What is on your iPod?

Quick, what are the top 5 songs on your iPod? Would people you know be surprised with your choices?

Music can be very powerful and impactful. How many times have you heard a song and it brings a flood of emotions, a memory, a certain place or time in your life? Quite often I’m sure.

Technology has allowed the capacity of these little iPod units to hold well in excess of 1000 songs. Is your selection of songs and artists a diverse mix or are you locked in and comfortable with one genre, one era?

With the advent of social media and twitter specifically you can certainly follow in excess of 1000 people. How varied is your ‘clique’; do you have a diverse mix or are you locked into comfortable, people who look and talk like you?

As with music, social media can be very influential. What a fantastic medium if used properly to reach so many in a positive way.

My iPod selection is very diverse; in fact, it would probably surprise some   people if they knew my entire list. How’s going from Johnny Cash to Kid Rock to Beatles to South Park Mexican to Linkin Park sound; really? But I use the diversity to motivate, inspire and set my mood for the multitude of tasks I might be involved with while I’m ‘plugged in’. Of course, my multitude is either at the gym or in my yard; but I am inspired….

I have taken this same attitude with my twitter experience. A portion of my ‘clique’ is virtually the United Nations. I think this is the coolest thing ever being able to reach and possibly influence such a diverse group. Maybe this is the start of world peace, huh?

What or who are your influencers? Does music affect you in a positive way? Is twitter a better place because you are here?

What is on your iPod?

14 thoughts on “What is on your iPod?

  1. My Ipod has a mix of all my different tastes. Everything from Joni Mitchell, to, The Roots, Little Dragon, to, Fat Freddies Drop ( one of the most awesome bands ever), and like you music is used to enhance my mood, or galvanise me, especially when it’s time to get my work-out on.

    I’m finding Twitter and the blogsphere to be not to dissimilar from real life, the playground even. There are the popular kids, the inner circles dwellers, those hovering on the periphery hoping to get invited in,and the no-bodies.

    Yes I have heard/read other bloggers refer to new/small bloggers, as “nobody’s”. Even in jest, or for a great headline – terms like that make me uncomfortable. I don’t really like elitism.

    I plan to keep my community online, like my Ipod. Diverse, eclectic, but always rocking qaulity stuff, that makes me feel good. I wonder what’s going to happen, when Bill jumps in, arms, legs and everything- Look forward to it


  2. Hey, thanks for the reply.

    Have you ever thought if you had your top 50 following/followers in a room, in person what the dynamics would be like? Do you think there would be people in person who you thought you knew their ‘essence’ were totally different in person, maybe someone you wouldn’t care to ‘hang’ with? Twitter is somewhat sanitized, everybody can be perfect, right? In reality we all have lives to live, fears, concerns, joys etc that we might not share w/ the twitter family.

    Anyway, that was a little deep.

    I think it’s great I had the opportunity to meet you thru this medium; otherwise, our paths would have probably never crossed.

    Let’s enjoy it for what it is and hopefully at the end of the day we will be better for it in some form or fashion.

    Go get ’em.

  3. OK, let me think about this… I can’t list the top 5 because they are from Serbia and no one would know what I am talking about but when it comes to more known artists, let’s say DJ Antoine, DJ Pantelis, David Guetta, Rihanna and Beyonce. Many more of course, but these were the first 5 that came to my mind 🙂

    • Sorry my weak-ass site caught you up in spam; thanks for dropping by.

      I appreciate the effort and I will pick up my game.

      Are there rock bands in Serbia? Hip hop? What kind of beat do you like?

  4. Bill, Fantastic topic for a blog post! You and I are a lot alike, the variety of music on my iPod would astound anyone. That’s why I don’t like Ping, Apple’s music sharing feature. I consider my musical preferences to be private. Barry Manilow? Lil Jon? Bee Gees? Usher? They’re all on my iPod, but that doesn’t mean I need to share that information with anyone.

    There used to be a command for your iPod not to play songs you have rated less than 3 stars if you wanted to avoid embarrassing songs shuffling though when you were playing your iPod for others. Now I just use Genius to align the music played on my iPod with the tastes of the listeners.

    • Hey Carolyn, thanks for taking the time to comment.

      My selection runs the gamut and I’m sure there are some songs some of my friends would say ‘what are you listening to’?

      Because I’m in a traditional profession and essentially a ‘suit’ by day soit’s my way of saying, ok, I’m not really that conservative; I can let my hair down…..:)

      I hope you are having fun in your social media journey; I have found it very rewarding from the diversity of people I have been able to meet.

      Take care.

  5. My selection is diverse, partially because I am the keeper of the music for the family; my iMac holds everyone’s CDs so for @Carolyn.. I’ve never used Ping b/c I too don’t want the world knowing the shame of how much Kenny G or Celine or Kickelback is in iTunes.

    My music right now is very eclectic, I will mix in the 80s and 90s with the 70s classic rock with soundtracks and show tunes and Top 40/pop a little bit of everything. Alas my go-to is whiny, EMO, strummy alt rock crap, for whatever reason it’s my music of choice.

    And I am the same with my bloggers and Twitter follows. I still check in w/ some big names now and then, as they DO drop the wisdom time to time. I also have made more room in my reader for those writers that motivate me, engage, offer different points of view. Always good to hit shuffle. FWIW.

    • Well lookie here, look who dropped by. Sorry I don’t have any furniture so you will have to stand, but it’s great to see you.

      In my outwardly conservative world, I seek out diversity. It can be music and now, certainly Twitter.

      I really think we can achieve world peace thru social media……………ok, maybe that is a stretch but I really like the United Nations feel to my group.

      You are always a pleasure Ms D and I’m glad we found each other.

      • You’ve been on my “must visit soon” list far too long. If I could just figure out a way I could just read and comment on blogs all day, I’d be set! 😉 And I bring my own chair, so it’s all good.

        I’m certainly for diversity in my stream: different voices, locations, job functions; I find I am unfollowing more of the ‘same old thing’ voices to mix in a few new ones. I like smart people who mix it up, engage and see things the way I do… and I like smart people who share opinions other than my own, keeps me on my toes.

        • Hey, if we could just get paid a nickel for every comment………what’s the business model for that?……….:)

          Bill Dorman CPCU, CIC, AAI Principal Lanier Upshaw, Inc. p: (863) 284-3109 f: (863) 682-6292 http://www.lanierupshaw.com

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