Is 63.5 a good number?

If you spend anytime at all in social media and especially the blogging community, the discussion of metrics and measurement will come up.

It appears pretty universal everybody wants to poo-poo on Klout and argue it is not a meaningful measurement tool. It amuses me to see how passionate some seem to ‘hate’ on it. It’s just a tool, right?

Alexa seems to be the most revered and tracked, usually the comments on this are questioning why your score might be moving down or up. Is this the one where down is good?

Before I get too far down this road and expose my total ignorance (what, too late?) on this matter I did want to talk about a measurement I found interesting.

I think it is pretty good

I know, I’ll put this number out there and my good buddy Howie at Sky Pulse Media will slice it and dice and tell me essentially I’m only influencing my mother and her best friend Mabel so don’t try to monetize anything. But he’s smart like that and that’s why I like hanging around with him.

Without getting too technical, I just took the number of responses to my posts and divided it by the number of posts published. Granted, I only started in March so I’m not sure how credible the data truly is. However, 63.5 is the average number of responses per post.

Since I don’t really follow any metrics, my only gauge of success would be comments. I thought this was pretty cool because to me it shows I have a very engaged community. I’m also no dummy and know I am very fortunate to have that kind of response.

I want to hug my community

I would love to give a shout-out to each and every one, but I already shamelessly link many in my comments. There are a couple that have stuck around since the beginning (JK the Hustler & Frank at A Spark Starts) and they probably deserve a medal. But this is because we are brothers from a different mother and are thick as thieves as some would say.

There has been an ebb and flow of commentors and it saddens me to see some leave and feel bad if they are gone because I wasn’t compelling enough. However, this is definitely not a one size fits all endeavor so you will always have attrition but hopefully enough new people fill the void to keep it interesting.

Is it your birthday?

I was asked to guest post at Danny Brown’s and Lori’s Life, for Instance these past two weeks. I accepted but it was with trepidation because the last thing I wanted to do was drop a load at my friend’s place. That would not be very sporting of me, would it?

I really didn’t have anything epic to post, but the response was way, way beyond my expectations. It totally blew me away and I was truly humbled by the support of my community. I know it probably helped because of where I was, but it really did make me smile.

I can not even come close to thanking my community for this support. I am flattered and humbled at the same time. You guys are absolutely the best, and yes, my birthday was in August.

How can I help you?

Please oh please, let me know when you are guest posting in case it is somewhere I don’t show up on a regular basis. I would love to know about it and do everything I can to stop by and pay a visit. Also, let me know if you need an extra RT or two on any post you deem worthy.

Don’t be afraid to call me out when you haven’t seen me in awhile. I think we all have a hall pass to a certain degree because it can get busy.

I am going to have fun

I have been struggling somewhat with my direction, but for now I will stay the course. How about you, what challenges are you facing as you ‘grow’ your presence? What has been the most rewarding for you so far?

Is it still ‘full steam’ ahead?


56 thoughts on “Is 63.5 a good number?

  1. What a great post Bill, sort of a “taking stock” of what’s happened up to now! I’ll have to go back now and see what my number is and I’d be lucky to have one so high! You started out with great engagement because you had been so present on so many other blogs before you opened up your own shop (I still don’t know how you get around as much as you do!)

    The most rewarding thing for me so far has been connecting with people and stirring thought. It’s something I’ve always enjoyed – talking about life – offline. To do it online with people from all over the world is an incredible opportunity!
    Keep up the sterling work Bill!
    But give those blistered fingers a rest!

    • I do like the connections and getting to know people from literally all over the world; very crazy but also very cool.

      It does take time and effort to maintain a community but I think I’m finding a groove and can keep it manageable and fun.

      I do have several ‘to-do’ things on my list however and one is to reach out to appx 10 new people a wk and see if anything develops. Right now I will probably be random in picking these people, but at some point I might get strategic. The other two are mastering LinkedIn and Google +; I have done very little w/ both other than ‘just showing up’, but that seems to be my MO, huh?

      Quite a wk ma’am, but I had loads of fun; thanks for the invite.

  2. Thanks Bill. This is great. I wanted to be the first comment, so You can get started ! Ha !
    and yes, I will take a hug. Didn’t you make fun of me about the hugs at Lori’s ?

