4 Random observations via my vlog

This is my second vlog attempt and hope it doesn’t smell like number two when finished. I did notice my lips were out of sync with the audio and was a little too excited when I started but that happens with just one take; it could have been a lot worse. Maybe it will remind you of the old Japanese Godzilla movies dubbed in English.

I did have a few personal observations from my perspective for my first 90 days and tried to be creative enough to express them in vlog vs written format for this week’s post. It is nothing prophetic or game changing, just topics that came to mind.

The jury is out on vlogs for me

I’m not totally sold on them; I seem to be able to take them in small doses, but with written format I can go back and recapture the different points when I comment vs a vlog where I take the ‘one and done’ approach.

The written portion of my vlog is below in the form of questions if you want to skip my feeble attempt at acting; trust me, I have no plans to give up the day job.

The thing I like about vlogs is getting to know someone. I thought Brian Meeks @ExtremelyAverage latest attempt was great. It wasn’t exactly how I envisioned him, but this is what makes it real. I can’t wait until he finishes his Henry Wood novel.

Here we go: 

That was it

Critique away but if it’s going to require work I might just file the info away; and not because I don’t appreciate the comments, I’m just lazy like that. I will give a shout out to @EricaMAllison because she did school me on how to embed a vlog; yay……….

My questions to you:

1. Do you like vlogs?

2. Does the transiency of social media make it difficult to develop deep relationships?

3. If you like to guest post, would you like to guest post here; open invite if you do?

4. Can someone be taken seriously if they try to be too humorous?

It is still a journey, not a destination

In the blogosphere everything seems to be at a rapid pace; are you still enjoying the journey along the way?

BTW – I only counted 4 ‘uhs’…….

119 thoughts on “4 Random observations via my vlog

  1. Hi Bill,
    Well I will give you my personal growth perspective on vlogs. It’s good practice in getting comfortable in giving public presentations. And if you want to really grow and enhance your leadership skills you have to be an effective public speaker. I’m a big fan of Toastmasters for the same reasons. I enjoy the occasional vlog from a blogger but have a preference for the written blog.

    • And you were supposed to say “obviously I’m already there”……………..:)

      I’m comfortable speaking in front of people; I think Toastmasters would really help me in terms of delivery, what I do with my hands, etc and I might use this reply as the impetus to find the local chapter and sign up.

      I like it mixing it up too but probably prefer more written than I do video. I do like to see my friends however.

      Of course if I do too many then I will have to learn how to edit and put in graphics and all the other cool stuff; I think I’m really liking simple is better…….

      Good to see you Riley the spider, thanks for stopping by.

    • Riley,

      I agree that Toastmasters is a wonderful organization. They have helped me with my speeking immeasurably. My biggest problem was speaking too quickly, but after only a couple of speeches, I was able to get that under control. I agree also, that I too have a preference for the written word.


  2. Good Morning, Bill! I loved your Vlog #2 and no, it did not smell as such. I think you make some excellent observations this week and I also wonder if the missing folks (myself included) are part of the summertime blues. Things are just a little different this time of year…stuff gets hectic, life pulls you back and for me, social media is something that I’ve had to cut back on.

    If you ask my husband, he probably sees no noticeable difference. If you ask folks that I used to bump into in the blogosphere, I’m sure you’ll hear a “where is she?” comment or two. That’s ok. It’s an ebb and a flow and I give people lots of breaks and “leeways” because we have NO idea what they’re going through on the other side of their avatar. As familiar as we are with one another, there’s still a screen (or two) that divides us, and we can only know so much.

    That’s why when I get a critique (thank you, Brian) or an off the wall comment, I try to reply with clarity and the understanding that they may have had a bad day; are really brilliant and I need to listen; or, they are just being goofy and I’ll be goofy back. Problem is, it’s hard to communicate all those nuances via the comment box, much like email communication. Unless we’re eye to eye or voice to voice, it’s hard to really get the intent.

    That said, I hope you don’t censor yourself too much, sir. Your humor, borderline off color-ness, and kind nature are what make you, the Invisible Blogger.

    Well done! Oh, and I agree with Riley, Toastmasters is a great resource (used to be a member).

    • I know your summer situation and further refining your direction so you are still pretty visible to me. But I’m speaking more to people like Mark Harai who was pretty tight company w/ me 45 days ago and now he’s gone and tried to make a living………..:). It’s just I miss ’em and the banter we used to have. There have bee a few others who no longer blog, but the one thing you can count on in this blogosphere is change, that’s for sure.

      Yes, the nuances can be hard to communicate and I have taken a couple of things personally I shouldn’t have because I thought it was mean-spirited when it really wasn’t. That’s my biggest struggle in learning how to ‘act’ because I am one that will over think comments and can’t just brush it off. However, just like in my sales profession decisions are made that don’t always go in your favor and you have to remember (for the most part), it was a business decision not a personal decision.

      Thanks for the vote of confidence and I’ll try not to be too offensive.

      I’ll be by your place shortly.

      • I haven’t read everything you have ever written, but I have read many posts, and many comments, and not once have I found your comments to be anything other than wonderful. I love your sense of humor!!! That is my vote.

    • Erica,
      You do such a nice job of articulating things and so often I want to say, “Me too!”. This is one of those times. : )

      Yes, definitely busy and things ebb & flow. Does that make it difficult to develop relationships? To some degree. I’ve been pretty absent around places (Erica can probably attest to that), but it’s me, not them. I would like to be around all the time, but I do have a very full time job that keeps me busy and with summer schedules included, things get a bit hectic. I just hope that my online relationships are like my in-person ones where we can pick up where we left off.

      In general, I’m not a huge video fan because it’s disruptive to those nearby so I will only watch videos in certain situations. But getting the chance to see someone and listen to them is definitely worth it on occasion!

      • Job, oh yeah; I forgot about that…………….:). Actually we have some good stuff working with our Captive insurance program department and we will be tying our @LanierUpshaw blog into it as well.

        Yes, I would hope some of these people remain friends but I’m afraid some are just gone which is kind of sad to me. But that’s life. When we consolidated our Winter Haven office back to Lakeland it meant I wasn’t in W Haven near as much as before, so it’s similar to that in a way.

        Yeah, I tend to watch videos in the right situation and like the human aspect of it more than anything if it is somebody I know.

        So good to see you Wendy and thanks for your comments.

      • I know you would like a guest post from me and it is something I will work on; but would you or Kevin like to do one here? For what it’s worth?

