Excuse me, I’m talking here….

Over the past few weeks I have seen several posts talk about listening; either how to be a better listener or how to totally ‘suck’ at it. I apologize my blogging friends, I would link you if I could………a basic site indeed.

Purposeful and effect listening is an art and has to be practiced  if you want to master it. How many times have you been in a room full of people and while you are engaged in conversation your eyes are scanning the room, looking over the shoulder, etc. If this is happening to you how does it make you feel? Like maybe what you have to say isn’t interesting enough to this person?

Let’s take it a step further; if you are actively engaging on several blogs how many times are you just scanning over the general content so you can hurriedly leave a comment? With so many good ones to visit and so little time, probably very easy to do. Speed reading courses, anybody?

Do you think the blogger might get annoyed if your reply totally misses the point making it obvious you didn’t read the whole thing? Or, is the blogger going to be happy just becaused you stopped by. If you catch yourself doing this, what is the solution?

Should you cut down on the posts you visit? Are you ok just doing the same old thing and hoping you aren’t exposed? Or, should you neglect some of the other parts to stay totally engaged, reading with understanding?

I bring this up because it happened to me. I responded to a post, thought I was witty and had a pretty good reply. Guess what, I didn’t fully read the post and missed the point. The author subtly thanked me for replying but her response made it obvious I was out there in la la land. Pretty embarrassing, but another lesson learned for me in the blogospere.

The point is, are you just rushing through life; through your experiences? Do you have so much on your plate you aren’t taking the time to listen to what someone is really trying to say? If you are taking the time to engage on blogs are you reading for understanding? Is there just too much noise out there?

Are you moving at warp speed because you are in a hurry to build your network? Do you think faster is better? I mean, the clock is always ticking, right?

Maybe we just need to slow it down a little bit to enjoy this incredible journey called life.


56 thoughts on “Excuse me, I’m talking here….

  1. Hi Bill

    Just caught your post on twitter before I finish my day…er night as it’s now 12.30am!

    I’m one of those people who do read a post all the way through and if there are comments already there I read them too. Often learn as much from the comments as the post and met some interesting people that way by then hopping over to their blogs to check out their sites.

    I thought most people did it that way till people would comment on my comments LOL Guess they could tell I had actually read the post!

    It is time consuming but I have learnt so much from doing this but now I have to try and limit my time so just means I read less posts in a day. Somehow I just can’t do the scan a post thing. Probably why I enjoy doing research so much.

    Patricia Perth Australia

    • And it shows; your comments are always well thought out and deep.

      I thought I was doing good by just going in and commenting, hoping to receive a reply and then never go back.

      I have since learned by going in and reading the comments as well and responding to them is what develops the richness of the engagement.

      It is so good to see you and hope you have a good night’s sleep.

  2. Bill, this really strikes a chord – I go through the same thing.

    We’re all getting used to the new reality — I used to read tons of news sites, now I read tons of blogs. There’s so much good stuff out there. Yesterday there were so many good posts coming at me from Google Reader I was practically paralyzed by it all. So we all have to make adjustments.

    I don’t think we need to bemoan the decline of traditional journalism because what’s taking its place is in many respects better. But of us who consume this stuff are just going to have learn how to handle the “Firehose Syndrome” of great information and opinion overload.

    (And quit apologizing for your dang site!) 😉


    • Ok, no more apologies; I will let my visitors form their own opinion.

      Thanks for stopping by; it does feel like the fire hose effect at times doesn’t it. I think I would be happy if everyone just did one post a week…..:).

      I think I will eventually figure it out, but it is very time consuming to stay engaged. Subsequently, some of my outside reading has been neglected. I don’t want to lose that because it is where I draw a lot of my inspiration.

      Good to see you again.

  3. Funny, Bill, this is something that has been on my mind very intently since you’ve swooped in with your ideas & strategies to challenge us all. I think this is the thing I struggle with the most. I want to read everything and sometimes get so overwhelmed with how much good stuff there is that I can end up scattered and not focusing. I think that’s where my biggest question is in the whole social media scope – how far do you reach vs. how deep do you go?

    I’m not going to leave a comment unless I’ve read all the way through a post and am really compelled by it, but I do think it’s a pretty common thing – go for the comment rather than the conversation.