    Ok, the truth ? Having met you recently in the blog world, I just want to say Thank You. You have been very supportive of me and The CARE Movement. You have reached out to me and made me feel welcome here. And for that I am grateful. I really appreciate your writing style and your crazy (somewhat disturbed) sense of humor. I can relate. Ha !

    There has been a lot of talk about friendship on line and off line. Genuine being the word I keep using and hearing. You seem to represent that as well as anyone.

    Ok, enough of that BS. In lieu of RT, hugs and whatever else you had in mind, please make check payable to ………. Me !

    Luv ya bro. Thanks again.


    • I’ll give you a man hug but it will have to be while I’m shaking your hand so I can keep my arm between us in case you try to get too frisky or anything……….just sayin’…..:).

      No man is an island and we are stronger together; I love being able to help others in their successes, it is very fulfilling to me.

      I concur w/ the BS, just show me the damn money and I love you big time……………:)

      Have a good one today.

  3. Until yesterday I was struggling with finding my audience. Then my alter ego sat on my shoulder and shouted in my ear, “Betsy! You have a huge audience. It’s growing every second. They know you understand them, listen to them and think are very generous to give them a voice.” The only “problem” is that they are dead. LOL!

    • Hey Ms Betsy, I have to tell you genealogy intrigues me and I was knee deep into it for awhile. However, w/ only so many hours in the day and you have probably seen me all over the blogosphere, something had to give.

      I see you to and you have my pledge to spend more time at your place. I’ve been there once and you had a very compelling story about the eating disorder and shame on me for not making it back yet. That’s not to say I don’t appreciate seeing you around and the support you give. It is definitely noticed and best of luck on your journey to build your network…………living and dead. BTW – I have discovered who will move bodies from my GP at Lori’s so check back there if you need any help with that……….:).

      Good to see you and thanks again.

      • Hey Bill! Thanks. I have 2 sites. Actually 3. One is (that’s the one you visited), but the other one is my family history one. I thought I’d solve the confusion by putting them both on my new website…no such luck! So only my artwork sits there. Like you said, there aren’t enough hours in the day!

  4. You still haven’t tidied up the mess you left at my house, and there are flies starting to gather. Quite a few, I can tell you.

    And the measure of a great blog is the community, of which yours thrives. So, I think that tells us all we need to know, mate. 😉

      • Actually, I was hoping it would blow some of that stuff out of his backyard so we wouldn’t have to burn it……… about friends, I can’t get any of those scoundrel friends of mine to show back up and help…………:)

    • I was hoping we could just do a burn pile; I’m sure your neighbors wouldn’t mind that. The sheep you keep in the back yard might be put off for awhile, but it won’t be too intrusive.

      Thanks for the kind words and support. It has been a real pleasure getting to know you.

  5. I think for me, what is most rewarding is what Danny said, to see the community grow. I don’t have as much banter over at my place as Danny and Gini do, or you (OMG, you are the KING of banter) – but it’s been growing. I like when people feel comfortable enough to use WUL as a hangout.

    You’re doing absolutely great, Bill. I’m loving getting to know you. Please can you come guest post for me?!

    • I feel very comfortable at your place; you always have quality content but for you every dayers it is hard to stop by all the time. Now that Gini has gone to twice a day, I feel intimidated to even make the effort. I’m not so sure I’m the kind of traffic she is trying to appeal to anyway so I think it’s working for her.

      It has been fun getting to know all these new peeps and it still floors me that I can write something people think is comment worthy. I like it though………..:)

      Thanks for your support and friendship. You got my DM on the GP so I will work on that too.

    • Yeah he got out of acting and took up figtnihg, with the Santa Barbara County Architecual Board of review for his hotel visions. One got built, Two others shot down. Santa Ynez was much more up his alley, as SB is in no way looking for big chain hotels, or building in general.

  6. Keep doing what you’re doing Bill: that’s why we luv ya.

    I’m making changes to my site, narrowing my focus, and will continue to write to with the intention of providing information, entertainment, enlightenment and value for people looking to grow their business and enrich their life. Cheers! Kaarina

    • I’m thinking more bells, whistles, contests and drawings at my site. No meaningful content whatsoever, just games and prizes………..

      It’s funny how some days just seem to click and some days just turn into chopped liver days. It’s still a learning process for me but I have certainly come to the realization I can’t be everywhere, even as much as I would like to be.

      You have been a huge supporter and certainly a valued friend; you help me keep the sanity and get through the dog days. It is very much appreciated.

