Did video kill the radio star?

Raise your hand if you think this year has gone by entirely too quickly? Of course some might be thinking it can’t pass by quick enough, huh? Back in May when I was still very much the social novice I wrote a post about perceptions and personas; and the possible disconnect when you saw or met someone for the first time.

I challenged myself to pick up the phone or Skype as many in my community as I could this year. There has been a lot written questioning how real the relationships are in social and thought this was a great next step to making it as real as it can be for me.

Look what I found

As you interact with your community, some on a daily basis and visually all you have to go by is their Avatar, you develop your own mental image of this person. Their style of writing and commenting is really all you have to go on so far.

I want my M T V 

When MTV came up with the brilliant idea to video the rock stars, hip hop artist, etc; how much of a disconnect was there when you saw some of these performers for the first time? Some you imagined being just bad-ass when you heard them on the radio and then when you see them for the first time on TV it might have given you a ‘whoa now’ moment.

Rarely is your perception ‘spot on’; and the same with meeting someone in person you have only talked with on the phone before.  Sometimes you might want to keep a little intrigue surrounding you, but the video chats and in real life meetings will strip most of that away.

My journey so far

It all started with a random phone call from Mimi Meredith that started the ball rolling for me to take this to the next level. Next, I paid it forward with a call to Erica Allison.

I installed Skype and had calls with Mark Harai, John & Ameena Falchetto, Jayme Soulati, Kaarina Dillabough, Kim Davies and Adam Toporek.

Wait, there’s more; I have participated in a Google + group video chat with Lori Gosselin, Jack Steiner, Claudia Anderson, DDS, Brankica Underwood; Al Smith Jr, Stan Faryna and Betsy Cross.

Finally, I have seen the videos of Gini Dietrich, Danny Brown, Marcus Sheridan, Shonali Burke, Adrienne Smith, Elena Patrice, Stuart Mills, Allie IrishStacey Herbert, Ari Herzog and Brian Meeks.

Should I be concerned if half ‘unfollowed’ me after those video chats?

So, what did you think?

As Marcus would say, that was pretty dang cool.  Most were pretty close to what I thought they would be. However, a couple of them surprised me but in a good way.

Mission accomplished? Well, not exactly; I still have not met any in real life. That is the ultimate determiner, right?

Guess what I am doing on Monday?

The PRSA International Conference is in Orlando this week and a handful of my mentions will be there. Even though I am not a ‘PR’ guy, I have been invited to crash their ‘tweet up’ by the pool on Monday night. I was on the fence whether to attend until I heard there would be food and free drinks. That’s a no-brainer for me BTW.

So, come Monday night I will have the opportunity for the first time to meet Gini Dietrich, Shonali BurkeAdam Toporek and others live and in person. I’m pretty excited; I’m just trying to figure out how to lose twenty pounds before then and should I dye my hair? And if I dye my hair will it bleed in the pool; this is a pool party, right?

What do you think?

Would you attend an event ‘just’ to meet people in your community? Once you meet them, what happens if you don’t like them; what if they don’t like you? If there is free food and drink, does it even matter?

Would you have me over for dinner?


100 thoughts on “Did video kill the radio star?

  1. Very cool, Bill! You should definitely go to the Tweet Up. I always tell my kids to meet strangers online and then travel to meet them in person. 😉

    Beyond the free food and drink (if you can get beyond them), this is a great opportunity for you to interact with others on a personal basis. I get the sense you’re a people person (don’t know where I got that idea from), so you will probably enrich the meeting tremendously with your presence.

    Color me envious. I think this will be a lot of fun! I often wish I could meet my blogging buddies in person. That’s a big downside to having an online community. You’re living the dream, Bill!

    Let us know how it goes so we can live vicariously through you. 🙂

    • Well, hopefully none of the meeting will be YouTube worthy but that depends on who loses the coin toss between me and Adam and who gets stuck wearing the Speedo.

