Do ‘best of’ posts really have value?

Have you ever been sitting around at 7:00 pm still wondering what you are going to post the next day? You look back in your drafts hoping for a blinding flash of inspiration only to be underwhelmed by what is still sitting in there. If this is all you have in your arsenal, you are also thinking it is a good thing they aren’t bullets you might need to go to battle with. Might as well just stay home, huh?

Option # 1

If you decide not to post because you are uninspired with your attempts for the day so far; will anybody notice? For some I would imagine yes; for us who hang in the lower echelons, probably not.

But guess what? It doesn’t really matter; I’m pretty sure the sun will still come up tomorrow.

However, because you have a set schedule do you put undue pressure on yourself because of that?

Option # 2

The good ol’ fallback, ‘the best of’ posts are always available. It would be pretty easy to come up with your 3 best friends; your 3 newest friends; the 3 best female bloggers, etc. The hardest thing with these are the 97 people who didn’t make the list that now think you are a piece of crap for not including them on your list too. Social can be fickle like that………just sayin’….

I do a pretty good job of never making these lists; like ever, so it doesn’t bother me.

However, is the ‘best of’ list just an easy way to replace your post? Or, is it a planned event for you and you have a set schedule to include them?

Option # 3

Yes, that only leaves the guest post option. This is actually a pretty good option. You typically don’t offend with this choice and in my case they usually do better than what I have to offer anyway. You just have to make sure you schedule them and not do too many.

But wait, option # 4

Just when you thought there were no more options and all had been covered, you just read my post which became option # 4. It ends up being a mish mash of ‘stuff’.

The truth be known I did work on 5 separate topics today but I just could not get them to go anywhere. It is pretty sad when this ends up being better than my other attempts.

But there is hope

Coming attractions: Ken Mueller from Inkling Media who is in a tribe with me is going to GP on Thursday. He is one who never has a problem posting. In fact, if an idea strikes him he might post twice in a day.

Please come back, you will not be disappointed.

Thanks for enduring and I hope you have a great week.


83 thoughts on “Do ‘best of’ posts really have value?

  1. Hey Bill,

    Nice job. I’m not usually too keen on the ‘best of’ posts either, and to be honest if a blogger can’t think of anything for that day, I think they should just wait until the next day (if they can’t get a guest post). Personally I don’t mind what someone blogs about as long as they’ve given it the due thought and attention it deserves. A crappy post can disillusion readers, and they may never visits again – you can normally tell when someone hasn’t made much effort with a post. Luckily I don’t see it too often πŸ™‚

    • Indeed.

      I’d rather read a thought-out article than something created in 5 minutes and has no lasting value. This is partially why I’ve written less and less lately.

      • BTW – this took my one hour from start to finish in case you wanted to know…..

        I hear you and agree with you; less can be best especially if your sole purpose is not just to drive traffic there. I really do nothing to drive traffic so I should probably be the least concerned whether I remain on schedule or not. Hmmmm……

        Good to see you Ari and thanks for stopping by. Like your new Avatar…..oh, I think I told you that already, huh?

    • You make a good point and I think if your site is more than just trying to drive traffic and numbers, it’s probably ok to skip a day if you just aren’t feeling it. I’m pretty open on the topics as well so even if you have a niche site and got out of that for a post or two I will probably stick around any way.

      To me, it’s more about the engagement anyway.

      I appreciate your thoughts and thanks for coming by today. I guess you are back now, huh?

  2. I’m with Robert. I’ll never read a “best of” post, for all of the reasons you mentioned. I could read your stuff every day because you’re real and write the way that you think and speak. I say we draw straws for two days a week and rotate the days for posting.LOL!

    • I’m with you on the straws and thanks for the compliment. Sometimes I worry I don’t have the proper structure or build the story appropriately but for better or worse my writings closely resemble my speech.

      It’s funny, I have a notebook and have two and a half pages of titles I have thought of that I felt would make a good post. I must have looked through that thing yesterday 3 or 4 times and none of the titles jumped out at me. I tried to make a couple work, but it just wasn’t happening. Oh well…………

      Thanks so much for stopping by; one of the post ideas kicking around in my head was genealogy and how and why did we make it when it just takes one little hiccup to stop a direct family line. Maybe for another day………

  3. Love this post, Bill. I was just saying to Autumn (my on again/off again assistant) that I’m SO SICK of the same ol’ same ol’. I came up with a blog post title for it: “Please, take your recycling to the curb.” That relates more to the recycling of content and sharing it ad nauseum, present company included. I’m weary, Bill of these ‘Best Of’ posts and ploys to get our attention. Then I wonder if it’s just me. Perhaps I’m not their audience. Perhaps, I’m cycling through and we’re in a constant cycle of new readers and therefore should be sharing the stuff we’re tired of because we have new people reading it. I could go crazy figuring it out…OR, I could just write for fun and not worry about it, right? You set a great example, Bill. Keep it up (and send me my blog post!!). πŸ™‚

    • And I still have that blog post rattling around in my head and I think I told you I would get it done; what are you going to do with me? I will at least get something in draft so I have something to work with…………how’s that?

