to write. Who is still having fun just writing, regardless of the traffic?

What is the one ‘big’ thing you learned in social this year, if anything?

My journey

I have devoted a lot of time on social to get here so I’m not about to walk away from it now. I have met some incredible people who I now call friends. That alone has been worth the price of admission.

When somebody in my world wants to have a meeting, my stock answer is ‘if you feed me, I will come’. Well, social ‘feeds’ my appetite in meeting and engaging with people, so therefore, fat boy’s gotta eat.

I fully expect 2012 to be a very rewarding and prosperous year, and hopefully we will all find our successes together.

Did you link bait us again?

Yes and no; the dead man was in reference to my last post, which I mentioned. But I referenced a new car in that post too which I was going to include in this title, but free and TV sounded better hence the incredibly witty and clever title, huh?

So how do you like them apples?


51 thoughts on “Dead man walking wins free TV

  1. Oh wow… is mine the first comment on the new theme? I better type fast before your minions arrive.

    I learned two big things in social this year:

    1. Manage social or it will manage you, and
    2. Social relationships can be for real…

    I’ve gotten to know some great people this year, and you are among them Bill. Looking forward to 2012!

    Have a great week, and congrats on the new theme.

    • I agree Adam and the only thing I would add, social mirrors real life in a lot more ways than we think.

      I tried a couple of different themes but will try this for awhile; now that I’m a change agent, maybe I will change it every week…….:).

      Good to see you my friend, thanks for stopping by.

  2. Congratulations on your new theme Elegant Grunge, and on being alive again! So, if we include dead people in our title, we’ll get more traffic? Is that what I should have learned from blogging in 2011?

    Did you ever consider that your visitors who didn’t leave comments might have been, well, let’s just say, those whose lives have come to an end?

    Perhaps ghosts enjoy blogs as much as living people do. Just hope they don’t get annoyed when they read to the end of the post and discover that they don’t, in fact, win a new tv.

    • I’m thinking I might start trending zombies now……I think it’s hard for visitors without a physical being to type on the keyboard so maybe that is why they didn’t leave a comment.

      We certainly don’t want to annoy any ghosts, do we?

      For some reason, I’m guessing this little attempt to link bait won’t draw the same traffic. Kind of like wearing the cool new shirt to school two days in a row, which I did even though my parents tried to talk me out of it. Day one, I was the MAN; day two, I was the dork………:(. Painful life lesson learned, huh?

      Good to see you, thanks for the drive-by.

  3. I like the new house. I will try not to spill coffee on your new rug πŸ˜‰

    What have I learned?

    That what I know can fit on a thumbnail

    I have more friends than I think

    Sometimes, someone gets something out of what I write and that is what keeps me going.

    2011 was really bad, so I am looking forward to a better 2012!

    • Yeah, it might not be such a good thing to try and quantify my knowledge……..lets just say I know stuff and I know people……..:)

      2012 will be much better for you; I just know it.

      When people tell me my post made them laugh or smile, that means a lot to me and what keeps me coming back; I am a sucker for that kind of feedback.

      Looks like your G-men pulled another out; I’d rather have Eli directing a 4th qtr comeback than Timmy Tebow; just sayin’……….

      Good to see you.

    • We were at the same pace until you dropped out; I won’t say I’m ‘way’ ahead of you, but feel like the grizzled veteran now.

      It’s amazing some of my friends hung around; I was one green booger back in the day.

      So good to see you sir; hope you had a great weekend.

  4. Hey Bill,
    When I get into ruts, everyday day begins to feel depressingly like the day before. We just have to continue shaking things up and doing new stuff. I’m reading STEVE JOBS by Walter Isaacson. What an inspirational read; it makes you want to not waste a second of your life.

    • Some routine is good to keep you balanced; too much is dull and stale. Shaking it up every once in awhile is definitely a good thing and it allows you to grow.

      Thanks for your thoughts and good to see you.

  5. How do I feel…like I’m teetering on the edge of a precipice, quite frankly. I realized this morning (before I’d summoned the courage to put one foot on the floor) that I may really not get a job; that we might lose our house…or two if you consider our cabin n Montana; and that we might spend the rest of our lives paying off debt. I know most people would have considered all those things three years ago when the “series of little setbacks” began, but I like to think everything will work out best until proven otherwise. So, I’m still holding out hope that the proof doesn’t arrive.

    I’m not seeing many positions that require 20 years of (superb) experience, but lots of entry level ones…so I find that to be a good economic sign. I still sense an underlying fear and bitterness in the general population that stems from times of want. And that worries me. It erodes the power of our interdependence when some are so busy blaming that they can’t pick up their little cup to help bail us out of the mess we’ve created.