  3. Hi Bill,
    #1 -I do like the VLOG because it does make you more REAL as a person, correcting any misconceptions I may have dreamed up by reading what you write. It’s also easier when I have something else to do to listen rather than read, though that means my focus is divided.

    #2 – Yes, people coming and going makes it difficult, but that’s a little like real life so…

    #3 -I’ve not done GP’s yet, as I’m busy building LFI but as you know, I love to have members of that community do GP’s (no pressure!)

    #4 – humor is wonderful if you can achieve it! I don’t think it means people can’t take you seriously. I suppose it just shows a different side of you. You balance that with this blog, so you’re fine, in my opinion. I wish I could get away with more humor but sometimes it’s risky and can fall flat 😮
    You’ve got guts to do the Vlog – we really should do a Skype Chat sometime. Make ME real to you!

    • It’s funny as I was deciding to do the vlog for this post and had some ideas in my mind, w/out having a script it’s funny what your mind does as soon as the ‘record’ light comes on. You have the ideas in your mind, but it always comes out a little different. I was concentrating more on eye contact and no ‘uhs’ than anything……….:).

      It’s kind of funny to me as I progress, I think I was liking the simple life better at times. One post a week and few comments and that was all. Now, I have some guest post requests, I’m vlogging, etc, etc, etc. I’m not good with work……….:)

      I would love to do a Skype chat w/ you. I’ve talked w/ Mimi Meredith and Erica Allison on the phone; Skyped w/ Mark Harai before I had my camera; and gone to face to face w/ John & Ameena Falchetto and Kaarina Dillabough via Skype. I would love to Skype with you; my Skype address is bill.dorman10.

      Thanks for your comments as we think somewhat alike. I see you have Daniel at your place today and will have to get over there and say hello.

      Thanks for stopping by.

    • Lori,

      You make a valid point in #1, about it making a person more REAL. I have receieved a lot of tweets since my first Vlog, and many of them are from people who were surprised by how I sounded and looked. I can’t help but wonder if their is value in maintaining people’s illusions? I want to sell books, lots of books, and if a vlog changes someone perception, for the worse, then perhaps it is better to remain safely behind my cloak of words?

      Please note, I’m not at all bashing myself. I’m my biggest fan, thinning hair and all. I once mentioned in a tweet that I was short and balding, and received several rebukes about putting myself down. I am 5′ 6″ and balding. It was a fact, not a slight, but still people were offended that I would say such a horrible thing about myself.

      So perhaps my dislike of the Vlog is biased? Perhaps I like the power of words to paint in the mind of the reader a world better than can be captured on film?

      I read recently that 57% of adults don’t read a single book, the rest of their lives, after they finish school. It made me sad. So I like words. I might be in the minority, but that is okay.

      Back to my edits. 🙂

      • I’m with you on the words Brian. I’m a voracious reader…old school, bound books are my favourite. Love the texture of the paper, the turning of the pages, the tactile sense…and falling asleep with the book falling on my chest and glasses falling off my nose.

        That’s not to say I don’t like online books. But I love bound books, bookstores and everything booky (no Bill Dorman, I did not say bookie:)

      • I like ‘I am my biggest fan’ because I feel the same way. I might be a knucklehead but I’m still the president of my fan club…………:).

        With your Avatar I was expecting a distinguished old English accent or something along those lines. It was quite good however, I just had a different perception.

        That’s also funny that people were offended at you for telling the TRUTH. Reality sucks sometimes and we just have to work with what we got, huh?

        I love to read and fortunately we passed it on to my kids as well. My oldest was a voracious reader as a child. The wife would take him to the library and he would have everything read before he got home sometimes. He is now a prosecuting attorney in Ft Myers so the reading background probably served him well in Law School.

        Thanks for stopping by and offering up your comments; much appreciated.

  4. Ha ha Bill are you sure your from not from Texas…I’m not so good with my narrowing down american accents..but I could have sworn I heard a southern twang in there somewhere. It was interesting what you said about the relationships bloggers form with each other..check out Dino’s blog shortly as you may like an idea I open up on it. I agree with you though, people do dip in an out of the bloggersphere..and whilst it may be frustrating in someways..in otherways I think it’s healthy..I mean we all have lives and friends and things we like to do away from our laptops right? Quick question..how many hours would you estimate you spend a week, working on your blog, whipping up a storm in the comments…and generally just getting your SM on?

    • Not so much Texas, but definitely southern; Florida southern though which is different than deep south Georgia Alabama southern. Georgia Alabama southern has more of a drawl and Florida southern has more of a twang I believe.

      I will check out Dino’s blog; maybe the fluidity makes it healthy but I tend to hang onto relationships so it somewhat sad when people go. However, I know that’s life and you are always meeting new people anyway.

      Number of hours, less than before but still a lot. It’s easily 20-25 hours a week. Some of that is via my phone when I’m mobile but I’m probably sitting in front of the screen 20 hours a week. Usually early morning before I get cranked up w/ work and then a couple of hours after dinner. I’ve been doing this instead of TV for the most part.

      Probably still too much, huh? How about you, have you trimmed it back?

      Good to see you and thanks for coming by today.

  5. Hi Bill. Always good to see you. I think that your vlog was just fine. Erica is right about how things slow down a bit this time of year. I don’t think that there is anything unusual about it, those of us with school age kids tend to try and go away during summer.

    Although I suppose that it is worth adding that most blogs close up shop after 90 days and I would guess that quite a few don’t make it beyond a year or two.

    I appreciated Stacey’s comment about accents, but I wouldn’t ever guess Texas as the twang sounds different to me. Not that I am an expert on these things.

    And now the answers to your questions:

    1) I like vlogs. It is sometimes harder to hold my attention.
    2) I have made some great friends through social media that I expect will be around forever. Sometimes learning about each other through words builds deeper bonds.
    3) I’d be happy to guest post sometime.
    4) A sense of humor is important. I prefer those who have one to those who don’t.

    • Florida has a distinct twang; it’s more hillbilly country than southern however. The funny thing about Florida is there are so few ‘natives’ most people think it is accent neutral. Whereas you can detect my accent, you get in some of the rural areas around central Florida and you start thinking ‘where in the heck did these people come from’?

      What I was thinking on the guest posts was trying to publish those on Thursdays. My regular posting day is Monday, but it’s obvious most of the activity is w/in the first 3 days. I will set up a schedule w/ a few people if I can and do it at least twice a month. I would love to have you Jack.

