Is it ok to just be a recreational blogger?

What if my only goal is to read, comment and post? What if I’m passionate about a lot of things, but nothing I want to grow a blog around. Will being a generalist doom my efforts? Most in the social media world might say, what’s the point?

Granted, with this strategy the only list I will make is the ‘least likely to be mentioned’ list; but I’m ok with that. My klout score or whatever that is will look like I’ve flatlined, but so what? Ok, I’m a little jealous when I see some of these people mentioned a lot, but I’m guessing these people are doing this for a living.

There are plenty of hard-working trail blazers out there and I admire the ones who have had the tenacity to stick with it. I’m grateful some of these amazing people have invited me to their party with the caveat of ‘just don’t spill your wine on the carpet, please’. This has allowed me to connect with some interactive and interesting people.

I have a paying gig that I like, I’m pretty good at it and have had some success. At some point I might figure out I could do so much more through social media, but it is not a driving force.

I just hope the interaction I have with my new friends brings some value to them, can help their business in some way through the ‘connectedness’ and I don’t become the proverbial green booger. It has enriched my experience and I’m very appreciative.

What do you think ‘pros’, are people like me just a time killer with limited value? I do know you won’t be getting spam or automated responses from me for what that is worth.

If you want someone to go away in the Twitter world all you have to do is stop replying to responses and/or unfollow. I might not be the sharpest tack in the box, but I would take this as a ‘sign’.

Are my goals too low or is it ok to be slow and methodical and try not to look too silly along the way?

I am very social, very active and involved so I don’t spend an inordinate amount of time in front of a computer; but enough to jump in and out and want people to know at least I’ve been there.

Does this method have any sustainability?


4 thoughts on “Is it ok to just be a recreational blogger?

  1. Hi Bill

    Firstly thanks for the thoughtful comment over on my blog. Much appreciated. And if you just want to be a social blogger, why not 😉

    You have lots of skills and I’m sure when you visit some blogs you will be able to give valuable input, just as you did on mine. Now that I know you are in sales and also enjoy marketing and social media, I will know that I can ask questions that in all probability you will be able to answer 🙂

    I love Twitter and am a regular Tweetheart (similar to Ingrid) so am often on Twitter. I send a lot of messages that way rather than email my friends, unless I need to send a lengthy message or reply. 140 characters doesn’t always do it lol

    Am now following you on Twitter so will be interested to read your posts when you publish new ones. Enjoy the journey Bill.

    Patricia Perth Australia

    • Hey Patricia, thanks for commenting on my post. As you can see I am just getting started w/ this so still very much to learn. However, you just made it ‘official’ for me and I do appreciate it.

      I’m ok w/ commenting and following but if I don’t at least have something out there on my site to give people a reason to follow, it might keep them away. At least it will be obvious it is not a commercial site, huh?

      I do like the human aspect of it and the opportunity to engage with some really interesting people. I would love nothing more than to be able to give back to the people who have taken the time to engage with me so if you ever have any questions, please fire away.

      I look forward to getting to know you.

      • I was just going to tweet your post but no tweetmeme button to do so 😦 Hope you are going to install one so this Tweetheart can get your blog out there.

        Enjoyed both the posts. Thanks for sharing Bill. Appreciated.

        Patricia Perth Australia

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