      I’m looking forward to it and my wife is coming along as well. Maybe this will be her tipping point for getting into social. I have a feeling she will be underwhelmed however, especially considering I will only know 4 of the 60+ people in attendance. It will be fun however.

      Of course, look who’s talking about meeting strangers. Didn’t you invite an online friend to stay with you before you met them in real life?

      • Yes, Bill, it’s true. I invited an internet friend to stay in our home for a week (though in all fairness I had met her in person for about 15 minutes when I extended the invitation.

        Let me tell you, Bill, there’s nothing that makes a family more proud than hearing that an internet friend is coming to stay for a week. As I recall, my family immediately nominated me for Mother of the Year. Unfortunately, that was the first time I lost to the hawks at the Franklin Institute. I thought the fact that my kids were really young would help, but apparently not.

        I continued to be a shining example to my kids by befriending this visitor and making her one of my best friends. In fact, she’s coming back for another visit to our home next week to celebrate my oldest daughter’s sweet 16th birthday. Gotta love the Prison Release Program!

        I hope you had a great time last night, Bill. I heard you asked Jens if you could borrow his famous Italian designer swimsuit.

    • We had a blast; fortunately we got to catch up w/ Gini an hour before and got to shoot the breeze first. We finally caught up w/ Shonali at the TweetUp and it was great too. The only bad thing was we didn’t get to spend enough time with them.

      I was going to ask Jen’s about the suit, but I thought he might feel funny about loaning it out; kind of like borrowing a tooth brush, huh?

      We’ve have pretty good results w/ the prison release program; I even got my yard mowed once.

  2. Awesome post Bill. Wish I was going to be there tonight and meet all of you in person. Please take some pictures. Make sure Gini stays in the shallow end of the pool. (Especially if she has her bike) And, of course I would invite you to dinner. Crazy sense of humor, college football and sports fan ? duh . And so many more endearing qualities. Ha !

    I really enjoy interacting with everyone on line, but there is nothing like meeting in person. The video chats are cool and it is like taking the next step in a relationship. I would love to have a huge gathering of all the people I have met on line and see how close they are to what we think. Let’s do it ! Once a year in a different location. Get on that, will you ?

    Thanks again for this great post and have fun tonight. Don’t dye the hair. I think you should show up dressed like cousin Eddie from “Christmas Vactation”. White shoes are a must.

    Take care bro. Hope to chat soon.


    • Yeah, but let’s have all the tweet ups in Cen Florida ok?

      War Eagle baby; spanked some gator butt. Might have their hands full against LSU, but beating Fla was huge.

      I wonder if Gini will wear a bathing cap since she just got her hair did? Maybe I should too so there won’t be a black dye cloud floating around me.

      I guess I will find out soon enough, huh? I think it’s going to be a hoot. I know Gini will be busy enough being the hostess but hopefully I can corner her and Shonali for a bit.

      • They moved the event indoors; the white shoes would have been much more appropriate instead of standing around all night in a Speedo. Does anyone else think it’s cold in here?

  3. You’ve asked some interesting questions there, Bill. Would I attend an event ‘just’ to meet people in my virtual world community? I’m not sure. Maybe I would. Maybe I wouldn’t. But then again, maybe that’s because I’m not one for large gatherings in the first place. 🙂

    If I did decide to attend such an event, it would be because I value the people attending for who they are. It wouldn’t dawn on me that I might not like them unless who they are in person is miles away from who they purport to be online. I take my online friends at face value and so if they tell me they’re 6 feet tall and have a Ph.D. in life’s experiences, I take them at their word that they’re 6 feet tall and have a Ph.D. in life’s experiences.

    Then again, I know full well that there are people out there — in real life and in the virtual world — who lie and so it always surprises me when I come across such a person.

    Free food and drink wouldn’t sway my decision to attend and it wouldn’t sway my opinion of people I meet. In fact, free food and drink is unnecessary when the main objective is to get to know people better. 🙂

    As to having you and your wife over for dinner …. it’s a mighty long drive between where you live and where I live. I’m thinking maybe I should just order a pizza and have it sent over to you some day with a note that says, “This is the best I could do given the current circumstances. Enjoy the free food!”