    Also, with the amount of comments on some blogs, I find it’s a huge time commitment to read through it all and it limits my reach in terms of topics – back to that too much good stuff. : )

    Ahhh, delimmas…where to go, what to do?? You are definitely challenging me to sort that out!

    • It’s definitely a learning curve and my personality is to go deep. And a lot of times I will go to a site just to support them.

      I think once we ‘figure’ it out it will be somewhat condensed with a narrower focus. Because of this, what you see today and who you interact with might change; just a natural progression.

      As I commented above, I used to do a lot of outside reading. Lately it seems I have been consumed with blogs and engaging; which is fun but I still have a payin’ gig that I need to tend to, right?

      I’ll make a pact with you; if you figure it out, let me know and vice versa. Somehow @Ginidietrich has it figured out and hopefully she will clue me in tomorrow when I listen to her webinar.

      Good to see you and thanks for dropping by.

  4. Hey Mr D, I think we’re guilty of a bit of scanning, especially on interesting but lets face it, rather wordy posts. There is only so much time in the day, and sometimes, just sometimes, you have taken all you need from a post within the first 4 paragraphs and don’t time to read the other 14.
    So..what do you do? Choose not to comment, because you didn’t read to the last full stop.Or…contribute what you have to say; about the parts you read? There are some bloggers, who I have given up on because I just can’t get to the end, and what they have said in 3000 words could have been just as easily said in 1000.
    As blog authors, our egos would like to think that our readers are hanging onto to our every word, and every comment will be insightful, show depth of understanding blah blah blah, but that’s not always the case. Sometimes people give you the time and feedback that they have. “la la land” for the most part is entirely subjective, surely I am allowed to interpret what you have said in my own way, and take from it that which I please.
    As for slowing down in life in general, this for me is the sweet spot. Whilst travelling, it took me nearly 2 months to be able to slow down and actually experience the journey not just the destination. This is something I’d like to apply to all areas of my life, but that too I guess is a little idealistic.
    See.. I read to the last full stop..but quite possibly totally missed the point. Who cares, I’m here because I’m interested, surely that counts for something! Great post Bill, I think you maybe able to link to posts by writing the links is code/html. href, or something like that. Please excuse my wordy comment : )

  5. Ah yes, Ms Stacey going deep………I love it.

    There are definitely some verbose writers out there; some I can hang with and some it’s like “get to the point please or you might lose me”. And part of that is because there are so many others you want to see.

    I think I’m happy someone stopped by. They could even say “sorry I didn’t read your post but wanted to say hello” and I’d be ok with it.

    I know you are working real hard on your time management and I need to do a better job. As we evolve in the world you have to figure something out or you will probably just go down in flames.

    Good to see you today and I’m guessing I haven’t been nuked yet; I’ll just make sure to wear my radioactive underwear the rest of the week………:).

    Hope you had a fabulous day.

  6. First–love your new Gravatar photo…and the do.

    Today’s post is a perfect accompaniment to your piece, “Do you know.” In that post, you mention the 100 people we all “know”in different ways. How many truly get your undivided attention? How many people’s stories can you carry in your heart and how much energy do you have to dispense in the exercise of active listening? I think that is why that inner circle of 16 develops.

    In the same way, I have circles of blogs I read. In the inner most circle are the ones to which I subscribe via email and try to read in full in what I will know think of as, “Patricia’s style,” every day. If I have a really busy day and need to delete those posts unread, I know they feed into a permanent folder in my mailbox, so some day when I have a light workload, I can go through them at my leisure. In a circle I’d consider a bit further out from my core interests and commitments, are the blogs I skim regularly. I might delve in at greater depth when a morsel captivates me. The thing is, if I can’t read the whole post, I don’t comment. As you said, it can lead you to a dangerous conclusion.

    Finally, what Stacy said holds so much truth…it’s about slowing down and being present…in conversations, in reading and in the little moments we have with one another (even in the blogosphere) that shouldn’t be rushed. Occasionally, we need to pull our rockers out to the porch and just visit together. You have a gift for extending that kind of writing & commenting, Bill. Next time, I’d like a mint julep!

    • Now you’re talkin’; pull up a rocker while I pour another julep.

      On one hand you want to take it all in and absorb it, but on the other there are just not enough hours in the day.

