My personal quest for 10,000

Friday April 24th, 2009 5:38 pm to be exact; I was able to determine this was my official ‘born on’ date in twitter. Nothing significant per se other than this is when the clock seemed to start ticking on everything ‘measurement’.

My day job is outside sales and just about everything I do is ‘measured’. At the end of the day the result is money so I can easily track what worked and what didn’t. When I got into social, I thought it was going to be just that; social. I was seeking an outlet where I could just bump around, meet some people and well, be social.

Guess what? It appears most people in the social world I inhabit use social for business or some variation thereof. Not only is every single move measured in every way imaginable, the metrics seem to change by the minute.

This created a dilemma for me, because I am competitive. I jumped in with the attitude of ‘well, I can certainly do that too’. However, all it did was put the idea in my head that I needed to be growing and have a sense of direction. Inevitably, I felt a sense of disappointment when the light switch didn’t click on showing me the way.

Don’t get me wrong as I can see a business application for this and it is helping me grow my networking and communication skills.Β Therefore, in order to keep it relevant AND fun for me and because it still comes down to measurement, here is my quest for 10,000.


My friend Christian Hollingsworth at Smart Boy DesignsΒ is under house arrest until he reaches 100,000 followers. Since I officially just passed 1,000 I’m not ready to do anything that drastic as it appears at my pace it will take approximately 24 more years to get to 10,000 followers; might as well be a million, huh? 10,000 just sounded like a ‘cool’ number to shoot for.

Why? Just because I guess, I still don’t have a particular reason or strategy; but I’m throwing it out there. Maybe those ‘A’ listers who dumped their followers can send a few thousand this way, huh?


Now this might be more ‘doable’. I currently have 5,745 tweets; at my current pace and the fact I am much more plugged in now, this might only be a 1 or 2 year project.

Why? Just because I guess; see same response to Followers


Not quite as attractive as tweets, but I do have 3,504 comments on my post since inception. Of course, half of those are my replies back but let’s not split hairs here. Maybe I will be struck with a bolt of inspiration and actually start writing some good stuff and the comments will pick up with the tweet count. However, to be realistic let’s project a 3-4 years timetable.

Why? Sounded good keeping with the 10,000 theme……..


Now this is something I can get excited about. Unfortunately, with only $37 in my pocket I have a much bigger hill to climb. But because I am so plugged into social now and have such a great community, I am really counting on YOU to make this $10,000 happen for me.

To steal a slogan from a football booster club I know I will use IPTAY – I pay $10 a year; and you can belong to my club. I’m thinking I could set up my HeyPal account so you could make direct deposits. If I average 800 visits to my site weekly and only half stepped up to help me we could probably knock this out in a month.

And what would you get in return? I will comment on your post at least once a week and most times with something incredibly witty to say; I will also give you one #FF a month; and finally, feel free to tell all your friends I know you. A $58 dollar value for only $10 a year…..priceless…..

Why? Because money is cool; I can go ahead and get an iPad, iPhone, Kindle and whatever other toys that will keep me popular.

What Ye Say?

This is my social media strategy; which ones do you think are going to be the most attainable? Do you think I’m trying to be a little too ambitious with the followers? If so, should I just start accepting ‘all comers’.

Have I set my sights too low? I would love to hear your thoughts on this.

Finally, if you thought this was serious (except the $10k part); please step to the back of the line………:)

>Parting note: Our friends over on Triberr are nominated for the Up-and-Coming Social Media Service award on Mashable. Help me make them Number 1 by casting your vote right now. <


78 thoughts on “My personal quest for 10,000

  1. Hey Bill,
    I thought you were serious! Haha. I do have a document someone sent me about social media. If you are interested – let me know and I’ll email it to you! What I want to know is; are you coming to the Hangout tomorrow, do you have your costume ready and are you ready for an interesting discussion?!
    Hang in there Bill. 10,000 – of everything – is surely not far away for you!
    Happy Monday!

  2. Hi Bill, I refer you to our dear friend, Janet Callaway who just wrote an excellent piece on why the numbers don’t matter. She says it’s all about the people and relationships. I’m thinking you and Christian would probably agree with her. Here’s a link to her awesome post:

    I’m about where you are with Twitter followers, but I am thrilled with my followers. Quality over quantity. And since you are one of my cherished followers, you can’t possibly disagree with me!