      You make a good point about the new people coming in so some of the same ol’, same ol’ will be new to them, right? My wife is my toughest critic; every time I tell her what I’m going to write about she crosses her eyes and acts like she is sticking her finger down her throat……………….I wonder what that means?

      I just hope the new readers are finding us because at our core, we are all very familiar with each other. There has been a shake-up the last couple of months and some people have dropped off (which is sad) but it seems to be the norm in social. I certainly don’t want to be a casualty……..

      Thanks for the reply and certainly know where you are coming from; even though we have different type sites we experience some of the same challenges trying to figure it all out.

      Good to see you today.

  4. To answer your original question – or, at least, the question in the title of your post πŸ™‚ – I don’t think I’ve ever done a “best of” post. I think they can have value, but that value is subjective, like pretty much any list is. Also, I think for a “best of” post to work, there has to be some thought put into it, and I know I can’t churn one of those out in just a couple of hours. What I sometimes do are “5 tips” or “3 ways” or whatever – but those are on services/products I’ve tested, or things that I’ve found to work for me, and I share them in case they can help someone else. Not sure if those would qualify as “best of” posts?

    Bottom line – quality over quantity (I know that’s a recurring theme for you and Erica!) and try to make it real. That’s what I’ve been learning; I’m not saying I’ve figured it all out, heaven knows I haven’t, but I’m taking baby steps to getting there…

    • I did have you and Gini in mind when I wrote this because you have a completely different platform and it’s important to you to try and drive traffic to your site. With Gini posting twice a day, it’s quite the task just to find enough material and content to keep it relevant. Same with you posting once a day. It’s pretty sad if I’m struggling once a week, huh? If I went daily I’m afraid I would just start plagiarizing other sites……….:).

      For best of I was thinking more along the lines of the 3 bloggers you need to read or something like that. And I say it facetiously because I never seem to make those lists so a lot of times my comment to the site will be jokingly that I must have been that ‘next guy’ if the list included just one more person.

      Half the time these ‘lists’ are coming from people in my community so it’s people I know anyway. I guess my question is ‘is it just the easy way to put a post together?’ However, like you said if you really give it some thought and want it to have value then I’m all for it.

      So good to see you and can’t wait until next Monday; that will be fun to finally meet you guys.

  5. Hey Bill!

    First, I’m excited to hear that Ken Mueller is coming to town. Is that kinda like Santa Claus? Well, Ken already lives in my town (he’s one of the only local bloggers I know).

    Secondly, getting stuck with writing happens to all of us. There are a couple of sites I’ve visited that have great posts telling you what to write about when you get stuck. Of course, I can’t think of any of these off the top of my head but you could Google it. I just had a thought: what if those bloggers didn’t know what to write about either? So they wrote a post about what to do when you don’t know what to write about. Hmmm…

    • I have gone to some sites that list their top 100 blog topics or things like that; however, not with much success. I like the idea of what to do when you can’t think about what to write; I could probably come up w/ some pretty humorous suggestions.

      Since I devote such a short time frame to the writing part of this, it doesn’t just ‘flow’ for me and sometimes I do feel pressure if I’m not feeling it w/in my window of opportunity. I’ll figure it out however.

      Ken had agreed to do a GP awhile back and I just needed to make the formal ‘ask’ and he was good to go; I’m looking forward to it.

      Good to see you today; thanks for stopping by.

  6. Well I was just going to write my Best of Florida bloggers post but now you have me rethinking that. The beauty of having a personal blog is that I don’t worry about whether each post pushes the proper message for my business.

    Instead I use my cyber sandbox to keep working on my writing skills. I write every day without fail. I don’t publish all of it but I do a produce a lot primarily because it is how I improve.

    And I try not to take it too seriously. That post I wrote today about the perfect blog post made me laugh. I am guilty of using a bit of linkbait, but sometimes I can’t help myself. The perfect blog post is always subjective.

    There are people that will love you and those that will hate you. Got to tell you that sometimes hate mail can be kind of fun. When I tell people to just write I am serious. It is not a platitude or me blowing them off.

    Just write. People are interesting and we forget sometimes that what is normal for us is unusual for another.

    • Because it is unique to us and there really are a lot of stories to be told just from our every day lives. I just have to commit more time to writing, that is all, Right now it only gets about 2 hrs a wk attention from me.

      I laughed out loud when you said you were going to do a best of Fla bloggers; but I was thinking if you did your top 3, I probably would have been # 4…………:).