      I tend to go deep with my relationships and that doesn’t lend itself to brevity at times. 16 deep relationships would be more meaningful than 100 superficial ones; but it depends on what your objectives are, right?

      I’m sitting in on Gini’s webinar tomorrow and she is going to help me set goals; manage and priotize time; determine my doo-dads I need, etc.

      Organized and effecient while still being interactive would be a beautiful thing for me right now.

      Thanks so much for stopping by and I just saw you were pimpin’ me on twitter……..you da best.

      Good to see you and I hope all is well in the A Z.

  7. Mimi you nailed it “Occasionally, we need to pull our rockers out to the porch and just visit together”
    I’ll bring the vino if you bring something tasty to eat:)
    I love what Bill said that “sometimes he goes over and comments to be supportive”. Not every post from your favourite bloggers will rock your socks off, some will suck,their human. But friends stick by you even when you drop the ball. Contacts..well they quickly disappear. I know which I’d prefer. Bill I’d like to take a sec to thank you for your support. Now get the purple hair dye out..you know what I’m talking about, lol

    • Of course, a previous post mentioned dropping a t*rd and not the ball, but we gotta love our supporters, right.

      It’s not unlike a gym membership, church, etc. You see people get in all enthusiastic but they can’t maintain at that level. I hope the people I have connected with can all hang in there with me because I love you all.

      Thanks for coming back again; I sure do like seeing you around.

      Here’s comes the purple hair…..with the wedge.

  8. I’m glad I’ve never done something so stupid :p (hehe)

    To top it off, my ADD doesn’t help… haha!

    Sometimes when I read an entire post, one point sticks in my mind and I go left with that one thought and it goes a bit, no completely off topic.

    Nobody’s perfect Bill. We are all busy. We can do better, but heck, not everyone is taking the time out of their busy schedule to leave comments that have no relevancy to the topic!

    OK, I’ll shut up now.

    Cheers Bill!

    • Hola Mark; I think you are right, most are appreciative that you even made the effort.

      However, I have seen a few ‘personalities’ that were somewhat ‘anal’ and not as jovial as I. Needless to say, I haven’t spent a lot of time w/ them.

      I might be a rookie and invisible to most, but if someone gets attitude w/ me or chooses to ignore me; I WILL CALL YOU OUT………..:)

      I love these people in here, it’s been a fabulous ride.

      Good to see you Mark; thanks for taking the time to stop in.

    • Hi Mark, Hi Bill (yes, I’m listening to you! I just wanted to touch on something Mark said first.)

      I think it’s fine to take off on one point. I think that’s what evolves the thinking started by the blogger. I know I do this often in my comments – I hope I’ve not been offending!

      I agree with Stacey that some posts are so long they are just painful to read! I want to support the blogs and bloggers I like but I have a limited amount of time to spend in the Blogosphere. So I guess I’d have to go with reading fewer blog posts and commenting on the few that get my fingers itching to respond.

      The more bloggers you follow, the less time you have to spend on each blog. I don’t really know how you scale that (or even if “scale” is the right word LOL) but I’m working on it!

      Great post Mr. Life of the Party!

      • The difference in your blog from most that I read, you have the ability to generate back and forth dialogue instead of just a drive-by. It opened my eyes to what engagement really is……..but it also takes time.

        In addition to the dialogue I have seen yours just take off in another direction, which is good as well.

        Maybe the really popular kids don’t want too much back and forth because they can’t keep up with what they have. You are popular because of it however.

        Thanks so much for stopping by and I hope you enjoy your family over the Easter holiday, eh?

        Good to see you.

  9. I am guilty of this. It is not because I am trying to give short shrift to anything, but sometimes it is because I am just too busy multitasking to make proper time for things and bam…

    Good intentions come with a bad outcome sometimes.

  10. I am a speed reader, but I’m a practiced one, testing out at 70% memory retention. So I’m not bad at it when I do it, and I might be about 50/50 when reading some blog posts. Still, I go through the entire thing.

    I have had people totally miss the point on my blog as well, however, and comment on things that they think I’ve missed just so I can go back and point out the line where I addressed their point, and so they can come back and say “sorry, I missed that.”

    However, Stacey makes kind of a point. Some of my posts are quite long, so a person missing something here and there is to be expected, as long as I’m not totally taken out of context.

