Who would you invite?

Whereas FB friends are for the most part someone you know or have actually met at some point in your life, you have probably not met the majority of your twitter followers.

What do you think of that; what makes you choose one platform over the other? If you use both actively, do you use them for different purposes?

What platform do you use most?

If you are active in the blogging world via twitter it provides an opportunity to connect with a larger, much more diverse group. The banter back and forth allows you to get a glimpse of this person and what they are like. The level of engagement can dictate the depth of the online friendship.

What if you walked into a room and most of your followers were there in person? Would your first reaction be ‘whoa, who are all these people and where did they come from’? How many do you think would fit the mental image and persona you have of them?

Any surprises?

The twitter format provides the platform to connect on many levels; different nationalities, generations, races, religions, gender, etc. However though, it is a somewhat sanitized connection. You really don’t know how they sound, what they smell like, their social status, etc.

Would this make a difference? What if your best twitter friend was living out of his car and connecting to you from the public library? You finally meet them and can’t even go to their house.

Does any of this even matter; is part of the attraction and safety the one-off relationship it allows?

I’m all in:

Personally, I would like to meet my followers or at least talk with them on the phone. I’m going to put this on my ‘to do’ list; see how many I can meet or talk to this year.

How about you, does this interest you?

@MimiMeridith randomly called me in my early twitter experience and it was such a pleasant surprise; I smiled all day. Just beware if you see an 863# on caller ID this year, it could be the Billy stalker.


81 thoughts on “Who would you invite?

  1. Bill, You never told me you were living out of your car and connecting from the public library…Ha! Personally, I would love to meet my Twitter friends in person. (Yes, even you!) I went to a networking event for the San Diego Bloggers group a few weeks ago and had a blast. When I tell my family and friends about Twitter, they assume I’m being completely anti-social, but it’s actually the opposite. You’re right about Facebook–I already know those people, so where’s the fun in that? I’ll be on the lookout for a call from 863. 😉 -Marianne (aka Bill’s Twitter friend Hamburger)

    • But it’s a nice car; it just doesn’t have any wheels.

      Personally, I feel I know the people I actively engage with on a deep enough level that it would probably meet my expectations.

      I think where the discrepencies might come would be if they are short or tall, old or younger kind of things. I do have some ‘foreign’ followers so I would like to hear their accents as I have a subtle Fla Cracker one as well.

      If I like you on twitter I will like you in person.

      I just joined Triberr so I’m not sure what that means other than my blog will be kicked out for everyone to see on a regular basis. I still think any success I have had is dragging this thing along w/ me when I comment.

      Good to see you and thanks for stopping by. Getting ready for lunch and no burgers today either…..

      Have a great day.

  2. Sounds like a noble idea… a bit like “My Name Is Earl” but instead of a list of people you’ve offended, it’s people you’ve tweeted with. Ok maybe not the same, but you kinda get what I’m saying 😉

    • I do get what you are saying as I have probably offended people too as well as have twitter followers……:)

      Thanks for stopping by Tammy and I appreciate the comments.

      I hope to see you around.

  3. Count me in…..I know this isn’t a great comment, and I’m on my way to the this gym, so will come back later. But just wanted to say welcome to Triberr Bill….and CALL ME, LOL

    • You’re in the house aren’t you? It’s always a good day when you stop by; if you come by every 6 hours or so maybe I can get 50 comments……..:).

      Well, I’m in Triberr now so where’s the money?

      On that call……….you just never know……:)

      Good to see you and hope you are all buff now from the gym workout. Take care.

  4. Yes, I totally want to meet my Tweeps! Kevin and I were just saying how much we’re looking forward to meeting you.

    I can relate to Marianne on the family thing. I’m almost embarrassed to mention that I read things or talked to people on Twitter. Seems goofy to people who aren’t involved. And even to people who are on Twitter, but just don’t use it as anything more than an occasional place to share a random thought.

    There are so many people I’ve met or just follow on Twitter that I’d love to have a drink and a chat with. That’s the beauty of the whole thing – I wouldn’t know any of those interesting people existed otherwise.

