Hey, I can hear you; I’m standing right here

Ok, I’ve played the social media novice/doofus card long enough. Granted, my presence is basically invisible and elementary in nature, but I see how the ‘game’ is played and what it takes to get in. The question is, am I ready to take it to the next level or do I need to fly under the radar for a while longer?

Here’s the premise of my post; I have chosen to jump in with the marketing/public relations/communications crowd because there is a wealth of content that is applicable to my payin’ gig which is outside sales. This keeps me coming back and gives my social media efforts focus.

Because of this, I have attracted a decent number of followers who have similar interests. I am nowhere close to being a twitter snob (look at my FB page, who are all these people), but I am at the point I will check you out and there have been excellent posts from Brankica @LiveUrLove and Amber Avines @Wordsonewrites that provide a nice guide for me to qualify who I let in the house.

I’m looking for quality and (real) people who actually want to engage with me.

Here’s the big question; why are you going to take the time to follow me but not reply when I comment on your posts or to DM’s? I don’t understand; I mean, what is the point? Obviously you followed me for a reason, but you don’t really know me so I can’t imagine I would have already offended you.

I see you out there yucking it up with everyone else. Is it because I am not an ‘A’ lister and you don’t have time for me; not ‘important’ enough? I tried to support you and RT your posts thinking this is the proper thing to do developing a network and still nothing. Hello, I’m standing right here…………..

Well excuse me; and Erika @RedheadWriting would say ‘go ahead and just bitch slap me and make me put my big boy pants on’. I just don’t get it………….

Oh well, I try to keep an open mind and certainly live and learn as I travel through the world of social media. Maybe these people wouldn’t be talking to me in real life either; or maybe they like to hide behind the facade of anonymity in blogs, posts, etc and are not really ‘relationship’ people.

I guess the easy thing to do is not follow back; I’m just curious why you stopped by my house in the first place…………….

Another life mystery, I guess I will figure it out one day. Maybe when I figure this out I will found out who really built the pyramids and find out we are all descendents of aliens anyway.


14 thoughts on “Hey, I can hear you; I’m standing right here

  1. Hey Bill,
    I love that line in sit coms, “I’m standing right here!”
    Since I’m new to the blogosphere too, I can’t answer your question, but I didn’t dare NOT leave a response 😉

    It’s taken me a while to figure out how this social media works, took four months before I’d do anything but RT or post my own stuff on Twitter. Now I venture to actually say something from time to time! I like that aspect of it. I think you actually RT-ed my first non link post when I said something about having a great Monday!

    My coach says it takes time, that we don’t build relationships overnight, so why should we expect to do that online? I think it’s authentic relationships about which you write – those, I’m guessing, will take even more time.

    You’ve got at least one person who considers you a friend! And I’m guessing a LOT more! I love how you engage on LFI, really get into the conversation!


    • Hey Lori, it definitely isn’t you…..

      But I have about 3 that seem to be pretty prominent in the blogoshpere world and act like they want engagement but for some reason I am totally invisible to them. I really just don’t get it……

      I felt like I made the effort to engage and maybe they just have too much to sift thru………that’s one of my concerns is if I get too many I won’t be able to engage everyone on a consistent basis.

      Thanks for the comment and hope your day is well.

    • I was so overwhelmed when I first got online and into social media, but I’ve become more comfortable over time. I still have a ways to go, but I’m making progress. I think it’s normal b/c I’ve read several other people say pretty much the same thing about how they felt starting out. You will do just fine, it just takes a little time, good luck.

  2. I used to get frustrated with some of the same things you have mentioned in your post. I think your approach to getting into the mix is the right way to do it. I just decided to not let it bother me so much and to keep plugging away.

    • You can’t let it bother you; although I’m a sensitve guy so I might read too much into something. For the most part I don’t think you can take any of this too personal……and I’m learning.

      Thanks for dropping by.

    • For the most part there have been some really helpful people and I’m amazed at their generosity. However, there are a few that make we wonder what their purpose is.

      If they are trying to monetize their presence I don’t think by ignoring people is the way to go. However, if I am invisible to them, then I guess it is what it is…….

  3. Hi Bill

    Welcome to the world of social media. I have noticed that some know and practice Twitter etiquette and others don’t!

    Just like off-line really. Some display manners and other aren’t really fussed.

    I tend to follow those I learn from plus people I meet along the way that I want to interact with. It is hard to have one-way conversations though isn’t it?!

    Some I have unfollowed and others I have blocked when all I got was spam and more spam.

    Some blogs I visited for awhile, but when there were no responses, I stopped visiting. Others I visit regularly and there are some bloggers who are now dear friends.