    Yet still, I feel incredibly hopeful and sure that the sparks of good inside virtually every heart can light the way into a better year. I just want us to remember the lessons we learned in times of discomfort before we get too comfortable again.

    What I think re: Social…that I mirror here the social tendencies I’ve had my whole life…when I’m here, I’m all in, listening with my whole heart and giving you all I’ve got. The relationships I create mean a great deal to me and I am not a conversational flitterer. I am a “let’s sit down and you can tell me all about it” kinda gal. When I finally realized the idea of being comment queen on every site under the sun just to be “social” didn’t appeal to my nature, it became much easier for me to treat this like I do the other circles of friendship in my life. When I’m with you, it’s about you….oh, unless it’s about me. But you know what I mean, Bill. That’s why I’m here!

    • I hear ya, because it is about me too much of the time. I am trying to be a ‘deeper’ listener and staying within the moment when we are engaging. Sometimes I do better than others, but at least I am aware of it and working on it.

      I too still see people not happy because of the economy and have that ‘beat down’ look and attitude. I am staying positive because I can control my destiny to a certain degree so I just need to make sure to go out and get it done.

      For better or worse, how you see me in social is how I will probably be acting in real life as well. I have that feeling when we meet it will be like we have known each other and we can fall right into conversation. I think you are pretty much what you project to be and I have the vibe you are a very kind and good friend to have.

      One way or another, we will figure this thing out and not only be stronger because of it, but much smarter too, right?

      Good to see you; thanks for mentioning me at Mark’s place. His story was certainly a wow for me; I had no idea.

  6. Hi Bill, I am getting in early with my comment this week as I sat on your last post meaning to add a pithy comment for several days and somehow the moment has passed. – I hope my absence didn’t reinforce your thinking that no one noticed you were missing!

    I visit all your posts anyway but it’s an interesting subject as to whether a title can attract random curious readers, I guess it can. I realised some time ago however that I am singularly inept in coming up with a catchy title so perhaps I am poorly qualified to comment.

    Very impressed with the new theme by the way – I don’t think I will ever dare to change mine again in case it breaks!

    Getting back to your title, do you have ghost writer who comes up with all this death related stuff or do you write it yourself? πŸ™‚

    Here’s to a fruitful and enjoyable 2012 for all us bloggers!

    • Ghost on the post, huh? It was you specifically I was trying to draw out with that post; it almost worked, didn’t it?

      I really did not think people would be jumping up and down the first day; I actually thought I would make it a full week until the second Monday for people started to notice.

      I will tell you, when I get behind with my reader and I see one of my friends with 3-4 posts I haven’t read; if I have to pick one it is usually the one with the catchy title.

      I changed the theme on a whim and might do so again if I decide this one isn’t working for me. However, so far I like it.

      Good to see you, thanks for stopping by.

  7. Hi Bill,
    You won a TV? I’m confused πŸ˜‰ I won a book at Brankica’s recently. Are you confused?
    Are you still running uphill? I’m not sure where I am. As the year runs down I’m trying to keep focused, but this time next week I’m posting for the last time before Christmas. Then I’m taking a break!
    What have a learned so far this year? I’ve learned that I have a lot more to learn πŸ˜‰
    What fun!

    • I am confused; I thought I was supposed to win that book.

      I’ve flattened out but gaining momentum; 2011 could have been better, but could have been a heck of a lot worse too. 2012 will kick bootie however; I can feel it.

      I’m with you on a lot more to learn still; I’ll let you know if I reach that optimum level of knowledge.

      Good to see you today; hope you had a great weekend.

  8. Thanks Bill. Another thought provoking post. The CARE Movement is doing great. I have a long way to go and a lot to learn. I learned that you can touch lives and make a difference all over the world. I learned that you sometimes have to jump in the deep end and just go for it. It can be done. I am looking forward to 2012. a lot of personal/family stuff to be resolved, but The CARE Movement will rise and shine brightly. Thanks again.


    I am ready to come back for a visit. ha ! Lunch & Golf, this time.

    • Yes, next time we will plan a little better and make sure we have the opportunity to chase the little white ball around as well.

      Sometimes you do have to jump in the deep end and sink or swim. At least you are committed at that point to do one or the other, huh?

      Yes my friend, 2012 will be much better indeed, because we CARE.

      Good to see you today; catch up with you soon.

  9. Hey Bill,

    Congrats on the super hit post! πŸ™‚

    Well social media has been very good to me this year. I met wonderful people including you this year! Also, realized that social media can mange you more than you managing it! Also, it can be for real.