    • I’m a food hound; I have attended some pretty sketchy meetings just to get fed. My joke at these events are ‘I’m the working homeless; this is the only way I get fed’.

      I wonder what these people are going to think tonight when I don’t look like I’m 6′ 2″ and 30 years old? Maybe they won’t notice; that is why I was suggesting the hair job……

      Seriously, I do take their people at their word until they give me some reason not to. If you turn out to be something totally different, then it my give me reason for pause.

      I am totally a people person and have no problem driving an hour to an event where I essentially will only know 4 people out of 60ish. Hopefully, I will know a lot more when I leave.

      Thanks for stopping by Elyse, I hope you and your son have been well.

  4. “Should I be concerned if half ‘unfollowed’ me after those video chats?” LOL Bill!
    I would definitely attend an event to meet the people I interact with here in the B. That’s why I started the LFI Hangouts! What a difference it makes to see the face MOVING! LOL
    And yes, this year has gone Way too fast! I’m coming up to my one year anniversary already!
    You’re doing a great job with this blog guy (girls can’t say “Bro” can they? :o) Keep it up! I always enjoy your parties!

    • You can pretty much call me almost anything except late for dinner………..:)

      Fortunately because of the video chats you really do get to know them at least enough that it’s not awkward to meet them in real life…………I hope………….

      It’s going to be fun tonight, it will be interesting to see how many new friends I can make.

    • My wife help keep the ‘new’ friend count down to a minimum, but we did spend some quality time w/ Gini and Shonali. Also saw Jay Baer and Chris Brogan there but did not approach them. I don’t really interact with them so I didn’t have much to say. I was having too much fun w/ Gini and Shonali anyway……….

  5. Hi Bill,

    I enjoy meeting people and have met cool ones in person. Google hangouts are cool, I want to do that again.

    Have fun at the party!

    Remeber this: your life will seem incomplete until you meet me! 🙂

    • That’s right, I look forward to the day. Although it looks like it will have to be at a Yankee game since you don’t want to step foot back in alligator alley, huh?

      Gini just sent me an e-mail and Adam and I are going to meet her prior to the tweetup so she can spend some time with us.

    • You were the only missing element; we met w/ Gini an hour before the TweetUp started and was able to spend some time w/ Shonali at the TweetUp. It exceeded my expectations and had a great time.

      I also saw Jay Baer & Chris Brogan at the TweetUp but did not approach them; I was too busy conversing w/ my friends.

  6. I would go in a heartbeat even tough I don’t know what it is. The people are #1, but the pool is #1a!! Maybe in my next life! Sure sounds fun. People are better live, when you can reach out and touch them. Don’t you think?
    Have a blast. I’m jealous!!!

    • Actually it’s just by the pool area; nobody will be swimming…….on purpose. However, Gini just told me they have moved it indoors so no Speedo for me I guess.

      A TweetUp is just a gathering of like minded social media people. I think you actually talk instead of tweet to each other…………:)

      I’m a touchy, feely guy anyway so I’m sure someone is going to get hugged tonight.

    • Hey, nice new Avatar. We did make it out by the pool and it was a very big pool indeed only to find out it had been moved inside.

      It was a very fun event for me; it exceeded my expectations.

  7. Wow, I was #2 in your journey? That’s pretty dang cool. 🙂 We’ve actually talked on the phone and skyped, that’s like being related.
    Have fun at the pool and behave yourself. Skip the hair dye and instead go for a spray tan. Like Al said, go for the white shoes. Eddie always did make a great impression.
    Glad to know you, Bill!

    • For the record, you were #1 in my journey Erica. I cherish that… mostly because it’s about the only place I’m ahead of Bill in this blogging thing! 🙂

      • Easy now, don’t be throwing down the gauntlet. What if I told you, you were my last Skype?

        I understand we are meeting earlier; my wife is already waffling………..I had a feeling she might. I think she will make it though………..

        See you soon.