    So my advice, which should be taken with ye olde large grain of salt, is for you not to worry about the numbers, but to worry about the people. That shouldn’t be too tough for a people person like you, I’m thinking. πŸ˜‰

    • Wise advice indeed; I have never been worried about the numbers. I just had to find a way to work the $10,000 part in there as that is the only number I’m worried about.

      Actually, it was my attempt at a humorous post and hopefully most take it that way. However, it does seem everything is measured ‘by the numbers’ in social, doesn’t it?

      Thanks for stopping by, hope your weekend went well. I worked in my yard in short pants Sat and Sun in case you were wondering………….:).

      • I heard Jens wants his swim suit back. πŸ˜‰

        Yes, I did take it that way, but I also wanted to interject my 2 cents about the topic as I have a hunch you will be getting quite a few comments on this subject. But I could be wrong about that…

    • I would expect to be arrested if I went outside in a bathing suit like Jens’ has. I think euro’s are the only ones who can legally wear that kind of gear and have it be socially acceptable………….:)

    • I agree with Carolyn and Janets post there Bill!

      I don’t think the numbers matter much, as for me even a handful of good friends are enough than a larger number. So, I find happiness with quality more than quantity as well πŸ™‚

      • Thanks for weighing in Harleena; I am probably the least obsessed with numbers in social, but then again I am deriving no income from my writing. I vote quality over quantity all the time…..and I can make an argument where this is actually more profitable if you are monetizing your blog.

        Good to see you……….

  3. 10,000 followers … for you? A piece of cake because everyone likes you. 10,000 tweets … just sit for a few hours and do it. 10,000 comments … just keep hitting reply a few hundred times to each comment made. $10,000 … I’ll donate because you’re worth it.
    Post … priceless!!

    Thanks for your wicked (my Halloween word today) sense of humor Mr. Dorman! πŸ˜‰ You’re awesomeesimo!!

    Wishes for lots of candy for you,


  4. Pretty lofty goals, my friend. I can see you getting 9900, but not sure of 10,000. Ha ! You are a trip, Bill. Makes me feel good to know there are other disturbed minds out here. I Love this post and the way you write. I am really looking forward to your guest post on CARE later this month. Between me and you, we can contribute at least 100 comments. Yeah.

    Thanks again for your brilliant writing and wonderful sense of humor. Really does make this journey called life, a lot more fun. Grateful for you, brother.

    By the way, how does that HeyPal thing work ? Sounds good to me. Lol.


    • If this stinky free site I have would drop in a few more reply buttons I could dominate because I am always good at trying to get the last word in…………:).

      I do have a topic for CARE and hope it fits with what you are trying to accomplish.

      Also, thanks for your kind words and compliment; that’s about the only way we get paid, huh?

      Hope you have a good week; I heard there was a big game this weekend somewhere…..

      • Thanks bro. Uh …… yeah. I think there is a game in good ol Tuscaloosa, Saturday night. It should be awesome. I hope we can hang with those bayou bouys from LSU.

        I will be in Huntsville again, helping out with Dad. Will get to watch the game with most of the family. Roll Tide !!

        Might see you tomorrow ? Oh yeah, mentioned you in my intro post this morning.
        Thanks again.


  5. I need ten bucks. I am a little short this week πŸ™‚ It is good to have goals. I want to be more liked and respected. That is my big goal.

    I just don’t have that many followers. I often wonder why but to me it just is not all that important.

  6. So glad I get to leave a wisecrack; ‘cuz no seriousness out of you on this post, Dude. I saw right through that!

    I’m impressed with your thought process to identify your metrics and try to find some sort of measurement out of them. @Shonali would be so proud.

    No comment. Just keeping being you and zipping in and out of blogs and comments like a bee to pollen. It’s what you do best. #ThatIsAll

    • Yes, that is my current mission in life. If it is what I do best then why try to mess up that business model, huh?

      I did feel some angst when I felt like I wasn’t keeping up with the Jones’ and should have had a better defined plan. However, that was not the reason I got into social so I just had to stop and take a deep breath and get back to having fun again.

      Thanks so much for stopping by, it is always good to see you………….

  7. I have thought about trying to get ten thousand followers on Twitter and might even do it one day. But if I do I don’t want to be one of those people who buys followers. No sir, I want them to pay to follow me.