    And I’ve got you on my call list – we’ll see who’s phone rings first. : )

    • I sense a challenge………:)

      99% of my friend don’t tweet and probably barely use FB; I rarely mention the level of my involvement. They just don’t get it and it’s hard to explain at times unless you are really working the two-way social part of it.

      Yes, I definitely want to meet my new and interesting friends; someday.

      Good to see you Wendy, looking for that big tweet up invitation.

      Thanks for stopping by.

  5. Bill, this is my first time at your place, and you invite me to connect with you in (shock horror) PERSON! Sorry Bill, I don’t roll like that on the first date 😉

    Seriously, I’ve come here because of your comments (and because you’d heard of King Crimson) on other blogs, and you seem funny. So I hope we can continue to hook up in the future.

    Word of advice: mention King Crimson more often. It will boost your traffic 🙂

    • Hey, I’m not that easy………..well, just don’t expect me to shave my legs………

      So trending King Crimson will do it, huh? I’m all over it then.

      Good to see you and thanks for stopping by. I’m having fun on this journey and hope you are as well.

      I’ll see you around.

  6. I’ve gotten a head start then because I’ve already had lunch with one of my new twitter friends and then spoke to another one on the phone. Ended up connecting those two ladies up and they are now working together. How cool is that! Now, only 5,950 more to go! LOL!!!

    I believe as long as I know I am building relationships with some of my followers and friends on any of the social networks, that’s what counts. Have had the opportunity to speak with a few by phone, several via Skype and met a few in person. Would be cool to connect with them all on that level but I’m not holding my breath!

    Hope we will read another post from you in a few months letting us know of your progress Bill! Would love to hear how this works for you. It’s really great to be able to meet face to face or even have a phone chat. So much more personal!

    Thanks Bill, enjoyed this post.


    • Hi Adrienne, thanks for stopping by. Yes, I will let you know my progress.

      First step might be some phone calls and even have a skype invite from Dino; we’ll see how it goes. Hopefully it won’t be like when movies went to sound and all these silent actors voices did not match the persona………:)

      Hope all is well with you and good to see you.

  7. I’m like Arne I said “I’d be back”. There are some people that I’ve connected with on Twitter that I think ” we would get on like a house on fire”, and I’d love to invite them over for dinner, wine, and a sentence with more than 140 characters, and if they lived in their car, a shower, lol.
    In some ways that is what makes social media so tricky and all consuming. In order to maintain connections, friendships etc, you have to be consistent, where as in the real world you have buddies you don;t see or even speak to for months at a time, then you hook up and it’s as if no time has passed at all. I think your idea to talk to as many people as you can before the end of the year is a great one. Putting a voice to face, helps take people from being followers, to friends. In order for these online friendships to endure, this can only be a good thing. Once again, another insightful topic from you Mr D. Like Griddys says ” your BRINGING it”. So glad we’ve connected 🙂

  8. I think Ahhnold says “Ahhhhl be bahhhhck” in his Ahhnold accent……….

    Sometimes showers are overrated anyway, huh?

    If you make a personal connection it can only deepen the relationship in a good way.

    Thanks so much for reaching out again and now I think I supposed to go track some peeps in my tribe.

    Talk to you soon.

  9. You really want to know how I smell?….Billy the stalker sounds about right, ha!

    Seriously Bill, this was great. I’m sure there would be surprises when meeting the online community face to face. One of my goals is to get a quick welcome vid on my homepage in the next few months….to minimize the shock and awe when that day finally comes:)

    • What’s that smell, right? I didn’t necessarily mean it in an offensive way, but smells sometimes make the encounter more endelible…..sometimes good, sometimes bad, huh?

      That’s a great idea; I might copy you and do a welcome video as well. I will probably hire a handsome, good looking actor though…

      Good to see you today; I’m heading out the door but hope to be back to your place before the day is out.

  10. I have met a lot of bloggers and Twitter friends in person. Some of them are exactly as they seem in person and others are just mysterious.

    It is kind of fun meeting them.

    • I like mysterious…….

      It’s been a crazy few days and it’s amazing how everything piles up quickly in this world; thanks for stopping by though.