    • Hey Mitch, good to see you.

      I think if the reader misses a point it does give you the opportunity to bring it back around in your response and that in and of itself might create more dialogue.

      I’ve tried to be disciplined enough to keep my posts in the 300-400 range but I can get wordy at times.

      Ultimately, I just want it to be readable and hopefully bring some value.

      Thanks for taking the time to comment and hope to see you around.

      • Hi Bill, I don’t think you have to strive to a word count perse. Takes as many words as it takes, to say what you trying to say. But in allowing ourselves full freedom of expression, with some editing, we have to appreciate that not everyone will read to the end. When I write something it usually comes from the heart. I like to feel I left it all on the page-within reason of course.

  11. Bill,

    This post is a great example of how green house gasses effect the polar caps contributing to global warming. Even though I agree with a lot of your statements I don’t believe in ghosts and I am embarassed that you do. lol!

    You are not alone Bill. I have fallen into the trap of going to sites to comment and create a presence or network sometimes without even reading the article. I would just skim, pick a point and boom drop a useless comment. Now I actually just go to sites where the content is good and life changing. I have no other reason to comment unless I liked what I read. If it didn’t move me. I don’t comment.

    I know as a blogger my goal should be to meet as many people as possible but I value real connections over fake ones. That is how I manage my networking I focus on the stuff that matters to me.

    Now have I gotten some irrelevent comments sure. I don’t blame people. Sometiems I have a hard time understanding what I am trying to say and I write my posts myself. 🙂

    I am with you I prefer the slow scenic route for the views over the sight of the concrete barriers in express lane.

    Great conversation!

    • Hey Frank, those ghosts are those shadows and images you see out of the corner of your eye….if you don’t see them then you don’t have to worry….:).

      Some writers go deep, like 3 or 4 layers deep. If you are going to take the time to read them, then you need to pay attention. Others are lighter, closer to the surface which is pretty much where I am right now.

      Ultimately I would rather develop a meaningful relationship with some consistency so I can get to know them. Does that mean I’ll probably never have 10,000 followers………probably, but I don’t know what I would do with that number; maybe run for President or something.

      I think most are glad you made the effort; I know I am.

      Good to see you again.

  12. Hey Bill,

    I tell you, I may be a minority (well, duh) in terms of reading and commenting on blogs. I read them and enjoy them. If I read through a blog and don’t like – it, I won’t continue and won’t comment.

    My problem is that reading the post usually triggers some form of relation to me, so my comment heavily angles towards my own experience, which may be somewhat different from the main subject. This can make it seem as if I didn’t read the article completely, because I go off on rants. Honestly, I think that’s part of the forum – being able to bring in new angles to the conversation.

    On my site – I’m open to all comments. If you want to read the title and headers; then comment away. because a lot of the time you get the flow by doing just that. Some folks don’t have time to read the entire article and I get that – so I don’t look down at anyone for scanning my content. And, I think success is relative to what you put it. If you put in half-effort, expect to get the same right back.

    I actually move around the blogosphere rather slow. Each comment I leave takes a little time, and I don’t rush it. Plus – blogging is not on top of my priority list…with kids, wife, work, life, it can only get so much of my time. I’m mostly a graveyard shift blogger – because the days just don’t give me the opportunity to get out and network.

    I don’t think faster is better. For me, it’s all about quality. I would rather be last and have the best product, than be first and look like a fool!

    …let me add one more thing…

    I get it – there’s a pressure that comes with blogging. A pressure of competition (good competition); to keep up with your peers, to grow as much and as quickly as possible and it requires a lot of time. The quicker you can make your rounds, the quicker you can work on the next phase of growth.

    I used to fall in that category – and when I did, for the short time – blogging was a chore, not a pleasurable activity. But now, I just do it at my own speed. Spend 10-20 minutes thoroughly reading to learn, not reading to comment. Relationships I’m forging are for the long haul – not for comment reciprocation.

    If you never commented on my site again Bill – I’d still keep in touch with you.
    That’s what I’m about.

    I purposely did something here – but still meant every word said. I wanted to prove how easily I start up my rants (that I spoke about). I read your entire post, but it trigger something in me, so I got to writing and didn’t even touch on “listening” once!

    See, I’m literally crazy!