    • We did Skype and talk on the phone. And since we both have the ‘right’ accent, we must be related, right?

      The pool is out; Gini just told me they moved it indoors (iffy weather). However, Adam and I are going to meet her an hour ahead of time because she will have to do host stuff at the TweetUp.

      Eddie was the man.

      Good to see you.

  8. Hey Bill!

    It’s exciting that you’ll be meeting some online friends tonight! Yes, pictures are a must. Think of it this way: you’re not going to a party all by yourself where you don’t know anyone. You have friends who will greet you when you get there. How comforting!

    I would skip the hair dye and Erica’s idea of a spray tan sounded good–except it might eventually come off in the water. Then you have an orange pool and you may not be invited back;)

    I would definitely have you over for dinner. You could be the meal entertainment for my kid! He always eats better when entertained:)

  9. Hey Bill,

    I haven’t met any of my online contacts in person…yet! But I will be. I was going to go to Blog World Last May but had a trip to Disney planned with the family – which was cooler anyway!

    There are a number of folks I look forward to the day we meet online. You’re definitely on that list.

    PS – I’ve Skype with many, many of my online contacts – even tried to Skype with you! Remember that? One day we’ll make it happen!

    I hope the meet up is all that you anticipate!


    • You know I would have come to visit you in Disney but since you had family obligations you probably didn’t want your kids wondering who this stranger was. We’ll make it happen.

      I think it will be fun; I’ll get to meet some new people too. I just hope they have plenty of food; Gini just thinks she can eat a lot………..

      Thanks for stopping by today.

    • How much do you pay that guy? Is it in real money or just food or something? I was going to say couldn’t you find someone better looking but since it’s your identical twin I will just let it go…………..of course, you get what you pay for, right?

  10. I have met two people in person so far and thoroughly enjoyed both. Looking forward to this evening!

    PS. My hair will be purple, just so you don’t dye it the same color. Might look funny.

    • I did mine pink so we should be good.

      I do have another person I know from Lakeland attending. Her name is Barbara Nixon and she was my connection to Gini. We were going to carpool but she’s meeting a student at 8:30 after the PRSA Awards and I didn’t know if my wife was going to make it that long so she’s taking her own car.

  11. Hey Bill,

    At least you have a full head of hair. I would be more comfortable around a small group of follically-challenged bloggers. I’m thinking of getting the razor and totally changing my look. Hey, it worked wonders for Mitch Joel, Darren Rowse and that Seth guy.

    I phoned a blogger last week and it was the very first time, so I guess Skype is next, huh? I’ll have the hairpiece ready for that call. Anyway, I would love to have a conversation with several of the bloggers who I’ve connected with, including you. I think I’ll start with the phone, then move on to Skype. More comfortable that way.

    So … I want to know who unfollowed you 🙂 Nice drop there.

    Anyway, meeting someone in real life beats the video chat any day. But before I went I think I’d practice a Stuart Smalley routine, “I’m good enough, smart enough …,” hit the bar as soon as I arrived, and try not to stand in the corner all by my myself. If your wife is going that’s good because people often work better as a team 🙂 My wife would embarrass me because she’s like that. Oh well.

    I’ve been jealous ever since I heard you were on Gini’s must meet list. I want to be one somebody’s must meet list, but I don’t have game like you. Seriously, would love to be there tonight and meet you and everyone mentioned. Hope you have a great time and we are expecting a report.

    Oh, what the heck is a ‘tweet up’? … Rookies don’t know squat.

    • A TweetUp is a glorified Chamber of Commerce meeting; if gives you the opportunity to meet people you interact with online, but you actually talk and not tweet……..:).

      I’m surprised my wife came because she usually doesn’t like going to events where she doesn’t know anyone. Plus, I have some sketchy friends she’s not keen about hanging around with either. However, Adam and I were able to meet w/ Gini an hour before the event and my wife was very comfortable in this setting.

      Adam and I did get a pic w/ Shonali but not Gini, so Gini will have to see us at least one more time in person………:).

