You CAN make a difference with Blue Key

So, how is your day going so far? Did you have a comfortable bed to sleep in last night? How about food; other than worrying about ‘what’ you were going to eat, there is probably a good chance you did not go hungry. Have you ever given any thought on how the 43 million refugees in the world deal with this every day? Probably not; out of sight out of mind and we all have our own worries.

Life if pretty good for us considering, right?

How fortunate are you?

Some friends in my community are supporting the current Blue Key campaign so of course not wanting to get left out I needed to find out what it was all about.

@Shonali Burke was kind enough to extend an invitation and when I got in, I was truly ready to get ‘all in’ because it’s something I have given thought to but didn’t think I could make an impact.

What is it?

The Blue Key campaign, which allows each of us for only $5, to show our support for UNHCR and their work with the 43 million refugees around the world. Of these 43 million refugees, almost half are women and girls.

What services does UNHCR provide?

– Protection of basic human rights and safety

– Public health, clean water, proper food & sanitation

– Health education, including HIV/AIDS prevention

– And much, much more

How can you help?

– Can you pass up your Starbucks coffee for one day and donate $5 for a Blue Key pin or pendant.?

– Spread the word through your social media networks using the #bluekey hashtag.

– Donate a tweet a day to help raise awareness.

What is the goal?

The goal is for 6,000 people to get their own Blue Key before World Refugee Day on June 20th. Can you let the UNHCR’s staffers know they are making a difference?

The end result is allowing these 43 million refugees to have some semblance of a life worth living.

The reality

Most of us have no idea how miserable an existence the majority of these refugees endure. The atrocities of rape, mutilation, separation of families and displacement are almost unspeakable. The basic quality of life we take for granted are non-existent for most.

And especially the children; if they had their choice do you think this is the existence they would have chosen? Not likely………..

Please consider the support; it is certainly a worthwhile cause and just remember you can pay it forward and impact one person at a time.

The soapbox

Thank you for allowing me the opportunity to reach out to my community on something I feel is very important. This is a pretty big world after all, but everything we do good or bad does have a ripple effect.


35 thoughts on “You CAN make a difference with Blue Key

    • That Billy, he is such a nice guy………….:). It seems like such a small gesture but hopefully it has a big impact.

      We’ll go run off and fight these wars in oil producing countries but turn a blind eye to total cesspools like Darfur. That is worse than the holocaust and it gets very little press. I’m not getting on a soapbox, but I don’t understand……………..

  1. Bill,

    I am continually impressed by your efforts to help those who need help. I was unaware of this program but now I know how I can help. Thanks for sharing.

    • It seems such a small gesture and granted we have suffering w/in our own borders as well; but hopefully thru the support of many we can make their lives a little bit better.

      Hope all is well for you today; great post BTW.

  2. Thank You Bill!! I’m in! I actually decided to get 5 Blue Keys. If my family had to flee our homeland, we would be seeking a shelter for five. Thanks for using your space to do so much good!

    • Thank you ma’am; very much appreciated. I figured after my last post w/ the vid people would eagerly pay money not to see that mug again…………….:).

      It is one of those situations that seem so big how do you even get started to help. This looks like a very noble effort and I just hope it does have a positive impact on somebody’s life.

      Good to see you today.

  3. Thanks for sharing this organization with us Bill. I know that just from your voice alone, you will make a big difference. I’ll be sure to jump on board as well and do my part in spreading the word.

    Thanks again for your heartfelt post.


    • It is easy to just not think about it because it isn’t in our backyard, but a lot of these refugees are treated less than human in the most despicable way and I can’t believe there isn’t more ‘world’ outrage from the economic powers; the people that can do something about it. I would much rather be helping these people than fighting wars……..

  4. Awesome of you to share this, Bill! When someone gets a good, true following, you better believe people will be interested in their causes as well. It’s a good way to widen the sphere of knowledge.