    PS – Let’s get this place off of .wordpress.com and on your own hosted domain! If you need help, I gotcha back!


    • Stating the obvious oh tan one……:)

      I did a webinar w/ Gini Dietrich today and one of the must haves were WordPress.org. I’ll get there, hopefully sooner rather than later.

      You brought up good point though; a lot of times I’ll respond based on how something has affected me. I worry that I become too ‘me, me, me’ in my comment and not give the writer the props they deserve.

      Like you, I’m apt to go off on a deep story; but it’s based on my story….almost like a blog w/in a blog at times….hopefully it’s not offensive.

      I’m working on time management which means I will have to get a lot more efficient or cut down on how many times I can respond.

      Still a great journey however and I’m glad you took the time to stop by; I’ll try to clean up the house.

      Good to see you.

      • In my opinion, speaking to your experience is the purpose of the comment. That’s what brings the comments to life. “me, me, me” to you, but benefit to me because I just may learn something new!

        Have a fantastic Easter weekend!

    • We are so similar JK. Even in my fun community reading, I joke about needing the speed reading glasses b/c I’d to get so behind .. but wouldn’t just jump in and post w/ out giving others the courtesy of at least scanning the other posts and comments.

      Same with blogging. Part of many drafted posts 1) I am a slow reader 2) I try to scan and get to the real point of a post and 3) I read and sometimes reply to other comments before sharing my own. Won’t always catch everything, may miss or misunderstand something, but I do make the effort.

      Depending on the day, I can timeshift some of the work work to the graveyard shift, other times.. I am reading and commenting at midnight. And like you I put thought and time into comments (and do rant.. many of my easiest posts were are rants).

      Anyway, just enjoy seeing your thoughts out here. FWIW.

      • What gets me when there are multiple points so I feel like I have to write them down so I can comment appropriately instead of scrolling up and down, up and down…..

        I do appreciate you coming in a jumping in the conversation…….you da best….

  13. You point out a painful reality. My humble opinion is that this largely a sympton of a “me focused” society. Unfortunately, rather than looking to engage in conversations and dialogues, people are looking for opportunities to hijack a platform and put the focus on them. The sad reality is their wisdom and insights would be much more evident through intelligent, thoughtful engagement rather than just screaming “look at me, look at me – I’m really smart!”.

    • But I am smart…….and it’s all about me, right?

      I hear you; it’s like when you are in the middle of a story w/ someone and they look away and start talking about something totally different to someone else……….excuse me………

      I can’t profess to be anywhere near perfect but I do make a conscious effort to be a better listener, especially in social settings w/ distractions. I want the person to know I am interested in what they have to say.

      Good to see you Kevin and good post today; thanks for stopping by.

  14. The Dorman house is taking shape… looking forward to seeing the new digs when they’re ready. It will do wonders for you personal brand and blogging efforts.

    It will be interesting to be part of your journey to the top Bill, I have a feeling it’s going to be a fast ride : )

    Have a great weekend sir!

    • Hey bro, thanks for stopping by.

      Ms Gini has been helping me w/ a few things and we were talking about lists and how to manage them. And she said “for instance, I have you on my up and coming list”……….what? That was a yikes; no pressure huh?

      It has been a fun journey and allowed me to meet great people like you. Once done, I hope you will be proud of my new digs.

      You too have a great weekend.

      • Jeez, to top it off, you’re getting assistance and inside tips from the social webs best contributors.

        That takes skill and lot’s of substance Bill – it’s well deserved!

    • I think she thinks I’m somebody’s cousin or something…….like maybe I know somebody famous like you…….I did tell her you and I were tight…..:).

  15. And there’s those people who look like their engaged in a conversation with you only that they’re looking for someone else to replace you, just using you at the time…

    I think the same goes for the whole concept of user generated content. Everyone’s creating the stuff but who’s actually out there to consume it all? so that’s the dilemma. Maybe if we could write something that gave people the ability to skim and still understand. A post that’s a series of dot points? 😛

    Life is pretty fast and most people don’t have the time to read the whole of something, admittedly though, i didn’t skim this post, so it was a good length 🙂

    • It’s a challenge because there are so many; if everyone could have a Reader’s Digest version it would make it easier to skim through, huh?