      Must meet list? I did get a call from your probation officer in B’more inquiring as to your whereabouts, I think he would like to meet you.

      It was fun and it exceeded my expectations; I would highly recommend it if you ever get the opportunity.

      Game? That topic did come up last night and it was actually about Adam and I’s lack of game. I mentioned we are at the point where not only do the women not see us anymore, they don’t hear us either………..:)

      If it’s any consolation, your name was mentioned several times in a very favorable light.

      • I’ve had the sketchy friends, so understand that problem. 😉

        I imagine meeting Gini, Adam and Shonali was a pleasure. Hoping to get the opportunity to meet some other bloggers in the near future.

        Shhhh, the witness protection program is why I ended up all the way in this rainy outpost. I believe Seattle is where Henry Hill of Goodfellas fame was first carted off to. It’s kinda out there.

        I have the same feeling about no-game. We went back east and spent a week on the beach this summer. I felt somewhat trim, but the young girls didn’t even notice me. Not that I’d want to be on their radar of course, but you’d think one or two might peek, but no. That’s it, we are now invisible (read old guy). My wife says she still loves me though. She puts up with me. 😉

        Glad it was favorable … If it’s bad, I don’t want to hear it 😉

  12. BILL! I would LOVE to meet you!! I think it is absolutely WONDERFUL that you are getting to meet with your friends! How cool is that?!

    I think, yes, I would be nervous and all dis-combobulated, but I would LOVE to meet you and the others that have come to mean so much to me and who I am becoming.

    (I KNOW I need to get started on UTube and with actual videos! Ugh. I HATE it. I’ve been on so many of our movies and tv shows, but I HATE it!!)

    Have a grand time tonight, I’ll be thinking of you all! (psst, my soon to be 13 yr old has a “thing” for Gini!! I just found out! LOL)

    • And Gini is the real deal; she’s all she is cracked up to be and then some. It was a real pleasure to be able to meet with her an hour before the event. I don’t think there was any nervousness and it was like we already knew each other. However, I might need to check and see who unfollowed me after this because maybe it was just me having all the fun, huh?

      I too am not crazy about pics and vids of myself, but I have decided to just go with it. Not much I can change at this point.

      I really do have your Wilderness Adventure on my ‘to do’ list. I’m sure we could get several to attend at your place. We could all yuck it up and poke fun at a grizzly, right?

      If you ever get the opportunity, you certainly need to do it. It was well worth the hour drive to see them.

      Thanks for stopping by ma’am.

    • That’s right, don’t call me late for dinner…………

      Oops, no Gini pics but we did get some with Shonali. That just means Gini will have to meet us in person again.

      We had an absolute great time and fortunately we were able to spend an hour w/ Gini before this thing started. It was well worth the price of admission………..oh wait, it was free wasn’t it? However, my bar bill was $70 and parking was $20……….wassup widat?

      Missed you……….

  13. Bill, aloha. Absolutely love this and YES, I would go just to meet people in the community.

    Like you, I am making a conscious effort to connect LIVE and in other ways online with members of my community. Facebook messaging seems to work the best for most though with some i use e-mail.

    Bill, like you, I have found each encounter to be serendipitous rather than in the other direction.

    Have a fantastic time, Bill, look forward to reading all about it and to seeing the pictures. Remember, whatever you say or do will live on forever in twitter.

    Oh, and by the way, I am sure it was just a coincidence that all those people unfollowed you after the video chats. Thanks so much for the smiles, Bill. Until next time, aloha. Janet

    • Yeah, who needs those people anyway, huh? Although, it’s kind of hard to ignore my mother at this point……………

      We did have a fantastic time and it was all I expected. I would highly recommend it to anyone who has the opportunity.

      Thanks for stopping by and it was pretty mild mannered so nothing too racy, but it was definitely fun.

  14. Bill, the main reason I go to events is to meet people in real life! And, honestly, anyone I’ve liked online I’ve also like in person.