      You do a great job with your responses on hate mail or people giving you a hard time. Maybe I need to delve into more controversial stuff to spice it up.

      The key is ‘just write, and then write some more’.

      Thanks for the drive-by; always good to see you.

    • Oh yeah, there is also a wide group right in the middle that neither loves or hates you; they just don’t feel compelled to either stop by or if they do, they might not leave a comment. I think I would like to move this group one way or the other because then at least you will get some activity; some response.

      • Hi Bill,

        Want me to help move that group a bit. I can talk about how the OccupyWallStreet people are no different and no better than the Tea Party. I could leave a comment about how both sides are filled with crazy wack jobs who if we had better healthcare would be locked up in mental hospitals.

        Or maybe I should share the stories of the provocateurs who intentionally start fights with the police to make them look bad. πŸ˜‰

  7. Re: #1 – I post when inspired. Like today, I had a post all ready, but then I went out for a run on this beautiful Thanksgiving Monday here in Canada, and I’ve got a totally different post ready to roll out shortly. I don’t have a schedule: I post when I feel I have something to say, that I believe others will find informative, interesting and of value.

    Re: #2 – Don’t think I’d do a “best of”, and I sometimes rankle when I read that titles like “top 7 somethings” or “3 best ways” or whatever, come up high on SEO. I know I”m SUPPOSED to write titles that will be attractive to search engines/optimization, but I guess the writer in me just wants to call it what I think it should be called. And speaking of called…I know I’ll get called out on the stupidity of this approach: I’m a big girl…bring it on.

    Re: #3 – I like Guest Posts: doing them and having Guest Posters on my site. But like seasonings in a gourmet dish, I like a sprinkling, not a deluge of them.

    Re: #4 – Mish mashes are fun and good: I like them. My Thanksgiving Monday Musings post will be that.

    Re: #5 – (I just hit the dollar symbol instead of the number sign symbol on this…is that prophetic?) Oh yeah, there is no number 5. Must have been your mention of 5 separate topics:)

    Great post: you always make me smile, think and want to comment: your posts are always interesting, and on the top of my list to read. And a little Billbanter is always good! Just sayin’…Cheers! I’m off to make Finnish pancakes and Canadian bacon for my boys for brunch! Kaarina

      • Jack, they’re kinda’ like crepes, only sweeter, and they can be paper thin or very thick. They’re simply flour, eggs, milk and a bit of sugar, but I have no idea as to the amounts of each, because I learned from my grandmother to go by “look and texture.” They’re sinfully delicious and sinfully decadent, because they’re cooked up in butter…but I only use a smidgeon for each pancake.

        Many variations on toppings and “how to eat”. I was taught to sprinkle a bit of sugar and roll them into logs, cutting them into what looks like a pinwheel.

        My Canadianization of them is to add pure maple syrup.

        My kids used to put chocolate ice cream on them.

        I also like to use lingonberries on top: a bit of tart on the sweet! Cheers! Kaarina P.S. Are you going to use your “Something Clever for Monday” as a blog/song title? I would like to steal it, haha! Soooo good.

    • Option # 1 – I think I’m going to adopt a post when inspired attitude. I’m not trying to driver traffic per se so there is no real reason for me to have a schedule other than it helps me stay on task. I can get lazy like that and let it slip away………:).

      Option # 2 – some ‘best of’ posts are very well thought out and bring bring a lot of value a la Stan Faryna’s Blog Soup. Some are definitely a lazy way out and see option # 1; it’s amazing I haven’t done more of them……..:)

      Option # 3 – the cool thing about GP’s is I have had a few that don’t spend a lot of time here so they were relatively new to my audience. Your GP rocked the house.

      Finally, I was going to check w/ Brian Meeks at to see if Canadian bacon was as compelling as ‘regular’ bacon and if so, was wondering why it didn’t smoke him out………..:)

      Thanks for stopping by, no chopped liver here, huh?

  8. Hey Bill, Try writing about tech. There is a new topic every day! In fact, there are loads of new topics every day. The challenge is what is best for the readers to learn about.
    What I do is I keep a running list of ideas, so when a topic pops in my head (or on the news), I write it down so I can remember it later. It also helps to brainstorm topics.

    But I could have a post written, ready for publication and then Boom! tech news hits that just can’t be ignored.

    I don’t know what it’s like not to write in my tech niche, though. I can imagine it’s very difficult to come up with topics that people haven’t already covered.

    I’m not a big fan of writing lists, because I like to go in depth with each piece of tech I write about. I’m thinking that instead of reading a little about 10 Best Travel Apps, they would rather read in depth about one travel app that I regard as fantastic.

    Perhaps you should ask your readers for topic suggestions? Here, I have one: 10 Best Qualities of Bill Dorman – Engaging, humorous, enlightening, talented, knowledgeable, warm, humble, welcoming, caring, and smart.

