3 totally awesome names in social

“What’s in a name? That which we call a rose
By any other name would smell as sweet.”

What is in a name? Do you ever come across a name that holds your attention; something about it just resonates? There are 2 people I have come across in social who fit this bill for me. My attachment won’t come as a surprise because I have commented to them on it. However, little did they know I was goofy enough to make it a post.

Both of these lovely ladies are only social acquaintances however; we bump into each other occasionally, but it’s not like we are ‘thick as thieves‘. Their initial reaction to this post, if they even see it, might be a raised eyebrow and wonder ‘who is this guy’?

Trust me, as long as you don’t feed me, I’m as harmless as they come. Hopefully they are sporting enough not to mind the ‘spotlight of silliness’ for one day.

One caveat, both had to marry to achieve totally cool name status; but I’m sure their husbands were happy to oblige.

Drum roll please

In no particular order other than my first choice has an idea this was coming;

Laura Clickas in clickety click, just click on me; click your heels and let’s get out of here. You can find Laura at Blue Kite Marketing where her awesomeness just clicks into place; she has to be great with a name like that, huh?

Laura knows I have already attached myself to her name and has been a very good sport about it.

Molli Megaskoa movie could be made around this name alone. I mean, Being John Malkovich was done, right? Molli could certainly be the female version. And she works for Gini so if anyone could make it happen, Gini certainly can. Every time Molli does a guest post at Spin Sucks I’m compelled to comment on the.best.name.ever. The joke probably wore thin a long time ago; I just don’t know how to let things go sometimes.

Maybe this post will be the fix I need….

What about Aptronyms – Names That Match the Occupation

Linda Toot was the principal flute in the Milwaukee Symphony Orchestra.

Dr. Fingers is a well-know gynecologist in Australia.

Dr. David Toothaker is a dentist in Arkansas.

Sir Russell Brain is a famous English neurologist.

Dr. Hertz was a dentist in Ft. Lauderdale.

Rev. D. Goodenough is a Methodist minister.

Also, Dan Druff for a barber, Felicity Foote for a dance teacher, and James Bugg for an exterminator — all real monikers.

More famously, we have William Wordsworth, the poet; Margaret Court, the tennis champion; Sally Ride, the astronaut; Larry Speakes, the White House spokesperson, Jim Kiick, the football star.

Can your name affect your life

You can only make one first impression; do you think your name in addition to your appearance might have an impact on your audience as well? If you have a last name like Butts or Hitler, do you think the potential negative attention could be a precursor to the person you become? In essence, can a name shape your personality?

It’s been said your name can potentially lead you to the profession you choose; do you believe that?

What great names do you know

Online or off, do you have any names you think are pretty cool? Would you care to share those?

Dorman, you only mentioned two names

Oh, I guess you are right. Well, I’m the third name of course, but I didn’t want to turn this into a post about me which I am prone to do most of the time. I mean, that was a given, right?

What comes to mind when you think of a doorman? Kind, courteous, engaging, humble, helping hand, a smile…..hmmmm, maybe there is something to this.

Did you learn anything from this post? Probably not, but hope you enjoyed the read.


65 thoughts on “3 totally awesome names in social

  1. Hi Bill, I did learn a lot from this blog. I will definitely have to check out Laura and Molli. Your endorsement means a lot and I’m looking forward to discovering their sites.

    I loved your list of aptronyms (I learned a new word too!). My favorite aptronym was at my first law firm: Rhea Law, the only woman partner. With a name like that, she didn’t have any choice of professions, did she?

    You’re right, Doorman is a perfect moniker for you. Welcoming, gracious, helpful, always with a smile. You’re the best! 🙂

    • Either as working with the law, or breakin’ the law, huh? It is funny how sometimes the names just fits; kind of like looking like your pet after awhile……..:).

      Of course, just like my looks, I was hoping to be more dashing and sexy looking; doorman doesn’t exactly conjure up thoughts of bravery and excitement. However, and this just came to me as I was writing the post, it is actually a very appropriate name for me so I guess I better just run with it at this point, right?

      Both of the ladies mentioned are good sports and very talented as well.

      Good to see you today.

  2. That is too cute and too funny. My name is kind of boring, but I got one that isn’t. My son was delivered by Dr. Paul Dicker – with a name like that he had no choice but to be an OB/GYN! But wait, there’s more…the other doctor in the practice was…wait for it…Dr. Craig Weiner! I swear I am not making this up….