      I think I would be one of the ones who act just like a write so there would be no surprises unless you thought how much more incredibly handsome I am in person…….ha…….

      Good to see you and I’ve seen a couple of your posts that require some thoughtful reading so I definitely want to get back and spend some time there.

      Hope you have a great day……

      • Bill- you have become so popular you are going to have to allocate copious amounts of time to respond to all of your comments and read all of the bloggers that come by.

        I think that it is time to change your name because you are most definitely not invisible.

      • Always a work in progress; once we stop growing we become stagnant and eventually die, huh?

        Thanks for coming back again.

        Hope your day is going well.

    • It’s kind of crazy Jack; go figure, huh?

      It’s one of those scenarios where I gave to the community w/ no expectations of anything in return and I have been rewarded quite handsomely.

      And I don’t want to downplay it because I’m thrilled with the response but I really don’t think I have found my writer’s voice yet. What that means, I don’t know but it has been a fun journey.

      Good to see you and I hope you and the family have a great weekend.

      • I think that it takes some time to find your voice and that it is ok. I am not sure if I have found mine yet and I have been doing this for years.

  11. Hi Bill

    I would really like to meet up with some of my blogging buddies. But….alas most of them live across at least one very big wide ocean 😦

    But I have connected on skype and spoken on the phone to some of them. Was really good to connect up and be able to chat. Have met a couple of local bloggers which was really good.

    Spend so much time on-line, feel I know a lot of people I’ve never met in person. And definitely would like to invite a few “special” people who have helped me in my blogging journey too.

    Patricia Perth Australia

    • Hey Patricia, I think because of my connection w/ you I have picked up a handful of people fr your neck in the woods. I haven’t actively engaged with them, but we are following each other for what it’s worth.

      I too feel like I know these people and if I walked in their house we would start talking just like we were writing to each other.

      Thanks so much for coming by and hope you had a fantastic day.

  12. I’ve met THE Gini Dietrich at a tweetup and a few of my other Twitter friends at a conference or luncheon here and there, always hopeful of more. Also had some nice phone calls with people and I even posted a short video on a blog post.. so folks could see my face, hear my voice.. and tease me for my lack of Southern drawl.

    I’m sorta like you.. I like FB b/c I’ve reconnected with some old friends but for me, that’s kind of enough. My closest HS buddies still exchange Christmas cards, so I already know where they’re living and get pictures of the kids. My thing with Twitter and blogging – I’m discovering micro-verses of common interest. Those who get it, those who think they don’t.. they just haven’t realized that their favorite site or forum or BBS chat room has also moved to Twitter, where they can talk about their favorite bacon recipes or who did what on Idol the other night (no, don’t watch .. but I know it happens) until the cows come home.

    So yes, I’d be fine with a phone call. Skype? I’d need plenty of warning for makeup, hair, lighting.. and making sure there’s nothing in my teeth. Now about this wheel-less car, is there a dog on a porch? Maybe a rocking chair? FWIW.

    • Definite dog, but under the porch of course and growling when anyone walks up. Rocking chair for sure and I have a sheet to put over it so there won’t be any grease stains on your clothes.

      I haven’t done Skype, but I think I’m getting ready to hook up camera and everything; so look out….:)

      No southern accent, huh? I have a slight Fla Cracker/southern tinge to my voice, but IMO it’s more nuetral than some I hear around these parts.

      I just got back from an appt and had one of my partners in the car. Locally someone had requested tweets for #LL28 to show a leadership class the power of social media. I was going to town w/ that and had the chance to explain to my partner how twitter works and how to get the most out of it.

      I think he got it, but you still have to just jump in and spend some time with it.

      Good to see you out and about and congrats on making Griddy’s top 2 list; of course she cut it off at 2 so she wouldn’t have to make a half-hearted attempt to pimp my site or content. I did have her sweating though…….:)

      I appreciate you, thanks.

    • Hem of your pants…….it’s good enough to say I know someone who’s really met her………..

      I’ll bet she is a genuine in person too.

      I actually did talk w/ her thru a webcast; does that count?

      Have a lovely day.