      I have seen some ‘bullet’ point posts w/ very little content that had a lot of traffic.

      You will notice everyone has a style and you kind of know which ones you can breeze and the ones you will have to pay more attention because it will be deep at times.

      Thanks for taking the time to drop by and comment Peter and hope your journey has met your expectations.

  16. Hi Bill
    Listening applied to blogging comments.
    A great point for any blogger who comments on other blogs and a novel way of looking at listening.

    Did I read the whole of your post?
    You bet – I was too scared not to. LOL

    • A wise move indeed, because I will call you out.

      The irony is, after I posted this I did it again. Somebody corrected me and said she was talking about 1,000 characters, not 1,000 words. Oops…..

      Sometimes I’m so eager to put something ‘witty’ down I’m not paying attention. I’m working on being better……..

      Thanks for stopping by and taking the time to comment. Hopefully your journey has been a fulfilling one. Good to see you.

  17. Hi Bob,

    That was some awesome post! I like to talk a lot too. I also like art, just like you do.

    Ok, just kidding! 😉

    When I see people off-base with their comments on my blog, I have to wonder if I made my point clear enough in my post? Have I led them in a specific direction?

    Then there are times when I do have to attribute the off-baseness to, ahem, the long length of my post.

    Sometimes posts really ramble (mine included) and you’re not sure if you should tackle all the points said or zero in on one or two. I usually zero in.

    I try to read in depth, but I confess I can be a speed-reading skimmer too. It depends on what mood I’m in. If I just can’t concentrate, I come back another time when I can. Otherwise, why bother with the post if I’m only sorta reading it? I get nothing out of it that way, and that’s really what I’m there for – scooping up the value.

    Nice to finally meet you, Bill!


    • Hey Peggy, that was funny; I think you have my sense of humor.

      Sometimes I will get halfway into a blog post and realize I better pay attention or take notes if I want to respond intelligently.

      I do have a couple of people I subscribe to that get very deep so fortunately they usually post only once a wk or less. I do like what they have to say, I just know I need to really read with understanding with them.

      It was an awesome post though, wasn’t it……..:)

      Do you ever know when you start a conversation with someone when they will or will not be listening? Sometimes when I read I know because of time how engaged I can be. I try to get it all in though…

      Thanks so much for taking the time to stop by and comment, I really appreciate it.

      Good to see you and hope to get to know you.

  18. Guilty, sometimes… I generally will always read a post from beginning to end. The only reason I wouldn’t is if they are sharing “how to” do something that I already know how to do. But, I want to show my support and visit their blog although I won’t necessarily read that particular post.

    One of my problems is I do read all posts as well as some of the comments which is why I need to pick it up. I find I run out of time to accomplish everything else I need to do which puts me way behind. By visiting others blogs and reading their posts I learn so much and enjoy getting to know the blog owners as well.

    Point well noted though. It would irritate me if someone wasn’t paying attention to what I was saying. The nerve! LOL!!!

    Appreciate you pointing this out Bill! Well done my friend.

    • Thank you ma’am.

      I too am guilty of going back to comments and keeping the conversation going. It’s nice for the interaction, but it is time consuming.

      I think for the most part the serious commentors are truly engaged so as long as you don’t make a habit of leaving half-baked replies the author will appreciate your visit.

      It’s so good to see you and thanks so much for taking the time to stop by.

      I’ll see you around……

  19. Heya Bill

    For an ‘invisible’ and ‘under the radar’ blog you sure do have a lot of comments!

    I know guys who have established blogs, with big audiences, alexa rank of less than 50K – and get 4 or 5 comments per post. Tops.

    You’ve got 40 – once mine is published.

    That should tell you something, Bill. That the comments you are leaving are striking a chord with people. I know that you like to add your personality, but I’d prefer it if you didn;t put yourself down all the time ! (That’s Ingrid’s Job!)

    I always make sure that I’ve read a post thoroughly before I leave a comment. I like to read the comment threads too – don’t always have time to do that. Especially at Marcus’s house, there’s some people over there guilty of leaving quite long comments (whistling).

    You’re doing fine – I’m looking forward to following what you do in the weeks and months ahead. (I think you have a secret plan for blog domination that yuo;re carefully hiding underneath a veneer of humour and self depreciation. And one day, there will be 3 big blogs in blogging – Copyblogger, Problogger and Bill-O-Blogger!).