    Does that count as a guest post? πŸ˜‰

    • Yeah, I think I will write about tech; maybe people will want to read about the facsimile machine…………..:). My biggest challenge is just taking the time to do it. I’m guessing if I devoted 30 min to 1 hr a day to writing it would start to come a lot easier for me. I just don’t want to write about boring stuff and if you were to ask my wife she would say that is ALL I write about……………but she has been a good critic and sounding board for me.

      That was very nice of you to reference me with those qualities. That might be a little presumptuous on my part to write something like that, but you did just give me an idea and it’s a play off Kaarina’s letters of the alphabet as they apply to business. Hmmmmm; you don’t have that copyrighted do you

      Let us know if we need to comment in the Philadelphia Enquirer; will be very happy to do so.

      Thanks for stopping by; it’s always a pleasure to see you.

      • You’re right, that’s a much better idea that Kaarina had. The Best Qualities of Bill Dorman A-Z. But I think Kaarina has the copyright on it. Perhaps I could take care of the guest post for Z: Zealous? Zesty? I’m going to have to have a think about that one… πŸ™‚

  9. I was sucking down Romanian style potato pancakes while reading your blog post. Just like hashbrowns. You can go savory, add onions to the mix, and throw on some ketchup. Or you can do them sweet. No onions. Throw on some apple pie filling. I went sweet, tonight.

    Should I take a hint, Bill? [laughing] Are you saying that you don’t like my blog soup?!

    Recently on my blog: Blog Soup 2011.10.10

    • First of all, I was listed in your Blog Soup so that is a list I actually made. Of course, you have to go to Romania to see it…………:). If you see Shonali’s comment and the importance of bringing value, you do that in spades. It’s obvious some time, thought and effort has gone into your creation. I do enjoy them and the hint you should take is to keep doing it.

      You have been a tremendous supporter and it’s certainly appreciated. You’ve had to drag me around more than once my friend. Good to see you……

  10. Actually, blog soup is not a “best of” nor was that my intention. It’s a walk in the park where you meet friends and strangers, chit chat, overhear things, and feel a part of the community.

    But I’m betting you knew that. [grin]

  11. Hey Bill,

    You can go ahead and call me out on this one. Go ahead. Was this a response to my post last week?

    Yep, I had nothing to write that day. Yep, I put up my “Best Of”. In my defense, it was my first one. I think.

    I like “best of” posts when it is my favorite bloggers and they have been around a while to collect their “greatest hits”. Don’t you like when your favorite band releases their “Greatest Hits”? I do, I buy it.

    “Best of” posts reminds me of the awesomeness that came before I started reading a particular blog. It reminds me that maybe I need to relearn something or rekindle something with my favorite bloggers. But then again I pretty much read business, social media, SEO and blogging blogs. I guess it would be different if I were reading person blogs. IDK??

    I like to remember old posts but only rarely.


    • First of all, I wasn’t saying ‘best of’ posts were bad; I was just questioning if it was the easy way out. What I was jokingly referring to is I don’t make any lists anyway so how valid can they be……:). I would do ‘best of’ my own stuff, but I might wait until I have some.

      Tell me the truth now; when somebody you know is showcasing a list of 5, 10, 40 even 199 bloggers and you are not mentioned but you think the ones listed are similar to you, doesn’t it give you pause for thought? Yes, it has happened and I’m not making those numbers up. Truthfully; I give it a fleeting thought but now that I’m a grizzled veteran of the social media arena, lists don’t do much for me anyway. If it’s new talent I’m discovering maybe; if it’s people I already know……………well, I already know them.

      The one thing I DO know about social – it is very fickle and fleeting.

      Having said that, I’m still enjoying it and looks like I will try to hang around for awhile regardless of who’s list I might or might not be on……….:).

      So good to see you and thanks so much for offering your comments. I hope you are having a great Monday.

      • Bill,

        To me “easy way out” = “bad”. Someone told me that when I was little. Hell, I was raised Catholic and following a religion is not easy at times, so maybe it came from that. I don’t know. You know I was joking, right?

        If someone didn’t include you then they suck. I forgot, is that proper business language? That is why I avoid lists of blogs or people.I am not about to hurt feelings. I just did a simple most popular and Google doesn’t lie about who got the most visits. I do quote or reference a few here and there. I quoted you yesterday and you have made a list of mine, The Versatile Blogger Award. I’m having a hard time with selling stuff and I need to change my frame of mind. I will, it just takes a while. But you helped me start.

        Have an awesome week! We’re going to Disneyland! But you don’t get rid of me that easy, the place we are at has WiFi, you bet I’ll be online before we head out for the day.


    • I totally agree with Allie and the points she made. That’s when I really enjoy reading “best of” posts–when it’s an established blogger with lots of great info that I probably haven’t already read:)

      • @jack Great advice. Never compare. Just learn from them. Or the situation.