    Even better I want people to pay me per tweet. Now that would be a real money maker. BTW, I sent a huge deposit to your HeyPal account and it bounced just like War Eagle. Go figure.

    • Hey, it was the thought that counted, right? I think Google or Klout want to pay me per tweet and I’m just trying to negotiate the specifics. They only want to pay me a nickel per tweet and I’m trying to hold out for fifty cents.

      Good thing AU got theirs last year; not so good this year. USC sure gave Stanford a scare however.

      Trust me, I won’t be buying anything so if the followers come I’m sure it will be because of my magnetic personality………….or is that animal magnetism?

      Good to see you, hope your day is going well so far.

    • Somebody has to bring levity to all this ‘stuff’, huh? Once I got in here and everyone was talking about metrics, measurement, SEO, etc that immediately sent up a red flag for me because that sounded like work. If I have to ‘work’ at being social, then I will search out something else that is fun. Sheeesh…………..

      Good to see you, thanks for dropping by.

  8. Seems like 10,000 is a number easily attainable by someone like your self. 10,000 comments, likes, fans, followers – doesn’t really matter. They’ll come and are coming to you at the moment. They’re attracted. When you’re putting those good vibes out there (because you care!) they just come pouring out of the woodwork.

    I can see it happening here. Just look at all the people that care and comment when you write something. You’re building something very special, and I’m grateful to be a small part of it.

    • You are the man, Christian and your post was my inspiration. You are doing all the right things and it’s fun to watch you grow.

      Thanks for taking the time to stop by and offer your kind words; much appreciated.

      I hope you have a great week sir.

  9. I totally vote for the money option. Who can pass up a deal like that?! You’ll can definitely do it in a month. And goodness knows you need an iPad. I’m all in for supporting you on that – is it a tax deductible donation??

    Good to see you’ve got a sense of humor, Bill. I was getting worried that you were too serious. πŸ˜‰

    • I’m looking to file for my 501c 3 status because I’m sure not making any profit on this site……:). Once that is done, then you can take the tax deduction……………

      Our ‘revamped’ site is just about up and running and I will be posting to that; hopefully it will have good info but still with a dose of levity. I’m looking forward to writing for it.

      Good to see you, thanks for stopping by; hope all is well.

  10. Hey Bill,

    Well had you and Christian been serious about your quest, I would have really started to worry about you guys. But I love how you can make light of different topics and help others realize that although in some areas, it’s a numbers game. Others, not so much.

    As Carolyn mentioned about Janet’s post, she really pointed it out that some people weigh too heavy on the number status. I can see where it can be important for those eager to get on the first page of the search engines or maybe the higher your status, the more you’ll be seen in the eyes of others who may possibly want to advertise on your site. It can be important, I’m not going to deny that.

    To me though it’s more about the relationships with others. That’s the particular direction I choose to go.

    Whatever number you want to reach Bill, I have all the faith in the world in you. If you put your mind to something, you’ll achieve it. So, I say go for it anyway and then that will make another great post! πŸ™‚

    Have a great week Bill!

    • Hey Adrienne, thanks for stopping by. Yes, there is a reason for optimization if you are building a business but I’m a firm believer you still have to develop a relationship. The relationships are what give you a foundation that can work for you in many different ways.

      My biggest struggle was where to go with this site and I’m coming to the realization it’s ok just like it is if it is only a social site. I don’t really need to keep up with anybody and can just go do my own thing, right?

      So good to see you; loved the Halloween history at Kim’s today.

  11. Bill,

    I think your approach and quest for numbers is all wrong…like totally wrong…sending you a HeyPal payment now, what’s the minimum they accept?

    Hahaha! Keep these humorous posts coming man!

    Happy Halloween!


    • Hey Robert, $10 will do just fine…………maybe I can buy a coffee at Starbucks……

      I just kind of ran with this, but glad you liked it. Hope all is well and you had a great weekend.

  12. Hey Bill,

    I love the HeyPal idea, but see you creating something much, much bigger. Maybe this place could become the blogging equivalent of “The Onion,” HeyPal sounds like a great cover story if you follow that route.