      I too have made some great friends but on the same token, I have had some already drift off. That’s life, huh?

      Thanks for stopping by and commenting; I will definitely be back w/ you on the guest post, I appreciate your offer.

  6. Hi Bill, Nice to come back from a fun weekend and see that you’ve done a new video. (The second half has a bit of that Godzilla feel.) Here are my answers to your questions.

    Do you like vlogs? Yes, but in moderation. For me, 1 vlog per week is the max I like to see. Why? Because you really can’t cover a topic in too much depth in 3 minutes. But vlogs are a fabulous way to create a stronger bond. I’d love to see you talk about topics related to how you got your business going.

    Does the transiency of social media make it difficult to develop deep relationships? Yes, but the same thing happens offline too. You get busy and it becomes more difficult to maintain all of your social circles. I feel like I’ve built some strong relationships through social media and I hope they get stronger. But if folks need to come and go, that’s OK too. Life happens.

    If you like to guest post, would you like to guest post here; open invite if you do? I would like to guest post sometime. I’ve written my first guest post for Danny Iny–you should see it in a few weeks. I’m working on a new one right now too. I haven’t invited anyone to guest post on my blog yet because it’s still so small, and I don’t know if it’s appropriate to ask someone yet.

    Can someone be taken seriously if they try to be too humorous? Absolutely! I totally “get” your sense of humor. It helps me understand who you are. Plus, you’re pretty good at switching to serious points when you need to. There will always be people who don’t recognize sarcasm straightaway, but once they get to know you, they’ll “get it” too!

    Yes, I’m still having lots of fun and I hope you are too. Have a great week Bill!

    • Hello Marianne, good to see you and glad you had a fun weekend.

      I like vlogs in moderation; I probably would not sit down and watch 5 or 6 in a row. Plus, you can read much faster than someone can talk, huh?

      Social media and friends are like real life, it just seems to move at a faster pace. You get to know someone and then ‘poof’ they might just disappear. I guess if we got in the first time, we can always do it again if we need to, right?

      I’m thinking of doing a couple of guest posts a month like on the 1st and 3rd Friday and it appears I have offers from Jack and Brian so I would be happy to put you in the mix as well. At one point I might have thought my place wasn’t guest post worthy, but what the heck and especially if I can get some serious writers like you guys.

      I seek out humor; yes, I can be serious when needed but I never want to be taken too seriously.

      Thanks for dropping in, it is always good to see you. I think I saw your post drop in my reader so I’ll have to go check it out.

  7. You did a nice job on the video.

    Now to answer your questions…

    1) No. I don’t like vlogs, I don’t like video on CNN’s site, or Espn, or anywhere really. There is nothing wrong with video, but for me it a choosing between playing basketball or golf. I like both, but I love golf. If I am given a choice and all things are equal, I would rather read a post. I rarely even go to CNN anymore, because of having to wade though all the video.

    2) I am not sure I have an opinion or answer for question 2. I don’t know.

    3) I write 7 post per week for myself and a couple of more per month for Shonali and Gini. If someone gives me an idea, and I can be snarky with it, then I am glad to bang out a guest post. I did one for Ken Mueller the other day, but as with all my guest posts, I tell the blogger that they may feel free to reject it, if it doesn’t fit with their audience. He did. So I wrote him another one, which ran yesterday. I like guest posting, but it isn’t something I go out of my way to find. Angry and bitter doesn’t play well with all blog audiences.

    4) I’m not sure. I know that I prefer to read a humorous post to a dry one. In fact, the dry ones I often don’t finish. There are literally millions of blogs which list the Top 10 Opinions of a Narcissist or Top 5 Ways to Do Something Meaningless. I hate top 10 lists. Make me laugh and I’ll be back. Drone on for 500 words and leave me feeling cheated out of two minutes of my life and I won’t.

    I like that you included the written portion with your post. 🙂


    Brian D. Meeks

    • Top 10 Opinions of a Narcissist; now that gave me an idea of how I can talk more about myself and post it…………….:)

      If you are so inclined I will definitely suggest a couple of topics and you can pretty much have editorial freedom. I can throw out some topics or you can suggest some. My site has a mixed audience because I think I don’t have a well defined style yet. More times than not I’m still writing about social media but only because I still see whacky stuff out here. I’m sure I want be near as specific as our friend Mr Mueller.

      I replied up top about my preference with the reading.

      Good to see you and I will come up w/ a schedule for my guest posts; thanks for the offer.

  8. Hi Bill,

    I absolutely understand what you’re saying about relationships and about being gone. At the moment, I’m gone, well, more or less. As you know, I’m still on a vacation, but I do my best to hang in there (it’s because I love it, and not just because I think I have to, that would just be hard, and not something I would do during my vacation).

    I have also published a blog post about being gone. It’s interesting to be “offline” for two weeks. A lot of new thoughts appear from out of nowhere.

    Your vlog is awesome. Now, everything was working 100% for me. I really like it, and adding both text and the video is a perfect combination.

    I don’t vlog, but that’s mostly because I blog in english it’s not my first language (that’s Norwegian). And I don’t want to keep messing up with a vlog, that’s just too personal for me, until I’m familiar with the technology and the language.

    I’m also following Bernardo, another great video blogger, you should check him out at: http://www.yourgreatlifetv.com – I bet you guys will become best friends in a matter of minutes 🙂

    Talk to you soon Bill, and I’m all in.


    • I know Bernardo well and he does an outstanding job; he would probably chastise you for mentioning us in the same breath……………..:)

      That’s part of the beauty of it though, we want to hear the accents. I know it’s hard enough to do one in your native tongue, I can only imagine trying to do it in a second language unless you were totally fluent.

      In your case, you qualified your ‘gone’ so we expect you back. Some of my old friends just keep getting smaller and smaller and are about to disappear which is kind of sad to me.

      Thanks for checking in, it is always good to see you.

  9. Answers:
    1. yes
    2. no
    3. most definitely, yes
    4. your humour (note “Canadian” spelling) is always welcome…bring it on!

    RE: how I feel about the journey…I just posted today “I’m mad as hell”, with a very graphic lionness image…nuff said.