    Given that I stumble across so many new amazing blogs every day, I still feel I have a long way to go! πŸ™‚

    I hope 2012 isn’t as destructive as it sounds!

    • The Mayan’s had it all wrong; the world will not end in 2012. How many Mayan’s do you know anyway; I just think they were way off on their prediction because the world ended for them a very long time ago.

      Social can manage you if you are not careful; I truly feel I’m in a good place with it right now, I have found my balance if you will.

      I too want to still uncover some new blogs and it is always fun to meet new people. I am so glad I have had the opportunity to get to know you this year and look forward to hanging with you some more in ’12.

      Thanks for your thoughts and stopping by; catch up with you soon.

  10. I almost thought I was on someone else’s blog when I got here Bill. Imagine my surprise but I like it. Nice job..

    So your last post got the most notice, imagine that! Please don’t tell me this means you’ll jump ship more often just so we’ll start wondering where you are and run over here to find out where you’ve been. Remember, Carolyn and I did ask if you were okay! We missed you! πŸ™‚

    So what was the biggest thing I learned about social media this year? That I had a misconception about blogging communities. I was under the impression that they were like a little “click”. You know, only the popular kids are able to join. Trust me, I was never the popular kid. Did anyone actually tell me this? No, but when you see who is commenting on whose stuff and you know you are not on their level, that insecurity can kick itself into high gear. So that’s my biggest lesson by far. I have to admit, I’m glad I learned it and I now know better.

    Welcome back, hope we’ll continue to see you on a regular basis. I know I enjoy reading your posts.

    Now, enjoy your week Bill.

    • I learned the same lesson. Yes, people will gravitate to the popular sites and sometimes for no other reason than to be recognized or acknowledged by some guru (which is fine if that is your goal), but once I quit worrying about that and just did my own thing I liked it a lot better.

      I tried 2-3 different themes but settled on this one; but I’m not married to it……….I can change again…………:).

      BTW – I was curious to see if the lead in with this post would generate similar traffic, and not even close. Maybe I should give up on zombies, huh?

      So good to see you, thanks for coming by.

  11. Bill,
    You crack me up. Plain and simple. (I am so happy you are part of my life.) Link Bait? Well, it sure sounds like something YOU would know all about! Oh. I forgot, we are talking about getting people here. Ok, ok.

    I love reading your posts, thoughts, snarky comments! Them apples taste just fine.

    2011 has taught me so much, I can’t even begin to explain. Well, maybe a little. This group of you that I found when I began in January of this year have become my foundation. But what I have learned hasn’t only had effect on my knowledge of Social Media (or whatever THIS is!!), it has touched EVERY part of my life.

    Yes, some major bad shit went down this year in our world (which got SO much bigger) this year, but even the really nasty and heartbreaking brought so much to my life. (All you have to do is live thru it, you either get stronger, have bragging rights or at the very least, a “Been there, done it, aint goin’ back” attitude!)

    I happen to live with a very strong believer in the destruction that has been “for-seen” in 2012. But. Ya know what? I think we’ll be just fine. We have the power, Bill, here online to make some good things happen. (You do, everyday you DON’T play hooky!)

    I also do not believe HE’ll give up on us humans yet. I have seen more good and HOPE, than I ever, before I got online, would have believed existed here in Earth.

    Na. We will keep rockin’. This coming year? I want to make a difference. Yes, it is the same goal I had (have) for 2011, but hey (!) It has been a blessed year for me! (Castle or no Castle, we are doing fine.)

    Dude. Carry on.

    • With all the crazy world events happening, it sure can look like 2012 might be ‘the year’, but I don’t think so. I plan on doing my part to make it better so maybe that will stave off the predictions for a few more thousand of years. Plus, with you in the wilderness, you probably won’t even know anything happened……….:).

      Online can be a sounding board or a lifeline if you will. We all have struggles to a certain degree and for some, social is their couch.

      The best we can do is just keep putting one foot in front of the other because life will go on whether we are ready or not.

      I enjoy your company and you let me be silly at your place; sometimes that is my sanctuary and I appreciate it.

      So good to see you, hope all is well.

  12. OK, so I’m not lost after all. When I saw the dead man walking, I thought someone had taken over your domain, and was just pulling our collective chain, haha!

    Change…an interesting thing…a constant in the Kaizen approach to life. So now do I get a free car and TV and pony and cake and bacon? Cheers! Kaarina

    • We will have a drawing at the end of the year and you don’t have to be a dead man walking……….:). Maybe running in snow shoes, but not walking……

      It is a different look, huh? I’ll run with it for awhile and I just might get crazy enough to change it every week. How’s that for Kaizen?