    Eventually you will be part of a like-minded group of bloggers who reciprocate, encourage and generally interact with you too.

    Thanks for sharing with us Bill. Appreciated.

    Patricia Perth Australia

    • Hey Patricia, thanks for the comments and stopping by.

      I’m a relationship type person so I have to get my arms around that social media is kind of one off of a real relationship and you shouldn’t take it too personal if you are getting ignored. I will say I feel I have developed some really nice, genuine relationships though.

      I was just getting ready to contact you so it’s timely you stopped by. I was in a meeting w/ an author and he told of a story of a woman who wrote a book about traveling in Italy. The book had been out of publication for about 10 yrs. He suggested to her to do a summary of the book in 3-5 pages and do a ‘white’ paper on white paper yahoo.

      She did this, sold the white paper for .99 ea on Yahoo and it attracted all kinds of traffic. This also drove people to her other social media accounts. It was so popular they republished the book.

      This might be old hat to you but I immediately thought of you as you try to gain traction with your business model. I didn’t know if this was an avenue you had tried, but I wanted to share it.

      Anyway, hope all is well with you and I do appreciate you stopping by the house……..:)

      • Thanks for thinking of me Bill. I will have to look into that. At the moment I’m researching for another niche I hope to build a site for.

        Brankica is helping me when I get stuck. She wrote a really helpful post on Yahoo answers that I will also visit when I have some more time.

        So much to do and so little time eh??!! It’s an interesting ride.

        Patricia Perth Australia

  4. In response to, “Hey, I can hear you”, I would like to offer a little in-sight from a shy girl. I’ve always been a liberated thinker, so I get a little skeptical about sharing my views as they tend to be non-conforming or at least, open. Unfortunately being judged for my past thinking has created conflict among my peers.

    So please pardon me for not leaving a note on your door, I’m just working up my nerve.

    • Baby steps……..if you look at the stats on a site it is typically 10:1 lookers vs commenters. I don’t know if people didn’t think it was comment worthy, afraid to comment or all of the above.

      You know me, Mr Talker; I will just jump right in.

      Liberated, non-conforming, huh? Hmmmm…….as I told you my Guardian story it has made me much better at not pre-judging. I mean, who am I to judge anyway, huh?

      At least you stuck your toe in, don’t be afraid to take the plunge.

      As you can see my content is not epic but hopefully readable. I think I will find my voice before long.

      So good to see you today IN PERSON as most of the people I’m talking to I haven’t met in the flesh and blood yet.

  5. It’s a funny game we are playing here Bill.

    Blogging has changed from a being a ‘soapbox’ to being a community (for the better I feel) – a community which you seem to be growing here, very well.

    That success of that community depends on your engagement and personality – obviously, you have it working here!

    I guess that – over time – as people become ‘stars’ – they can tend to get further away from those that helped them along the path to fame (and fortune?).

    This happens offline with actors, musicians etc – even with our ‘friends’ who get the promotion, the big car and move to a ‘better neighborhood – and who then leave us behind, no longer socially valuable. Some people are able to remain connected with their roots/fans (Lady Gaga seems to be doing well at this so far).

    Your frustrations along the SM/blogger path are my frustrations – and those of most of your readers.

    We have no guidebook with 100% accurate directions, we learn along the way and make mistakes. I think that is the best way to REALLY understand what matters here – the people who engage with us, who create the spark of friendship, of human interaction.

    I guess we are all standing right here, Bill – perhaps the secret is – let’s talk more to those also standing around right here. Leave the ‘stars’ to carry on talking over our heads and talk to each other?

    Until we are stars ourself, of course, we do not know how we will behave….

    What do you think?

    • I better be gracious no matter what my status becomes; if I don’t I give you full authority to call me out.

      What I do see in the 3 wks since I posted this, you have to start making choices of how deep your involvement becomes because there is only so many hours in the day.

      Do you want your blog to the be the attractor and you interact off that or do you still want to be the party guy going to everybody’s house? My personality is the party guy and I’m still humbled that people take the time to stop by my place and comment.

      I see people evolve as they climb the ladder; not bad, not good, just different. The person who I credit just about everything to for me is @ginidietrich and she follows 15k+ and has a relationship up and down the line w/ all of them. She is very humble, gracious and engaged. I don’t have a clue how she is able to do it.

      She did give me a word of advice and said I needed to have thick skin. I feel as I develop my own network some of that other stuff doesn’t matter so much; I just don’t want to the ‘that guy’ somebody else is writing a post about down the road.

      The other interesting thing for me is to go back to my older posts to see if I feel the same way as when I wrote it. Fortunately I don’t have to go back too far…..:).

      Thanks for stopping by again today Dean.

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