    My ex-husband’s last name is Butman as in “you have a nice but, man.” I could go on all day, but I won’t…

    • Your name is simple but very distinct; everybody knows who ‘Nancy Davis’ is, almost like Nancy Drew……….:)

      Dicker and Weiner, love it. Butman like Dorman; as in ‘get the door, man’……….:)

      I liked your reunion post and great pic too. Good to see you bright and early and hope you have a great day.

      • Or, the could have named him Dickey Weiner, huh?

        I’m sure they never took a ribbing for their name. Regardless of what they have achieved, you know people who knew them back in the day probably remember them by their nicknames………..

  3. This was an interesting post Bill. I always thought Laura had a great name too, and she deserves the shout out! Cool to read some of the other names.

    You know that you’re now the official doorman for the entire blogosphere now, right? Good luck with that — I’ve heard bloggers don’t tip very well. 🙂

    Looks like we finally have some winter weather coming this week. TTYS.

  4. Hi Bill! I do believe there is a LOT in a name! Thanks for teaching me a new word, by the way,
    Aptronyms! I have come across some which I can’t remember at the moment 😮
    I believe in the power of a name to influence how you feel and by extension, what you experience in life. The surname “Rich” for instance, of the first name “Joy”. I look to the meaning of names to see what’s there. My name, Lori, means “Victory”. I’ll take that 😉
    Happy Monday Bill, Adam, Nancy and Carolyn!

    • You might or might not have seen the movie about Joe Dirt. The whole movie he was trying to downplay his name and of course at the end of the movie he gets the girl and the fame. But there is baggage (good and bad) that goes along with a name.

      A friend of my son’s was named Nick Nick; Nick being his real last name.

      Here’s to you Ms Victory; thanks for stopping by and hope you have a great day.

  5. I worked with a graphic designer named Vestalight Habersetzer. Seriously. I can’t make that up. Other than going into interior design or stage lighting, I thought graphic design was quite fitting. She goes by “Light.”

    And I’ve always love Molli’s name too!

    • That is a unique name and I like the short version of light. I’ll bet she brightened up a room, huh?

      Thanks for stopping by and sharing ‘a name’. I hope you had a great Thanksgiving and now the push for Christmas is on, huh? Where did the year go?

  6. This is the best thing I’ve read in weeks, lol. I actually had to go back and read them again. I love the Click thing at the beginning and I at the end, Dan Druff was the funniest.

    How do you come up with this funny and amazing topic 🙂

      • Did you say it was amazing Bill’s mind works? Unfortunately, half the stuff I think is funny I’m not sure if everyone else does. My wife always says I’m laughing at the wrong parts when we watch a movie………….oops………..

    • I was in this Rotary Club where visitors always signed in. The club president would pick a club member at random to introduce the guests. Inevitably, and there were about 4 of us who would do this, we would sign up fake guests such as Jim Shorts; Dick Hertz; Ben Dover, etc………now you are probably thinking someone as mature as I am would not stoop to something this childish, huh? We would see how creative we could get with some of the names without crossing the line………..:).

      My mind works in mysterious ways when it is working; I typically am always looking for the humor in every day life.

      So good to see you, thanks for the comments and compliment.

  7. Bill, could you hold the door for me please? You know you’ve now “opened the door” to puns, references and other nonsense from us who love to rib you:) In a good way, of course!

    Where DO you come up with your ideas? This is a great one that has generated a great post. I don’t have any personal names, but I remember one for a funeral home: Wing On…seriously.

    You’ve taught me two things today: aptronyms and fahrvergnugen…the latter of which will definitely appear in my “f” post in my alphabet series. Cheers! Kaarina

    • Here’s the deal; I’ve heard just about every variation of door attached to my name you can imagine. And I’m a good sport about it; HOWEVER, if you go down that road look out, because you better be Teflon because I’m coming right back at ya’……..:)

      The doctor that did my last knee operation was Dr Phuc Vo; you can imagine down south we are probably going to make it sound like duck, huh?

      Actually, I have a lot of thoughts like this; I just don’t know if I can make whole posts out of them or not. Essentially, finding humor where most would not……….

      So good to see you; your post was great today. Can’t wait for the fantastic F’s…..

      • As you well know, Bill, I am not made of teflon, so I shall cease and desist on the door references:)

        You can make a post out of anything, my friend (and I had to resist a door reference there too!) Thanks for the nice tip of the hat to my post: “f” will be next…hold onto your hats (and I will be making a reference that you referenced, mwahahahaha) Cheers! Kaarina

  8. Cute post Bill and you’ve now made these two ladies famous. Heck, you wrote a post about them what more could they ask for?