      Hope you are well and thanks for stopping by.

    • Crazy day; this is the busiest time of year for us business-wise; a lot of Jan 1 renewals & new business opportunities. I will have to get by your place and defend my stink bombs.

    • I saw your comments above but couldn’t reply directly to them because whoever’s cheap ass site this is does not have reply options after each comment. You will probably see a ‘new’ theme shortly because of that.

      I guess you tracked down Mark’s story but you might have already known that since you are already plugged into him. I had no idea.

  13. Loving the new grunge look.

    I’ve tried a few titles that resembled link bait, but you’re way ahead of me when it comes to checking your analytics. I figure I’ll wait a bit more before I take that info and the email subscriber list seriously. Almost afraid to look. πŸ˜‰

    I learned that social media is okay. Well, it’s more than okay, in fact it’s way better than I ever imagined. A year ago I never would have guessed I’d have a blog, or even be active on that Twitter thingy. Strange how quickly things can change. Now because of this realm my plans have shifted completely. I am really looking forward to 2012.

    I’ve also met some incredible people online, including you, Mr. Dorman. Talk to you soon.

    • If opening my WordPress window and seeing the stat bar to the right of the page before I go to posts is checking analytics, then I am all over it. The interesting thing is, this post did not even come close to the other one and that is where I scratch my head and go, huh?

      What is funny to me about social is how much difference a year makes. We both got in just scruffing along and everybody let us be silly and goofy and it wasn’t an act. When I look back at some of the things I didn’t have a clue about, I’m surprised people let me hang around.

      I’m enjoying it; I’ll be around, dead man walking or not.

      Let’s kick butt in 2012. I thought you would appreciate the grunge look; it started in your neighborhood, right?

      • Here’s to kicking butt in 2012!

        The grunge craze is long gone of course, but the grunge look is still here. It’s especially grungy and gray this time of year, but I like it that way πŸ™‚

  14. I was looking for the TV show and arrived at your site, that’s weird πŸ™‚

    I’ve actually watched the first episode, and I have recorded the first season, but I have been thinking about whether I should continue to watch it or not for the past two months. I’m not a huge fan of zombies πŸ™‚

    I have only tried link baiting one time, and that’s when I wrote about Britney Spears naked on my blog. I hardly got one visit from it, I guess nobody cared enough about her to visit.

    • I guess it has to be the right kind of link bait; the other post had huge traffic (for me), this one was just so-so. Maybe if I would have said you can win a free TV, huh?

      I don’t watch any of the zombie shows; I don’t get it. There was a British comedy one that was half-way watchable.

      I think I just better stick to writing and not trying to be manipulative funny………:)

      Good to see you sir, hope you are thawing out.

  15. Bill!

    First, LOVE the new theme. Very clean and quite manly in a New York loft kind of way.
    Second, LOVE the pic of a zombie. I don’t know why, but zombies are cool.
    Third, 2011 has been nothing short of awesome. I could tell you what I learned but then I’d have to kill you, and I’ve gown quite fond of you. Even if you do fart in meetings (thank God you can’t smell things through Skype. I just realized that you probably fumigate yourself every time you get bored. Must be a knee jerk reaction by now, eh?)

    Truly, it’s been an incredible year. And 2012 will be even better. I say that every year, BTW, and every year I’m right. It’s all just getting awesomer and awesomer.

    And finally, it’s so nice of you to donate a TV to someone on death row. You’re a true Samaritan, Bill Dorman.

    Happy shiny puppy hugs!

    • Manly indeed; in fact I think I am even talking deeper now.

      I’m thinking maybe I do want to hear how awesome 2011 was; one – I get to hear the story; two – you have to kill me; and three – I come back as a zombie and you can even be more quite fonder…….:).

      2011 was awesome in a subtle kind of way for me; I’m expecting 2012 to be fireworks however.

      I figured if I donated the TV I could be an Indian giver and get it back after they depart us, right? The gift that keeps on giving……..or something like that.

      Good to see you Ms Melody, thank for dropping by w/ some puppy hugs.

  16. Damn, I must have forgotten to clear my cache or I would have seen this post yesterday. I learned that to everything there is a season and that we need to turn, turn, turn for that.

    Frankly I find that to be a bit confusing because if you turn too many times you end up in the same place, facing the same direction.

    • Or, it just makes you dizzy as hell and then sick to your stomach…… sometimes straight line is ok with me.

      My next mission is to drop a post to cover each day of the week; so far I just have Monday and Thursday covered so who knows how wild and crazy I might get.

      Good to see you at Nancy’s today.