    • My next post I’m going to ask for $10 sent to me and then I’ll see how strong my community is……:).

      It was one of those things that somebody I respect very much in my community asked me to help and post and I gladly did so; it truly is the power of community, right?

      Good to see you and hope your day is going well.

    • Just as long as there is no defenestration going on as I’m not particularly fond of heights anyway.

      I was asked by someone I respect very much so I gladly did the post. If people concur and felt moved enough to support it, then at least I provided them that opportunity.

      Good to see you today; hope all is well.

  5. Hey Bill,

    I want to thank you for doing this! It’s great that we have people out in the world like you who care about others and are willing to make a difference.

    I made a contribution…I couldn’t pass that up.

    Thank you

    • Hey JK, great post today; you are definitely hitting your stride. it’s great to see and I’m very excited for you.

      You know, we might b**** & moan about this and that, but most of these people live a pretty horrific existence. We think we can imagine, but we really can’t. And that is about all they are doing is existing, not living.

      There is so much suffering out there we can’t help everybody, but I thought in a small way if I could contribute and spread the word it would be worth something.

      Anyway, hope your day and the new gig is going well. Take care and I’ll be running into you again soon.

  6. This is a great cause. Back not too long ago I was able to rip off checks left and right for these causes. Then came starting a business from scratch in a brand new industry and now I can’t even afford starbucks once a month, but I can spread the word which is worth just as much!

    • And now you are just ripping off checks, huh? I hear ya buddy; I had to go thru the wife to get the $5 and that took me about 3 wks to pull that off.

      We sure can put a lot of attention on the oil producing countries and our conflicts there, but this was seems to stay off the global radar for the most part.

      Most of these people aren’t living, they are just existing.

      Thanks for stopping by, hope your day has been well.

  7. A most excellent and selfless post. I had seen something about this before but wasn’t sure what it was about. Thanks for taking up the great cause.

    I will make a donation. The keys will be nice reminders to be thankful for what we have in this country.

    • Good morning Adam; your donation will be certainly appreciated.

      Out of all the worthwhile causes, this seems as good as any and it’s certainly one that does not seem to get much press or outrage especially in the US.

      A miserable existence I’m sure; sometimes we take for granted all we do have.

      Good to see you and hope you have a great weekend.

  8. Hey Bill,

    Sounds like a brilliant organization. I just read that only people in the US can help, why’s that?

    Anyway. I support Kiva, and are lending money via their organization to entrepreneurs that really need our support. It’s also a great organization 🙂


    • Hey Jens, that did seem a little strange it was US only but I guess they have some reason. I quickly found out how ‘international’ my network was…………:)

      I do appreciate you stopping by though and leaving a comment. Kiva sounds like an interesting organization especially from an economic development standpoint.

      Good to see you and hope you have a great weekend.

    • Hey Jens, I did see something saying it was US based because of the commitment to mail the Blue Key pins or pendants. The postage must have been subsidized or something.

      I hope all is well for you today.

  9. Hi, Bill.

    You touched my heart, as usual. You are such a wonderful person to help in supporting the Blue Key cause and in spreading the word about it. I could not participate in the cause literally because of my geographical location, but I hope helping in my own way by tweeting your post and sharing it in Facebook can make an impact, even in a small way.

    Although I have a warm bed to sleep in and food so my kids and I don’t go hungry, I am no stranger to seeing starving kids on the streets or kids whose rights have been violated by the people around them and even by their own parents. So, I am very thankful to Shonali and you for believing in the Blue Key cause.

    God bless you both. 🙂

    • Hi Kim, thanks for taking the time to stop by. You were able to help by retweeting the post.

      I think sometimes we lose sight of the magnitude of this problem because it is not in our own backyard. Unfortunately for most in this situation it is mere existence, not quality of life (or at least as we know it).

      Hopefully this small gesture brings attention to the matter and it gets the support it deserves.

      So good to see you today; hope all is well.

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