  13. Hey Bill, I tend to use my FB and Twitter communities for business. I have personal long time friends on both platforms – and these happen to be business types.

    That’s what I am. That’s what I do. That is the conversation I’m interested in participating in.

    Don’t get me wrong, I talk about many things unrelated to business on these platforms, but business is the common denominator of those in my community.

    The value of these connections and relationship are enhanced through conversation. Not on FB or Twitter, but on phone calls and in person meetings. Here is where developing relationships can lead to business opportunities, partnerships, joint ventures, and participating with any worthwhile projects and getting things done.

    Afterall, that’s what we do, right Bill?

    My Skype is gacconsulting — let’s connect man!

    • I hear ya; I’m working on the Skype set-up so I’ll be stalking you soon……..looking forward to it. Maybe we can Skype our blogs and it will automatically be transcribed for us.

      The personal touch takes it to another level and I can see where business opportunities have the ability to develop.

      I’m waiting on Srini’s offer so I can surf in Costa Rica…………

      Good to see you; busy day trying to stay up w/ this and take care of my payin’ gig too…….:)

      I’ll see you around.

  14. Bill, you better call me or we’re breaking up right now. LOL

    I do my video posts in part so that people can see the real me, hear my accent (or lack thereof), see my mannerisms, etc. Smell me? …not happening.

    I went to Social Slam last month for the express purpose of meeting people IRL and IT.WAS.AWESOME. I met Jayme Soulati, Jenn Whinnem, Laura Click, Mark Schaefer and countless others. The value of those real meetings where we could see each other in person, connect on a real level and discuss something in more than 140 characters or via blog comments was HUGE. I highly recommend it if you can do it.

    On skype, that’s one of my to-do’s as well. I like the idea of a phone call as well, but I so enjoy seeing facial expressions and mannerisms – they can be very telling. Like if you are rolling my eyes at what I’m saying, for example.

    Enjoyed this post very much, Bill!

    • Oh no, I’m like the green booger now; you know, the one you can’t get off your finger, you can’t get rid of me…..oh wait, women probably don’t do that. Speaking of women your ‘smell’ factor is probably way high up the good meter. Some of these other goats I’ve been talking to; I’m not too sure……:). I’ll try not to be obvious if I’m sniffing you……..

      Yes, I would love to go to a big time event where a lot of these people are. Any surprises at your event?

      Gini is definitely on my list as someone I want to meet in person. Especially since she is Dr Bones.

      Good to see you and thanks so much for stopping by. I hope your day has gone well. Mine has been very busy, but a good day indeed.

  15. Hey Bill,

    Personally, I don’t use FB. Yup, that’s right, there’s one of us!

    But, I can still answer your questions because I see FB as you do, mainly consisting of people you know or have met in “real life”.

    I think the two platforms, in this sense serve as different functions. Keep in mind that I haven’t used FB ever, so I’m speaking from perception.

    Twitter is a great networking tool to get to know new people, as well as keep in touch with others. FB is a way to nurture established networks.

    I’m a people person – I’m not the behind-the-computer type fo guy, so I would love to meet people who I follow and who follow me.

    And I’ve skyped with folks. Just did so on an interview yesterday morning. I”ve skyped with our friends Marcus and Mark Harari – hopefully you’re next on the list. here’s my handle: “jameskallen” – hit me up!

    Enjoyed the post Bill! Good concept by the way!

    • I’m working on the Skype set-up so everyone who provided their handles……..look out.

      I’m a people person too; I believe that’s why I got the social part done much quicker than setting myself up properly. I will get there though.

      Good to see you and I left a comment for you over at Mark’s house. Thanks for coming by.

  16. I wouldn’t mind meeting some of my readers on twitter. There is some interesting cats out there and putting a face with the name is always nice.

    Twitter has it’s moments and sometimes I get bored, but the amount of banter that you can exchange with people in a matter of seconds is amazing!

    • Hey Sonia; I get bored too sometimes. It will get rockin’ and rollin’ and then it seems the air just goes away.

      There are definitely some interesting peeps out here and would love to meet them in person. I wonder how many have actually robbed a bank? Just sayin’………

      Good to see you and thanks for taking the time to comment.