    Cheers! Kaarina

  10. Hey Bill!

    I watched your vlog and thought, “Oh, geez. He’s talking about me!” Then I read on and realized it wasn’t about me specifically. I know I tend to come and go often. However, my life is a little hectic. I spend TONS of time on my online business and have now been devoting some time to a part-time business to help with income. Of course, you know the majority of my time is spent raising my 14 month old son. I’m glad to read the comments and see that I’m not the only one coming and going! I’ve been having some issues with your blog lately. I always check of that I want to be notified of follow-up comments via email. However, I haven’t received any notifications lately. I’ll have to check in to that.

    I enjoyed watching your new vlog. I still have to give you credit–I’m just not brave enough to attempt it yet.

    I also love your sense of humor. I get your sarcasm and humor will always keep me coming around. I hope you’re having a great week:)

    • My blog has always had issues……….thanks for enduring……….:)

      14 mo olds; enough said, they can consume you but in a good way.

      I know where to find you.

      My biggest issue with my vlogs are, people will think ‘oh great, not another one, when is this guy actually going to have something to say’? They are kind of fun to do and I actually have some creative ideas, I just need to take the time to put them together and pull it off.

      Thanks for the nice words and thanks for stopping by. Hope your day is going well.

  11. Hi Bill, Yes, I like vlogs, if they’re well done, such as yours. But I am more limited in when I can watch them as opposed to reading a blog which I can do almost anywhere. You’re right, I do tend to feel as if I know someone better when I see their video as opposed to just their written word.

    I have done exactly one video for The Wonder of Tech and it took a long time to film a short video. Writing just seems much more efficient.

    I agree, it’s tough when people leave, whether it’s the blogosphere or any other part of life. That was the toughest part of being an ex-pat living in London. Every relationship seemed very transitional. I tend to stick with people because finding people I connect with is like finding a treasure. Floridians know about finding treasures, right? 🙂

    Speaking of connecting with people, how about scheduling a Hangout on Google+? That way up to 10 of us can join at once. Kind of like a party!

    I’d be happy to write a guest blog if you’d have me write for you. The fall, after the kids are in school, would be better, but you seem to have a waiting list until then anyway. I would love you to suggest topics. It would kind of be fun to write on something other than tech. I think. That’s what I hear anyway. Just don’t give me nuclear physics. I am so over that. 😉

    Another winner, Bill! Thanks for sharing your vlog with us!

    • To answer you question from above, I speak in public or meetings enough to be comfortable with it; but I’m not on a speakers bureau. However, I think I will check out Toastmasters and maybe gravitate toward some public speaking on business or some of my volunteer endeavors.

      I tend to hold onto friends and when they go it’s sad but I’m glad I had the opportunity to at least know them when I did. It feels like the rapids sometimes and we are all going down together and then next thing you know, ‘poof’ somebody is gone.

      The Google + hangout sounds like a pretty cool idea. Maybe we’ll have to pull that one off.

      I will take you up on the guest post; in the next day or two I’m going to put together a schedule and see what works for everybody and we’ll run from there. Thanks for the offer.

      Thank you for your kind words and hope you are having a great day.

      • Hey Bill, Any day I visit your blog is a great day! 🙂

        I neglected to invite you to write a guest post at The Wonder of Tech! Silly me. Please consider this an open invitation to be a guest author. I have some topic suggestions if you need them.

        Hope your day is going well.

  12. Hey Bill,

    Nice job on Vlog #2, ya done good! 🙂

    I get where you’re coming from about people who just seem to disappear. I’m sure they get busy, some of the young ones I’ve talked to recently have been off on summer vacation so some adults may be doing the same, who knows. But I did have another blog and did it as a project but I didn’t vanish. That part was done but I let everyone know where they could find me.

    I like the occasional video but like most of the other commenters, I prefer the written word most. I enjoy the video because I get to see and hear that person but I like going back and rereading things from time to time and the video isn’t as convenient for doing that. I say you do whatever you feel the most comfortable with because after all, this is your blog.

    I’ve only done one guest post so far only because I really just don’t have the time. I have so much going these days. I know it’s good to get yourself out there more but it’s time consuming so that’s where I stand on those. My only suggestion would be to please don’t let someone guest post on every post. I had one guy who wrote a post on my blog and my readers told me they didn’t like that. They wanted to read what I had to say when they visit my place. So I decided to put that on the back burner for now. I’ve also visited other blogs and it’s like the blog owner just vanished. I don’t enjoy visiting those anymore because they never write a post.

    Personally I enjoy your sense of humor. I love that about you. My sense of humor isn’t exactly warped but I do enjoy people’s who are. Not quite sure why, I just do so don’t stop being you. You just need to surround yourself with the people who appreciate you for who you are that’s all.

    Thanks for sharing Bill and again, very well done.


    • Actually, I didn’t tell everybody but I’m just going to put my name on their guest post and take credit for it…………..I was running a little dry with topics…………..:). I’m only doing the guest post twice a month so that should be ok I think. In fact, my next post might be the explanation of this so people will know what to expect.

      The thing with the vlog is you can’t skim and it is difficult to go back to. However, I do like seeing my friends so there is some trade-off.

      Good to see you, I really enjoyed your latest post. Thanks for taking the time to comment.

  13. Bill, I love hearing your voice. That’s one of the reasons I enjoy vlogs. I haven’t produced one yet, because I’m sort of obsessive about quality and I don’t own a video camera. Maybe you’ll inspire me and I’ll do one just for fun with my laptop camera before I leave this beautiful mountain. I choose to watch them if a) the subject interests me and b) they’re under three minutes. And again, I love getting to know what people sound like!

    I have had lots of visits with myself lately (and I do answer me back) about why I spend time where I spend it. I have to be careful that I don’t get all twitterpated over the response of a big name blogger just because they mentioned me or responded kindly. This isn’t about a popularity contest, it’s about relationships, and that’s what I think is unique about your approach. Hello! You notice when people are missing. That is really an incredible statement about your character, sir. Again and again and again, you demonstrate authenticity and a sense of true warmth that is rare to find in person these days, let alone in “virtual” relationship builiding. So thank you for that!

    Humor? Bring it on. Woe to the one who takes him or herself too seriously. Life’s too short. It’s okay not to be funny, but I think it’s sad not to be able to laugh…even if it’s at ourselves!

    Have a great evening Bill!

    • Wow, that was some pretty nice things to say; made me smile…..big……:).

      I try to treat all my ‘friends’ the same; I don’t care if you are an ‘A’ lister and the most popular thing out there today or you are just trying to find your way like I am. I’m not going to your site to be seen or gain points or whatever it does for you. If I’m there I want to engage…………period. Whatever happens with that, then it happens…..

