Things are definitely going to change around here

Ok, ok, I’ll admit it; I’m a slug. I’m not lazy per se, but I know lazy and we can be friends at times.

My history

I got into the twitter part of social media with very little expectations. I created a blog just because I thought it was your ticket, your qualification to play in the game. Yes, I’m in the game now, but it’s like saying Tiger Woods and I both play golf.

My expectations were so low (how low were they Bill?), I named my site the invisible blogger and truly expected it to stay that way. I felt it was so unremarkable, Griddy had to ask me twice if I wanted to include my blog in a blogger’s list she and Brankica put together.

The one thing I can do is comment, and mastered that pretty quickly. Because of my commenting, it started to drive traffic to my site.

How lazy are you?

First of all, I only post once a week; I mean, how hard can that be, right? From this, I still go out and visit my friends and comment on their sites too. But guess what? That’s it, that’s all I got.

So it’s no wonder I don’t get asked by anyone to be the ‘hey you need to meet this guy’ on their site (except Ari Herzog; thanks Ari you were a brave man) or why you don’t see me listed on ‘awesome sites to visit’ that others display so prominently on their home page.

Why, you ask; because I’ve been exposed.Β I have grown very little since I made it in the door. This is certainly no surprise to me because I feel I have done very little in giving back to my community. If I have to shout ‘hey, look at me’, I would expect getting the same reaction if I professed to be the smartest guy in the room.

Earn your stripes then

Baby steps, but going forward I have extended an invitation to my community for guest posting opportunities at my place. On the 2nd and 4th Thursday of every month I will have them over for tea and cake (really beer and chips but we want people to think we are a civilized lot). I hope my community will support and enjoy them like I have.

I’m not going to be rigid with a posting schedule, but will have at least two new posts a week coming from my site. Easy now, don’t get too excited.

The only reason I have not extended invitations, switched to a self-hosted site, know what to do with keywords, link or back links is because it takes effort. I just show up very well; sometimes it just takes being exposed a few times before I decide to get fully on board.

There you have it

That’s as close to a confessional as you will get. I have more holes in my game than Swiss cheese. I know most of you are waiting for me to be some kind of game changer…………..right………….but I’m really just a very simple guy. Sometimes I’m too ok with just ‘ok’ at times.

Before, I would have thought maybe my site wasn’t worthy enough to have someone else write on it; but it is what it is and if it’s good enough for most, then it’s good enough for me.

Please be on the lookout for my friends; I think it will be a good addition and it’s actually making me do some work for a change.

Rock on, right? The invitation is still open………..

81 thoughts on “Things are definitely going to change around here

  1. I enjoy your bare-foot style, Bill. You always bring common sense with a special modest sauce which I think you should patent. No, really, patent it.
    Yes, I’m guessing that we all feel the pressure to up the game, the level, or the truth. Or keep it on. Especially on the blog. I know that I do.
    I find myself thinking about what I’m going to blog about next. And then I ask – will it take us forward, backward, or into a stall. That question kills more blog ideas in a week than anything else.
    Be you, Bill. I appreciate you, Bill. You be you and I’ll be me. And let the rockstars bank and eat their cake too. Because that’s ok too.

    • That is certainly a unique way to put it, but I like the analogy of ‘bare-foot style’. Especially being the Florida Cracker that I am and spending many a barefoot day in my youth.

      It is somewhat perplexing as to what resonates with some people and I’m just glad people find this readable. Sometimes I think it is too vanilla or lacking in direction, but if people find it readable it really doesn’t matter, huh?

      I certainly appreciate your kind words and support and glad you took the time to stop by. We’ve supported each other but you have my pledge I’m going to make more of an effort to get to know you better.

      I hope your Monday is going well.

  2. Good morning Bill. Thank God you are not going all ‘blog schedule’ and all that jazz but it sure is amazing to see you take on the blogosphere.

    The internet would be a sad place without you. Keep on trucking.