  7. I think you are doing a fine job my friend. I have to tidy up my “house’ before I have you over next month.

    I am working on some changes to my site as well and the creation of a totally new blog. 🙂

    Lots of very big things on the horizon – stay tuned.

    I think you have an amazing community and it only gets bigger. That is really great to see.

    Hope you are having a good day.

    • I was thinking about sprucing mine up but then I thought I’d have to do some work so I will leave it alone for awhile. I am actually thinking of a name change but I don’t think I can be as unintentionally clever as I have with the invisible moniker.

      I am def looking forward to your changes and your direction.

      I never know who might show up but I am certainly appreciative of all; it has been a pleasant surprise to say the least.

      I am having a good day and thanks so much for coming by, it is much appreciated.

  8. Hi Bill,
    I guess the criteria for success is: are you getting what you really want. I really enjoy the blog world although occasionally fall into the trap of being impatient with the rate of progress in terms of the learning curve and in terms of sorting out what I really want out of blogging. Continued success to you my friend.

    • Parts of me think I’m getting exactly what I want and other parts make me wonder if I’m truly ‘growing’ with my presence; and that could be writing style, direction, etc.

      You have a way of taking down to the basics and what really is important and I always appreciate your input my friend.

      Hope your day has gone well and thanks so much for the visit.

  9. Success in blogging stems from your own sense of satisfaction. If you are happy with what you are doing than you are successful. Or at least that is how I look at it.

    From where I sit it looks like you are doing great. Keep it up and enjoy.

  10. Hi Bill,
    Being a relatively new visitor to your site, I can see why you have accrued such a loyal community. I am in the infancy stages of trying to create a community but,I think with patience and commitment, a community will emerge. I understand that there is a value to the whole numbers game but, perhaps because of my infancy, I haven’t monitored those numbers with any seriousness quite yet.
    Again, I am glad to know you and to be a new member of your dedicated community 😉

    • Hey Claudia thanks for stopping by; yes, they are just numbers but it does let me know people are comfortable stopping by and leaving a comment. Some sites have a 10:1 ratio of visitors vs comments and mine runs better than that so for this I am appreciative.

      At some point I should probably devote more time to metrics, but then again I don’t want metrics to dictate how I act or write.

      So very nice to know you as well and I appreciate your thoughts. Best of luck on your journey and would certainly like to check your stuff out.

  11. I agree with Jack, Bill. As long as you are getting a charge out of what you do, you’re on the right track. And if you can help someone along the way, it’s a nice bonus. If numbers were an indication of success, I’d have a big ass “F” tattooed on my forehead. Numbers be damned, my friend…

    • True story Joe, I came up with the invisible moniker because I thought nobody would stop by. However, I did invest a lot of time in engaging and commenting so that contributed greatly to the traffic. Some of it hasn’t been sustainable for various reasons but everything is pretty fluid in this arena anyway.

      I certainly see you around and I think we visited each other in the earlier days but certainly glad to see you.

      Hopefully you are still enjoying the writing because that is they key and then just see where it takes you.

      There is certainly a reliance on numbers with social media but I have purposely not tried to keep track for the most part because I’m afraid I will get caught up letting it change my style or something.

      Good luck to you buddy and thanks for taking the time to stop by.

  12. I also agree with Jack. As long as I’m staying true with my own blogging goals, I’m happy with myself. I don’t pay much attention to numbers–I haven’t even checked my analytics in months. But that’s OK because my goals aren’t about the numbers.

    Building an engaged community is a worthy goal indeed. Congrats!

    • Thanks and I’ll let you in on a little secret; I don’t even know how to check my numbers. I guess I could go to the wordpress account and slice and dice some of it, but I don’t want numbers to influence my writing. Not that I’m a prolific writer but once I start writing for keywords and the like then it might not sound like me.

      I’m still pretty much just a show up kind of guy and will probably run with that for awhile longer I suppose. Thanks for coming by, had a great burger from the country club today.

  13. Ah Bill, I’m a hugger too! Big time so <> back!!!

    I understand what you are saying, I’ve been feeling lots of love lately and so very blessed that others find my posts interesting, helpful, entertaining, whatever the right word is for that particular post. It warms my heart how kind so many people are. What a great feeling that is.

