Did you get invited to the party?

Social media, what a great way to get connected to not only a large group of people but a very diverse group as well. At the entry level, other than time there is not a lot of cost involved.

Hold on though; there are certainly different levels of being connected. As a novice Twitter user for instance, you might post a few ‘tweets’ about going to Starbucks, wonder why no one responds and think ‘what is this all about’?

If you have the tenacity to stick around, pick up a few local people you know as followers and a certain number of commercial ‘non-people’ followers then you might think, ok I’m still in but I want more.

Now you start to recognize that most of the tweets you see have attachments and when you open these attachments someone is actually writing & blogging and you have the opportunity to respond should you so desire.

Most bloggers appreciate the fact you have actually taken the time to read and respond to them and typically they will reciprocate w/ a reply. Now you think you are cookin’ w/ gas and I’m in baby.

Not so fast, big guy; you will find out quickly there are different levels of ‘in’ still.  Just because I invited you to the party, doesn’t mean I’m going to come over and talk with you; in fact I might not even acknowledge you are here, and please don’t spill your wine.

It doesn’t take long to see there is a hierarchy in this world and if you are ‘all in’ then you get to hang with the cool kids, the popular crowd. When you ‘retweet’ a post or make a comment it is acknowledged and typically you are reciprocated as well. If you are not at this level, don’t expect the same treatment and don’t be surprised if the host of the party looks right past you at times because you are not an ‘A’ lister yet.

In all fairness you need to figure out how to generate some interest level with your presence because this world is very crowded and it becomes selective who gets the attention and who ‘really’ gets the attention. There is only so much time and eventually you have to pick and choose.

The question is ‘how bad do you want to be an ‘A’ lister, really play in the game? This typically means the creation of a blog and putting some kind of content out there. Otherwise, what compelling reason will you have for people to engage with you, at least on a consistent basis?

Personally, I have been doing the ‘respond to blogging posts’ route to build my network and have had some successes, but still pretty much invisible. It got me in the front door though and it is up to me if I want to stand in the corner and observe or commit to being ‘all in’. If you are not ‘all in’ there really should be no jealousies if you are not feeling the love all the time.

To answer my own question, yes I actually did get an invitation but I just haven’t made it to the VIP room yet. It sure seems like a lot of fun going on in there….

Most of my connections along this journey have been very helpful and willing to show how to get that ‘special’ ticket so it’s really up to you. I think it has been worth the effort.


2 thoughts on “Did you get invited to the party?

  1. Hi Bill

    I never was one for mixing with the “A” listers. Too many of them to be noticed anyway 😉

    Much prefer to be there amongst the “real” people who actually interact and want to have a “real” conversation.

    Social Media can be a powerful tool. So of course the bots and the spammers turn up uninvited too. And they didn’t even get an invitation!!!

    Good company, great parties get talked about so they think they can gate-crash. Fortunately for us there are gate-keepers at the door, barring their way.

    Just as well eh?! While we are learning all this stuff, others who have gone before us are willing to take us by the hand and give us that invitation so we can party too 🙂

    Patricia Perth Australia

    • Hey you, I guess you see I have found the ‘button’. Thanks for replying.

      In my limited time I have been able to detect different levels, but for the most part a very inviting community. Ultimately I think it comes down to how ‘in’ you want to be.

      Thanks so much for your comment and putting me ‘out’ there. I’ll ‘see’ you around.

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