  3. I imagine there must be a huge feeling of satisfaction from writing a non-niche blog about your musings and have it soar as yours has. I don’t think you quite yet realize how much you are truly adored by your readers (yours truly included!). No matter what the topic, your posts are destined to get 100+ comments. Simply awesome.

    I hope Google+ and Facebook are reading your blog to discover what social engagement is all about.

    Hoping you part ways with lazy for just a bit to hike the trail to self-hosted. You and your readers deserve it. πŸ˜€

    As I was writing my #NicheAmnesty blog last night, I struggled and wondered how you would tackle this topic. I went out on a limb and guessed “with humor”. Ding, ding! So I tried to use humor to jazz up what could have been a snooze-fest over at my blog. But my trying to use humor like Bill Dorman is akin to saying Tiger Woods and I both play golf. πŸ˜‰

    Congrats on another great post!

    • Satisfaction yes, but probably more bewildered than anything. I’ve quit trying to analyze it (kind of) and I’m just trying to go with the flow.

      I think you hit the nail on the head however as it being more of a like-fest than I have anything really epic everyone wants to share. But I’m ok with that too; I like being liked.

      I will get my ducks in a row on the self-hosted and that might be my next big step (for me).

      Since I already had this written, I just used it for #nicheamnesty. I definitely want to go see yours.

      Humor is good, I’ve heard it makes you live longer and I had a grandmother who lived to be 102, so let’s see if I can top that, huh?

      Thank you so much for dropping by; I’ll be by your place later.

      • Bill — don’t analyze, just write! There are obviously a whole bunch of us who enjoy your meanderings and I am afraid your path might become just a bit too pretentious if you try fix something that ain’t broke. πŸ™‚

        Your writing comes across as natural and that is a good thing. It is like sitting out on the porch swing and listening to you muse about whatever appears on the horizon.

        I don’t expect you to write more than once a week, so why should you worry about it? Just kick back, relax, and keep giving us a “vanilla” read, as you described it. We can get chocolate from other sources. Variety is essential.

        Besides, I am so impressed that you just up and started a blog — I have been threatening to for a while now. This is as close as I have gotten…

  4. Sounds like a good plan, Bill. Should free you up to do that guest post for me, right? πŸ™‚
    I think you should just own who you and your blog are and move on. We all love you for it. Now, go tackle the world and stock up on beer and chips.
    We’ll be visiting, I’m sure!

    • Yay, sounds like a party to me; plenty of beer and chips.

      You will have my guest post before the week is out; no more stalling.

      I’m having fun with this; I know I’ve been kind of silly on some of the perceived things I have experienced out here but I need to follow my own mantra more, be happy with what you do have and don’t always want for more.

      Good to see you today; hope you had a great weekend.

  5. You are the master commenter Bill and if you’re a slacker, you’re lazy that what does that make the rest of us!?! πŸ˜‰ You’re perfectly Bill and that’s perfectly wonderful and the world is indeed better for it! Rock on in a big way!

    Happy Monday!

    • Every step creates a new opportunity (challenge). The commenting was easy because I can play off of someone very well. When it came to writing, I had to put a lot more thinking time into it. Then people started to show up so I try to put a little more effort into presenting a readable product.

      My main purpose is somewhere through the post there will be something that makes you smile and you think ‘isn’t that just like Bill to say something like that’.

      Thanks so much for coming by today; always very much appreciated. I hope your week is filled with plenty of opportunity.

  6. Hey,

    I met you totally by accident, and you are so well liked it is kind of crazy. I admire the community you have here. I am working on mine. Bit by little bit…

    We can even push each other to get onto self-hosted sites. I can nag you if you want I am female you know…

    Now I need to get myself out there and start doing guest posts, but don’t know how to get the ball rolling with that…

    Hope you had a good weekend my friend.

    As Neil Young says “Keep on rocking in the free world!”

    • Yes, you can nag and when the Louisville Slugger comes out I’ll know you are serious. I’m hoping to make the move this week if I can get myself to move off of ground zero; cross your fingers.

      I’ve got you down to do a guest post for me. I already have some early commitments and I’m only doing a couple of month; but if you are still interested I will let you know a couple of weeks in advance.