    I’m finally glad I stumbled over here to check out your place after seeing your comments everywhere. I had to put some time aside and see what all the hoopla was about. In all honesty, you’re just like me. Just someone trying to get their point across in their own words and never intended for anyone to make any type of big deal out of it. We both are truly blessed with the response we’ve received.

    I know that blogging friends will come and go but I hope that isn’t the case here. As long as I’m blogging, I will continue to visit. So don’t quit on me in the next few months because you’re tired of this now. Don’t make me come hunt you down. lol…

    I appreciate you Bill and enjoy visiting your place. So watch out, I have a podcast interview going live tomorrow so I’m going to call on you for your support. You’ve opened up a can of worms on that one my friend! 🙂

    So, see ya tomorrow.


    • Definitely keep me in the loop on the podcast.

      I was feeling a little blue, lost, unfocused and the two guest post came at a good time for me. The response just blew me away even if I was at someone else’s house. It made me think to just enjoy it and see where the ride takes me.

      Last night when I was thinking of posting this I had a little panic attack because I did not want it to appear as a pat on the back, bragging post but wanted a venue to thank my community. Hopefully it came across that way.

      Yes ma’am, you are stuck with me for awhile………….and glad to be around. Thanks for taking the time to stop by.

  14. Bill,

    I am so tired of gauging metrics, probably because most of mine suck. LOL. And the only one that was decent for me, my Klout score, social media gurus take it away saying it means nothing. I give up.

    So I figure if I always get comments on my posts, my visits to my blog keep growing and I know many bloggers by a first name basis, I’m good to go. To me, this only means that I am making an impression and hopefully teaching a few people about blogging, which is my goal.

    But I can’t lie, I do check my metrics here and there and I do write about them but they are not my only measurement for success. I would rather get 10 people visit my blog and be fully engaged than 1000 people say and do nothing.

    It’s funny that you mentioned metrics and success. I just had one of my readers give me a Versatile Blogger award. I know this is not a “Blogger of the Year” or Social Media Guru award but she is telling me I made a difference enough in her online life to pass it on to me. I was honored. BTW, tomorrow I’m passing it on to you, my honorary “mom chick”. LOL. Come by to get your kudos on Friday.


    • Suhweettt, I can die a happy man now………..I would be very honored to receive that award.

      At some point in time I’m sure metrics will mean something but for now all my focus has been community building. If I did nothing else I would feel like that has been a success and it has allowed me to meet great people like you.

      Hopefully the ‘mom chick’ award doesn’t require shaved legs………….although for you I’d probably do it…………:)

      I see you finished your e-book? I saw something in the reader but haven’t been there yet.

      Thanks for coming by and hope you have a great rest of the day. I’m walking out the door to play tennis with a friend. Talk to you soon.

  15. Hi, Bill.

    I’m here to get my hug and giving you tons of hugs back. 🙂 You’ve been a consistent supporter and audience to me and I will be forever grateful for that. And, which is also why I am very happy for what you have accomplished in your blogging. You don’t need metrics to know that you’ve got it made and it’s because you are one engaging fella. 😀

    The biggest challenge for me was when I had to slow down on my blog hopping and commenting because of the strings of illnesses experienced by my brood. I lost touch because of it and getting back on track is a hard challenge as well. So, right now, I am doing my best to bounce back and work at growing the audience to my niche site. So far, only my friends go there regularly, but I have seen one or two new faces that were very much welcome. So, I’m crossing my fingers right now and will go on connecting with people because I always believe in what you say that it’s building a community that matters most. 🙂

    Congratulations and thank you, Bill. I am happy for the fruitful two weeks that you had. 🙂

    • Do you think slow and steady is a better way to build a community? I had a lot of traffic early through my commenting and engagement; however, there has certainly been plenty of people coming and going. Sometimes I wonder if I would have slowed down a little bit the site would have had a little more ‘stickiness’ to it.

      The one thing I am trying to do is grow as a writer and I feel I have compelling stories to tell because they are rattling around in my head, but to get them out on paper in readable way is a challenge.

      Last two weeks were crazy and fortunately I have the freedom of time in my job I could stay up w/ the comments. I certainly couldn’t do that every week or I would be out of business…………:).

      Thanks for your support and kind words, you always have a way to make me smile.

      I hope your weekend goes well.

