You take my breath away….

I was doing yard work over the weekend; I’m old school and the only one who does their own yard in my ‘hood’. I like the outdoors and exercise so it works for me.

To get in the ‘moment’ I do my chores while listening to my iPod. I have quite an assortment of songs covering a pretty broad genre. The Top Gun song ‘You Take My Breath Away’ started playing and I was really getting into it. It got me thinking, when was the last time somebody or something ‘took my breath away’.

Personally, I can recall a couple of life moments that had this impact. It was when I saw my wife walk down the aisle at our wedding; and the birth of my two sons;  Big, memorable breath away moments for me.

What big breath away moments have you had in your life; any recently?

Those are the big ones but sometimes even the smallest gestures can turn into a ‘wow’ or breath away moment. Just a small act of kindness when it is unexpected or reaching out to someone can create a memorable impression. Has anything happened in your life lately that put a smile on your face, made your day; a simple act that elevated a particular person?

As I become wiser, gain in life experience sometimes it is the little things, the little gestures that mean the most. Some of my new friends in the social media world have made small gestures and ‘touched’ me in an impactful way. Unexpected, appreciated and it meant a lot to me.

How about you, have you created a memorable moment lately? What can you do to be memorable in someone’s life? When people interact with you are they better for the experience?

Be purposeful in your mission; whatever road it takes you down.


5 thoughts on “You take my breath away….

  1. Let me see…mine recently was when we brought my boyfriends boat to our house for the first time in 10 yrs. He was having some issues over it since the motor blew years ago. He ended up taking Golf and never looked back. I knew that fishing was in his blood, but his boat always held him back.

    When I got it home, he cleaned it up (I was at work) and I noticed look his smiling. I could see for the first time in 10 years he finally “peace” with that part of his life. Now that took my breathe away. Nice post bill!

    • Those can be memorable moments; thanks for sharing your story.

      You are reading them all……….it’s all I have for now; hope to find my voice soon and add some substance.

      Thanks for commenting.

  2. I thought sure I have, BUT… an AHA moment, yes, plenty of those…a warm, heartfelt moment yes, I can call on any number of those. A deep meaningful moment with a friend, definitely. A true moment that takes my breathe away…nothing…Have I been living life too long without those moments, did I ever have a moment that took my breathe away? Can I create or touch someone else in a way that takes their breathe away?

    • You hope you can be a creator of those moments; and sometimes it could be the littlest thing or the smallest gesture that can do this.

      I’m willing to wager you have been a creator a time or two and didn’t even know……..just sayin’….

      Have a good weekend.

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