  17. Hi Bill,
    That’s an intriguing and original idea. I am going to have to rethink (or actually think for the first time) the pros and cons of deepening these social media relationships.

    • As broad and impersonal as some of it is; there are a few you have probably really connected with. Now that doesn’t necessarily mean you want the showing up on your doorstep for a place to stay; but it might be kind of cool to see them in a personal social setting.

      Thanks for stopping by; I went to your place last night but I’m having trouble w/ my access at home so hopefully I can get that figured out and drop a note back to you. I could tell it was very well thought out and written (part 3) so I want to have the time to take it in as much as possible.

      Good to see you.

  18. For me the whole point of blogging is connecting with people. That is what makes it fun.

    I love when people send me an email with question about some advice I have given or thank me for helping them out in a situation.

    Talking to other bloggers, sharing ideas is just as fulfilling.

    If you aren’t in it for the community you are in the wrong industry.

    • I couldn’t agree more; I mean, what’s the point, huh?

      I feel like I’m a giver to and I like being able to help others w/ no expectation of anything in return. If I can keep that attitude everything else seems to work out like it is supposed to.

      Thanks so much for taking the time to share your thoughts; good to see you.

  19. Bill,
    I’ve been reading all the comments and I’m in awe of you guys! How do you have the time to SKYPE people? Good for you, I’m finding myself so busy that I don’t have time to connect with my local friends these days! Maybe it would be different if I didn’t have another business to run and blogging was all I did – but I know you ALL run other businesses! How do you DO it?

    What I love about social media FB, Twitter, and the blogging connections, is that I can jump in when I have time, or when I take a break from other things I should be doing (!) and connect. If I DM someone and they’re busy, that’s OK, I’ll see their response later. And if in the middle of a busy week I can send a shout-out – “How’s it going in your world?” , like saying Hi as you pass on the street, than that’s fine too.

    I believe relationships take their own course and I try to respect that, follow the feeling. Some relationships go to other levels while others stay where you found them. For instance, some neighbors have been wonderful friends, frequently in touch, while they lived on the street. Once they moved away, the frequency of communication dropped off completely. Other friends-on-the-street remain close friends even after one has moved away. I’ve learned you can’t take all the friends with you, and that’s OK.

    Maybe it’s just the way I look at friendship. I have a lot of different friends in different places. I have a friend who comes to tea every Friday afternoon, but I don’t socialize with her outside of that. I have another friend who I have visits and phone chats with frequently, but we don’t invite each other to our parties. There is another friend I could call if my world were crashing about me, but I haven’t seen her, other than in church, in a couple of years. There is a neighbor friend I love who I see infrequently, but know she is “there” if I want to call or pop in. They are all valued friendships and they all occupy different places in my life and in my heart. The friend I am meeting in the blogosphere are all gradually finding their places in my heart too – and in my life.

    I LOVE the people I’m meeting here and I enjoy the interaction way too much. But just as I’m not concerned that my local friends spend a lot of time on my site, I’m not concerned that my online friends visit my home. Some will, it’s inevitable as relationships grow. Online, as offline, each relationship will naturally be what it is. That’s fine with me! You know I love you Bill, even if we don’t Skype, yet and that’s what’s important to me.


    • Awwww….let me give you a hug………hey, come back here………:).

      You have probably read Marcus’ recent post; I’m just at fraction of where he is and I am already struggling. I love the interaction WAY too much as well.

      Something else just hit me as I was commenting on Brankica’s post this am. As I’m working my way down the comments and leaving a reply here and there, that is exactly how I would work a room full of people. I will try to seek out everyone I know and say something. Go figure, huh?

      I have friends in different compartment’s too; however, thru blogging, commenting, replying, it is a direct communication and I do feel it brings a deeper level of friendship even though we haven’t met in person.

      It has been a pure joy to get to know you and I appreciate your support tremendously; and for that I love you as well. You are definitely good people.

      Thanks so much for taking the time to come by and say hello; I hope you have a fabulous weekend.