    I thought someone as prolific as you would have at least 10,000 tweets by now. I guess you just gotta pick up the pace, man. Seriously though, 10K followers probably won’t be a problem for someone like you. I’d go for 20K πŸ˜‰

    If you wrote a Commenting Manifesto you could be rich. As Jayme mentioned, “Just keeping being you and zipping in and out of blogs and comments like a bee to pollen.” (that was a brilliant comment, by the way). But that’s what you do best, and I think you could create an army of followers, and make some serious coin in the process. Create some commenting monsters that follow the Dorman System πŸ˜‰

    Just keep doing what your doing. Great, humorous writing, wisecracks here there and just about everywhere, and someone who sure knows how to build a little community and how to do “social”

    What’s the deal with you and the speedo?

    • Well, when I heard the TweetUp in Orlando was a pool party I thought the Speedo would be appropriate. It was only later I found out it was ‘by’ the pool and not actually a pool party but by then, Gini was so concerned she went ahead and moved it indoors.

      Mark Schaefer has the Tao of Twitter; maybe I’ll come out with the Tao of Twitter Commenting and retire like he did…………:)

      I was struggling with my direction and lack of growth, but I think I was just putting too much pressure on myself for no reason; especially with a personal blog. I think I’m back in a happy place now……..

      Good to see you and thanks for the drive-by. Hope all is well in the great NorthWest.

      • Nothing like the threat of a speedo to move the party indoors.

        I agree πŸ™‚ The Tao of Commenting might become an Amazon best seller πŸ™‚

        Struggling a bit with that as well. I should learn to be like you and calm down. Anyway, glad you are in a happy place

        Good to stop by. Hope all is well in the tropics πŸ˜‰

  13. I am contacting all A-listers to send thousands your way, am tweeting under your handle unbeknownst to you to get your numbers up, trying to #TeamBlogJack so that we can get those comment numbers knocked out of the park, and sending you $10…no wait…about that $10…I already included it with yours going to Nancy.

    Great post: just what the doctor ordered on my return from a week unplugged and offline. You always make me smile:))) Cheers! Kaarina P.S. Please remember the thong tomorrow.

  14. After barely being at 5% on social last week, I have returned. Curiously, while my Klout declined, my twitter followers went up by about 5 or so. So, if you just sit there and do almost nothing you can hit 10,000 followers in about 34 years. Not too bad if you’re not in a hurry.

    Okay, I did think you were serious for a few paragraphs, then my caffeine kicked in and I caught on. If this is your Halloween post, then I have very high expectations for your April Fools entry!

    Fun stuff Bill. You were my first stop after coming back — thanks for making it so I didn’t have to think! πŸ™‚

    • Yeah, that’s what my posts are good for; the no-thinking zone………..:).

      Klout changed something, so everybody’s dropped and some significantly. I almost quit social until I read about what happened. And I thought 7 was a good number.

      I’m with you on the 34 yr plan; I figure if my health holds out I might make it………….

      Good to see you back sir, hopefully you are all seminared up now. Thanks for stopping by.

  15. Hey Bill, I loved this one πŸ™‚

    I am at 1.300+ on Twitter now and I don’t think I will reach 10.000 any time soon. It is just because I let people follow me if they are interested and don’t go for numbers at all, so apparently only a few of them a week find it cool to follow me. But then I lose all those 40 bots I got to follow me by using words like iPad, free money, ebook, etc.

    I do have like 16.000+ tweets, but I am on Twitter a lot and chat a lot (do replies count in those numbers? Never thought of that)

    Comments….mmmmmm probably in a bit less than a year πŸ™‚ Who knows.

    And money… well I will tell you one thing. I think that would be your best bet. People give money donations for crazy stuff. Do you know Blogess once tweeted how she needs money to buy something stupid and people donated I think $3.000+ not even knowing what she wanted to buy.

    I wish you had more Reply buttons here, I could not reply to anything cool said here, lol

    • That’s what happens with a free site; they limit my replies. I guess they don’t want me blowin’ up my site, huh?

      Maybe if I collect money for a big TweetUp and invite all my friends it will get the cash register ringing……..if The Bloggess got 3 grand I might be lucky to get $3, and that is if I chipped in. She did follow me back however; I thought that was kind of cool to get that from a big timer……

      As you can see, I just decided to have fun with this. My model is certainly different than those where some of these numbers really matter. Of course, I’m never too serious anyway………..:)

      Good to see you; thanks for coming by.