        @alicia thx. I was worried about being the only one with that sentiment.

        But you can’t have a best of all the time, just when you reach a milestone or yearly, just rarely. Or run the risk of boring your audience.

    • Joking about easy = bad or following the Catholic religion being hard especially since you said hell and Catholic in the same sentence………..:).

      I think suck is appropriate business terminology. Like when I make a presentation on a big deal and we don’t get it, I think it’s ok to say ‘well, that sucks’………

      The thing about lists is similar to the way I feel about my business; if you position yourself right, the deal will get done. If I’m so unremarkable someone doesn’t want to include me, then shame on me for not doing a better job. I don’t expect handouts, I know I have to earn my way and I’m ok with that; I wouldn’t expect it any other way.

      It’s just one of the social media nuances I like to poke fun at; trust me, I don’t think I’m the only one who notices stuff like this. I just hope people can take it for what it’s worth because in the grand scheme of things, it really doesn’t mean a whole lot, does it?

      I’m going to the brand new Legoland in town on Friday; does that count as much as Disneyland? Hope you have fun………

  12. Hey Bill,

    This reminds me of an ebook I bought a few days ago. It was suppose to be the real secret to get hundreds of backlinks for free. And all it really said was that we should create “best of” posts, because people love to read about themselves. So, if I find myself on a best of list, I’ll send you more traffic, because I want people to know about it. This is probably true, but like you, I have been thinking of all of my friends who won’t make the list (and I have experienced this many times myself, actually most of the time).

    I have sort of a set schedule, but I don’t always stick to it. I just keep writing and sometimes I end up writing something worth publishing, and hopefully it’s about marketing. If it’s not, I just keep it in a folder on my computer.

    It feels like I’ve been on vacation most of the year, so I don’t really have a problem with not publishing anyting for a week or two… but I would love to be Chris Brogan and publish two posts a day and get hundreds of comments on everything I do, no matter the quality.

    – Jens

    • If I GP somewhere I will tell my community, but I probably won’t notify anybody if I make a list. I too think of friends who probably won’t make a list so those I try to promote as much as possible.

      I will try to keep my schedule but know it’s not the end of the world if I don’t. Jack has given me some ideas for posts, some that were obvious I just haven’t given them much thought.

      You have been on vacation most of the year; I want to be you when I grow up…..:).

      Good to see you Jens, thanks for dropping by.

  13. I have a set schedule, and I can always find inspiration. I draw inspiration from simple things and complicated things. I have blogged about all sorts of things, and on any given day you could find almost anything on my blog. I do not publish anything I think is crap though. The people who subscribe to my blog deserve better than that. πŸ™‚

    That said, I prefer lists of things, not people. I did a post about “10 Things I Love About Summer” that is a list, no one is going to be offended. If anything, readers added to that list!

    I have a guest post tomorrow. Brian Meeks will be posting. It is a great post too. πŸ™‚

    The thing with lists is this – someone always gets left off and that can hurt. However, I will say that the first time I ever made a list, I ran around my living room yelling like a nut i was beyond excited!

    It is a double edged sword. If I have no inspiration, I am more likely to blog about my thoughts. I did that once and it went really well. You never know. πŸ™‚

    • You are an every dayer and seem to be able to crank it out pretty good; I just need to devote more time to the writing part of this.

      The lists I was referring to were people lists, not things and yes, inevitably someone gets left off. Having said that, I guess I have developed that tough skin needed and it just isn’t a big deal; it’s so fleeting anyway. I did see someone’s list a couple of weeks ago and two of the people mentioned have been MIA for the last two months so I thought it was pretty humorous.

      I have been excited too at a mention, a drop by my site, or a GP request; but that too is very fleeting. I just don’t want to get too jaded over it all……..

      Keep doing what you are doing; you have it down. Thanks for coming by, always good to see you. Where’s our teams? I just saw Texas hit a walk-off grand slam.

  14. Good one Bill.

    The only time I’ve ever run into this problem is if I’ve waited until like 10:00 the night before my post goes live and I’m just tired. It’s not that I can’t think of things to write about, I just can’t get my mind going at all. Luckily for me, I’ve only done that twice in my blogging career so far and it was a big lesson I learned the hard way. I even had to just skip one post because of it. I didn’t want to just write to fill up space. I’ve learned to write those posts earlier that’s all.

    Great ideas though, you are right. You can’t go wrong with sharing some of the “best of” stuff.

    Appreciate that reminder Mr. Dorman… πŸ™‚

    • I remember that post you skipped; social hasn’t been the same since………..:).

      You hit it on the head; it’s not that I can’t write, sometimes my mind just goes dead from being tired. I feel like I have nothing left at that point.

      I am working on getting a better reserve built up; write them as I think of them and not wait (or at least get them started).