      • Slow and steady wins the race, as the turtle would have said. Although I would have wanted for it to go faster with my blog, I understand its limitations being centered on a niche that not everyone is really into. And, of course, there were also the times when I had to go really slow in my community building because of the events that happened in my life, so I have to really bounce back fast if I want to get the momentum on the track again. 🙂

        You will always have my support, Bill. Of course, love and care also comes with that.

        Enjoy your weekend. 🙂

  16. Hey Bill,

    To draft off of Jack, as long as you are happy with your results, then that’s what matters. Your comment count is extremely impressive. I think you have to take into account the comment platform on that. Livefyre grossly increases comments because of tagging and lending itself to quick one liners. What you have done on a standard platform in 6 months is remarkable.

    I think your closing to this post is one of the reasons why you’ve been so successful — you are always looking to help others! Must be that Central Florida charm. 🙂

    Congrats on 63.5!

    And good to see Irene is passing us by. Need some extra batteries? 🙂

    • Part of me wants to stay the course and maintain a purely social site and let my corporate site be my platform for business. Another part wants to use my social site to further brand who I am and what I do. If I’m spending this much time with it, I would at least like to be able to grow.

      There is so much of this I could be doing more efficiently, but as long as I stay true to my core and that is relationship development, then I shouldn’t get too hung up with the details I guess.

      Yes, looks like we will dodge Irene; I think some of our friends up along the east coast might get to say ‘hi’ to her, but I’m ok w/ the pass. Hold onto the batteries though, the season isn’t over yet. Speaking of seasons, doesn’t love bug season start in about a week?

      Hope you have a good one Adam, thanks for taking the time to stop by.

  17. Hi Bill,

    I think 63.5 is an incredible number. I don’t measure anything really. I used to look at Alexa, and I used to look at my stats all the time (using Google Analytics), and then I started to become obsessed with my comments. But now, I just try my best to enjoy myself and not think too much about if I’m successful or not 🙂

    I’m leaving for another vacation in a week (I’m going to be in Italy, close to Rome for two weeks). I was thinking about asking you for a guest post, since you’re a brilliant writer and I have no idea if I’ll have an Internet connection or not. But, it seems that you have your hands full at the moment with several guest posts. Please let me know if you’re ready to do a guest post, it would be an honor.

    Have a great day.


    • Dude, you give me way too much credit………………I have a few GP offers I have committed to and trying to get something out on those. I’m flattered you have made the ‘ask’ and will be happy to do one but I don’t think I will be ready before you leave. Unfortunately, I’m not one of these that can just crank this stuff out with ease……

      That’s great you get to go to Italy and now you can start using your Italian accent…:)

      Good to see you, and thanks for taking the time to stop by and leave your thoughts. I hope you and the family have a great weekend my friend.

      • I’m ready for a GP anytime you are Bill.

        I’m not sure if what you said about the Italian accent is a compliment or not… but I take everything as a compliment, so thanks 😉

        Have a great weekend.

  18. What’s up Bill!

    Thanks for the mention man. Always appreciated!

    It’s funny, as I work to grow my presence online, I’m growing offline at the same time. This creates a timing conflict, giving me less time online, but still not enough time offline. Make sense?

    I’m not a big fan of Klout. I don’t have a problem with it but I certainly don’t bank on it in it having meaning for me personally. I understand its proposed purpose and I think it does it pretty well; using their algorithm heavily based on Twtitter usage…but I’m the kind of guy who sits with Twitter in front me all day so I’d never rank high. And just because someone does have the patience and lack of other stuff to do doesn’t mean they really have Klout. Ya know!

    I think your 63.5 comments per post says a lot. It says that you’ve been active in the blogosphere on a consistent level – which takes some time to build up…and commitment! And I think it goes to show that personality goes a long way. When I think of you Bill – I think of personality, entertainment and good vibes. You have that going and it’s a wonderfully attractive quality to posses. Aren’t you glad I taught you!

    And your content is awesome. Both of your guest posts kicked butt. But the one for Danny’s blog really hit a place with me.

    Keep up the great work and keep having fun. And like Frank – I’ll be coming around here forever. Although I’m often late to the party these days! (Man – work has been brutally busy – in a good way!)


    • You taught me well my friend; along the way I have picked up bits and pieces from everybody, and you have plenty of good to share and chose from.

