How does your friendship grow?

As we experience this incredible journey called life, how do you determine which friends make it in your circle? Once in, what do you do to keep them there?

Are you a hunter or a farmer

If you want to find out, please visit me at Lori Gosselin’s Life, for Instance; where I am guest posting this fine Monday.

Lori throws a good party so I think it’s worth the visit and I promise not to karaoke, regardless how much I’ve had to drink………..


28 thoughts on “How does your friendship grow?

    • I have one time and it was Johnny Cash’s ‘I’ll Walk the Line’. I figured if it was almost talking then I could pull that one off…………I can easily talk in front of a crowd but when I knew I was going to sing………………yikes; talk about panic city…………….:)

  1. Nice guest post my friend, just left you a comment. Wanted to stop back by and tell you that I enjoyed the topic. Wow, are you going to become a regular guest poster now? Blog hopping, here I come. 😉


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