      So reading between the lines you are saying my vlog wasn’t quality so you might as well do one too? Ha, ha and trust me, my wasn’t quality as it truly was one and done. I’m still coming across too serious, I really do smile much more than that in person. I definitely think you should do at least one…………

      Thanks for being you Mimi, you are the best and I really enjoy you. Hope you are still having a good time.

  14. Hey Bill,

    First of all, you do come across very personable in video. I think the polish comes with practice, and beyond a certain point is not really that important in vlogging anyway. Ironically, you seem more serious in video than you do in comments. To your questions:

    1. Do you like vlogs? Yes, but will often skip if I am pressed for time. I can skim text.

    2. Does the transiency of social media make it difficult to develop deep relationships? Only with the people that are transient. 🙂

    3. If you like to guest post, would you like to guest post here; open invite if you do? Would love to one day. Barely keeping up with my own posting schedule (in fact didn’t this week). Have any thoughts on small biz? Would love to have you over at my place but sounds like you are in high demand!

    4. Can someone be taken seriously if they try to be too humorous? Everything in moderation.

    Great job on the vlog!

    I might be down in Lakeland at some point before the end of the summer. Maybe we can skip the Skype. 🙂 Have a great day Bill!

    • Ooh, Adam, I love your second point, “Only with the people that are transient”. So good! And I’d take you up on point #3 and guest post on small biz at your place…not that you asked me or anything, but I figure since we’re both on #TeamBlogJack, I can just be presumptious and offer it up:) Cheers! Kaarina

    • Adam, would love to catch up w/ you if you ever made it to Lakeland; that would be a blast.

      I’m trying to figure out a way to show more of the silly side of me and actually tried something over the weekend but the room I was using had lighting that would have been distracting so I bagged it. Maybe I’m just funny in my own mind…….:).

      One of these days I’m going to sit down and write about 5 guest posts and not even be distracted by being online; that and lack of time is what has been my excuse for not guest posting yet.

      Thanks for stopping by and the comments; good to see you today.

  15. You, off-color? Humorous? No way! 😉
    I say don’t keep your mouth shut at all. Let it out! As you seem to do very well! It’s what makes you different than the other Bill!

    The fluidity of relationships is fast moving online. Especially for me. I commented on someones site last week on a post that was about sticking around a post and having a conversation. I shared that I simply don’t have time for that in most cases. I’ll jump back here and there – but that’s about as good as I can do. I guess for me the thing is that I have to work. I have responsibilities that require my attention through out the day so that’s where the bulk of my time is spent. Trust me, I think it’s cool when everyone sits at a site and interacts – but for me to do that would mean that I’m not being productive at work – where I make a living to provide for my family. Living with in my priorities means that I have to prioritize my time according to what matters most – ALWAYS.

    I’m sure every person has a different take. But I do try to interact with folks as much as possible. I enjoy hanging out with my online friends. And yes, even you!

    Great video man!

    • Off color, but not in a tan sort of way; I’m pretty pasty………….:)

      Even me, huh? I know I get heavy having to lug me around everywhere, but I sure do appreciate your effort.

      My ability to comment bomb comes and goes. This is a very busy time for me work-wise so like you, I’m more likely to show up once and that will have to be it. Yes, work AND money are good things and sometimes you have to put your toys up.

      Good to see you JK and really liked your post over at Gini & Lisa’s; good job.

      Take care and I’m sure I’ll bump into you again this week.

  16. HAHAHAH!! I love it!

    One thing I learned – there is a way to make your lips move with the sound. Hang on. You have to upgrade your YouTube account to HTML5. It’s super easy, but call me if you can’t figure it out.

    • Yeah, it’s called a ventriloquist………..I went to YouTube and pulled up HTML5 and I think I upgraded it. Next time I will probably record straight to YouTube instead of Logitech however………….if there is a next time…………actually, I have to do at least one that’s closer to my personality. The two I have done haven’t exactly been loaded with humor. I’m impressed I made it this far…………:)

      Thanks for your offer of assistance and will let you know if it didn’t work.

      Hope your day was filled with so many opportunities you had to send half of them to your competitors………….:). Have a good one.

  17. Bill,

    Keep on vlogging. It gets more fun and easier. I have a couple of videos. I like making them but hate my voice, but whatever. I think at times it is easier to vlog something than write it because I am a horrible typist.

    I love your humor, it keeps me on my toes!


    • I think most are taken aback by the sound of their own voice; you think “do I really sound like that”? And throw a redneck, southern twang on top of it and I don’t think I need to be looking for any broadcast journalist jobs…………:)

      I will have to go search out your vlogs now…………….just sayin’……….

      Thank you for the kind words; I like to make people smile and try to do it in moderation. I truly do have a comeback for just about everything someone says so I really have to bite my tongue so it doesn’t become overkill.

      Good to see you and hope all the mommies at your place and banding together to take over the blogosphere.

  18. Hey, Bill.

    Cool second vlog. Sorry I missed the first one. You’ve done a pretty good job actually. If you didn’t say it was just your second, I wouldn’t have known. I have dabbled into these vlog stuff myself and I tell you, I think I was more stiff than you. I wore a suit and all. It was downright stressful really.

    I have been quite busy lately, so I haven’t been around blog commenting much, which I guess could have taken a toll on the relationships that I’ve built before. But, I do my best to make an appearance once in a while, like now. It much the same with guest posting. I’ve committed to write a guest post here and there but I haven’t gotten around to doing it yet. I warned the people concerned that it might take a while for me to come up with my guest posts though because of my hectic schedule lately. So, I hope they’d still accept them when I do get around to making them.

    • Pretty good? Awesome would have been ok…………:). Ah, truly a work in progress; I know there are some things to tweak that could make it appear more fun but that requires thought and then it becomes work………………..let’s not get too crazy, huh?

      Well Wes, if you are hectic then that’s probably a good thing because I guess it’s applying to your paying gig. The good thing about this crazy blogosphere, if you took the time to make it once it will be much easier if you have to jump back in again.

      I do appreciate you stopping by, especially in light of your schedule. Your comments are always much appreciated. Best of luck w/ your schedule.

  19. One take wonder! Think that’s your new nickname. 🙂 Seriously, Bill that was a very nice lead into your questions. FWIW:

    1) Vlogs: yes I do like them, but find I ‘cheat’ sometimes and after a while, I stop watching and just listen as I do other things. The longer the video, the more I multitask. Agree with Riley, others that if speaking and presentations will be part of your strategy, then a vlog is a good way to go.