    Your mind does work in mysterious ways doesn’t it. How in the world do you come up with this stuff? You made my day!

    I had a friend and his last name was Hunt. His mother thought it was cute when she had a little girl so she named her Treasure. Oh man, I would have killed her.

    • I would not be a happy child……………….:). A very good friend of mine named their daughter Velvet Burr………………hmmmm……………

      Let’s just say, ‘I’m not sick, but I’m not well’; my mind can take more twists and turns with the normal to turn it into something unrecognizable once I’ve peeled off all the layers…:)

      I’m glad this was an enjoyable read for you; thanks for the compliment. I do hope the ladies appreciated the spotlight.

  9. How great! My mom takes full responsibility. I’ve actually had problems in the past with ghost writers taking my name. So if you see any articles online written about HR, that’s not me. I am the very last Megasko in the world and am struggling with how to take on my husband’s name.

    • Oh, my bad; I assumed because you were married this was your husband’s name. Sorry Charlie, you can’t give this name up……….he needs to take yours……….

      I would go ahead and copyright it.

      Thanks for being a good sport about it; it is a very cool name indeed.

    • Hi Molli – Just thought I’d wave to my famous name twin from across the blogosphere! I can’t believe people are using your name as a ghost writer. That’s just nuts! Thankfully, I don’t have that problem. But, I can’t tell you how many times people have asked if my name is real. They think it’s a pen name.

      Glad to meet you, Molli!

  10. Loved it..I worked in the Emergency Room and the main Docs name was Dr. Fix…My last name is Longstreet..yea I live waaay on the end of one too..but I’m sure you can imagine the nicknames…

  11. Laura Click is great and well, that name rules! … Dude 😉

    I don’t know about Molli, but thanks for making us all aware of that great name.

    Thanks for the list of aptronyms 😉 Dr. David Toothaker might just be the best … well nevermind, Dr. Fingers takes the prize. 😉

    I can’t help but think of Anthony Weiner 😉 I often wondered if that whole scandal was reality. I mean, c’mon, THAT name.

    Not exactly an aptronym, but when my wife worked at a bank many years ago one of her customers was a Dorcas Mason.

    • No lie, I also found a Dr Hairy Beaver for the gynecologist; but no way was I going to drag those lovely ladies down to my level by mentioning that name in the post. Dr Fingers was enough….

      No kidding on Anthony Weiner as in ‘let me show you mine’. BTW, how did that work out for him?

      I have known Butts, Weiners, Smelley & Darlings in my time.

      Another no lie and this was told to me by a bank teller friend of mine; Ima Pigg was a customer of the bank.

  12. Fantastic names, and Dorman (or doorman) is amazing as well. Some names stick, and most names don’t. And I believe that if you have a fantastic name (in social) you can have great benefits that other people will have to work hard to get (like myself, it might be hard for people in the US to remember, especially my last name).

    One name that you didn’t mention, but one that you’ve probably come accross as well, is one of the founders of Triberr. I just love his name, Dino Dogan. That’s a cool name, and it sounds like the name of an artist. And maybe it is for all that I know 🙂

    • That is a cool name; so you think I should have put him number 3 instead of me, huh? Maybe for you, you can just start going by your last name; ‘Hey Berget’.

      I think some of the euro and oriental names you can really have a field day with but I tried to keep this domestic. I might have made fun of a name that is revered in somebody’s homeland and we wouldn’t want to be offensive like that, would we?

      I don’t know if it’s a southern thing or not, but I actually have about 5-6 nicknames that I answer to; it depends on what crowd I’m running with at the time. Even now, a lot of times I will just call myself Dorman.

      Good to see you; thanks for stopping by and offering your comments. I hope you had a great weekend.

      • No, I don’t think you should have put him as number 3 instead of you, your name is way cooler 🙂

        I don’t have any nicknames, usually I just go by Jens (instead of my much longer name Jens-Petter).

        You should go by the name, the man (short for dorman), that’s perfect for you 🙂

  13. Do you have a massive fan club or what?!? Geez this is like the “who’s who” of commenting (me being the exception here)! And all pretty girls (well, Adam being the exception and he’s nice looking too) … you sleeper you! 😉

    Well, I have to check out the mentions … must be good coming from you. And I use to date a guy name Andrew Andrews … too weird for me (the name and the guy)!? I have a whole series of jokes that would be rather inappropriate and a little too colorful perhaps about names that are interesting (and hysterical) and I promise a drink or two and I’d be on a roll! 😉

    Good stuff always sir!

    Have a fantabulous evening!