  17. Whoa. I leave the land of interwebz and, when I return, everything’s different. Toto, we’re not in Kansas anymore…

    I’m glad you’re trying new things with the look of the blog as well as the posts themselves. I think I’m still running up-hill, but aren’t we always? We get to the top of one hill and find that another one is waiting. That, or we fall down the hill and have to re-climb it. Some of us are stubborn like that.

    • Always running up hill seems like a good analogy that if you want to grow you can never just be satisfied; you will never reach that optimum level of fame or recognition. You can get to a point where you are happy with what you have achieved but it’s probably good to always have some ‘want to’ still driving you.

      One hill at a time, right?

      Thanks so much for stopping by; I hope you have been well.

  18. Hi, Bill.

    Why is it that every time I come over, you get cooler and cooler? Love the new look and the zombie…I can imagine you looking like that sometime…although I could do with a leopard-print thong-wearing-zombie (I will never get forget that thong for as long as I live every time I think of you) as well…:D

    There are so many things I learned this year, Bill, especially in my blogging journey. I learned that there will always be a person whom I can count to visit me every single time (you) and a handful others who will never let me fade into oblivion despite my absence (they know who they are). I also learned that a friendship made is a friendship kept online, despite the distance.

    Although there are still many things for me to learn as well with link bait being one (LOL) and the year is already about to end, I am looking forward to that in the year to come. πŸ™‚

    • I’m one cool dude, huh? Since I be in a ‘changing’ mood I thought, what the heck, time for a new look too.

      Whereas some might think social is a bubble, I learned social just mirrors real life. However, in social it’s much easier to see people every day so we might be more in tune with the challenges and troubles others are having.

      I thought the last post might have been popular because of the title, and maybe it was, but this post didn’t even come close to the same number of views. Maybe it was too much of a good thing, huh?

      Thong wearing zombie; I’m thinking a movie could be made from that.

      Good to see you Kim and thanks for stopping by; hope all is well.

  19. Bill, I like your new look theme – it’s befitting of you in a befitting way.

    I also (still) like your style of writing, your quirky humour, and your way of endearing yourself to your readers. Thus, I believe I will still like all of this in 2012.

    Best of luck for the next year my friend – I’ll be watching in the wings πŸ™‚

    • Hello Stuart, how the heck are ya? Hope all has been well.

      I’m expecting 2012 to be big; it’s been a couple of years since I was this excited about the opportunities to start a year. In my business, we are always working on ‘stuff’, but we are measured in calendar year cycles so we tend to ‘plan’ what we are working on along those same lines. I’m liking what I see so far……

      Thanks for stopping by and hope your weekend is going great.

  20. While I know you didn’t ask for my opinion, Bill…I’m going to give it anyway. You’ve got a gift. No, I’m serious…hear me out.
    You are a hard worker…you have been in the insurance industry for *mmmm* years. You have honed your skills at interpersonal relationships and exceptional customer service…how do I know that? Because you are still in the industry and doing okay in a not so great economy. You “get” people…IRL (in real life) and online. AND you are funny. AND you are self deprecating. AND you are wise. But the BIGGEST “AND” is that you understand how to create and curate a community. (again IRL and online). SO, at the end of the day, it doesn’t matter if you use link bait to draw attention to your blog (it’s kind of fun to do that and see the results every once in awhile) and it doesn’t matter if you post on Monday or Tuesday or Gabonzoday….all that really matters is that you really know how to connect, engage and value (see Kaarina’s post here )
    I for one am very glad to have “found” you. I am appreciative of all of the effort you put into supporting your online friends….that is HUGE. And I am appreciative of your wisdom, humor and insight. THAT is why people follow you, Bill… all of the rest…it’s just incidental. You are the real deal. Thank you

  21. Ok, now you are going to give me the inflated ego……….:). Like I need any encouragement, huh? Thanks so much for the very kind words and if that is other people’s perception of me then I consider that a huge win. And also appreciate the ‘mmmm’ number of years……we don’t need to get hung up on numbers, ok?

    I have stated this several times, but I got into ‘social’ to be social. What I didn’t realize is how much people were trying to create an identity or monetize their efforts. Because of that, it’s deeper than just popping in and out. To me, it has the feel of a Chamber After Hours and I will work one of those events very similar to how I work my presence in here.

    If it means I can help someone, find a way to work together, or some other mutually beneficial benefit then I consider that a win.

    Fortunately, I have enough control over my day job I don’t need to be out chasing the next big thing. However, if I found something along the way I am always open to new and exciting things.

    So good to see you; missed you at the last chat but I’m guessing maybe some of the drama you have going on caused that? We have penciled in the next one, it might be the 11th but I’m not positive.

    Take care and hope to bump into soon.

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