  20. Bill,

    This was a very interesting post and you asked a really great question. Personally I wouldn’t like to meet my twitter followers at least not right now. A lot of the people who follow me I don’t believe have a clue who I am and vice versa. I might end up in the room with an axe murder. I would like to keep my twitter connections to the internet world not the real one. Maybe I should doing a better job choosing who I follow. That would probably make me more comfortable. Who knows? Let me know how those calls go and don’t meet anyone after 7 pm in a non public place. lol!

    • I think there is a certain segment you would be comfortable with and some you might want a little more detail.

      Maybe we need to do a post that asks “how many of your followers have robbed a bank”?

      I have reached out to a couple via phone and I did sign up for a Skype acct. I might need to be careful, people might like me a lot better in print than in person, huh?

      Good to see you Frank, thanks for taking the time to drop by. I thought I saw something of yours floating around or maybe it was a comment that I was trying to get back to.

      Hope all is well and I appreciate the comment.

  21. Hi, Bill. I got back here because of Ari’s most recent article. I told that cool councilor that I haven’t visited your site yet but I realised my mistake when I got here. I have been here before, but unfortunately, I was unable to subscribe to your RSS feed. Well, I am correcting that mistake now and subscribing pronto. 🙂

    Like Patricia, I am unable to meet with most of the bloggers or people that I follow on Twitter because of my location. However, would love to meet them through Skype. My ID is omnific1. Would like to meet you, too. 🙂

    • Thanks for coming by Wes, we will definitely have to hook up via Skype and make sure I’m not calling at some crazy hour, huh?

      It’s been a crazy day for me to say the least; I never in my wildest dreams expected to have that kind of response at Ari’s site.

      If I can get away from the keyboard I definitely want to see how many I can meet in person.

      I appreciate your support and hope to see you again soon.

  22. Hi Bill!

    I found your blog through Ari Herzog, and I’m glad I did!

    Personally, I love Twitter, and I wish I could spend more time there than I have lately. One of my funnest things was an experiment where, for a week, all I did was give people @ mentions, RT interesting things I found there, and the occasional reply if it warranted it. I ended up with more than a 45% increase in followers just from doing that, alone. But more, I found out that I loved engaging with what others had to say more than I did letting them know what *I* had to say.

    That’s what my blog’s for, right? =)


    • Hey you, thanks for stopping by at my crib.

      I too tried the one way social and trying to help others and a little bit of twitter commenting; but it didn’t come into focus until I started engaging on the blogs. Sometimes I get so deep on the blogs I hardly spend anytime on Twitter.

      It looks like you are doing a lot of the right things and I hope your journey is going well.

      So good to see you over here and I really appreciate the comments.

      Best of luck to you Delena.

    • Too many questions; not enough answers, huh?

      This day has totally been shot to say the least. Maybe I don’t want to be that popular blogging guy. Whew………

      One thing I need is to plan my ‘social’ time just like I would plan an appointment.

      This has been quite a day, but it validates me efforts because quite truthfully it ebbs and flows as to whether you think you are even being heard at times.

      Next time you come by I’ll try to have more than water to drink and we’ll have a party.

      Good to see you.

  23. Hi, Bill. I am now officially in your house and I am finding the experience very uplifting. I did not just read your post, but also all the comments that followed and I was entertained, amused and became a student and admirer in the process.

    I just started with my Facebook and Twitter accounts that are tied to my new blog. But, right now, I am more into building up my community (just like you advised) more than anything else. Maybe in time, when I have grown the number of my blogging friends, I might also be able to grow my usage of both Twitter and Facebook.

    Anyway, much thanks for the welcome over at Ari’s site. Really appreciate it. 🙂

    • Thanks for taking the time to stop by and comment. I will get over to your house too. I have to tell you I never expected the response Ari’s post got.

      Keep you blog going to get your writing chops on but definitely take the time to develop you community first, not the other way around.

      Just jump in, offer you take and don’t be afraid to butt into conversations. Make sure you sign up for a subscription at their sites so you will know when new blogs are posted.

      Give it a little time and you will do very well. I look forward to seeing you at your house.

      • I really appreciate the advice and the encouragement, Bill. I am slowly building up that community as you suggested and slowly piling up blogs in my Google Reader. 🙂

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