    2) No. I think it’s me as much as anything else what I keep guarded, am uncomfortable sharing, appearances and all. Never know if I’d be as liked being that out there. Same thing with video, I’m uncomfortable on camera and unlike written words, it’s much harder to edit a video to only show my ‘likable’ qualities.

    3) Guest posts. Make me so nervous, I just sweat bullets. Sometimes what I write for myself just flows, but when it’s for someone else, I try too hard, reach for too much of everything.

    4) See also, #2. I would be in so much trouble if I let everything just fly, my snarky sense of humor is not always easy to appreciate. The answer is Yes, by all means – a serious person can go funny and a character can step back and be serious a bit; all depends on the post, topic, etc.

    • Hello Ms D; I don’t mind doing vlogs and it is actually easier for me just to talk instead of trying to come up w/ an epic post each week. However, my main hesitancy is I’m not big on self-promotion and I don’t want it to appear I’m some narcissistic ass who is so in love with themselves that I want everybody to ‘see’ me.

      We all have our little compartments and some are more comfortable sharing (and some share too much at times, huh?). I think to each his own and as long as you are sincere with what you do share it should be plenty.

      Like you, I feel I get out of character writing a guest post. I want it to be double epic and I’m thinking if it was that awesome I want it for myself………….:). I tried one w/ Lori early in my blog career but then had her pull it before she even considered it. She really didn’t say anything, but I could tell it put her in an awkward position of having to tell me it was a piece of crap. Fortunately, I saved her; but that is my fear that the host won’t tell me it’s crap. I have one out there for someone else, so we’ll see how it was received. I do believe this person will tell me straight up if it’s garbage.

      I try to balance the humor because you truly can’t be funny all the time; even if in my mind I can……………….:).

      So good to see you, I do appreciate you very much ma’am.

      • Heh, I try to send in my guest posts well in advance, so there’s time to edit, edit, edit. And ‘not big on self-promotion’ is my 2nd middle name; I rarely tweet my own posts, even once unless I just know it’s a good one. I may try another video someday, it’ll just depend on if I can talk intelligently about something w/out reading from a script, make it interesting to watch and hear.

    • Fine line with self promotion; you want your ‘talents’ to be self evident and if others want to promote you then more power to them. On the other hand, if you don’t speak up you might not get noticed at all. I just have a hard time tooting my own horn……..I would much rather give credit to others………..

  20. Hi, Bill.

    Love your 2nd vlog! And, would love to see more from you. 🙂 Although, I don’t mind reading your posts, too. You know I’m a great fan. 😀 I don’t know if I’ll get into it in the near future though. I can speak relatively well having done TV reporting, but I don’t think vlogs are for me. 😀

    About your humor. A lot of people appreciate that and I don’t think it will prevent others from taking you seriously because that is part of your whole package. We all know that when you get down to the serious stuff like being a guardian angel, you get right down to it, too. And we love that about you, Bill. We love that you can be funny, kind, serious, compassionate…well, you can be just about anything actually. You are our or my superhero when it comes to that.

    About guest posting, I’d love to be a guest author here. That would be such an honor. And, I’d love for you to write a post on my blog, when you can get the time to do so. Either way, there’s no pressure there. 😉

    About social media being transient, well…I don’t think it can affect relationships really, if you won’t let it. Connecting to the people you have learned to admire and love does not depend on any social media. It depends on your will to connect. And I believe that even if you disappear from the blogosphere for a week or so or even a month, you can always pick up where you left off and start all over again. This is actually when you will know who’re more real than others when it comes to the friends you made online.

    Great to be here, Bill. Enjoy your week! 🙂

  21. Hey Kim, as always, you make me feel like I could deflect bullets or something. Thanks so much for your words of encouragement and support.

    My guess is, if your vlogs were like your writing, it would be pretty darn good; especially if you have been in front of the camera before.

    I definitely want you to guest post. I’m going to put a schedule together and have already told Kaarina she can be my first…………..:) and will have her next Thursday. I’m kind of excited about it.

    The thing w/ social media is, if you did it once you can certainly jump back in and do it again. The landscape may have changed a little bit, but that would happen anyway. I do agree once relationships have been established you should be able to maintain them. It just might not be on an everyday or even weekly basis.

    Thanks so much for your kind words and that was a great post at Linda’s. I enjoyed it a lot.

    I hope you have a great day.

    • You deserve all the praise, Bill, you really do, even if you make light of them. But, that what makes you special. 🙂

      Thanks for going over to Linda’s to read my poem. Really made me smile (a lot!). 🙂

  22. Now see when you reject me on your blog, I miss GREAT stuff like this Bill!! Vlog?! I LOVE THEM … uh … obviously! You did a great, great job and I’m thrilled to see this! Now to see you live and hear your voice makes such a difference, such an impression! I think you’re a natural.

    I try to balance both video and written, although I’ve been on video overload a bit, mainly because I’m getting more comfortable and there’s a method to that madness for me. I talk a lot (geez, bet that’s a surprise?!) so my writing can go on and on. I’m actually editing a video today about “How to use video for your small business” – I think it’s very valuable.

    I’ve definitely follow some that have fallen off and sometimes I’m saddened because they were such talents or offer great insight. I hope you stick around, along with everyone here and mentioned, for a looooong time because it’s such a great ride!

    Oh, I think you’re humor is priceless, so don’t lose that sir! Good luck and keep the video camera nearby! 😉

    Blue skies,


    • Whoa now, I rejected you on my blog? Come again? Hopefully I didn’t do anything socially unacceptable……….which I am prone to do.

      Thank you for the kind words. Yep, that’s all me, accent and all. I’m a talker too. It would be MUCH easier for me to just sit in front of the camera and talk my posts. Writing requires thinking and that sounds like work to me…………..:).

      Kim made a good point and said if you have taken the time to develop the relationships they will probably stick, it’s just you might not see them as often.

      You do a pretty darn good job on your videos too. The sound was a little low on your last one, but I could still hear it.

      Thanks for stopping by ma’am, it is always a pleasure to see you. I hope your day is going well.

      • No, no, I’ve submitted my email twice now to subscribe, but I’m not getting your emails about new posts??? 😦 I’m joking about the “rejecting”, so, so … I’m a little paranoid perhaps! 😉

        Thanks for letting me know about the sound – these things are important to know because it sounds ok on my end typically … hmm …

        Have a great day!!