      It has taken a commitment and I think I’m actually at a point where it is manageable and allows me to have a life too. The funny thing is, my mind is processing all these ‘new’ friends I have and sometimes the line is blurred between online and in real life. Not in a bad way, but it makes me write more stuff down so I’m staying on top of both.

      I know where to find you; in fact, I’m probably coming out to stay with you if it doesn’t start cooling down sometime soon…………:). I do appreciate your support and I have noticed both you and Frank on somewhat of a different direction, but you both have been consistent supporters.

      Good to see you and hope you and the family have a great weekend buddy.

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  19. Ok,
    I have a similar post in my draft and I hate you for being the psychic and “stealing” my ideas (very cross!)

    But then you come across and leave such pretty comments every time, so I kind of love you for that… so it balances out! 😉

    63.5 is a great number..did you add the zillion comments on your guest post at Lori’s to the statistics, maybe that will change all that and make us small numbered people look even smaller!

    I am actually getting a little caught in the number craziness in the blogging world. I mean what number guarantees satisfaction. There are people out there who reach 200 every other day (read Gini) ! Then there are so many statistics to look after and worry about. Kind of like scary maths classes again. But then there are also bloggers who keep churning out amazing content and don’t get the comments the post deserves. Maybe a little networking setback which can be worked upon.

    63.5 says a lot and like we said on Marcu’s blog; you are kinda freakishly amazing when it comes to networking. It has been around only half a year and you speak comment in three digits! Gulp!

    Good luck… you will find me here often; and sometimes I might be begging you to come and write your pretty comment on my posts somewhere, so be ready to be irritated!

    • Without getting too deep into my social media story, I started out w/ Gini. I just assumed that was the norm. I jumped in with her crowd and everybody treated me like I belonged. Marcus was actually the one who showed me comment bombing was ok because he started doing it at Griddy’s place. Pretty much what you see of me is the sum of all parts I picked up from others. Trust me, I’m not that original of a guy…………:).

      Whereas the people I have mentioned have been very helpful, at what point do you blaze your own trail? I guess it would help if you knew what trail you wanted to blaze, huh?

      I know it’s a good number and I’m also glad my GP’s did well at Danny & Lori’s and ‘helped’ their numbers in some way.

      You have been a tremendous supporter and appreciate the kind words you leave for me. I might be an ‘aw shucks’ kind of guy, but compliments do make me smile.

      Good to see you and hope your weekend went well.

  20. It amazes me how seriously people take the numbers! Who knows maybe I/we’ll be the same some day, lol. I can’t lie though, I have started paying more attention to my analytics, only because I want to see what type of post resonate most with my readers, so I can give them more of them!

    Sometimes people disappear from our blogs and it’s not because we were not compelling enough, it’s because life happens, other blogs, interests, projects got in the way. Some times they stay gone, but if you made a genuine connection with them whilst they were there…you usually find that in their own time, they come back?
    I try not to take it personally when people who were once really active at my place, start showing up less and less often, or not at all! Why…..because what goes around usually comes around, and I know I’m very sporadic in my presence on blogs…even those that I LOVE.

    For EG, I love ThejackB writing. I get to his place very occasionally, but I’m never disappointed when I’m there-

    There are soo many great writers, online hangouts and places…but only 24 hours in a day. We can only do our best to show blogger love to those we love, and hope to receive the same. I hope you took out your replies..when you were doing those home grown metrics Mr D! ;- )

    • Heck no I didn’t take out my replies; then the number would have been 2.3. I’m a shameless ho, I will do anything to get big numbers; even reply to myself………

      If you check out my Monday post, you will see some of my ‘core’ followers; some new, but most have been around for a while. You might even recognize a name on there….

      I like your genuine connection part. Let me throw this back at you; would it have been better just to hang w/ 5-7 ‘A’ listers and develop a presence there, or let them help you get seen and then blaze your own trail? Blazing your own trail requires a little more heavy lifting.

      Thanks for coming by; I’m headed to your place now. I do appreciate you………

  21. Bill,

    Wow! I can’t believe you got drunk enough to mention me in one of your posts. That must have been the good stuff. Save the link juice for people who matter. lol! I appreciate the love. I can honestly say for the amount of energy you put into creating relationships online you should get an award. You are all over the place, rather it be twitter, commenting, or even breaking and entering into people’s houses. 63 comments per post is a great testament to who you are in the blogoshphere. You support people and people support you. And you are kinda funny. I wish you thousands of more comments and a ton of success.

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