  16. You are such a hoot Bill…truly…you have a gift of humor and you know how to make others laugh at your own goofiness…..wait… WERE kidding, right??!!?? πŸ˜‰

    My favorite is the HeyPal account….too funny. How about if I set up my HeyPal account with you via my long lost recently departed royalty cousin in a small fiefdom in Europe who, apparently, left me an enormous amount of money. So….if you give me YOUR bank account number, I will set you up immediately to receive the funds so that I, too, can be a respected member of your “club”.

    Seriously, if you keep up this kind of wonderful engagement, you COULD reach 10,000 followers easily…..

    • Uh oh, I thought I had responded to this…………….what a clod head am I………..

      Thanks for the reminder, I need a 2X4 upside the head at times. I think social makes my mind mush and my phone is one it’s very, very last leg. New iPhone 4s have been ordered………..yay…………

      Thank you for the kind words and yes, I’m ok letting others laugh at my goofiness because I can be very goofy at times.

      Speaking of inheritance money I too have been getting numerous offers and just waiting to pick the right opportunity. I think I can do better than $25 mil……just sayin’………

      My bank account number is 3 BTW………..:)

      So good to see you and it’s been an out of office all day kind of day; I really, really do appreciate the heads-up.

    • Moi, not serious? Au contraire…………:). I thought I could have a little fun with it so I definitely had to put the money part in there as well.

      As I bump along and have pretty much decided for now this will remain as a personal blog; it really takes off any self-imposed pressure I might have put on myself about trying to grow it, drive traffic, etc. For now I am ok just to have some fun with it……..

      Good to see you, hope all is well. Are you ready to get back into your fitness program?

  17. Hey Bill,

    I don’t think you’re being too ambitious at all. Getting Twitter followers is nothing like getting blog subscribers. Why? Because Twitter has a reciprocal culture where if you follow some, some will follow you back. The biggest amount of work taken is spending all the time to follow others. So I say shoot for the 10k. I don’t doubt one bit that you can’t make that happen.

    Best of luck in your quest.

    • Thanks for your vote of confidence, now go give that same vote of confidence to your new buddy Tebow…………:).

      We are getting ready to re-launch our corporate website and I will be doing some writing over there. For now, I will keep this personal and clunk along for the time being.

      I’m a property and casualty insurance guy and my side hustle will be getting deeper on the health insurance side of the equation. Plenty of pains (which create opportunities) and certainly the revenue is there as well.

      Hope your project is going well and thanks for taking the time to stop by my friend.

    • Oh man now you are unleashing Bill’s competitive nature JK. He is going to go on a massive following spree then his Klout will tank…he will then get massive refollows…then he will have better klout..then he will do a massive unfollow and next think you know he will have so much Klout he will drown under the weight of expectations and write a best selling book ‘I wish I had only 100 followers’

      • I think all the activity is how you drive your Klout score however; that and pulling people out of Facebook retirement to follow you.

        Klout wanted to give me a new car as a perk but I told them I didn’t really feel I had earned it yet………..

  18. Hey Bill!

    I was so excited about this post that I went ahead and set up my very own HeyPal account. I’m not sure if you read the fine print, but you can’t cash out till you reach $100,000. Grrr…I was ready for the $ to start rolling in…

    By the way, I love Craig’s line, “Maybe this place could become the blogging equivalent of β€œThe Onion”…”

    I always love stopping by here to see what you thought up:) Well played!

    • Ok, so maybe it will take me two months to get there; I don’t need to eat until then anyway…………:).

      Yes, ‘The Onion’, I will be ‘all world’ then; I will have so many comments it will take me an assistant to keep up with them.

      Thanks for the compliment and it is always good to see you.

  19. Hi, Bill.

    Hahahah! I enjoyed this post. You have a gift for humour that really sends the message across, mate.

    When I started using Twitter, I was really into the numbers. But, later on I realized that the numbers really doesn’t matter that much. So, I stopped counting my followers and weeded out the people I followed.

    But, I am getting some inspiration from your post, mate, well on the $10,000 quest that is. πŸ˜€

    • In reality, with the numbers I mentioned the only one that really matters is the money. And of course I’m not sure if the strategy I came up with would actually work, but maybe if I changed it to $1 I could get enough to buy a cup of coffee………:).

      It was fun and I’m glad it was well received; thanks for dropping by and always good to see you sir.