    • I just looked at my widgets and everything seems to be in place; maybe I’ll uninstall and plug it back in to see if that does anything……..other than unsubscribe everybody….:)

    • I know, it’s tough to stay connected when you are dealing with someone who is as exciting as drying paint or growing grass………….:).

      You were never out………………well, maybe a little bit…………….trust me, I will call you out in a second if you start ignoring me. If you can’t hear me, I’ll just start talking louder….. just sayin’…………..

      • OK. I just commented over on my blog about the Lionness photo…please don’t make me bring out the roar in me:) Wow….you sure hold a grudge…I don’t want to be out “a little bit”… I want to be all in. So now my feelings are hurt, nanananabooboo

    • I’m just funnin’ ya baby, you were never out…………..I’m getting much better on what to take personal and what not; and 99.9% of the stuff is NOT about me so I need to quick thinking the world revolves around Billy…………..

      • Funnin’ back at’cha…well, maybe for a minute my feelings were hurt…or two. All better now: you put the bandage on the wound. And yes…the world does revolve around Billy. That’s why I nominated you for bodyguard over on my blog comment. (Hmmm…and I just deleted a comment I was gonna’ make here, cuz I thought I might inflate your ego too much. Will DM it instead.) Cheers! Agent 99

  23. Hiya Bill,

    I am on the fence about vlogs. I am just not that pretty. Plus my heavy Jersey accent will be tough for others to understand.

    I do find it hard to maintain relationships – especially with people who don’t post everyday so I forget to come by (cough, Bill, cough)

    Would I guest post? Yeah. I guess the world has not seen enough from me. Plus my writing does not totally suck. 🙂

    There was another question but I forgot – Damn you ADD! Anyhow, that’s my story and I’m sticking to it…

    • I would love to hear the accent; isn’t that what @DinoDogan is dragging around? Certainly no more regional than my accent.

      I will let you in on a little secret and to some it is probably pretty obvious by now. Writing requires ‘me’ time; I need to be able to sit down and devote my undivided attention for at least an hour if I’m going to do a post. Commenting, I can just read and feed off of that. Therefore, I am much better at going out and developing the relationships through commenting than I am through my writing.

      At some point I might start balancing that out more and…..gasp…..maybe do two posts a week.

      I currently have 5 guest post offers on the table. I need to do them and my goal is to have them done by this time next week. The reason I’ve been dragging my feet? See paragraph two……..

      I will take you up on the guest post offer and no, your writing does not suck. My post on Monday will be to intro my ‘new’ endeavor and I will come up w/ a schedule. I think I will do 2 guest post a month so I’ll give you plenty of time when it’s your turn.

      Good to see you and thanks for stopping by.

  24. Bill,

    I am becoming a big fan of vlogs as they can be entertaining and I find it good to see the talking head behind the written words. Vlogs give an added sense of depth to your personality and give people the opportunity to get to know you on a deeper level. I mean people can hear what your voice sounds like. 🙂 I also beleive they are a great way to improve you personal communication skills and make you more comfortable in front of a camera.

    • I do like the idea of improving the communication skills. What a better place to practice (and mess up) than in front of all my friends, huh? We are all friends, right?……:)

      This is certainly bound to happen, but some people are pretty much spot on on how you would think they sound and look; others it’s totally different than you thought. Nobody has said they thought I was much different……I think somebody up there said they thought I’d be a lot smarter than I was…………………doh……………

      Good to see you this fine week Mr Frank; hope all is well.

  25. Hi Bill, I can’t help but feel like vlogs take the interaction to the next level. It’s one thing to read someone’s words, its another thing to watch them say these words.

    I should do a new video soon, thanks for the reminder!

    • Yep, ready to see your next effort. How have things been going with you? I’ve tried to take the time to write a few guest posts and it has taken me out of the commenting side a little bit but other than that, everything is rockin’ along.

      Thanks so much for stopping by and I will definitely get over to see you. Take care.

  26. I think the best part of vlogging is the ability to be completey, 100% yourself. There’s certainly no hiding! I feel it adds a lot to a blog post – but I understand your predicament, I love text a lot. And so does google! That’s why I’ve been striving to produce both for some blog posts. I think it helps give us the best of both worlds. Like you’ve done here!

    • Christian, Christian the contest man; how’s it going? Thanks for dropping by. After I called you out I haven’t been back to your place, shame on me. Also, I need to cast some more votes so I need to track that down.

      It’s interesting when it’s time to ‘roll ’em’. I try to think of it as it was just me and you sitting around the table talking. I’m far from perfection, but Frank made a comment about using it to improve your communication skills. I like that idea.

      Good to see you and I’ll be by later. Hope all is well.

  27. The out of sync audio reminded me of those old Hong Kong Jackie Chan movies I used to watch that were dubbed. I expect to see some martial arts next time on the vlog!

    Great job on the vlog. I did my first one and it’s a lot harder than it seems. It’s unnatural to look into a camera and be talking. It just takes practice.

    Definitely don’t give up vlogging. A little 2 min video packs a punch.

    Have a great weekend Bill!

    • Ben E, thanks for stopping by. Good to see you at JK’s and it looks like you are still out and about. Hope you are still on track with your plans.

      Videos are definitely interesting; once the light starts blinking everything you had planned in your mind starts to scramble up a little bit.

      I’m on the fence of doing too many, but Frank made a good comment about it helping w/ communication skills. If my audience can tolerate it, I might stick with it for awhile.

      Hope you have a great weekend.

  28. Hey Invisible guy,

    I finally made it here! 🙂

    The video didn’t work my end..something wrong with the network here.
    I don’t really get the craze of vlogs. Personally I hate facing the camera, secondly I really don’t know what to say. Too many umms might come out and I might not have anything sensible to say. That’s it.

    I would love to guest post. Just that, you have to tel me what to write about. Yes, guide me and I will follow…leader! Or just give me a rough idea of what you want me to write.

    And then, finally my favorite question. Can one be taken seriously if they are too humorous. Well, I feel yes..let’s take me for example. I have an awesome sense of humor but I talk way too much smart and intelligent, so there I can be funny and all intellectual at the same time. LOL! But seriously, yes if one uses humor too often people take him/her to be the joker around. Really, why don’t they take us jokers seriously. Somewhere, we are making fun of them too!

    • You didn’t miss much with the video; maybe a little more natural than my first one. Frank made a good comment about using it to help with communication skills. For that alone I might be more willing to do some more.