      It is somewhat amusing to me all the kind words and ‘like-fest’ that seems to be going on. I certainly don’t have any unique formula, but I would say that fact alone is what drives more traffic to my site than anything. Trust me, I like it and it is very much appreciated. I’m not going to try and figure it out at this point………

      You are doing very well with your site. Whereas mine is definitely not a ‘niche’ site, yours has more of a ‘niche’ feel to it based on what you write about. A lot of your stuff is very powerful, and some of the ‘social’ don’t quite know how to take it. However, you are still well read even if people are hesitant to leave comments.

      Good to see you and I’ll be by your place later. I appreciate you and I appreciate your support; you are the real deal.

      Have a good one today.

  7. Bill,

    I like beer and chips better (can I bring Margarita along sometimes, she can be so much fun!)

    Thank you for commenting over at RWAHM. I’m sure my other readers think you are a stalker but that is fine, you liven up a pretty bland subject. I think we are all starting to think of you as one of the chicks. Ha ha!

    Welcome to the bloggers club. Please don’t be like us and worry about whether or not my traffic is growing or is my content unique and epic (a little Darren Rowse and Corbett Barr reference) just please stay yourself, that is what makes blogging fun.

    Anyhow, maybe some day I will want o submit my guest post????? The bar is high, I’m scared. πŸ™‚


    • Welcome to my mommy site; today we are going to talk about breast feeding in public…

      Definitely bring Margarita, I know her well and she is always welcome.

      I do like stalking your site; I can be that creepy old dude that you think he is ‘ok’, but still might make you cross the street if you see me approaching on the sidewalk.

      I like to write and of course, it has been fun with the traffic. I really didn’t expect it, but it’s here so hopefully I can entertain them for awhile before the discover I’m an imposture or something.

      Yes, I definitely want you to guest post and the only bar you have to worry about is the bar where the beer is being served. I have a couple of people lined up already but will give you a couple of weeks notice when I’m ready to make sure you are still interested. However, you will probably have to lift the restraining order before then just to make sure we don’t have any complications………………..just sayin’………….

      So good to see you Cali Alli, hope you had a great John Wayne weekend. Take care.

  8. Hey Bill,

    You’re doing an awesome job, and your blog commenting “tactic” is making waves. A lot of people know about you know, and I bet you’re getting a lot of traffic as well from it. And, the most important part is relationships, and not just numbers. And with relationships, you rock!

    By the way, I’m also publishing one post a week at the moment. I might switch this when I get my head above water (with the novel, and ending the vacation).

    Jens (still living in a tent)

    • A tent is better than living under a rock, huh?

      I know Norway is a big country, but when I heard the news of that madman at a campground I immediately thought of you and your family. It’s very tragic indeed but I’m glad it didn’t affect your family.

      People are definitely getting to know me; I’m not sure it they quite know what do do with me yet, but I’m here and hopefully here to stay.

      I look forward to you getting back; I’ll bet you’ve had a great time with this adventure. The smoke signals seem to be working pretty well on the comment side, however.

      Take care and have a good one.

  9. Bill,

    I watched your vlog (yesterday?). I thought it was so funny that you were, as you said, trying to stay focused on the camera! I don’t remember how I found you, but it was a good find. Good luck. Have fun.


    • Hey Betsy, I sure thought I responded to your comment earlier but I sure don’t see it. Vlogging is interesting, especially when the ‘record’ light comes on.

      I am having fun and I think I said that before, but who knows where the reply went. Thanks so much for stopping by.

    • I am, I just want to be a little more proactive and interactive instead of just showing up. I don’t want to get too crazy with it, but I do want to reach out a little more.