  20. If you wanted, I bet you’re going to reach 10,000 within a few weeks – especially with a little help from your friends. On the other hand, you’re not in this for the money are you? πŸ˜‰

    By the way. I love Twitter, and especially since I’ve started using Pluggio. It’s super-easy to get new followers, and follow “the right” conversations.

    • Ok, what is Pluggio? Is this something I will have to Google? I try to follow the ‘right’ conversations with my lists in Hootsuite, but these are the people I already know.

      My crackberry is definitely on it’s last legs and I can barely tweet from it as it causes the white screen of death and I have to plug it in before it will reboot. However, I am getting an iPhone 4s in the next week or two so my twittering should pick back up.

      Thanks for stopping by Mr Jens, good to see you.

      • Pluggio is HootSuite on Crack. On the other hand, I pay $29 a month to use it. I believe it’s worth it, but I’ve only been using it for a month.

        I’m also going to buy an iPhone 4S, but I’m waiting a few more weeks. My iPhone 3 GS works, but it’s too slow, and the camera is crap.

  21. Interesting post and you had me cracking up laughing throughout. I love your approach to blogging and you have to the most laid back blogger out there (well at least to me). I love the fact that you don’t get all caught in the crazy hoopla some blogs put themselves through.

    Everyone has their own agenda of where they want to be and how “many” they have. That’s fine for them, but it’s not my main goal. You have done a great job with your blog and the comments you leave on other blogs is superb. Keep doing what you’re doing and you will be there in no time.

    • Well, that was a mighty nice thing to say and I certainly appreciate those kind words.

      I know some people have to get serious because they are putting food on the table with their site or blog, but fortunately I have some flexibility and can keep this fun. It certainly can create some topics for posts seeing how worked up people get over some of this stuff.

      So good to see you; hope you are having a great week so far.

    • They were bought on a credit card and McCort had none of his personal money in the game; if he can do it, certainly brilliant minds like ours can pull this off.

      I have been getting some pretty attractive offers to help some people overseas with unclaimed inheritance money; maybe we can use some of that as seed money.

  22. Bill,

    I know you have created 10,000 LOL’s. Have you been online 10,000 hours? How about written 10,000 words? Just trying to help you reach your goals.

    I already voted for Triberr today and will be back there tomorrow to vote again.

    BTW, Megan is ahead of you on comments on my blog. But then again, I haven’t posted much for you to come and comment on. I posted today but I was pretty much complaining about being sick and missing my online friends.

    You’ll get 10,000 something. I bet you will reach 10,000 Twitter followers in no time.


    • I like your thinking, 10,000 minutes would have probably been my first milestone. Small victories are important……..:).

      Megan, huh? She’s has little chance of getting a new car; that cat is already out of the bag.

      I have picked up a few newbies and not sure what is driving it. My guess would be about 1 out of 5 manually seek me out and the rest come by through automation or keyword search. That’s ok, I’m not that picky……….

      Hope you are feeling better and thanks so much for dropping by. We’ve been missing you too.

  23. Cracking up over here! Man what would I charge for RTs, b/c one of my ‘funny, funny’ pithy things HAS to be worth more than a plain, vanilla RT.. no matter how much my Klout is sure to have plummeted deep into the core of the Earth. Comments, by the WORD b/c I can type forever. Hee.

    I’d probably have 1,000 more followers if I didn’t block, report spam as much, played the ‘followback’ game. Now if you combine my ‘for fun, rants, personal and other misdeed’ play accounts.. I’d have 27 more. πŸ˜‰

    Seriously, it is good to have goals, a point and purpose to all of this. And I’m most impressed by your comment count as I’ve been at this longer, no where near. So for $19.95 would you sell me those secrets? FWIW.

    • Yes, for $19.95 I will sell you those secrets AND throw in a Ronco Popeil Pocket Fisherman; especially now that I am officially monetizing my account.

      If I can tell you are real I will probably follow back unless it is just too flakey, even if more than half are showing up via an automated method. I’m not worried about followers…..

      Hey, I think you have touched on a business model here; approaching up and comers and offer to not only RT but comment as well for $1 per, huh?

      So good to see you and good luck w/ the over-hyped game of the century this weekend. As a fellow Tiger supporter you know who I’ll be rooting for……sorry Al…….

    • Hey Shakirah, glad I could put a smile on your face today. I guess people are starting to get figure out I’m not the most serious of people, huh?

      I hope you have a great weekend.

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