      So good to see you, very much appreciated. I hope your day has gone well and yes, I was joking about Christian kicking me out; he’s way to nice for that.

  15. Bill,

    It’s funny you mentioned a “best of” post or a “my favorite bloggers” post because when I first started writing for my blog, well before it was done, I had one of these posts in the can and ready to go. I almost posted it several times, but decided not to for several reasons. The main reason was that I had about 10 more people I wanted to add to this list of three. Now I have even more peeps to add. Maybe I’ll follow Spin Sucks lead and do some sort of follow Friday, featuring ONE blogger. But I don’t have the super-productivity Gini Dietrich gene, so not sure about that, maybe. Not sure. I’d rather place some of the people I appreciate within my posts, but not sure if this is frowned upon either. I figure either way you’re bound to torque off someone, you think? Still tossing this one around, really. Undecided, I am.

    For ideas, I’ve been relying on Evernote on my iPhone. If I’m listening to something on the radio, a podcast, or reading and think, “That’s a swell idea,” I log it in or record my thoughts, hoping not to lose control of my car and run off the road. Then transfer that to a text file, which now has about 50 or so topics. Sitting down to craft a post on one of these topics is another matter though. I’m trying to write every morning for at least an hour, before my day job. Love it actually, but some days it’s a struggle like any creative endeavor. But putting in the time, same time each day has been a big help.

    About lists:
    I’m not sure if I’ll ever post a 50 best or 25 reasons, etc. I see so many of those out there and not sure my list would add anything of value. Maybe if it’s narrow, like 25 places to eat muschi poiana and drink the best Romanian vodka while staying in Bucharest, or Ireland’s 10 best places to have a pint … but then I’d have to Mr. Travel blogger.

    Glad to hear Ken will be showing up here. Looking forward to it.

    • Stan the man Faryna can tell you about vodka in Bucharest; that’s where he rolls….

      Trust me, in social you can always piss somebody off. Just like anything else, you can’t include everybody so just go with your gut and let the chips fall where they may.

      However, it seems like a lot of these tribute posts are to the big dog A-listers anyway and whereas they need love too, it’s that next echelon down who is always wondering ‘what am I, chopped liver?’

      Here is the steadfast rule to go by: It’s your blog, do whatever the heck you want to. How’s that for advice? I mean really, what’s the shelf life of a list anyway…..two days?

      I like your idea of writing and capturing thoughts. Mine is writing a title down and then coming back to it; that hasn’t worked out so well for me. I do think I need to spend more time on the writing side of it.

      Good to see you sir; hope all is well in the great northwest. Thanks for coming by.

      • If I ever head to Bucharest and want some advice, I know who to call πŸ™‚

        I like your advice, Bill. And that’s what I’ll be doing, whatever the heck I want. And if I do feature other bloggers, I’m going to try and think of ideas to do this more creatively. We’ll see.

        I now set a stopwatch for one hour. Just me and my iMac using a program called Write Room, then write with all other programs and especially, email, closed. Sometimes it feels mechanical, sometime the creativity just flows, but doing it every day has helped me.

        Sunny today and about 60 degrees. Not bad πŸ™‚

    • It’s good you have the discipline to schedule it. My biggest downfall is hoping to find time to do it but I think I will adopt your model, it I’m really going to commit to it. Now, if I can just get 25 hours in a day…….

  16. Bill, I have a special technique I use to avoid the concern you have with people who were not included. In your Best of Whatever post, you let everyone know that anyone who complains about being left out will be included in the next list post: The Top 7 Whiny, Thin-Skinned Complainers I Know. That should solve the problem! πŸ™‚

    In all seriousness, I have never done a “best of” before. To me, they are somewhat cop outs but I enjoy reading them and think that is ok if the list provides some value. Like any post, I think as long as the quality is there, the rest isn’t that important.

    • Hey, easy now; I’ve been ‘that guy’………..Mr Whiny……………

      Time wise I have not been in social that long. However, in social years I practically feel like a gray-beard and 99% of the perceived social slights don’t even register anymore. My take is, I’ve put my time in and I’m certainly not invisible; if my time has come and gone with a certain ‘segment’ then it is what it is. All I know how to do is be myself and as long as that is all I worry about, then life is good, right?

      I really wasn’t saying the ‘best of’ lists are bad; I just wonder if bloggers use them too often as filler as opposed to really bringing value. Trust me, it wouldn’t be beneath me to drop one in too other than the fact I wouldn’t want to leave someone off the list.

      In reality, the shelf life of any post is so short I don’t think it really matters anyway.