    Have a wonderful time at the tweetup! I’m so excited for you to meet your first out of towners in person! Fortunately, we have lots of things in LA that people fly in to attend, so I’ve meet more far away tweeps than the average joe. 🙂

    As for dinner, you’re welcome to come if you don’t mind bringing your own frozen meal for the microwave. I’m a lot of things, but domestic isn’t one of them 😉

    • Don’t I recall you are a vegetarian too? We met w/ Gini an hour before the event and not only is she a vegetarian, Adam is too. Is everybody on social a vegetarian? Did I miss the memo?

      We did have a blast and it was good to meet others as well. Hopefully, we will have the same opportunity some time in the near future.

      There were no surprises, and hopefully I didn’t surprise anyone as well unless they didn’t realize how much more incredibly cool I am in real person……….:).

      Good to see you; thanks for stopping by.

  15. Ok, we already know if I’d have you over for dinner, meeting prior in person or not. 😉

    Mano Mr. Dorman, you’re too cool for school! First the Lego deal and now the pool party?! Really?! I want to hang out at your locker!

    Let us not forget friend that we saw you in video and what a sight indeed! 😉 I think you’d work a party like a pro and make a silent bet with yourself to see how many biz cards or email addresses you get and … each time you beat yourself. Oh, I forgot … you’re in sales, this comes natural. That’s why I adore you!!

    Ok, let’s talk fantasies here … keep it clean … I’ve often had the fantasy of meeting my blogging hero-buddies. I think of running into them in a hotel hall or elevator and laugh and say, “Oh my gosh, why Mr. Doman, you look just as good in person!!” And you’d laugh and say something like, “Well, I can’t say the same for you” (because you’re the funny man and I would laugh with you!).

    Seriously, I think we’d all like each other. Right?! Dang (Marcus-ism insert) … I can’t think about if not. You’re a sleeper to me though … I think you haven’t fully “let your hair down yet” and nothing a few drinks wouldn’t cure. Kidding!! 😉

    Thanks so much for the mention …to even have my name mentioned on a post like this is very kind of you and I’m very grateful. So … when are you posting more videos friend?!

    Have a fantabulous week! We’ll talk I’m sure!

    Much kindness,


    • Well, the pool party consisted of us walking around the darkened pool area (and it was an extremely large pool area) looking for the TweetUp. I had been moved inside so fortunately we were able to find it; but I can sniff out food and drinks like that……:)

      We had a blast (ok, at least I did) and it certainly met and exceeded my expectations. I would have liked to have been able to meet others, but with limited time and my wife in tow, we chose quality over quantity and I stuck w/ Gini, Shonali, Adam and Diane Court.

      The joke last night was when I walked in I passed Jay Baer and Chris Brogan and I asked Gini if she heard them say ‘hey, isn’t that Bill Dorman?’ I don’t really follow them so I didn’t introduce myself, but at least it was some other faces I recognized.

      I like to think I am a funny man, but I would only say something like that to my guy friends. I would say have lovely you look……………:)

      Ah yes, we might only be scratching the surface with ol’ Mr Dorman there……

      Yes, we had fun last night and it would have been great to have an event with the whole community there.

      Good to see you and thanks for your thoughts and kind words.

  16. Hey Bill,

    It nice that you are so much tempted by food and wine( was it? 😉 ) . I think the best way to connect with people is over a glass of beer ( or wine) with some good snacks thrown in.
    It does not matter then if people like you or not because after too many beers who cares? :).

    I missed Lori’s hangout session . Let me see when can I join in again. Also my id at skype is ashvinisaxena77( if after a lot of beers you have a little pity on me and decide to connect 😉 ). It might not be possible to have beer in real because we are thousands of miles apart but virtual beer is still a possibility 🙂
    Have a great day.

    • Yes, you can use the too many beers to make a lot of things look better, huh?

      I’ll put your address in my Skype; are you on Google + too? I think you are because I thought we were in a circle together; that is how we are doing the Google chats.

      Thousands of miles? I thought you were in Georgia (USA)……………:).