      Whatever you do, don’t go over to Griddy’s and leave any more comments. She’s going to fix her counter and you will see I have actually left 1,326 for the month of July…..just sayin’…………….:)

  10. Wooo..Bills in the game..big balling style….Guest posts and all sorts…I remember back in the day when you was writing this invisible blog…now your blowin up, lol. Seriously..though all jokes aside, its nice to see you opening up the doors of your home and welcoming others to share the couch. No doubt you’ll have lots of takers.. I don’t know where you find the time, energy and words for all that you share. It’s more than just comments…it’s attention..and shinning on your light on others…so that they feel like their shinning too…its good stuff….sending you super powers…so that you can do even more. Shine your light Mr D…shine it. xx

    • Hey you, Bali girl, so good to see you. I’m sorry I got in late on your #nicheamnesty gig. I thought it was a great idea. I can’t make it to Dino’s everyday so I apologize for missing the post when it came out. Of course, it already seems like all I do is talk about myself anyway, huh?

      I’ve seen some of the posts and they are really good, what a fun thing to do.

      Yep, you saw me in my early days which really wasn’t that long ago.

      Hope all is well and I appreciate your kind words. Hope you are having a good week.

  11. It’s always fun to mix things up a bit, isn’t it? Running guest posts is a very exciting step. You’ve done such a great job connecting with people, I’m sure you’re ready. Now we just need to figure out how to entice you to move over to self-hosted WP!

    • The first post will be Thursday so I guess it’s ‘on’ now, huh? I’m getting closer to self-hosted.

      It has been a fun journey and still curious to see where it is taking me.

      I appreciate you coming by and your support; always good to see you.

      I hope your week is going well.

  12. Hey Bill!
    It’s refreshing to hear your laid-back approach to blogging. Most articles I read are concerning keywords, backlinks and stats. I’m not knocking these things at all. That’s what it takes on average to have a successful blog. Those are the things I’m trying to learn to help my own blog.

    But then there’s always a black sheep, isn’t there? Enter Bill Doorman. You have basically taken 2 of the most important concepts and ran with them: Commenting and connecting with your audience. You just had to go and prove it could be done without all the bells and whistles, didn’t you??

    I have been making a solid attempt at posting on my site once a week. Lately, things come up and I miss a week or post two in one week to make up for it. (Don’t go to my site right now–have an idea for a post but no time to post last week).

    Way to go on getting involved in guest posting! I didn’t jump at the chance to volunteer for yours because I’m still not sure what I have to say that people would want to read! I’m sure you’ve had moments like that but you have the comments to prove that people are indeed reading your stuff–myself included.

    Keep rockin’ it, Bill:)

    • Trust me, I’m still not sure what I have to say that people would want to read.

      My only thoughts on the keywords and backlinks would be, I wonder if there would be a noticeable difference if I was doing all that? Who knows, huh. Maybe I’ll pay more attention when I go self-hosted.

      The first guest post will be Thurs and it’s ready to go. We’ll just let ‘er rip, huh? I would love to have you sometime if you are so inclined.

      Good to see you and thanks so much for coming by. I appreciate you.

  13. See, you are moving up in the world. Inviting bloggers to come over to your place and share some content with us. Just as long as you don’t let them take over, I’m game. I enjoy your no nonsense writing style. I love people who are real. Which is why I’ll continue to come back and read what you share.

    As always, thanks for the post and letting us know what’s in store. This will be an adventure.


    • Yeah, crack the door and they are running all over the place, huh? I think I will keep it to twice a month and then I might put some of mine in on that Thursday the weeks I don’t GP. My thoughts are, my Monday traffic will dip some but overall it will probably be the same or maybe even increase a little bit. I’m not really worried either way.

      Loved you vlog and accent. Whereas, some people around here don’t think I have an accent, you can certainly detect it. And yes, you get in the rural areas around here and it is much more distinct.

      Be on the lookout Thursday; it’s ready to go.

      Good to see you and thanks for taking the time to comment.

  14. Are you serious?! “…because I have done very little in giving back to my community…” What?
    Your blog is a phenomena. You have an amazing following and chips and beer at your house will be the most popular spot in town and it’s because of the way you give! You have done more to selflessly and sincerely support the community via comments, tweets, emails and notes than anyone I’ve ever heard of!

    I think it’s great that you are going to share your hospitality by having guest blog posts. It’s fun to see where you’re taking all this Bill, but don’t forget to give yourself credit for being far from lazy!