      Good to see you and looking forward to Monday night; I think my wife wants to come to which surprised me but I RSVP’d for her. I think she will be underwhelmed and still not get why it’s a big deal to meet your online friends. Especially if we are all tweeting instead of talking………………..:)

  17. I kinda feel really, really bad about number 2 and my blog hop list. And now I feel even worse…dang, Bill….

    I do have to say that I looooove the new domain name and the dot me reference πŸ™‚

    • Yeah, fortunately you have a lifetime hall pass with me…………….:). I guess nice guy bloggers do finish last, huh?

      Seriously, you have always been there to support and help me whenever I have needed it. You have put up with my silliness too. I always know where to find you and that means way more than any list I might or might not have been on.

      I think any list it will be inevitable someone will look at it and wonder ‘hey, why isn’t my name on there too?’.

      You do such a great job with your business model and you are very giving; you certainly have nothing to feel bad about.

      Similar to the reply I left with Stan, your blog hop list was giving value back to your community and it took a lot of time and effort to compile. You are commended for that. On the other hand, all I seem to be able to do is just ‘show up’ so I’m the last one who should be calling anyone out…………ever.

      Thanks for the compliment on the header; still a work in progress and whether I go self-hosted or not but it is serving my purpose for now.

      So good to see you; thanks for stopping by.

  18. Hi, Bill.

    Just want to drop a note saying that I’m dipping my toes in the water and it feels so fine to me that I might just plunge back in starting today after several weeks of absence.

    And, just want to tell you that if every time I do a list of best ofs, I try to be fair about it and do my best to include you… πŸ˜€ Don’t want you to go complaining about not being included… πŸ˜€

    • Yes, you have always been very supportive. Some of what I say, I do so in a joking manner but as soon as I open my mouth it appears I’m just being selfish and making it all about me. Lists really, really do not bother me if I’m not included. I have far exceeded where I thought I would be in the blogging arena and I’m very thankful for the community I do have.

      Having said that however, I feel I can poke fun at stuff like lists because I know there are other people out there who notice this too and question why? I just hope it’s not something they get hung up on, because it really isn’t worth it.

      I would love to see you back in the game and hopefully your health will allow it. Thanks so much for taking the time to stop by today, it is very much appreciated.

  19. Bill, if I could list all the times I’ve struggled to find something to write about, we’d run out of time.

    I’ve been writing on and off for nearly 16 years now, writing all kinds of fiction and non-fiction, trying to get a taste of that magical elixir that would allow me to be ‘in the zone’ when writing. Unfortunately, I haven’t come across that elixir, probably because there isn’t one.

    I admire those who can post once a day, sometimes twice a day – even if each post is only 500 words long, I still admire them for sitting down and actually writing the damn thing. Writing takes concentration first, before you get into the flow, and it’s that level of required concentration that can really drain someone.

    If it helps Bill, here’s a link to a Copyblogger post about overcoming problems in writing. It’s helped me somewhat:

    • Thanks for passing this on and I will definitely check it out. You hit the nail on the head when you say it takes concentration and making sure you schedule the time to do it.

      That’s great you have been at the writing for so long. I feel because I read so much and my job requires quite a bit of communication; verbal and written it has at least given me a leg up as opposed to starting from scratch.

      I enjoy it and would probably enjoy it more if I devoted more time to the writing side of it.

      So good to see you; hope all is well in your world these days. I saw a tweet where Sam was complaining about her crackberry. We are switching out company phones in Nov and I think we are getting iPhones…………….yay…………..

  20. You had me fooled I didn’t know this was a no.4 mish mash. I took it as a conversational post. You have to understand though Bill that folks come for you…that’s your ‘schtick’. They don’t always have to come away having learnt something profound and amazing. Your heading says ‘Bill that is all’. We know and we’re still here.
    I say this only because in the short time I have known you you seem to be apologizing in one way or another for your work…this may just be coincidental with my arrival but maybe that’s part of your ‘schtick’ too. Your problems writing a perfectly formed post are who you are and that is a post in itself, as are your non problems writing a perfectly formed post. It’s all good.

    People don’t come here to read The Sales Lion or Justin Mazzastick or any other styles. They come here to read Bill Dorman.

    If it’s writing lessons or improvement you seek then that’s another story. Just go and get them from the suggestions made in the comments. It’s all good.

    • You are very astute and it is part of my schtick and probably just need to lose it. I’m as worthy as anyone in here, huh? I just don’t want to ever give the impression that I think I’m ‘all that’……….even though I do internally…………….:).

      You put it in pretty good perspective in the fact people are coming here to read me and not anybody else or any other style.

      Every once in awhile you just need a wake up call or swift kick in the pants with a little dose of reality and it all comes back into focus.

      I do appreciate you stopping by and hope all is well with you today.

  21. Hey Bill,

    I never done the best of posts and rarely feature guest posts. Heck, these days I’ve rarely posted myself. I’ve been in the lab secretly concocting my next side hustle! (more to come)!