    Starry skies,


    • Everybody loves Billy, huh; just a regular chick magnet…………….not……………in my mind maybe…………:).

      You’re as much who’s who as anybody and you definitely fit in with the lovely ladies. Adam is ok when he shaves his legs…………doh………..

      There is a motivational guy named Andy Andrews, interesting. My son had a friend named Nick Nick. I had a previous partner named Pete Peterson. Wassup widat?

      Maybe another venue we’ll get to share the names. A friend of mine from college who we are still friends today used to keep a list on his refrigerator of all the funny names we could think of; and needless to say, some were quite colorful.

      Thanks so much for the kind words and visit; always a pleasure.

  14. Hey Bill! This is exactly why my husband and I thought long and hard about what to name our son when I was pregnant. He would think of a name and I would come up with every possible variation and nickname. Kids can be quite mean and I wanted to make sure that our son’s name would not give anyone ammunition.

    We decided on Daniel Thomas (both of our Dad’s first names)–and then our last name is Jay. The only thing people really came up with as far as a nickname or joke was Danny Thomas. That’s not such a bad thing. After all, the guy was a good entertainer and he founded St. Jude Children’s Hospital. We just call him Danny for short. Give him a couple of years and I’m sure he’ll hear me yelling “Daniel Thomas!” when he’s in trouble for something;)

    • He’s probably pretty safe; most kids won’t know Danny Thomas and even if they did, it’s not a bad name.

      The Tampa Bay Rays baseball team has Evan Longoria and of course there is Eva Longoria on the Housewives TV show. I’ve heard opposing crowds make fun of him.

      Kids can be brutal so a somewhat neutral name can be good; much better than a boy named Sue, huh?

      Thanks for sharing Alicia; and so good to see you.

  15. Thanks for the shout out, Bill! And, what a fun post to boot. 🙂

    It’s funny – I got married before social media was a big deal and so I never really thought much about my new last name. However, I’ve been surprised by how many people who have asked me on social media if my name is real. Most people think it’s a pen name!

    I can’t think of any aptronyms (man, I’ll have to weave that into conversation sometime!), but I have come across some awkward names in general. At one job I had, we used to keep a list of some of the best ones. I can’t remember them all now, but one I remember is
    Tarantula (pronounced Tar-an-tool-a).

    I swear, now I’m going to be looking for aptronyms everywhere!

    • The other thing you might start doing is seeing if the name/occupation fits the person/personality. Whereas my name wasn’t totally benign and I got my share of comments on it, it was enough under the radar it wasn’t a constant ribbing.

      The other thing I find amusing is an unusual name and you see it carried out from Sr to Jr to the III and IV; like ex-baseball pitcher Oral Hersheiser IV.

      Thanks for being a sport about this; I told you I had one of these in the hopper…..:)

  16. Very entertaining post, Bill. You made me learn something today. Aptronyms, eh mate? It was really fun reading this. I can’t think of any names offhand that can rival to the ones you’ve already mentioned and those in the comments, but let me just say, hey you had me a good laugh today. 🙂

    • Hey Wes, good to see you. I’m glad you enjoyed the post; I did have fun with it and it appears the people who have visited and commented enjoyed it as well. It is interesting to see only about 12% of the people who visited, commented though; but that is probably the norm.

      Hope you are doing well and have a opportunity filled week ahead.

  17. Bill,

    Saturday night I did 4 shots of Milagro Tequila. Sunday proved it was no “milagro”.

    If you are Spanish impaired it means “miracle”. It was a miracle I could stand up that night.

    Speaking of names, my maiden name changed me forever. It is Gonzalez. “You don’t look Mexican”. DUH!!! But then I learned as I got older that is so stereotypical, many Mexicans are fair. My father comes from a Spanish decent and my mom is straight up German/English.

    To top it off my married name is Irish. Oh! Every Irish person falls in love with me immediately. Then I have to break the news to them that it is my married name and my in-laws are Swedes. They still like the name. Don’t ask where they got “Irish” from Sweden.

    My last name has made me cynical and mean, hesitant to tell anyone what it is. That is why I go by something else online, and the anonymity.

    I love my heritage but hate the reactions. It’s old and I’m done with people.

    Anyhow, my first name rocks! Allison. “Truthful one” I LOVE my first name.


    PS Let’s keep my name under lock and key online, special for this post. 🙂

    • Sounds like you are still under the influence of Tekiller; if anybody asks about your name you are supposed to reply in an Irish lilt that it is nothing of the sort.

      Personally, I think you should change your name to Allie Rambles; it’s catchy…….