    When that happens can have the first guest post please?


  20. Thanks Paul; 40 comments is pretty crazy, huh? I’ve seen some established bloggers not do as well on some posts so I should quit poor mouthing myself.

    I think it’s more from the lack of a defined direction and having a more user-friendly site is why I tend to be self-deprecating.

    Plus, if I’m running w/ Gini, Griddy, Lori, Brankica, Patricia, Marcus, Mark, Davina, Stacey and the like I feel like I need to pick up my game……or stay WAY under the radar…….:).

    Good to see you Paul and I really appreciate you taking the time to stop by with or without reading my whole post.

  21. Nope – I read the whole post. And you’ve got some heavy hitters in the comments thread of just this post. That’s an achievement – they are all busy people. Your interaction has ‘persuaded’ them to come here, check out your postings and commenting.

    I think I only have two posts with more than 40 comments. It’s a hell of an achievement!
    Keep going.


    • I do want to be deep enough that I feel a connection, I know something about you; but some of these heavy weights I don’t know how they do it. Not only do they respond, they are over at other blogs commenting as well.

      Maybe we will figure it out together, huh?

      I don’t recall if I subscribed to you, but going there now.

  22. Better late than never?? For most of my thoughts on this, ‘what JK said’ is my answer.

    Agreeing with Barrett, no need to apologize. You’re doing so well at this and I hope I wasn’t the blogger who made you feel bad about not reading the whole thing. I miss big details all the time, much less little ones. I’ve read tongue-in-cheek posts and b/c I didn’t know the blogger and/or am an idiot, I totally didn’t get the post.

    On slowing down, it’s funny: it’s not that I mind slow, I mind waste. IDK my slacking is even somewhat productive. When it’s going to play on vacay or just hanging around I am all for the relax, but I don’t daudle either and ‘waste’ away my playtime either. I’m even tougher on the work time; will do slow, careful, take breaks.. but always try to avoid the idle or fruitless time when you are ‘working’ but nothing was accomplished.

    I don’t try to read and/or comment on every post by everyone I know. A few are must reads but I have to balance that time with ‘old friends’ and ‘new ones’, new members of my community – not as a comment payback like JK mentioned, but it’s how you get to know them. I try to make the most of my work time and do a decent job of multitasking but you can’t be everywhere; I have let myself off the hook on trying. FWIW.

  23. Ha, after I take the time to write this post I did it to you. 1000 characters vs 1000 words; I don’t think you chastised me but I was annoyed at myself for doing it again.

    My biggest problem is my mind starts racing w/ some clever response for I fully read the post. I’m trying to do better w/ my listening and I should try to do the same with reading as well.

    I’m trying to meet some new people but I have my regulars too. Personally, I would be happy if everyone only posted once a wk…….and on different days….:).

    I’ve been out of the office for the last two days and that is when I really get behind. I try to catch up at night instead of TV time, but both nights have been events and late getting in.

    Whew, I’ll figure out my magic number somewhere. Thanks for coming back to this post, I think I broke the 50 number on this……….wheeeee………

  24. Hi, Bill. While this might come too late in the day, seeing how many others have gone before me and that it is almost a month since you posted this, I still want to share with you my thoughts about listening and reading with understanding. It has been a while that I wished there are more hours to a day where I can just sit and read all the blogs I want to catch up on. But, as there isn’t and aside from my blog and blog commenting, there are clients waiting for my concepts, I content myself with just reading a handful of posts a day. What is great about reading just a handful of posts is that I also get to read all the comments and learn from some of them. Yes, I admit, I still lament over the possible great posts that I may have missed, but hey, I can get to them in time, right? What’s more important is that when I do decide to add something to the conversation, the author of the article I am commenting on will know that I understood, learned and cared enough to share my thoughts. Thanks for this, mate!

    • That’s the good thing about these; they never go away…..you can comment on them forever.

      My challenge is I have developed some really good friends and want to support them as much as I can; I’m going to ask them to start posting ONCE a wk and I will let them know what days to post on….:)

      I try to bring something of value or humor when I comment and I think the author appreciates the effort.

      Thanks for taking the time to search this out and leaving your thoughts. I’ll be seeing you around.

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