    • Well, if you put it that way maybe I haven’t been too much of a sluggo. I just have the little voice inside wondering if some of the people who have supported me thought I would be further down the road with more direction at this point. We do have some stuff going on with our business website and future blog, so for now I’m ok with just being social. I’m certainly not afraid to talk about my business or what my day job looks like, I’m just not sure the current makeup of my community wants to hear about all of that.

      My first GP will be Thursday so hopefully you can drop by and see what it looks like. It will be interesting. I feel I’m gaining confidence as I go along, but always in a humble way. I would much rather give you credit for my success than thinking I’m some kind of genius who has this all figured out.

      So good to see you and glad you made it by. It’s always a good day when I see you.

  15. Beer and chips sounds perfect πŸ™‚

    Bill, you are obviously well versed in social skills and you know how to network with the best of them. You’re bringing your off-line skills to this here blogosphere and in the process you are teaching plenty of people how to do it right. When I heard Gini D. mention your personal thank you note, I thought there is some old school charm that a lot of people are missing.

    I see you building a friendly association of many and creating a gathering place we all like to visit. Your commenting powers are Jedi-like, you’re a crackup and you’re honest. I know you often write that you are whining, but I think it’s just stating what a lot of people feel. In fact I think you are creating more than a few commenting warriors who are learning through observation. πŸ˜‰ Call it commenting, Bill Dorman style.

    As someone who is so new to all of this it is great to see your blog grow so fast. Your place was one of my first stops and your comments back to me were encouraging and helpful. I certainly look forward to seeing how the “Invisible Blogger” evolves. Invisible, … uh huh. πŸ™‚

    I see plenty of bloggers discuss the importance of community, but you are a shining example of how to effectively build a community, mainly through engaging with your audience and commenting.

    To me it looks like you are just having fun. Well, there is a bit of work involved, but I hope you are having fun. I always look forward to your posts and the comments. Keep chugging along!

    • Honesty, huh? What people don’t realize is that I’m really an ax murderer serving a life sentence in Sing Sing and just hoping they don’t take my internet privileges away that you taxpayers are so graciously providing for me………….

      Yes, the socializing and networking comes very easy to me. I like to do that as much in real life as I have online. I guess it shouldn’t be a surprise how much they mirror each other.

      However, in my mind I think I’m probably a lot more witty than I have been able to portray in my vlogs. I do think I work better off of someone than just trying to deliver original material off the cuff.

      I see you out there still banging around so hopefully it was been rewarding for you. I am having fun and as I gain more confidence it will give me the push to do some other things.

      It’s good to see you and I certainly appreciate your kind words and support. I hope your week is going well so far.

  16. hi bill

    This is the first time I’ve been on your blog.
    I enjoyed it very much. I’ll check out more of
    your blogs soon.

    Have a wonderful day
    Bonnie Squires ( @bonnie67)

    • Hey Bonnie Squires, thanks for stopping by and the kind words. I do hope you have an opportunity to see other blogs for what it’s worth.

      I hope your day is going well and I do get to see you again.

  17. Hello,

    The title had me thinking that you are shutting down your blog… but yay! you aren’t πŸ™‚

    Also, you took my what blog? why blog? feature too seriously.. πŸ˜‰

    When I began blogging I used to blog just once a month or maybe twice a month… that was mega lazy. But now I try my best to blog at least twice a week.

    I am so happy things are changing…we would love to see more of your “invisibility” more often! πŸ™‚

    Good Luck! So nice to have you around!

    • Shut it down? At the peak of my popularity? Man, I’m going to squeeze every little bit I can out of my 15 minutes of fame. You will see me on one of those TV shows like the childhood actors who turned out to be drug addicts and they will be asking ‘whatever happened to that invisible blogger anyway’?

      It will be fun; I will have to pay more attention to my writings as I will start increasing my own postings as well. It will be nice to have some guest posts that will help me with this.

      So good to see you; hope the new job isn’t beating you down. Thanks for taking the time to come by and say hello.