      I think I’m straight up German/English; but I have seen some Dorman’s in Ireland. Who the heck knows, I still haven’t found any Dorman’s with money.

      Chin up, don’t be done with people; the peeps be lovin’ you.

      My wife’s name is Allyson too; it is a great name. As far as the rest of your name; my lips are sealed but I didn’t mention it in the Versatile blogger post……oops……

      • I know, I need to learn some Irish slang and accent, that would be fun. LOL.

        I don’t hate people, just the ones that scorn me for being a “fair Mexican”. I can’t help what I look like. Oh well.

        Yep, I love my name, spelled anyway. It is a great name. Actually, my whole name is Allison Nicole Irish, can’t get any more Irish than than, eh?

        Us Americans are a mixed up bunch sometimes, we come from everywhere and that rocks! True, if you can’t find one with money, don’t bother looking. JK, LOL.

    • Considering the ones I’ve found, I’m afraid they might think I’m the one with money…. yikes……….

      Same thing w/ Brazilians; everybody thinks they should be dark haired and olive skin. I’ve seen plenty blond hair, blue eyed ones………

      When Mark Sanchez the Jets quarterback moved to NY, the Hispanic community embraced him. Guess what, he could not carry on a conversation in Spanish……

  18. My kids have Hebrew names that translate roughly as Heart and Life. Those names were given to help honor and remember relatives that have checked out and journeyed onto wherever it is we go.

    Names are important.

    And now onto the less serious part of this comment. During my school days I often made up names to use with subs. I would sometimes walk in late and say that I was a new student named “George Fux”

    I had great fun with that one. You should have seen them squirm.

    • That is another side to this; if you really want to pull somebody’s chain especially in a room full of strangers, tell them your name is something that will make it a little awkward if they repeat it to someone.

      One of our insurance company reps would have himself paged at the airport as Studley Hungwell.

      Names are important and can have an impact on the person you become………

      Good to see you Jack, hope to have a chance to see you on Thursday.

  19. Man, it’s a good thing your last name isn’t DoorMAT. That would suck… Personally, I love my first name. I used to be quite musical (I was a singer in a blues band), so it kinda fit. I have no attachment to Fletcher (it means “arrow maker”. Huh. I’ve got nothing), so if I met a guy with a cool last name, I’d had no problem changing it.

    My street name is Mellow-D. I think that describes me pretty well, too. Oh hey! Your first name is Bill – as in Dollar! HeyHEYhey! You are destined to be a nice, courteous, rich dude. That’s the version I’d go with. I’m destined to date musicians and point people in the right direction. Oh hey! I just got it! Ha.


    • Trust me, I have heard the doormat, doorknob, dormant tags……….more so back in the day among the oh-so-kind kids in school. Now, it’s Billy D, dollar bill, or just Dorman at times.

      That is interesting you were a singer and your name is Melody, very fitting; see, it is true, this stuff works………….:).

      What if you met a dude with a cool last name and you took it, only to find a cooler name later; do you dump the almost cool name for the better one?

      I know some musicians; they were either the misfits or the band geek, but just like being able to dance they seem attract the ladies, huh?

      Mellow-D, I like it. Thanks for taking the time to stop by and share; much appreciated.

  20. All righty, this is going to fun!

    First, I thought my name would make it to the list…but darn, I should actually pay more next time! 😉

    Names which spell awesome for me…. loads…. Kaarina, Lori are some I have heard like for the first time! Even Gini!

    Also, there’s this guy Dorman…he is like a rock star… especially among the ladies… heard of him?

    • Actually I did think of your name but decided to keep it to ‘English’ names because you have an unfair advantage because it is unique to us when we hear it. And see what happens when I do lists………..somebody always gets left off………….:).

      Yes, all those names you mentioned are beyond awesome and I’m glad I know them as well.

      As for that Dorman guy, I think the jury is still out but we’ll see what kind of game he really has……

      Thanks for checking out some of my ‘older’ stuff. Good to see you.

  21. #1. Your blog is freakin’ awesome, and detering me from the work I should be doing.

    #2. I agree whole heartily about the ‘themed’ names. They’re catchy, and stick with you, and all the better if they’re inclusive of alliteration. 🙂

    #3. Is Alex Press a winner in your book (or blog), while we’re on the subject of successful titling?

    Give it to me straight, I can take it. 🙂

    Alex Press
    The Gulkin Gazette

    • Alex Press is pretty awesome; a good chance it would have made the cut if I had been aware………..:).

      Thanks for stopping by and the kind words; always appreciated.

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