I used to be a twitter Ho

When I first heard about twitter and it was explained to me my first reaction was ‘really, what’s the point’? I’m thinking I can’t say anything in 140 characters or less and nobody really cares when I go to Starbucks.

Then I had a couple of friends talk me into signing up so I opened a twitter account. We followed each other and some other people we knew for a very small network. Then I knew when they went to Starbucks…..

My account was pretty much dormant for several months with little or no activity. I wasn’t even sure how to get my picture loaded; and it took me another 6 months to know it is called an Avatar. And if you look at my twitter account you see that I’m still having trouble as my picture is a stiff, posed professional shot……..very inviting, huh?

Finally I started paying attention to the account more and started following some news and sports feeds and selected celebrities.

Once I became more active, people I didn’t even know started to follow me. I say ‘people’ as some were obviously auto generated accounts with very little personal interaction whatsoever.

However, I didn’t care; I felt like I was ‘in’ and I was going to pump up my numbers. I was fair game and anybody could have a piece of me. Look out Ashton Kutcher, the race was on.

Man, I was cheap AND easy. I was letting any ol’ skank in the door, fleas and all and I didn’t care where they came from. I thought I had finally arrived in the twitter world.

Then my conscience started to get the best of me and I was having trouble sleeping at night. I said ‘Billy, look at yourself; would your mother be proud’? I came to the conclusion ‘no’ and vowed to clean up my act. I had to repair my reputation before it was too late. I mean, you are who you hang with, right; perception is reality?

Easier said than done though. I was already considered a stalker by many as I followed more than followed me……..and now you want me to ask some of these people to leave; I thought the party was just getting started.

Long story short, I cleaned house and by a pure stroke of luck (or fate) I connected with the best person ever, @GiniDietrich. She was literally the tipping point in my twitter experience and helping me maintain my reputation. I will always be indebted to her and can’t sing her praises enough.

I say this because you never know when you connect with someone what kind of impact it might have.

One person, one voice can make a difference; it did for me.

Tweet on baby; I’m a ho no mo and sleepin’ like a baby.


11 thoughts on “I used to be a twitter Ho

  1. LOL!! This post had me crying!
    I can totally relate – I had the same reluctance in the beginning. I was even more irritated when after several weeks, I realized that only the 3-4 people who were following me could see my tweets (lol)! I left my account dormant for months, maybe even almost a year – who knows?
    But my sheer stubborness and refusal to be left in the dark motivated me to get my act together and do the Twitter-thing right 🙂
    Thanks for an engaging read!

    • Hey, it’s a start………..someone read AND commented on my post. As you can see, my site needs plenty of work but I do have people in my office that can assist. Pretty soon it will be interactive w/ buttons, links & stuff…..I hope.

      Maybe this will be a post soon, how I thought I had arrived in the blogger’s world……………..:). Thanks.

      • Bill,
        Everybody has to start somewhere. You’d think I was a major joke if you read my very first post and saw what my first blog looked like.
        One day, long after I thought I deleted it, some overly ambitious person found it – arrgh!! She made sure she mentioned it in a comment she left on my blog – LOL!
        Don’t bother looking for it, it’s definitely gone now… 😀

  2. Hi Bill,
    I only recently knew what an Avatar was too! I think the movie confused me – my son who played computer games since he was a kid could have told me if I’d asked!

    Twitter was a little intimidating to me, still is. I’m learning to RT and to Tweet my own blog posts, and even a little DMing but when it comes to just using my own voice, I’m still not there! Well I did try last week – saying something about a Monday which SOMEONE was kind enough to RT, but then Monday was a TERRIBLE day. I got through it, cruised through Tuesday and made a similar tweet on Wednesday. Bam! Another bad day! Do you think there is a connection!? ha ha!

    Seriously, though, I think that just as I had to find my voice in blogging, I need to find my Twitter voice. The voice and the confidence to put something out there! What do you think – does that make sense?
    See you out there!

  3. Hi Bill, I’m a newbie l learning the tools slowwwwwwly, one day at the time. At least you have the foundations right and write well. I become much more selective about who I now follow, and actually remove followers, who look dodgy or are clearly spammers. Like anything in life even your twitter stream should have some integrity. Thanks for this well written reminder


  4. Bill,

    Thanks for the laugh! It is nice to know that I am not alone in how I started, dropped out, then tentatively stuck my toe in again, and am finally catching on to how to get the best out of Twitter. (Long way to go yet though)

    Twitter appears to have at least two cultures – the group who wants to learn or contribute something, like you and the other commenters here, and the ones who are out for self-assurance/self-absorbtion (like the Paris Hiltons and Lindsay Lohans of the world).

    As you noted, sometimes you just have to draw the line! I hope I am on the learning/contributing side…

    Great post- thanks!


  5. You are contributing and I appreciate the comment. Yes, it takes effort to get noticed even in the tiniest way; but I’m ok somewhat under the radar until I get some legs.

    Good luck on your journey.

  6. Bill you are the man! I can totally relate to this post and I know how you felt b/c the same happened to me. I like talking to real people and have no time for the robots and all that jazz.

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