  18. Nice!
    Hello Bill.
    Game is as you make it right!
    You’ve got game and lots of it. I like your style. I have mine, for what it is and what’s worth.
    You do what you do very well, and I like to lurk and read.

    • Hey Billy D, so good to see you. I guess I have game, I just don’t know what kind of game it is. If it’s purely social, then I would say I haven’t done too bad so that’s a success to me.

      I am glad you did take the time to stop by. I see you around as well so it’s good we get to know each other better.

      Hope all is well with you and I’ll be bumping into you later.

    • Hey Barrett, I didn’t think I had seen you in awhile. Hope all is well and you feel inspired to get back in the game.

      I do appreciate you taking the time to stop by and say hello. I hope all is well where you are and hopefully talk to you soon.

  19. Hey Bill
    That picture of the polar bear chilling out cracks me up. I think I’m going to make that my screen saver so that I remember not to take life too seriously.

    • Hey Riley, I concur; that was the best thing on the post. I kind of thought I would get more comments about that.

      Good to see you, hope all is well where you are today.

  20. See…I go on vacation and come back to find the (blog) world a’ changing!

    Sounds like a great move Bill. Guest posts – but given that you’re the invisible blogger, shouldn’t that be “Ghost posts”?

    All right, all right, I know jokes are not my strong suit, but I can never resist trying. πŸ˜‰

    Seriously, I’m sure you’ll have some fantastic guest posts that I’ll look forward to reading, but my favorites will still be your fun loving comments; I am in agreement with the consensus – you brighten up the blogosphere my friend! πŸ™‚

    (Oh, and btw, I’m totally using your line “Sometimes I’m too ok with just β€˜ok’” – I can completely commiserate with you on that one and it’ll be a great reminder for me when I need to get off my butt and really get to work!)

    • Welcome back from vacation and I totally love your ‘ghost’ post reference. In fact, you will be duly referenced in my Thursday post.

      I do appreciate your kind words and if I can make you smile then it’s a good day for me. That’s about all I have to give, my wife doesn’t let me have any money……….

      I hope you are having a great week so far and I’m sure I will be seeing you around; take care!

  21. Well first of all Bill, to echo Mr. Falchetto, if you actually did become invisible, you would be missed. Your commenting has added richness to so many blog communities throughout the Interwebs, including mine. As someone else pointed out above, look at the community you have created here on a blog that does not have a specific niche or focus — really impressive!

    I’m very curious to see where the new experimentation will lead. If I can be of help, just let me know! One thing I do know about the new “change,” it will almost certainly NOT lead to you becoming more invisible. πŸ™‚

    • Hey Adam, I might take you up on answering some questions once I get rolling with some stuff. The good news is, I have options as corporately we are going to have a blog so it would be easy to primarily use my personal one more from a networking platform w/out having to get too ‘businessey’.

      I’ve had fun and sometimes it’s hard but have been able to structure my time properly to get it done (and know it’s ok to walk away from it at times).

      Good to see you, hope everything is going well in the 4 0 7. I’ll talk to you soon, I’m sure I’ll be bumping into you.

  22. You do give back to your community you just don’t know it.

    Funny I have worked hard to build a blog audience but I am not fun on my blog. I am negative because I out hypocrisy. People want to have blinders on. I feel like I am trying to get blind people to see but keep forgetting they are blind so they can’t see.

    Pretty sad if you ask me. So I get giddy when I have 1 or 2 comments or 30 views. I do no self promotion except 1 tweet after I post.

    And here the invisible blogger often fills my email as much as Marcus or Gini with comment alerts. Must be the salt air I bet. If I moved to the coast and my computer had salt air I would have more blog traffic.

    Anyway you are unique Bill and you do give back and that is why people come to see you.

    • Ah yes, it is the salt air but you have to work fast because it is such a corrosive. I think that is where the whole 15 minutes of fame thing came from.

      You do out hypocrisy and are a splash of water to the face when you throw your stats out and how much (or how little) impact someone might think they have. My only question is, how does that mesh with a Taoist lifestyle?