      It was fun last night meeting some of these people in real life; well worth the effort.

      Thanks for stopping by, much appreciated.

  17. Bill, it was SO lovely to meet you, Adam and your respective spice :p. And for the record, you don’t need to lose weight or invest in hair coloring. I just wish we’d had more time to chat, so I am going to get you on Skype/G+ Hangout soon!

    • It was great to meet you too; unfortunately it was only a small window to spend time and chat. However, it was well worth the trip to see you and experience a ‘tweetup’. Hopefully we can run into each other again before too long.

  18. Hey Bill,

    Sorry I’m just now coming by to get in on this party here.

    Well congratulations are in order, I do believe you are moving up in the world. What a great time you guys will have so don’t start off being all shy and all. Drop the drawers and just dive on in. Yep, nothing like a little cold water to wake you from that daze.

    I’ve had the pleasure of meeting a few online buddies in person who were in town for some conferences. Had a great time with them all and there was never a lull in the conversation. Not when you’re sitting with me! 🙂 I can talk! Might not hear all of the conversation but I can talk!

    I also agree that a video should be in the works for this gathering. It would be a great way to make us all jealous, that’s for sure. I have no doubt a good time will be had by all.

    Will anxiously await that post Bill. Have a great time now!


    • I don’t know how much I’m moving up, but it was fun to meet these people. I’m a talker too, so I don’t worry too much about things to say.

      A video might have been kind of cool.

      We did have a great time and hope to do it again before too long.

      Thanks for stopping by.

  19. Hi Bill,

    I was looking for my name on that list, but that was until I realized that the list was not of the top ten guys in European bading suits 🙂

    I haven’t been using Skype at all, and that’s probably because you’re making fun of my accent.. it’s hard to be living on the edge of the world, at this lonely spot and when I’m up doing my thing, you guys are sleeping. But, someday, I’m going to be comfortable speaking to you via Skype or G+ or whatever.

    By the way, I’m hoping that your next post will be about your TweetUp, that sounds awesome.


    • What? You have an accent? I thought the bathing suit was the only thing you had to deal with………..:).

      I have Skype and use it somewhat sparingly, but I have talked with quite a few people on it. At first I was a little hesitant, but I feel like a veteran now. Hopefully one day we will be able to find a mutually agreeable time and be able to Skype. BTW – I have an accent too……….

      Thanks for stopping by.

  20. Hi Bill…
    First of all, I am honored that you mentioned me in this post! Wow..thanks! Now I suppose I am going to have to figure out how I can squeeze your name into one of my blogs. 😉 Maybe I could throw your name out there in my Wednesday video blogs for my office. Would you be willing to have a couple of teeth extracted for one of my videos? 😉
    Seriously, I started with social media in 2009 and very soon into it, I was invited to some TweetUps locally and a funny thing happened. Because I already “knew” many of the attendees via our Twitter or FB relationships, I wasn’t at all nervous about entering a room with “strangers”. I have kept many of my original friends that I made on Twitter…many of them business women like myself. Four of us meet on a regular basis (we call ourselves the Fab Four) for dinner and great conversation. Having spent some time with you at a Hangout, I know you are a natural socially. You will have (is the pool party already over?) a fabulous time AND you get to hang out with the oh-so-awesome Gini Dietrich 😉
    Meeting IRL really is so wonderful and completes the infrastructure that you have created while building your relationship online.
    Have a great time! Great post Bill!

    • Yes, I will let you pull some teeth; maybe you can give me some gold replacements….:)

      They moved the party from the pool, they must have heard I was wearing a Speedo. We got to meet up w/ Gini prior to the tweetup so that was kind of cool.

      I think the in person meetings does bring a different depth to it, and I like that.

      Yes, we did have a great time.

  21. You are such a dork! LOL! Thankfully the party ended up indoors or it would have been really embarrassing to see your dye job bleed into the pool.

    I’m always nervous to meet people IRL because they don’t always match the image I have in my head. But you…you did not disappoint. I loved meeting you and your better half. But next time? Take advantage of the free drinks.

