This is it? Really?

After weeks of procrastination and dragging my feet to join the blogging world; I’m here, I’m waiting, so when does the money start rolling in?

Trust me, I am just using this as an avenue to write for what it’s worth and maybe some of it will be interesting; make you smile; make you say ‘what’; or just make you say ho-hum, is that all you got?

Who knows, maybe it is. Regardless, I am not naive enough to think just because I started to blog it will be a reader magnet. Before jumping in, I did take the time to develop a nice little twitter network of some really amazing people in the social media world that are plugged in and have been extremely helpful. At some point I will certainly give them credit but for now they will remain nameless in case this is a crash and burn. I don’t want any collateral damage.

I have taken the time to make a list of topics I plan to write about; most have been covered in some degree so it won’t be extremely original material but it will be ‘my’ material.

I guess my first question out of the chute is, ‘how sustainable is all this’? You take the time and make the effort to get plugged in to Twitter, but how soon will it be before the next big thing comes along and this is no longer relevant or ‘cool’?

Social media is definitely here to stay and I imagine everyone who embraces it will evolve just as it evolves. I plan on making the effort as I don’t want to be the typewriter guy or the rotary phone  guy or just ‘that guy’. Please don’t leave me behind………..I want to play too.

Well, there it is; nothing monumental, epic, or classic. But it wasn’t painful at all so I guess I will keep walking and talking and see where this road takes me.


12 thoughts on “This is it? Really?

  1. I wonder about sustainability alot. How long will this interest me and how long will I continue to create “stuff”. I do feel the more that you create and do the larger the return is as far as different viewpoints and expanding myself which are fulfilling and provide a reason for creating and putting myself out there a bit.

    i figure I will do it until I dont. 🙂

  2. While I am in here and read your last post, decided I would comment on this one too. See what I mean by enjoying networking 😉

    Who knows how effective all this social media stuff will be long-term??!! It is certainly working for some of the big companies as well as plenty of marketers on the net at the moment.

    If you get time later on, have a read of my latest post “Comments Do Not Equal Sales”. The input by the commenters is very interesting. You will be able to pick who have marketing mindsets and who are bloggers who love networking 😉

    Networking has got my small niche blog out there and being noticed and has definitely driven traffic to my site. Although interestingly, when a techie friend looked at my analytics, the highest percentage of my traffic comes from search engines. Which was encouraging as this means people are clicking through for information or to find products. And as my blog is meant to be a platform for my business, that’s the idea 🙂

    I found when I first started blogging seriously last June/July I quickly got information overload. So much to learn, but it eventually started making sense. Phew that was a BIG relief. And now I can encourage other newbies who are going through this at the moment.

    The fact you are already connecting with big hitters like Gini; you are streets ahead Bill. I had to find people to connect with after I had already put up some posts and wanted to find blogs I could visit and learn from. I worked very hard and now I know some amazing bloggers/marketers and am an active part of a great community.

    Looking forward to seeing how this blog evolves. I’m sure I will be learning from you. Especially with your sales background. Will be back.

    Patricia Perth Australia

  3. I have to surf through all your posts to find out when we “met”; but I am so glad I stopped by for the first one! Thanks, otherwise I wouldn’t have known how you arrived with a bang.

    When I wrote my first post, I actually forced my family to come and read and comment! They weren’t getting away easy! 🙂

    But yes, we just came here to have fun…what’s wrong with that!

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