      Obviously most of my traffic is because I am so social; whereas you call it like you see it, I see the same thing but I might just keep the blinders on or point it out in a different way. A lot of what I see is more “I don’t really care” as opposed to stirring some passion that I feel compelled to call out or write about (unless it’s about me of course…….:).

      I always read that you need to diversify your community, I just have to keep Howie around because of your directness; and I can count on you to be the first to call me out if I ever started getting too full of myself. Just like my real life friends, and I think you would fit right in there with them.

      I just think there are some pro-active things I could do better and will work on it.

      I’m having fun and it has allowed me to make some great new friends like yourself, so ‘rock on’, huh?

      Good to see you over here buddy.

  23. Keep rocking Bill. No matter what you say or write I will read it because i like your style of writing. So best of luck with guest posting πŸ™‚ and have a great day.

  24. Hi Bill,

    That’s great news. It will make this place even livelier than it is today. I must say, though, that I don’t see it as a problem if you post only once a week. It can actually be a way to break through the noise, a point of differentiation if you want. I started posting daily, but am now thinking about moving to 3 posts a week. This will keep me inspired and prevent my readers from growing sick of me πŸ™‚

    The future’s looking bright!

    • Good points; when you went to daily, did your typical daily traffic drop but your weekly viewership increase? Personally, I have a few people who post daily and I have trouble keeping up with them. I know they are doing it to drive traffic but I’m always concerned with missing a good post.

      I guess you need to just figure out something workable and grow it from there, huh?

      Good to see you Wim and thanks for dropping by. I’ll run w/ the GP’s and maybe drop some of mine in there and see if it looks or feels any different than before.

      We are always evolving, right?

      • The main reason I stopped doing daily posts is indeed people said they were having trouble keeping up. For me the wake-up call was that some people unsubscribed for that reason…

    • I’m sure there are two school of thought as some people just want to drive traffic; but I would rather have a message that is easier for people to think about, come back if need be, and offer meaningful dialogue.

      Because I visit many sites, it’s hard for me to hit the every dayers; in fact, it causes me to miss them more it seems.

  25. Hi, Bill.

    Looking forward to all the great changes. If you believe I’m up for it, put me on the list of your ghost writers. I’d be honored to be in your NOT invisible blog. πŸ™‚

    Talk to you soon.

    • Oh, you are definitely up for it. I will give you a heads-up. I had planned to doing them two weeks apart, but Stu has one for next week. We’ll figure it out however, and thanks so much for the offer.

      Hopefully we are talking tomorrow at 10 am.

  26. Bill, I arrived here haphazardly, by reading some comments at Hajra’s blog, saw you talking about something between you and Melanie Kissel…I never did find that post!

    But I did read this one, and frankly, my dear: (nervous?) You are a Hoot! I love it, and I’ll be back. Why? Because I like it and because I want to. I can be picky that way because I’m getting old! Kinda. πŸ™‚

    • I hear ya girl; we reach a certain age we can be quirky and do what we want, right?

      I do appreciate you taking the time to stop by AND leave a comment. Some people aren’t as comfortable with that, but I say just jump right in. Thanks for the compliment……I think………… ‘hoot’ a compliment…………….:)

      I would love to see you come back again. I hope your journey has been a good one and hope you have a great weekend.

  27. Hey Bill,

    As you know, I think you’ve done a terrific job in growing in the amount of time you’ve been in the game. I guess depending on what your goals are/where, you haven’t met your own expectations. But my friend – you’re doing excellent.

    Congrats on getting more and more embedded in the game. More posts = more time – that’s what keeps me at 1 per week. Plus, now that we have FOOTBALL BACK, I have to put on my Fantasy Football Commissioner hat for my league!

    Have a good weekend Bill!

    • That right, football is getting ready to be here big time and I’m ready for some football.

      Thanks for coming by; I really enjoyed your MBA post. Sounds like you are a busy man but hopefully it is all moving you forward.

      I do believe I’m starting to get some focus and pretty excited about some opportunities.

      I’ll talk to you soon and I hope you and the family have a great weekend.

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