    • That’s only half my dorkdum; we got to the hotel about 10 minutes early and I saw you sitting at a table with some other people so I told my wife we should wait until Adam got there. I didn’t want to interrupt your meeting and I know how organized you are so it might have taken the planets out of alignment if I showed up too early……:).

      I think the Speedo might have been more embarrassing than the black hair Elvis look….

      It truly was a pleasure to meet you and I would have to say you were pretty close to what I thought you would be like. However, you are a lot more visible than I am so I had a lot more opportunities to see you on vids and stuff. Thanks for the kind words.

      I probably need to be a little more careful about some of the stuff I say online describing myself when people don’t know me; they might get a pretty interesting mental image of me, huh?

      Trust me, that was a major faux pas on my part spending big money on drinks when the free ones were just an hour away. I’m usually the master at that, man what was I thinking?

  22. Ok, I am REAL jealous! How do you set up a Skype call? How do you Tweet-Up? Actually, I am nervous just thinking about meeting people in real life!

    Who lives in the Bay Area? I know Corbett Barr does. LOL. Do you think he’ll meet with me? Just kidding.

    And now I can’t get Eddie and Clark out of my head. I just loved the White Shoes! Vacation is my all time favorite movie!

    • If you haven’t downloaded Skype, go to Skype website and download on your computer. If you have a camera in your computer you are good to go; if not you might have to get a small webcam. You will have to give yourself a Skype address. Then it just matter of calling someone when you see they are online or scheduling a time.

      A tweetup is just a meeting of like minded social people, not really much more than that. However, it does allow you to meet some of your online friends in person.

      I get excited meeting new people like that, not really nervous.

      BlogWorldLA seems like a pretty big event; I’ll bet there would be plenty of people there.

      I had a good time at this event and especially meeting my friends in real life; that was a pretty big deal to me.

  23. First time I met anyone from the Twitter was the Humongo Agency folks I had gotten to know in Connecticut. Funny my friend Susan Hua in Toronto whom I have never met I was tweeting with her about this as I was in the parking lot. She said don’t be nervous this is fun.

    Susan is a Grad Student at Seneca College and Advertising Intern. I have 14 years direct sales, cold calling, teleprospecting even flying to cities and going to big companies I have never been to and demanding to see someone.

    And I was more nervous meeting people I have known for a year on the Twitter? LOL But I have some real friends now from that meeting (Bill you aren’t real until we meet hehe)

    Since then I have met some other folks and yes nothing beats in person. I mean who knows who might be Max Headroom and who is real right? Oops did I just date myself?

    • It was a lot of fun meeting Gini, Shonali, Adam and Diane Court. I’m glad Gini created the opportunity to meet an hour before the event, it allowed us to have some uninterrupted time and we didn’t have to share her with the crowd.

      I’m not real; Shonali and Gini will tell you I truly am invisible………..:)

      Some day my friend, we will meet.

  24. Saw your avatar quite a bit around the blogosphere, Bill, and got curious to check out the person behind the picture.

    Judging by the content and the great user engagement I see in the comments, looks like you can teach us a thing or two about networking.

    Have fun storming the Tweet Up!

    • Hey Ana, thanks so much for stopping by; it’s great to see you. I certainly see you around as well, I think you might tweet more than I do but certainly know of you.

      Good thing you didn’t see my first Avatar I was dragging around for about 6 months until I figured out how to change it. Talk about a SM novice………..

      Networking I can do; when I got into social I thought that was what it was supposed to be all about. However, most people I connect with have a business purpose for their site or blog so I have some people who come and go depending on what is going on in their world.

      The TweetUp was a lot of fun for me because I got to meet several of my friends in real life. I would definitely do it again………..

      Hope your week is going well, thanks for taking the time to stop by.

  25. I like the valuable info you supply to your articles.
    I will bookmark your blog and take a look at again right here frequently.

    I am moderately sure I’ll learn lots of new stuff right right here!
    Good luck for the next!

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