      My sense of humor runs the gamut, I can be low brow and high brow. But I do have to be cognizant of not trying to be funny all the time. I think timing is the key in comedy, right?

      I will definitely put you on my guest post schedule. I already have a couple of early commitments but will let you know when to step up. I’m only doing a couple a month to see how it is received. I’m looking forward to it though, I think it will be neat.

      Make sure you see my post on Monday (no video) because I talk about it again.

      I hope your weekend is going well and thanks so much for stopping by.

  29. OMG I hate quizzes. I freeze up like crazy. It is why I always cheated in college. Why stress freezing up when I can copy the answers from classmates. In fact I was told most of the Wall Street Titans who brought down Wall Street and the US economy by conceiving derivatives used my exact collegiate test/quiz strategy.

    Very cool seeing you live and funny your voice etc is exactly what I pictured it not sure how that happened.

    To stay on topic for once I will respond to questions 2 and 4 because even numbers is how I roll.

    2] The problem with Social Networks is as you add more and more points of contact (person, brand page, etc) the less and less likely it is that you see a post from that person that is not directly mentioning you. This is an issue I have. I have discussed this with Shonali that I think having more than 1000 twitter connections is too much. She feels she likes the randomness of seeing stuff in her stream and she uses twitter lists. I have lists but they don’t connect with hootsuite so they are basically worthless. And since I have lists on Twitter I refuse to make a new set on Hootsuite. I’m lazy. So it does make me sad that I don’t see people I had gotten to know pretty good as often as I had because I follow so many more accounts.

    So I think people coming in and out of your life is more an issue about the platform than them or you losing interest in someone.With you I am pretty confident if you leave my life you will call me on the phone and break up with me properly.

    4] Humor. I have worked on some very very tense programs in the past that have gone awry.
    A- NASA probe crashes to ground at 200mph containing parts of the solar wind because my product that would sense entry to the atmosphere and open a parachute as installed backwards by Lockheed Martin.
    B- After spending $400k developing a cooling valve for a hydrogen bus the valve performed incorrectly because the customer changed their specification and didn’t tell us.
    C- Boeing had a failure on a Missile Defense Test launch because our customer contaminated our pressure regular causing the missile to not see the incoming missile.

    All 3 were potential law suits. All three as the Sales Rep point of contact I was involved with the negotiations, quality assurance, fixes. All three I had the ‘cojones’ to break the ice with humor for all parties (including when for A i was interrogated by a NASA Inspector General and a US Attorney on the record). And all 3 I was able to still focus on business and show the parties involved it was important to fix things and anyone who had to be accountable pay up (we were not at fault for any of these). I even had the ‘cojones’ to meet with the lockheed martin program director for the NASA Probe ‘A’ and ask him after 3 years of development, launching the probe, waiting 4 years for it to come back, having this major capture event set up with helicopters in Utah, to see it crash to the ground…’what was that like Joe?’ then he asked me if I wanted to see the probe in the clean room.

    I think humor is an asset. I think people who can use it while still bringing contributions or seriousness when applicable are the greatest people on earth. Obviously when Cheney (who has no humor and always seems constipated) shot his friend in the face he was really hoping his friend was like you and I.

    So keep it coming. It helps balance some of the seriousness that is lunacy in blogland. I always have your back!

    I think I am going to do a VLog soon. You inspire me!

    • But I was told by blogging experts you were supposed to ask questions………

      You make a good point about platform, # of contacts, etc. I still think quality trumps quantity and if you are truly connected to the right people you have all the ‘influence’ you need. I would rather have a meaningful ‘relationship’ than superficial.

      I did carry my list to Hootsuite, but quit putting people in lists after about 300. I try to keep track of my main peeps through two lists.

      I will either call you, or just call you out somewhere along the way. I know where to find you.

      I didn’t do well with quizzes either; my oldest son (who is now a prosecuting attorney in Ft Myers) always tested well.

      See, I knew you were smart like that. Humor can diffuse situations and actually help people pay attention more I believe. However, you are probably like me and can keep bringing it so at some point I do have to bite my lip when I think enough is enough. That was some pretty serious meetings you were involved with.

      Would love to see your Vlog, that was pretty much my Florida accent and demeanor; still a little too un-funny but I’ll work on that.

      BTW – I can be lazy too………….just sayin’…………

      Hope your weekend went well. The Rays finally took one from KC. I’ll see you around.

      • I am totally crafting a VLog strategy. Not sure my first topic though.But it is going to epic 8)

        And yes I can just imagine you and I being interrogated by NASA because a 30mil probe crashed to the ground and for every serious comment have something that makes everyone laugh.

        ‘So did the impact make a big crater or a little crater?’

        Excuse me what does it matter it destroyed the craft

        ‘But didn’t you design it to bounce?’

        It was to have a parachute open and helicopters were to capture it!

        ‘But wouldn’t having it bounce be easier? Save you the cost of helicopters’

        Egads you fool! It had very sensitive expense electronics we can’t make it bouncable!

        ‘What about a big pillow?

      • Crap! I tried to remove the “n” from “see” before it went into the stratosphere, but now I just sound like a hillbilly. Ah well, I’m sure Bill will do something twisted with that:)

  30. Hi Bill,
    Since I watched your video, I didn’t feel like reading your post. Is it normal?
    OK, in my experience, so far I don’t do vlogs as well as written stuff. But maybe that’s gonna change, because everything is evolving.
    So the thing is, it doesn’t matter wether it’s text or video. If it’s not relevant to a consumer, neither will be consumed.
    But I know there is a push towards video now. Maybe it’s more than a trend.
    At the end a relevant content will always win. (I think).
    Rock on,
    Nice hair.

    • Good point, if it’s not relevant it really doesn’t matter the vehicle it is being delivered by, huh? If I have the option, like my post was, most times I will just read. I can read much quicker than you can talk, right?

      However, it does help with my communication skills and for that fact alone I might still offer dual options in the future if my audience can stand it.

      Nice hair, huh? It can withstand gale force winds…………:)

      Good to see you D, thanks for coming by today.

  31. Oh my goodness! an amazing article dude. Thank you However I am experiencing issue with ur rss . Don’t know why Unable to subscribe to it. Is there anyone getting identical rss problem? Anyone who knows kindly respond. Thnkx

  32. When I initially commented I clicked the “Notify me when new comments are added” checkbox and now each
    time a comment is added I get several e-mails with the same comment.
    Is there any way you can remove people from that service?
    Thanks a lot!

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