    I have certainly sat at the computer with the “hmmmmm” thought rolling. For me the topic isn’t usually an issue – it’s how I feel about my end product. If I don’t “feel” it, then I typically throw it in drafts and come back to it later, with a different mindset.

    No longer do I sit in front of the computer to write when I’m simply not inspired to write something. I guess my thing is that I blog with the hope to make a difference. That being the case, simply throwing something together would be a waste of my time and not meet any of my goals [of making a difference]. Early on I did it because I felt the pressure to adhere to a schedule – which I no longer even consider. Not at all!

    You always manage to do a good job and cranking out content Bill. And you always have a great conversation going!

    • The mad scientist; you do have something cookin’……..

      Yes, your format and structure has changed but not in a bad way. I will probably evolve to something similar without having a set schedule, but I do want to provide value and hopefully somewhere in there I can make a difference.

      If I’m going to keep it up however, I do need to devote more of my time to the writing side I believe. For now, it gets very little attention so that is probably why I struggle at times. I must have 10 unfinished drafts and I don’t think I’m crazy about any of them.

      As always, good to see you and appreciate you taking the time to stop by; I did see where you had a new post pop so I will definitely have to get by and pay you a visit. I hope all is well with you and the family.

  22. We must be on some creepy similar wavelength. Have a post on the idea of not having any ideas for your posts running tomorrow. Enjoyed your thoughts and suggestions. I tend to have a few thoughts in the bank to help when I run short on inspiration. Tends to go a long way when the well runs dry.

    • Only creepy to others, but totally normal to us, right?

      I thought I was in a pretty good place because I have at least 10 partially finished posts sitting in drafts. However, when I went back to look at them they really weren’t doing anything for me.

      When in doubt, I can I can always talk about myself, huh? That’ll clear a crowd…..

      I’ll stop by and check out your post; I’m sure it is a worth effort.

  23. Hey Bill,

    I try not to go out of inspiration. There are people who I look up to as inspiration, some whom I am inspiration to :). So making list is not really a great idea because people might get annoyed if they are not included( inspiring and inspired both ).
    Here is what I think. Not everyday is the day of authority post. Really no one could have so much matter to write . Even top – notch rock musicians are not able to produce every song as classic, only a very few of them.
    I think our posts can be like that. Some times we are inspired and produce excellent content while sometimes we’re plain bored and just write ‘I am too bored to write today’, I guess that is also a honest post.
    I like Seth’s(Godin) way. He writes small snippets and very occasionally large posts and I think it is a great strategy. But he writes every day .
    In my opinion is to be consistent and leave the words to our fickle brain. Who knows if the next best post is just around the corner :).?

    Hope you are having great day πŸ™‚

    • That’s a great analogy with the music. I have heard musician’s interviewed and comment how they didn’t think a particular song would do that well and it ends up being the best one on the album. Sometimes you just don’t know what will resonate with your audience so you might as well keep cranking it out, right?

      I’m ok with the lists, it might or might not make it easy for me to cruise on by. I just know you can’t include everyone, so somebody might feel slighted. If I can avoid that, I would probably lean toward doing so.

      A smaller post could work as well; not every one has the be X in length. Sometimes people appreciate being able to get in and out of your site because they are in a hurry anyway.

      So good to see you Mr Saxena; I see you commented on another post as well. It is very much appreciated sir.

  24. “Comparing ourselves to other bloggers or anyone for that matter is usually a recipe for trouble.”

    I just thought I should repeat Jack. Prolly because if I didn’t, I’d forget it. And this is one of those lines I don’t want to forget.

  25. Hey Bill….you know, I don’t “know” you very well yet but I have to say…you are more “powerful” in your community than you seem to give yourself credit for. Your blog posts are always a great combination of funny (sometimes hilarious) and relevant…being able to combine those two traits is quite a gift!. Your posts are written in such as way as to keep your reader interested…almost staccato in style…quick and effective. You are kind of like the accidental blogger in a way…you sort of stumbled onto blogging and dang, if you aren’t really good at not only the writing but the community building as well. I know I am a fan and I look forward to your posts. I know this comment doesn’t directly relate to your great post but I just had to share with you that you are really good at this.

    • It doesn’t have to relate to it at all if you are going to say nice things like that about me…..:).

      Social on the surface can appear very fickle at times; sometimes it appears you are ‘in’ and sometimes it can appear you missed the boat. What I think I have been able to attain is being connected. I have met many all along the spectrum from A-lister to novice and can call quite a few of them friends.

      It pleases me to be able to put a smile on someone’s face. In fact if you are passing me in a store or on the street I will try to make you smile just by smiling at you when you make eye contact. It really does work about 95% of the time. I try to get the same affect with my writing because deep down I try not to be too serious of a person; I feel life is too short for that.

      It is so good to see you and thanks for taking the time to stop by; it was very much appreciated.

      I hope all is well and they have you off the front desk now…………..:)

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